103 Stunning and Easy to do Braided Updo for all Occasions!


A braided updo can be the perfect hairstyle to try on when you need to attend any special occasion! They are chic and elegant and make you look graceful as well. You can see how these hairstyles are worn usually to special events. You need to find an updo that you can do easily and look good on at the same time! If you are looking for such versatile updos, this is undoubtedly the article that you need!

We have included hairstyles that will work for all hair textures and length! We have combined the best hairdos here that will be a match for all the ladies out there. You can wear these looks at formal events and special occasions like weddings! Navigate through the list we have ready for you and look fabulous! Here we have 103 braided updo hairstyles that you can choose from for any special occasion that you need to attend!

Thick braids on top!

There are many hairstyles that have a certain braided element to it, but this one is surely out of this world! There are smaller and bigger sections of hair that alternate and then finally are wound up together to form a neat bun!


braided updo

Middle sectioned twists

Check the section here in the middle here! The twisted section forms a look that is unique and alluring as well! The neat hair sections are tightly tied to form the base for the updo!

Tugged on braids

The key to making your braided updo looking fabulous, especially when you have thin hair is to tug on them! Take the sections on either side and then pull on it slightly to get a fuller look.

Braids underneath

This is a rough, ruffled look here! You can see the flyaway hair here as well. The interesting thing about this hairstyle is that the hair of the sides have been braided and placed on the base of the central twisted sections!

Headband braids with a bun on top

One of the most popular braided updos that you can try on is the headband braids here! This is an easy one here and the sections of hair on the front add a feminine touch to the whole look.

Single side braids styles

Side braids make an easy braided updo and you can try this on one your own as well! All you have to do is twist the section of your hair from the side and place it in a bun at the base!

Side French Braids

There are a variety of braids that you can learn to do! These hairdos incorporate these twists well and make the whole look alluring! This is perfect when you have very little time to get your hair done!

Inverted Updo

Upside down braids are trendy and are a favorite among the youngsters! You need to start at the base and then work your way up to create this majestic looking hairdo. When you reach the top, you can tie it into a bun.

Tight Goddess Braids

Check out these tight braids here you are surely going to love t! These sections here are neat and the hair has been braided well! The hair on the sides also has a sleek appearance!

Elegant twists

Braided updos are the perfect hairdo to try on when you want to have an elegant appearance! These twisted sections cascade into each other and then form a beautiful bun at the back.

Emma Watson’s updo

Emma Watson has tried on many hairstyles and she manages to look fabulous in each of them! Here we have her braided updo and has given her young fans a hairstyle they can wear to formal events!

Here are some of her looks that might allure you!

Try Something Different

This is one of the African American braided updo hairstyles that has gained a lot of popularity over the years. You can try on this updo if you have braided hair! The loose sections here on top is of different colors and it sure looks good!

Loose strands

Leave some loose strands here and there and opt for a unique look! Looking perfect is not the trend anymore. Beauty lies in the imperfections that we accept! This is one look that you can try on to a festive event!

Braided updo for toddlers!

Choosing a hairstyle for your kid is never easy! You want the best look for your baby and when you have the formal event to attend to, it makes it a harder task! Here are some hair ideas to try on for your toddler!

Buns for thick hair

Here are some black braided updo hairstyles here that you can try on if you have thick locks! The bun that you have looks big and healthy and is a look that many women opt for!

Soft Glam Box Braids updo

This is a glamorous look for anyone and is one of our top recommendation for you ladies out there. This hairstyle has thick sections here and they are braided well! They all are tied up on the top to form a basic bun!

Wedding Hairstyles

When you have a wedding approaching and you are the bride, you surely need to find a hairstyle that suits you the best! You want to look the best on your big day and to help you out, we have some braided updo here for you to choose from!

Messy Braids

Messy is the new perfect for sure! There are ruffled edges here in this look and the loose section here on the front add that touch of grace! Try this look when you have a fun event to go to!

Rounded up

Braids are a fun hairstyle to try on because there are so many ways you can style them! There is basically no limit to the creativity here. This rounded up look is surely one that you need to try on once!


There are multiple braids in this hairstyle and it has made an interesting look. These hairstyles have been worn to many glamorous events! You need to try these sectioned braids and look stunning!

