101 Best Brown Hair Color Ideas For You


Women often have the need to change their hairstyles at different times in the year. It could be to look good to an occasion or simply to try something new. Whether you’re going for a new hairstyle for the fun of it or experimenting for the one that will serve you for a longer duration, it’s always important to for a hairstyle that is not just cute but glamorous.

When you get your hands on the brown hairstyle, there’s no doubt that heads will spin to take a second look and you’ll be a celebrity of sorts. Do you want to integrate highlights on your hairstyle and looking for the best hue to go for? The brown color is trendy. Here are the 101 ideas to achieve the glamorous look that comes with having a brown-colored hairstyle.

Chocolate Color

The brown hues really look like the chocolates we purchase from the mall. Having a replication of that on your voluminous hair won’t be a bad idea.

Mixed Brown

No one can stand alone without a third party to help with some tasks. That is why this brown-colored hairstyle chose to forge an alliance with other variations to make this fringe cut outstanding.

Coffee Brown

Not too dark and not too light; that is the way to achieve this look.

Light Brown

The secret to achieving this brown-colored hairstyle is to keep the brown hues on a moderate level.

Warm Color

There’s no gainsaying the fact that the warm and welcoming look on this hairstyle makes it look gorgeous.

Dark Brown + Middle Part

You may want to integrate the hard part in the middle of the hairstyle to pull off a chic look.

Ashy Highlights

Despite the fact that the brown hair color looks trendy, it can combine with the ashy look on this hairstyle to look good.

Brown on Silver

The unique thing about the brown hues is the fact that it can combine with many hues. Here it is on the silver highlights.

Brown on a Bob Cut

The bob hairstyle really looks great anytime it takes a shot at the brown-colored hues.

Textured Top with Brown Highlights

Here is a hairstyle with textured brown color hues. It certainly looks nice when you make artistic impressions using the three surgical lines by the side as inspiration.

Dark Brown + Length

Have you wondered about what to make out of your long hair? Take a cue from this brown-colored hairstyle and pull off a great with your next hairdo.

Light Brown Tips

It doesn’t have to be dark brown to look good. This light variation is a testimonial to that effect.

Coffee Color on Black

The coffee-inspiration on this brown-colored hairstyle really has synergy with the natural hair color.

Light Brown Weaves

Do you have wavy hair? Take the style we have here as an inspiration to make the best out of your next hairstyle.

Honey Outlook

Combine the honey hues and dark brown highlights to achieve this.

Dark Brown Ombre

Although the brown highlights are showing, it doesn’t look bad with the ombre hues on the hairstyle.

Dusty Brown Hair Color

The idea here is to hide the brown hues as much as possible. The colorist was successful at doing that.

Curly Brown

You can make good impressions with your wavy/curly hair when there are brown highlights to tag along with it.

Dark Brown Weaves

Integrate the dark brown hues into your wavy hair for an exceptional look.

Middle Part + Honey Hues

The honey undertone to this hairstyle is a great compliment to the middle part.


Here are different variations you can make. Choose the one that suits your hair tone and get started.

Colored Hues

There’s a disparity between the black and brown colors, which combine to make this hairstyle unique.

Like the Ash

The idea behind this hairstyle is to look chic with light ash hues inspired by the brown highlights.

Baby Brown

There’s a brown-colored hairstyle. Here is one for your baby girl!

Comb-Over Brown Hair Color

The brown-colored hairstyle follows you everywhere you go; just like it followed the comb-over hairstyle.

Imperial Brown

Although the brown hues aren’t resplendent as you might expect, they still lurk in the shadows to deliver this amazing look.

Disconnected Look

There’s actually no trace of the hairstyle but we know it is the reason for the light colors on this hairstyle.

Full Honey Hues

The near-dark brown hues here didn’t waste any time to show the colors.

Curled with Golden Highlights

There’s no denying the fact that the golden hues in this brown-colored hairstyle tend to look good on many skin tones.

Cropped and Dark Brown Highlights

Integrate the dark brown hues before styling the wavy hair to the cropped hairstyle.

Light Coffee Look

The style we’ve got here is one that combines the coffee look and light brown highlights.

Tousled Hair

Style the hair across the face with the highlights making a revealing look.

