120 Versatile Braided Ponytail Styles | Trendy to Traditional


Why settle for one when you can make the most of two styles? Braided Ponytails are trending as both a stylish statement and something to keep hair away from the face. Whether you want something prim and proper or pretty and romantic, there’s a braided ponytail hairstyles for everyone.

The Best Styles for Braided Ponytails

1. Cute Dual

Gather your three-strand braids in the middle and tie-up in a low ponytail.

braided ponytail

2. Front Braided Fishtail

One-sided fishtail becomes more natural to finish with a high ponytail.

3. Romantic Style

Gather your hair in a loose fishtail-slash-ponytail before letting everything hang loose. Pull a few strands free to complete the relaxed and romantic image.

4. Pretty Double Ponytail

Bare it all in a single fishtail braid before gathering the rest of your hair in a high knot. Twist first before securing hair.

5. Pretty Side Braided Pony Tail

Something extraordinary and lovely. Braid the sides and gather all the hair at the back of the head.

6. Back Braided Blond Hair

Make a very loose French braid to add volume and let it taper off at the ends.

7. Side Braided with Angled Pony Tail

Notch up the cool factor for traditional side braids by twisting all the hair in a loose knot. Loosen a strand or two to frame your face.

8. Extreme Braids with High Pony Tail

Give black hair a much-needed rest without the runaway curls by braiding hair in tight 3-strand braids before gathering in a top bun and THEN finishing off in an elegant fishtail. A beautiful style perfect for the queen in you.

9. Messy and Loose Fishtail for Dark Ash Blonde Hair

Relax and take it easy with this pain-free style.

10. Traditional Ultra-Long Dutch Braided Auburn Hair

Channel the medieval maiden in you to do and enjoy the Dutch braid.

11. Casual Loose Braid for a Low Ponytail

Another easy-to-do braiding for sleepon weekends.

12. Playful Red Balayage

Mix and match with tied-up hair braided together. A bit more complicated but the pulled-through braid is very fashionable. Trendy pinks and reds make a beautiful balayage that complements the style.

13. Sleek Chic in Pulled-Back Braided

Elegant and simple. Sleeked back hair becomes something more with a high twisted single braid.

14.Pretty Side Braided Pony Tail

Start from a middle part and braid two strands together in one side. Gather, twist, and secure.

15. Big Braided Blonde Hair Style

Something you can do on the run, or when casual Fridays mean letting everything hang loose. You get comfort without losing the style.

16. Cute Braided Pigtails with a Low Ponytail

Enjoy summers and Fourth of July picnics with this effortless style.

17. One-sided Waterfall Braids

Get your waterfall braids in a row and then just let your hair hang loose.

18. Auburn Hair braided with Hair Tied as Pony Tail

Dual-sided Dutch braids are tied together at the nape.

19. Playful Dual-Sided Braids

Do you want your pigtails and your braids all at once? Mission accomplished.

20. Criss Cross Mini Dutch Braids and Ponytail

Get another set of hands for this pretty and cute style.

21. Side Lace Braids Perfect for a Romantic Wedding

Perfect for a romantic date or wedding, the side lace braids are so beautiful.

22. Silver Highlights with Braids

If you need to pump up silver highlights, braid them and tie them.


23. Loose One-Sided Ponytail

Something easy-to-do just before you hit Sunday brunch with friends.

24. Casual Side Fishtail Braids

Something you can do before watching the summer games.

25. Sexy Angled Fishtail Braid on Icy Blonde Hair

Something sexy but casual that you can wear for a romantic lunch or a hot dinner date.

26.  Romantic Messy Auburn with Side and Single Braid

A perfect style for romantic garden weddings.

27. Cute Fish Tail Braided Ponytail With Weave

An ideal style if you want to keep the hair away from your face. Cheer on!

28. Chic Big Curls Braided and Twisted Ponytail

Beautiful big curls and big braids are pulled tight together in dual ponytail twists before letting them hang loosely from a low-in-the-back ponytail.

29. Pretty Side Braids

Casual Fridays made easy.

30. Eye-catching White and Gray Single Lattice Braid

A beautiful and elegant style.

31.Two-Toned Blonde Dual Milkmaid Braids

Something loose and fancy-free if you want the milkmaid aura.

32. Contemporary Front-Braided Waterfall and Knotted Style

A chic style that works best for medium-length and fine hair.

33. Cute and Sweet Four-Strand Braids with Ribbon

If you don’t want a lace braid, then just lace-up your standard three-strand braid with a satin ribbon. Pretty and cute too.

34. Sweet Pull-Through

A messy pulled-through braided ponytail that you can easily do.

35. Casual Two-Toned Multi Braids

If you have great soft curls, then you don’t need to do much here. Braid hair from the sides and top and gather in a high ponytail

36. Romantic Loose Single Braid

Not a braided ponytail, but something similarly easy-to-do.

37. Beautiful Messy Fishtail in Pink and Indigo Balayage

We have all the great braids and colors with this ultra-fashionable style.

