95 Stylish Braids for Short Hair | The Latest and Hottest Trends


Braids for short hair, are you kidding?

No, we kid you not. If you have been shying away from braids because of your short locks, then take a look for the hottest trends to hit short hair since the bob. Okay, that may be an exaggeration, but with new hair products on the market and more sharp styling, play up your hair with these gorgeous braid styles.

So, check out your options and free your short hair from your preconceived limits. And of course, a little bit of help.

How to Braid Short Hair

What hair needs really to hold the style is a little bit of texture (yay for Afro-textured hair and curls!) or grit (for us who have baby fine hair).

Then, leave in a bit of mousse or shampoo powder either in the areas you want to braid or all over if you are planning to do a more elaborate style.

Better yet, wait a day after you leave in the hair product of choice, That means no shampooing on that day either.

Finally, practice. It’s going to be a mix of trial and error and lucky happenstance. Also, if it’s your first time to braid short hair, take it easy with the style. Check the casual fringe braids in our collection or a simple English braid to get you started.

The Hottest Trends in Braids for Short Hair

Check out the latest looks for braids for short hair – experiment and give your hair a tug or two.

1. Stylish Fringe Braid for Short Auburn Hair

Casual chic gets a new look with beautiful fringe braids for short hair. The look is slick and smart, but the addition of twist makes it feminine and dressed up. A perfect style for evenings.

braids for short hair 2. Romantic Pin-Up Loose French Braid

A bridal favorite, a loosely braided French braid is then pinned and secured at the back. It’s both elegant and romantic, qualities any self-respecting bride would love to look on her wedding day. Accessorize with pearl or jeweled pins.

3. Cute One-Sided Fringe Braid with Green Highlights

You are a sassy girl, and you want your inner rebel look with just the right touch of adorable cuteness. Go for a one-sided fringe braid to complement green on blonde highlights.

4. Dignified Multiple Fishtail Braids for Short Hair

The look of an earnest woman who knows her business. Something feminine and intricate but with a playful hint. After all, we are multi-faceted.

5. Sweet Dual Herringbone Braids for Short Hair

A relaxed look for armchair reading, coffee, and tea dates, and a quiet stroll in the park. It has a sweet vibe that can take you from blessed single time to a brunch date.

6. Romantic Messy Crown Braid

Messy looks are in nowadays. It’s all that quiet disorder of finger-combed hair and naturalness. Take it closer to romance with a crown braid that is sweet and ultra-feminine.

7. Punky Inverted Linear Side Braids for Short Hair

A reverse twist that is pretty enough but still edgy to make a personal statement of choice. Dark roots on light blonde hair give the style an urban rocker finish.

8. Messy English Halo Braid

Easy-to-do with all the right kind of messiness.

9. Cute Dual Beehive Braided Buns for Short Hair

Braided buns are trending right now. You have the ease of braids and the right touch of casualness that messy beehives are known for. Cute and fresh, a youthful style you can take with you from classroom to early drinks.

10. Reverse Faux Undercut Braid

A versatile style with just the right of sleek can become a bridal look.

11. Double Dutch Braided Ponytails

Vibrant and active lifestyles call for a similar styling with this double Dutch braids. It’s relaxed and natural, but orderly enough in case you want to play sports or energetically watch a ballgame.

It is also a great date style with the ponytail giving a feminine and comfortable vibe.

12.Casual and Relaxed Dutch Braid

Another versatile look that you can turn supremely elegant with extensions. That is the real beauty of braids – feminine and versatile with just the right touch of adorableness.

13. Romantic Waterfall Fringe Braid

A bridesmaid would love to have this great look. All you would need is to complete it with a sprig of flowers or pearl pins. Something relaxed for garden and outdoor weddings and can easily be accomplished with minimal fuss.

14. Elegant Full Crown Chignon Braid

Beautiful and graceful, a popular bridal style, especially for those wearing veils. Though the style uses extensions to complete the braided crown, you can smoothly go back to your short and sporty hair once the wedding and honeymoon are finished.

15. Punky French Braid for Pink and Purple Balayage

Balayage coloring is trendy with adherents enjoying the playful mix of colors. No color if off-limits, all you need to do is get a great colorist. The uneven edges of the shag and the pinks and indigos play well with a loosely braided French braid. A messy bun completes the punky but still feminine look.

16. Sweet English Waif Side Braid

A sylvan look fitting for the English countryside of afternoon teas and gentle lakeside strolls. Young and free-spirited, the look is a bit akin to wildflower children during the Romantics era.

17. Charming Waterfall Braids for Short Hair

Feminine and winsome, the waterfall braids soften the uneven highlights. The curls are soft and invite gentle touches. Complete the look either with a floral theme using floral headbands or wreaths or something more elegant with a spray of tiny pearls or semi-precious stones.

18. Lady-Like Side French Braids

Prim and proper, the updo is a perfect showcase for how beautiful French braids indeed are – subtle and elegant. It’s no wonder that braids are a go-to look for Emma Watson, for they are understated and yet winsome and youthful. You can hardly go wrong with braids nowadays.

