108 Cool Hairstyles That Will Make You More Awesome Than Ever

Cool hairstyles are always one for the books and women of all genders, are the best carriers of these beautiful hair ideas. Whether you are attending special occasions or you just want a makeover, hairstyles are always women’s top priorities.

But because there are hundreds, or even thousands of hairstyles out there that you can try, the picking is going to confuse you. However, your hairstylist will be your best adviser who knows your taste and what fits you well.

So, it’s important that you see a professional hairstylist if you need a makeover. Yes, it is great to ask a friend or a member of your family.

But if you need more professional advice that you can trust, see a hairdresser to give you the perfect look that you wanted.

While maintaining various cool hairstyles is easy-peasy, you can’t just ignore the idea that it needs attention too. Of course, you will need to take good care of your hair.

On the other hand, here are the best cool hairstyles that we have compiled so you can get the perfect one for your next look. Warning though. It might confuse you, but try not to.

But if you see one hairstyle on this list that tickles you, get that one because it’s meant for you.

Check these cool hairstyles out.

Short hair with side bangs

If you are looking for a hairstyle that doesn’t require too much work, you may want to consider this one soon.

cool hairstyles

Shoulder-length with wavy ends

When it comes to wavy hair, it always means everything – like any hairstyle would just fit.

Messy and pretty hair with highlights

This is one of the cool hairstyles for women, especially the young ones to try out this summer.

Short shag haircut with bangs

With a shaggy haircut, you can explore more of this by having soft or even full bangs that will go perfectly with blonde highlights.

Undercut with lines and patterns

A haircut is gender fluid, and that means women can also have the same hairstyle with men. Getting an undercut with lines is incredible! And that teal hair color is beyond eye-catching!

Blonde wedge haircut

Whether you are naturally blonde or not, this messy bob haircut is promising.

Curly shag haircut

Curly is always exotic and sexy. If you like it appear bigger, you can get a shaggy haircut and color it with either brown or blonde.

Shoulder-length and one-sided

It’s gorgeous to see a hairstyle with that big part of the hair set on one side not to mention the color and highlights made.

Supermodel look

We say it’s cool, but supermodel hairstyles are cooler than ever. It’s sharp and easy to copy whether or not you’re on the runway.

Pixie cut with bangs

A pixie cut is not for everyone, but girls who can carry it are sexier, especially when bangs are part of it. And the headbands or hair clips make it even cuter!

Emo hairstyle

For the emo girls, this is one of the best cool hairstyles that you can have even on your regular emo days.

Miley Cyrus look

She can definitely be a wrecking ball when it comes to her hairstyles that everyone may not be able to copy. But this one of her cool hairstyles that girls envy. If you like it bright, add some highlights or bright hair colors and your days will never be boring.

Short wavy hair

Reese Witherspoon is known for her cool hairstyles that women love to try. But her short wavy hair is one of the things that amazes women, especially when highlights are involved. It’s just splendid!

Big curls on short hair

Short hair can be this big if you have big curls. If you don’t, then you can temporarily have it permed or use a curling iron.

Choppy haircut on short hair

A choppy haircut is great on any hair texture, but it’s more visible on straight hair. Adding hair colors make it more appealing too.

Blonde highlights with side bangs

Short hair that’s curled on the inside with an addition of side bangs that partly hides your eye is very trendy and beautiful.

Soft shag cut

A shaggy haircut is gorgeous on either wavy, curly, or straight hair. If you like it modest and not too obvious, you can try this one out, especially when you have straight hair.

Headband Braids

This is one of the coolest hairstyles among young women these days. Making braids like that of a headband is something unique and very stylish.

Messy, wavy hair

A messy and wavy hair is always a thing for most women (especially moms) as it looks very effortless but sexy too. Yes, you can trust Julia Roberts on this one.

Bulky on one side

It’s always dazzling to see when hair is being divided into two unequal parts that will look bulky on the other side.

Short, dark brown hair with highlights

Dark brown hair color has always been every girl’s favorite for years. It’s not just because it’s trendy, but it’s also elegant and gorgeous.

Choppy haircut on wavy hair

Your wavy hair can’t be more fashionable with a choppy haircut that fits well on both young girls, moms, and grandmas. Don’t forget to add bright hair colors to it.