Full Frontal braids

You need to braid the front section of your hair in order to achieve this look. The braids here are adorable and you can try this on when you are to attend a wedding!

Tucked up

The hair had been carefully tucked in at the back and that creates an elegant updo for sure! Try this one when you need to attend an office event or some other formal occasions! Check out these hairstyles and choose the one you like!

Highlights with bright blonde hues

You can see the highlights here and it makes the hair look trendy and polished! You can see these sections have added so much flair to this braided updo here! You will look good on any hairdo when you have these light shades on!

Volume in top

Who doesn’t love a little volume on their hair! The section on the top here has been tugged on a bit to create a fuller look. You can also get your hair backcombed to get this kind of look!

Hair accessories

You can add hair accessories to any hairstyle and get an instant lift in your look. Here are some ideas that you can try on for the next time you wear a braided updo!

Flowery Designs

Here we have a braided hairstyle that has a flowery design on the back! The front is basic and these side braids are common as well! But you can spice things up and create a design on the back!


The headband on this simple braided updo has made the whole hair look fun! You can try this one for a youthful look. There are sections here with brown and blonde hues add to the depth and dimension of the look as well!

Pinned back

Make sure you secure your hair on the back once you get them braided. These sections will need some support to stay there throughout the day! Make sure you use good bobby pins and hide them as well!

Special Occasions

Braided updos are usually worn to any special occasion and they can be made to look as pretty and polished as you like them. Here are a few hair ideas for you to choose from for when you need to look extraordinary!

Cute Hairdo for teenagers

Check out this hairstyle here and try this one on when you need to look young and vibrant! You can do this hairstyle in a matter of minutes. These braided sections here are sure to entice you to try them on!

As easy as it is!

You might look at these hairstyles and think that they are difficult to get on yourself! But you need to know that these hairstyles are easy to do and will take minutes when you learn how to do them!

Easy DIY

This braided updo here is easy to do and the added headscarf on top makes this an even better look. The braids here are the plain twisted braids and will surely save you a ton of time in the rushed mornings!

Angled Sections

Here we have braided updo for natural hair that you will love! These are one of the braided updo hairstyles for black hair that were famous in 2018. You can get this look done on you at a salon!


Flower add-ons

You can add flowers to your hair and get that can make you look feminine and flirty! These are some hairstyles here that are sure to make you want to try on the flowers!

Waterfall Braids

Waterfall braids are an easy hairstyle to do and the effect that we see on the hair after it is done is fabulous! You can see the diagonal braids here and the low bun is chic as well!

Model’s Look

These looks are surely one that models would wear for their cover shoot! These are alluring and a great option for those days when you want to look extra! Navigate through these looks and enjoy the artistry!

Headband braided look

Headband braids here has been paired with a low bun and the har up front is sure to make you feel fabulous! There is a feminine vibe to the hair and we are sure you will love it!

Flat braids

These braids here are laid flat and the sections of hair are eye-catching for sure! You can try this one on no matter what age you are! This is good for medium to long hair length!

Gorgeous Updo

There are multiple braids here and we love the way they have been pulled together! This is a good look for mature women. Wear this one and take the help of an expert because this can be tricky!

Short Hair Braids

If you have short hair, you are going to love this fantastic look. These braided updo hairstyles work for thin hair and you are sure to fall in love with it! It can be done at home as well!

Youthful Vibes

Here we have some hairstyle options that have a youthful vibe to them! They have been creating a lot of buzz in the social media sites as well! Check out these looks and find the one you love!

Chic hairdo with a bow!

There is a bow added on the back of this hairstyle that adds a lot of grace to the whole look. There is a central french braid that joins with the braids from either side. The hair has a fuller, healthier appearance to it and we do recommend it for weddings!

Ruffled Look

There are ruffled hair and flyaway strands on this hair here and we love the rustic vibe that it has. These hairstyles are perfect for teenagers and you can wear this to any wedding even if you are the bridesmaid!

Prom Hairdo

A prom is an important event for young ladies and you will surely want that fairytale-like look for yourself! Here are some braided updos that have a vibrancy to them. We suggest you try these on for yourself once!