Red Tones

The long hair and dark red tones really look good on women with light skin tones.

Curved Highlights

It’s time to do something different and styling your hair in this curly format is the way to go.

Silver Highlights

The silver tones on the hair really look nice with this brown-colored hairstyle.

Darker Tones

Take the game to the next level by styling the hair using this dark-colored brown hair color as inspiration.

Bangs Highlights

Recreate the bangs hairstyle using this brown-colored hairstyle as inspiration. The curly look on the hairstyle makes it cute.

Caramel Brown

You can make your hair to look nice with the caramel highlights on this hairstyle.

Darker Edges

Your little angel will love you the more when you get the hairstylist to pull off this look for you.

Surgical Line + Light Brown Highlights

You’ll really love the light brown tones on the hair with the surgical line.

Neat Brown Hair

The darker brown variation can look fascinating but it is better when the lighter version tags along with it.

Clean Look

Although this looks nice on kids, it is also a cute brown-colored hairstyle for adults alike.

Summery Hair

The peach blonde brown highlight is all shades of beauty.

Side Part

Consider parting the hair by the side to create a distinguished look.

Dark to Light

There’s a migration from the natural tone of the hair to this light brown color.

Light Brown Undertones

The idea here is to integrate the light brown color on the bottom of the hair.

Coffee Color with Middle Part

Prepare for the party with this middle parted hairstyle with coffee undertones.

Feathered Look

Here is the feathered look inspired by the dark brown hair color.

Bouncy Hair

Having curly hair is the secret to achieve the bouncy look on this hairstyle.

Angelic Brown

Look like someone that fell off from the sky with this creative brown-colored hairstyle. The eye color adds beautiful shades to the hairdo.

Unique Brown

Make it unique with the edgy look on this brown-colored hairstyle.

Long Weaves

Make the best out of your long wavy hair using the style as inspiration.

Inspiring Hues

The dream of every stylish woman is to look good. Whether you have enough funds to spare or working on a budget, the brown-colored hairstyle we have here is something you can style in the shortest time possible.

All Shades of Brown

Honey hues have been making hairstyles look wow since time immemorial. It makes a comeback with the shady look it integrates into this hairstyle.

Light Cherry Brown

The cherry look is stylish for every hairstyle. Nevertheless, it can fit into a wide range of occasions like the one it is doing here.

Silky Brown

Wavy and silky hair often works in tandem with each other. Form another angle, integrating the brown hair color styling approach into it can be the only tool you need to pull off a great look.

Dark Blonde

Blonde hairstyles are not just exquisite but also thrilling to look at. There’s a darker variation to the hairstyle, which you can achieve with the hairstyle type we have here.

Orange Look

The secret to this brown-colored hairstyle is to get the orange-colored hue to pull off a nice look.

Warm Color

Go for an inviting and versatile brown hair color. The warm color we have here gives the needed inspiration you’ll need for your next hairstyle.

Ash Brown

You can achieve this hairstyle with both medium and long hair. Aside from this, there’s the middle part that compliments the look.

Sun-Kissed Brown Hair Color

Women tend to go for any hairstyle that makes them look cool on any occasion. We love this brown-colored hairstyle because it is versatile and stylish at the same time.

She’s Cute

There’s no denying the fact that the woman we have here is beautiful. Besides, her brown-colored hairstyle makes it hard for people to resist the urge of looking back a second time.

Blonde Look

This is the amalgamation of two cute hairstyles in the women fashion industry. The day of reckoning has come when the blonde and brown hues come together to create a unified look.

Dark Side Bangs

Take a cue from this hairstyle and toss your voluminous hair to the side in the side-swept hairstyle format.

Creative Brown Hair Color

Do you love to look stylish? Many women like you love that too! Now, take a cue from the style we have here and take your unique brown-colored hairstyle to the next level.

Coffee Look

Do you love some coffee? Integrate the side part into your coffee hairstyle for a thrilling look.

Matte Finish

Finish your brown-colored hairstyle with this matte touch that leaves some messy undertones at the sides.

Side Toss

This is an inspiring way to hide the extra strands of hair by the sides. Figure it into the brown-colored locks of hair waiting at the sides of the head.

Coffee Highlights

The essence of this brown-colored hairstyle is to incorporate the coffee highlights at the tips of the hair.