19. Sweet and Simple Front Fringe Braid

Something easy to do but accomplishes the touch of beauty. A bridal style that a younger sister or bridesmaid would feel comfortable wearing.

20. Eye-Catching Partial Cornrow Braids for Short Afro

Go natural with these partial cornrows. Enjoy the young and vibrant style but with less fuss.

21. Cute and Winsome Front Half Halo Braid

A pretty style for smark casual looks or lazy Saturday brunches.

22. Classic Dual Dutch Braids in a Low Bun

An elegant classic that befits the mother-of-the-bride or even the bride herself.

23. Adorable Half Halo Twist Braids

Smart casual never looked this sweet.

24. Sexy and Messy Double French Braids with Pink Balayage

A little bit different but has all the style points you would love – color, braids, and ease.

25. Artful and Charming Messy Waterfall Braid

The style pleases aesthetics. The warm honey blonde, the lighter highlights, and the gentle fall of waterfall braids for short hair. It’s perfect.

26. Cute and Fancy Fringe Braid in Mixed Knot and Twist

Different, but with a twist. Literally.

27. Mini Front Fishtail Braids for Short Hair

Short hair gives a pixie vibe, so why not do more to notch the playful and mischievous look. Mini fishtail braids are great accents to the style.

28. Casual Full Back Twist Braids

Simple but with the right touch of allure.

29. Striking Big French Braids for Two-Toned Hair

Big braids are easy to loosen up, just put your finger underneath and gently pull up.

30. Lovely Double Loose French Braided Ponytail

Cute and elegant – a style you can maintain throughout the day.

31. Retro Chic in Dual Mixed Braids and High Buns

A bit hippie, a touch of retro, but all you.

32. Fashionable Dual Halo Fringe Braids

Simple but chic for evenings.

33. Romantic and Feminine Lace Braids for Short Hair

Auburn hair is gorgeous, especially with spring sunlight shining on them. A feminine look, these quasi lace braids add a graceful nuance. A bridal look that you can use for daily activities or even special weekend brunches. The blonde highlights play well with the soft fall. So who said you couldn’t wear braids for short hair?

34. Cute and Perky Halo Fishtail Braids

Fishtail braids are popular in the red carpet and for a pretty good reason. The herringbone pattern is a classic and at the same time, fancier than your standard English braid. Tuck and secure the ends under the hair. Then, notch up the cute and flirty look with a few stray strands to frame your face and your beautiful smile.

A versatile style, you can turn the look into full crown braids for short hair, and it will still be as feminine and as perky as the original/

35. Simple Charm of Multiple Fringe Twists

With three bare hairpins, you can have this simple but charming style. Begin with a deep side part and then divide the front of the head into small sections. Start from the front going to the back. Twist and turn the strands and then secure the middle part of the hair strands with a pin.

To finish the winsome look, finger-comb the edges. Leave the opposite side free, or you can tuck it behind the ear.

36. Sweet Double Fishtail Braids for Short Hair

A beautiful bridal style that you can complete with fresh sprays of flowers or pin with flowerets. You can also wear a floral wreath. The style is also great with a veil as long as it doesn’t cover the face.

37. Cute and Pretty Loose Semi-Waterfall Side Braids

Dress up your soft waves with a mixed braid of loose Dutch braids and waterfall braids. Versatile but so pretty with all the soft waves.

38. Sweet Loose Crown Braids for Short Hair

Tuck the edges of the braid underneath the hair and then loosen some front fringe to complete this charming style.

39. Stylish Cornrow Side Braids for Short Hair

Straight and edgy bobs get a new look.

40. Sexy Short Bob with Fringe Cornrows

The combination of cornrows and a tight high bob makes the style sleek and sexy.

41. Beautiful Waterfall Braids with Twist Braid for Blonde Hair

Perfect for clear early morning or outdoor weddings.

42. Pretty Side Dutch Braids for Short Hair

The style has the subtle touch of messiness, the quiet disorder of natural beauty.

43. Double English Buns and Braids for Pink Hair

Beehive buns make the style punky and edgy.

44.Elegant Half-Crown English Braid for a Classic Bob

A classic bob is made more interesting with a side braid. You can notch up the glam by dividing the section into 2 and settle for dual mini braids.

45. Romantic and Charming Reverse Braid

A classic charmer that is perfect for any season.

46. Elegant Front Crown Braid

A beautifully sophisticated style for an elegant bride. Or wear it for day or evening – it still remains as elegant and graceful regardless of the occasion.

47. Weekend Casual Fishtail Braids for Short Hair

Weekend casuals are more fun with braids.

48. Fringe Dutch Braids for Short Hair

Another classic twist for braids and short hair.

49. Rocker Chic with Dual One-Side Braids

Wow! Cut the cool with finesse and rocker vibe.