38. Two-toned Messy Braids Tied in a High Ponytail

Play-up the tone-toned hair color in blonde and dirty ash with this casual loose braid all tied up in a high ponytail. The style is versatile as you can go from Sunday brunch to evening with minimum fuss.

39.Fishtail and Three-Strand Braids in Dual Tones

If you are up for some complicated but pretty braiding, go two-for-two. Two kinds of braids with two-tones of color.

40. Loose and Messy Single Braid with a Low Ponytail

Spice up your ultra-long hair with this fashionable but flirtatious messy braid.

41.Perfect Pulled-Through

A versatile pulled-through braided ponytail that you can change in the middle-of-the-day.

42. Traditional High Fishtail for Cool Blonde Hair

Something simple and traditional.

43. Romantic Big and Loose Feather Braids

Let your big and loose feather braids hang loosely before letting them lie softly as a messy ponytail

44. Single Braid with Soft Curly Edges

A perfect bridal hairdo – whether you are the bride or a bridesmaid.

45. Big and Micro Dual Style Braids

If you want two types of braids, then go for it!

46. Ultra-Long Loose Dutch Braid and Ponytail

A braided ponytail that starts with a single loose top Dutch braid before being gathered together in a loose ponytail

47. Chic and Elegant Pulled-Through and Fishtail Braids

Perfect for a cosmopolitan bride. A dual-style braid incorporating a pulled0through before finishing with a fishtail

48. Modern French Braids

This style is not your traditional sleek French braid. It’s a mic and match of milkmaid and ponytail pigtails – somehow they all work well together.

49. Chic Cornrows and an Angled Top Bun

Eye-catching and beautiful cornrows become chicer gathered in an angled top knot.

50. Sleek and Braided

A regal look that works well with long black hair.

51.Mix and Match Braids

Gather all your braids, no matter the style. you have lace and lattice braids, feather braids, and the traditional 3-strand.

52. Elegant high Ponytail with Braided Pull-Through and Twist

Gather hair in a high ponytail and then braid using a mix of twist and pull-through braids.

53. Romantic Lace and Lattice

Bring out the Renaissance lady in you with a full lattice and lace.

54. Punky Fishtail and Twisted Braid

Something sweet but radical sweet.

55. Beautiful and Romantic Loose Side Braid

A soft romantic style for the bride in you.

56. Biker Fishtail in a High Ponytail

Bring out the biker chick in you.

57. Soft and Sweet Crown Side Braid

Enjoy this braided ponytail that is both sweet and cute. Let hair hang loosely from the ponytail

58. Elegant Cornrows Fit for a Queen

Complete your cornrows with a tight braid.

59. Casual Chic in a High ponytail and Big Braid

Great for a casual and relaxed weekend.

60. Beautiful Flaming Red Hair in a Loose Dutch Braid

The color is amazing, and the Dutch braid that ends in a loosely gathered ponytail is perfect.

61. Sweet Heart-Shaped Braids

Something sweet for the inner child in us.

62. Charming

Use a feather braid style at the side of your hair before gathering in a ponytail and then loosely braiding a strand.


63. Mini Dutch Side Braid in a High Ponytail

This style is a braided ponytail that begins with a mini side braid and ends with an over knotted ponytail placed high on the back.

64. Slicked back Single Dutch Braid

Something simple for the red carpet or an evening out with friends.

65. Pretty Side Braids

Mix and match with a simple fishtail and then a tight strand braided hair.

66. Stunning

Mix and match your twist braids and your ponytails for this amazing hairstyle. Release the diva in you. They will never forget this style.

67. Soft and Romantic Side Fishtail and One-Sided Ponytail

Make an innocent and charming look with a loose side fishtail that goes until the very edge. however, for a softer finish, gather all the hair together in a one-sided ponytail.

68. Charming Bridal Side with Floral Accents

A bewitching bride that can make love bloom begins with a soft side braid, and then the hair is gathered together in a soft low ponytail. Thread through floral accents for a bridal finish.

69. Rocker Chic in Mixed Pulled-through and Fishtail Braids

Bring out the rebel in you with this mixed braided style before gathering everything in a loose ponytail.

70. Beautiful Dainty Waterfall Braids

Not a braided ponytail, but it’s too charming not to include in our list. Something sweet and dainty for everyone.

71. Pulled-Through Braids with Dark Roots

If you are growing out color, a braided ponytail is a great fashionable solution.

72. Pull-through Braid with Loose Three-Strand in Dual Combination

Elegant and stylish, this dual combination makes use of two types of braids. Tie them all up together in a fashionable ponytail that is high in style and color.

73. Contemporary Big and Loose Crown

There is nothing traditional with this hairstyle. Braids are loose and big. Add in warm blonde hair color with lighter blonde highlights. Young and vibrant, it’s both big in style and chic.

74. Casual and Easy Loose French Braid

If you want minimal fuss when fixing your hair, opt for this loose French braid and gather everything together in a casual ponytail

75. All the Great Braids

We have a quasi-waterfall that is a side strand braid that becomes a big Dutch braid. But it’s not over. You have your circles and curves too.