Side Weave and Brown Hues

We love the way the model chose to do something different by tossing the voluminous hair to the right-hand side of the hair. Beyond that look is the brown highlights that enhance the fascinating look of this brown-colored hairstyle.

Textured Hair

Even when the hair has texture in it, the brown-colored hues still come in to enhance the beauty of the hairstyle.

Brown Ponytail

Never ask of what to make out of your long hair when there’s a hairstyle variation like the one we have here. Simply slick back the locks of hair like a ponytail and integrate the brown highlights for a classy look.

Fringe with a Difference

There’s no hard luck in trying something new with your fringe hairstyle. The brown hues are also important to make it chic.

Fading Color

From a distance, one would find it hard to place a hand on the hues that are in this hairstyle. That is an indication that the brown hues can hide despite the sheen.

Hair full of Brown

Change the orientation of the brown highlights with the voluminous strands on this brown-colored hairstyle.

Styled to a Side

It’s you against the world when you settle for this side fringe with brown highlights.

Bleached Brown

This brown-colored hairstyle looks like something that basked under the sun after many hours.

Dark Highlights

The secret behind this unique brown-colored hairstyle is to dim the hues until they look like the natural color of your hair.

Voluminous Brown Hair

This is the time to toss your voluminous brown hairstyle to the sides.

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Unique Comb-Over

Make your comb-over hairstyle unique by styling it to the side with brown highlights.

Curly and Bouncy

This brown-colored hairstyle is not just curly but also has a bouncy texture.

Long Hair with Ash Blonde

You’ll certainly love the length of this hairstyle. It further gets a compliment with the ash blonde hues on the locks of hair.

Nude Brown

Sometimes, the brown hues needn’t come out clean to make impressions. The style here testifies to that.

Varied Brown Colors

You now have many choices to make. You can choose from the French Braids, the side sweep or the weaved back brown-colored hairstyle.

Icy Brown

It’s time to apply that icy look to your brown-colored hairstyle. Take a cue from the hairdo we have here to pull it off without hassles.

Auburn Brown

Go the Auburn way with the thrilling and colorful locks of hair in this brown-colored hairstyle.

Ash Ombre

Do you fantasize about having two highlights on your hairstyle? Here is the ashy look merging with the ombre hues to deliver one of the best hairstyle color combinations.

Curled Bob

The cool design here is courtesy of the bob cut coupled by the curvy edges and brown highlights.

Near-Green Color

When you apply the right mix of hues, the outcome is something like this – green-like hues inspired by the brown highlights.

Tousled + Light Brown

Toss the hair to cover a side of the face but don’t forget to integrate the light brown hue for a complete look.

Nude Brown + Middle Part

This brown-colored hairstyle has to look good and the way to achieve that is to integrate the nude brown color and finish with a middle part.

Cinnamon Brown Hair Color

Find a way to work out some transformation for your hair. You can try your hands on this charming cinnamon brown hair color that is suitable for many skin tones.

Classic Brown Highlights

The mixture of colors we have here is not just unique but also makes you look chic. There’s no gainsaying the fact that it works best on wavy hair.

Brown Edges with Textures

You may want to toss enough length of your hair to the side where the brown hues come in to finish the job with textured edges.

Sleek Brown Hair

You wouldn’t go wrong when you choose to integrate the light brown highlights into your natural hair color.

Spiky Look

Here is a hairstyle that tosses to the sides like the side-swept hairstyle. Integrate the light brown highlights to make the hairstyle enchanting.

Enough Brown Volume

After the colorist integrates the brown hues into your long hair, the next thing left for you is to toss enough volume to a side.

Darker Edges

Here is an opening for you to hitch a ride to a thrilling look with the dark brown hair color. Remember to style the hair to a side to finish the job.

Almost Auburn

The colorist probably chose to leave the hair this way. The idea was to have a mix of the dark brown and the auburn look. The almost auburn look we have here really looked nice when you integrate it into your next hairstyle.


Highlight your Natural Hair

The importance of the brown-colored hairstyle cannot be underemphasized. When you integrate the different hues we made on the list, there’s no doubt that you’ll look cute and be the envy of your peers. Take a cue from the brown hair color variations we have on the list above to inspire your hairstylist on the next appointment.


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