50. Easy Fishtail Side Braid for a Messy Finish

Soft and charming, the style is easy and versatile.

51. Urban Rock Undercut Fishtail Side Braid

Give your undercut a beautiful braided surprise.

52. Sassy Dual Crown Braided Top Bun for Green Hair

Siren or sci-fi – the look is fun and mysterious. What a paradox!

53. Understated Elegance in Full Twist Braid

Subtle beauty needs no shouting with this graceful twist.

54. Half-Crown French Braids for Short Hair

A mix of everything nice.

55. Sweet and Cute French Side Braids

Sassy but cute, we all want that.

56. Stunning Reverse Cornrows

Another twist that would get the attention and the questions, “How did you do that?” Reverse cornrows are not that usual, so be different. Be you.

57. Flirtatious and Winsome Loose Halo Braid

An easy-to-do style that you can take with you anywhere.

58. Pretty Fancy Full Feathered Headband Braid

Sweet and pretty.

59. Casual Cute Front Fringe Braids for Short Hair

Corporate or casual, the look is easy enough.

60. Sophisticated Reverse Cornrows and Twists Braids for Black Hair

Edgy and urban cool is a great mix for the reverse cornrows style.

61. Delightful Big Waterfall Side Braids

Soft and subtle styling.

62. Urban Chic Small Half Crown Braid

An asymmetrical bob gets a new look.

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63.Lovely and Simple Half Crown French Braids

Something pretty you can do with an uneven-edged shaggy look.

64. Sassy and Pretty Half Crown Braids Tucked Behind the Ear

Innocent and sweet and quite easy-to-do.

65. Romantic Messy Waterfall Braids for Short Hair

An alluring play for black hair and waterfall braids.

66. Loose and Fancy-Free Finish with Mixed Braids

Romantic and interesting with the accented braids.

67. Shoulder-Length English Side Braids for Blonde Balayage

A beautiful style that invites a lover’s touch.

68. Cute Half-Crown French Side Braids for a Pixie Cut

Not quite a pixie but short enough. The edges are pinned to make a clean updo.

69. Grunge Chic Lattice Double English Mini Braids

Razor me with great braids.

70.  Two Styles – Side French Braid and Waterfall Bridal Braids

if you can’t make up your mind, maybe this will do?

71. Funky Sass Double Side Braids for Dark Roots

Great look especially if you are growing out a gorgeous color combination.

72. Stunning Magenta Box Braids

Beautiful deep color and stunning box braids – need anything more?

73. Multi-Hued Messy Bun with Loose Front French Braid

We love the color, and we love the braids.

74. Classic and Elegant French Crown Braid

So perfect for elegant occasions or a quiet candlelight dinner for two and a ring.

75. Casual English Braids Knotted in a Messy Bun

Messy but fun.

76. Slicked Back Fishtail Braided Ponytail for Lavender Hair

Interesting accent that won’t miss out.

77.  Striking Big Dual French Twisted Braids

We love our big queenly sizes when it comes to braids.

78. Bohemian Braid with Ponytail Accent

Whether it is an Edwardian style from the Flapper era or the Bohemian 1960s, let your wild child loose.

79. Loose and Romantic Messy Braided Updo

A bridal option when you want braids but a romantic natural messy look.

80. Eye-Catching Loose Dutch Braid with High Bun

A top-notch style that you can choose.

81. Easy English Side Braids for a Messy Look

Graceful and beautiful.

82.  Crown Silver Haired Braid

Confident and sassy.

83. Classic Side and Invisible Braids for a Chin-Length Bob

Classically mysterious, the style has depth and quiet elegance.

84. Charming Waterfall Low-Crown Braid

Bridesmaid gather us, the style is perfect.

85.Dual Heidi Braids for Short Hair

Beautiful and captivating color with an equally captivating and charming style.

86. Bridal Beauty with Soft Curls in Waterfall Braids

A perfect bridal complement for subtle elegance.

87. Mixed Waterfall and Fringe Braids for Short Hair

Mix and match.

88. Casual Double Mixed French and English Braids for Two-Toned Hair

If you don’t want messy hair.

89. Chic and Stylish Undercut Fishtail Braids for Short Hair

Urban cool meets traditional braids equals Stylish Chic.

90. A Charming Messy Reverse Braid

Sweet and pretty.

91. Pretty Casual Dutch Braids for a Blonde Bob

make your bob more interesting with Dutch braids to add volume and accent.

92. Casual Chic with Pulled Back Braids for Short Hair

Something relaxed and comfortable. A style meant for everyone.

93. Bohemian Dual Dutch Braids with Tied-Up Ponytails

All the right braids meet such an interesting color and highlight. A perfect blend of styles.

94. Easy Casual Cornrow Side Braid

You want your pretty, but you also want your hard-edged cool.

95. Chic Urban Retro Side Braids for Short Hair

Partial side braids perfectly complement soft and gentle waves. The look is pretty and quite versatile. Chic and urban, it’s a great style if you are looking for rocker cool.



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