Short hair updos

If you have short hair, you can create an updo like this one for yourself! This rounded up look has a mysterious vibe to them! When you wear this look, you can look your best and feel the same way too!


Lace braided updos

Here is a lace braided look for a special event for you to try on! The braids are at the base here and will be an easy look to do on yourself as well! Here we have step by step braided updo tutorial for your help.

Rope braids

One of the easiest hairstyles that you can try on is the rope braids for sure. All you need is to twist the sections of hair in opposite directions and then entwine them together! Place them nicely at the top and secure it!

Tight tuck

You can tightly tuck your braided hair on the back and achieve a secure look for yourself! You can see how beautiful this hairdo is! Leave some hair strands on the front to add a graceful touch to the look.

Double braided look

If you are a fan of braids, one is never enough! You can see how many braids have been placed here and you are surely going to look stunning as you try this one on! Check these looks out and choose the one that you love!

Fishtail Braids

These fishtail braids here are elegant and interesting as well. You can see how these braids have been placed securely here for a well put together look!

Thick braids

If you are blessed with thick hair, you need to count yourself as a lucky girl! There are many who struggle with having thin hair. These thick braids are a result of dense hair and we love the results here!


There is no need to say that this is a good looking hairstyle! There is a chic element to it and we love the graceful and trendy look.

Triple Braided look

There are three braids in this look and is a must try for an office event! These sections are thick and have been entwined together to form a beautiful knotted updo!


You can see how the hairstyle looks classy and elegant when it has been done on brunette hair. Choose this one for a subtle yet captivating look.

Black hair

There are many braided updo hairstyles for black hair and there are varied options here for you to choose from! This one here is neat and has many braided and twisted sections of hair here in this hairdo!

Bridesmaid hair

Attending a wedding as a bridesmaid and need to look fabulous? Here is a hairstyle that is perfect for such occasions!


Check out these designs on the back here and you will be baffled for a second for sure. There are braided and loose sections here and it is hard to figure out where these hair strands come out from!


There are many braided sections that are placed on the crown and they form a  casual yet chic look perfect for all teenagers! Here are some hairdos here that you can try on next time!

Simple knotted look

This hairstyle has a simple knot on the back and the whole style is simple and has minimal elements to it!

Celebrity Styled Look

We always look up to celebs for hairstyle inspiration. Their hair has been well styled and it looks graceful and perfect in many ways!

Keeping it simple

Keep it simple and classy with this thick and sleek hair here! The hair is well rounded up and the whole look has a graceful touch to it! Try this one once for sure!








Bohemian Hairdos

These hairstyles have a boho vibe to them. There are added elements to this hairstyle that can be worn casually as well.

Intricate designs

These hairstyles have an intricate and alluring look t!o them and we love how graceful it is! You can wear this look for an event where you need to look your best! If you have colored hair, this will work out great as well!

Braids on front

These hairstyles have a thick section of braided hair on the front and the whole look is focused on the front! These work out well for youngsters! If you have a high forehead, you can get bangs as well!


These braided updos here are bulky and have a healthy hair appearance to it as well. You will feel relaxed and can enjoy the day when your hair is pulled back!


Royal Hairdo

Kate Middleton has worn her hair in this braided updo bun and it is a look that you can recreate as well! Choose this one and follow the royal fashion!


You can see that the hair colors and braided sections all are perfect here! The middle section here has added a youthful vibrancy to the hair! The dark base adds the contrast to the blonde and forms a charming hairdo!

We are sure you found a look that suits your style as you reached the end of the article here! There are options here for all textures, length, and type of hair. So, you will find the one for you! You can wear these to any formal events and even weddings! If you are a bride to be, you will find these to be useful as well! Carry yourself with grace and be confident and comfortable in your hairstyle. That is the key to looking fabulous every day!

Try on these braided updo hairstyles and look trendy and elegant! There are no other hairstyles quite as gracious and chic as this one! If this article helped you find the hairstyle for you, show us some love and like this article. Make sure you share this article with your friends to make them try this look on too! If you have anything to share with us, do comment down below! We love hearing from you! Stay with us for more of such an exciting topic! Till next time, this is a wrap!