76. Big Fishtail and High Ponytail

Something casual and easy-to-do during lazy hair days.

77. Double Pulled-Through Braids and Ponytails

A charming braided ponytail that begins with two pulled through braids that end in double ponytails.

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78. Feminine Side Braid in a Loose Ponytail

Something sweet and easy-maintenance.

79. Cute Big Double Fishtail

No ponytails here, just two big fishtail braids. So gather up all your hair for this cute and pretty style.

80.Trendy and Chic Three-Strand Braids in High Ponytail

Great for two-toned hair that plays up the colors.

81. Stunning Cornrows in a Big Top Knot

Attention-grabbing that is both big in style and bun.

82. Single Medium Dutch Style

Gracefully letting your hair down – a perfect bridal style.

83. Loose Top

Something nice and simple but big in style.

84. Big Pulled-Through Braids and Low Ponytail

Pulled-through braids are gathered from the side and then in the middle for a low-hanging ponytail.

85. Casual French Braid that is High in Style

If you want a French braid but don’t want the pulled look, then begin with a loose braid before letting the mid part loose in a ponytail

86. Winsome and Romantic Traditional Braid

You will love this braided ponytail that is both charming and feminine.

87. Stylish Single Mini Braid in a High Ponytail

A fashionable braided ponytail that focuses on a single simple braid. All the hair is gathered in a high ponytail.

88. Sweet Heart-Shaped Mini Three-Strands

It’s a darling hairstyle, but you will definitely need an extra pair of hands. Pretty and sweet that is perfect for a fairytale setting or a princess or both.

89. Elegant Side Fishtail in a One-Sided Ponytail

Perfect for an evening long. Turn a one-sided ponytail to something more elegant and alluring by starting as a mini side fishtail. Enjoy the sleek and polish with added highlight.

90. Chic Two-Toned Loose French Braid

Playful but supremely chic and trendy.

91. Romantic and Charming

End with a one-sided ponytail to make the style more eye-catching.

92. Loose and Soft Pulled-Through Ponytail

Soften the look by letting the ponytail hang loose and free.

93. Doble the Braids and Double the Fun

Two braids equal two ponytails for a delightfully sweet and pretty look.


94. Stylish Accent With Lattice

A stunning combination that is very memorable.

95. Double Braids for Blonde Highlights

Casual chic means more time for fun.

96. One-Sided Elegant French Braid

Walk the red carpet or not, French braids are always awesome.

97. Stunning Dutch Braids in Blonde Balayage

Both the color and the style complement each other.

98. Stey-by-Step

A crown braid ends in a soft ponytail

99. Eye-Catching Loose Fishtail in Multiple Pink Hues

All the pretty colors are matched in a loose and feminine fishtail

100. Beautiful Cornrows and Twists

You have two kinds of styling – a protected style to take care of young hair and big style with a mix and match.

101. Warm Blonde Hair in Easy Pull-through Braided Ponytail

Dress up your ponytail with a loose pull0through braid that can go relaxed and effortless to biker chick cool.

102. Two-Toned Lace Braids

Be a bit staider and traditional with lace and lattice braids but enjoy the play with two-toned blonde colors. Gather the braids in a twist and let the soft curls fall in a ponytail. Perfect for evening events.

103. Adorable Soft

Gentle curls complete this romantic look.

104. Easy Single Tied-Up Fishtail

A lovely style for both girls and women.

105.Soft and Sweet Romantic Braid in Loose Ponytail

Bridal beauty made easy.

106. Arctic Blonde Fishtail

You can wear this braided ponytail two ways – with your ponytail all loose and hanging free or loosely knotted.

107.Old Rose and Soft Indigo Mini Braids

The style is all about color, the mini braids shaped into rosettes add a charming accent.

108. Slicked Back Twisted Braid

Sleek and shiny before finishing off in a twist braid.

109. Flirtatious Side Braid in a Soft Loose Ponytail

Another bridal style you can choose.

110. Make Mine Milk Maid!

Not really a traditional milkmaid braid, but this braided ponytail is charming and cute.

111. Stunning Tight Mini Feather Braids in a High Ponytail

Soft curls fall gently with this braided ponytail style.

112. Eye-Catching Mini Dutch Braids in Rocker Knot

Biker chic braided ponytail that you should try out.

113. Sweet and traditional Fishtail for Ice Blonde Hair

Pretty enough to melt the ice.

114. Charming Ponytail

A beautiful style that is easier than it looks.

115. All the Right and Beautiful Braids

Another mix and match that ends with a high ponytail.

116. Pretty and Alluring Big Ponytail

Another style that can take you from casual Saturdays to bridal Sundays.

117. Reverse Braid in Honey Blonde

A reverse braided ponytail that ends in a high note and knot.

118. Stunning Ponytail for Tight Curly Hair

Oh la la la! Such a grand style befitting a majestic woman.

119. Loose and Gentle French Braids

A perfect style for garden weddings or a romantic bride.

120. Elegant Sleek Ponytail

Hair is slicked back, and then the ponytail is tied in increments.


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