Blonde, short hair with side bangs

For the girls that love short hair, you can try it with side bangs and bright hair color.

Small curls

Spiral hair and tied on the back is one of the hippest hairstyles these days. This could also work on moms that have naturally kinky or curly hair.

High bun with hair accessories

A smart high bun that is adorned by trendy hair accessories like flowers, hair clips, and more. This could go well during regular days and even on special occasions.


Half-tied hair is very famous among women. It is worn every now and then – on regular days or on special occasions like weddings, birthdays, and more. Others leave one tiny hair strand on the side to make it more modish.

Brown, choppy hair

This is one of the modest hairstyles for women that doesn’t need too much preparation. Just a brown hair dye would make it extraordinary.

Bob cut with full bangs

A bob haircut can never be this dull if you mix with side bangs and even full bangs. Try it with hair colors too.

Choppy, spikey hair

A choppy haircut mixed with spikey hairstyle can be really funky, especially when you get bright hair colors.

Style it like Pink

This is a faux hawk hairstyle that’s been famous among funky girls like singer Pink or stylized as P!nk. Stylists normally use a curling iron to curl the hair and brush it up to give it a look like of Pink’s hair trademark.

Barbie hair

If you like cute hair color on your shoulder-length hair, you can keep up with Barbie’s traditional hair.

Pixie cut with wavy ends

A pixie cut doesn’t have to be really short all the time. You can also cut it the choppy or shaggy way, tapered at the back, and leave some longer strands for a wavy result.

Pixie cut, red hair

You can get really messy, but beautifully chopped hair with red or burgundy colors and highlights.

Wavy hair with braids on the side

Wavy hair is beyond gorgeous and to make it more stylish, three thin braids on the side will do.

Brushed out hair

Okay, so you decided to stand out and wants to get a cool hairstyle, but you want it to be different from the others. Go get this one, girl.

Short haircut with side bangs

A wedge-like haircut, blonde, and with side bangs hairstyle is something that you wouldn’t want to miss this summer.

Big bun hair

Set on the side of the head with a big bun on the top is an heiress-like hairstyle. Yes, you can ask Paris Hilton about that.

Faux hawk-like hair

The part of the hair being brushed up on the top is somehow similar to faux hawk hairstyle. The difference is that there is remaining part of the hair that is left hanging all over.

Blonde curly hair with bangs

Big hair is always splendid. To make your curls even sexier, try it with eight side or full bangs and blonde hair color.

Asian look

Asians normally have thin or straight hair, and this is one of the most effortless hairstyles that anyone could get. It’s pretty chic. Haircolors add vibrancy too.

Big half braid

While headband braids are in style, half-braid is also pretty famous, especially when it’s being done only on one side. It gets more visible when you have straight hair too.

Headband braid with bangs

Headband braids are trendy these days for women. But additional bangs on the side make it even better and prettier.

Loose Braids

Braids are done easier on wavy hair. But this one is another unique way of hair braiding where an ample amount of hair strands is loosened to make it look like this. Hair accessories are great as well such as chains.

Tied loosely at the back

This is one of the coolest hairstyles among brides where the hair is loosely tied at the back, and with a bulky part on the side. Loose strands also make it appear stylish and stunning.

Low big bun with braid

Buns with braids are arresting and very unique hairstyle that you can try out this summer for some chic and dazzling look.

Half-tied messy ringlets

Half-tied hair is pretty popular, but with ringlets that are meant to be messy is exceptional. The addition of side bangs makes it more gorgeous and head turner.

Beach waves with braids

Beachy waves are really gorgeous. To make a twist, you can make two big braids on each side and connect them together in the middle.

Short freestyle hair

If you let loose your hair like you don’t really need a comb, it’s going to be gorgeous like this.


Kinky or curly hair can always bring cool hairstyles for women to the next level. If one or two colors would be too dull for you, try the multicolors hairdo to brighten up your days.

Rainbow on the inside

If your work is too conservative and doesn’t allow hair colors, this is one way of getting one – hiding it. And hey, you can’t just get one color, you can have the colors of the rainbow. It’s very chic and unique.

Brushed up bangs

A pixie cut with bangs that are brushed up to give it a funky look is something that you may want to consider this summer.

Short, straight hair with side bangs

Your straight hair will never be dull any longer with this cool hairstyle where bangs can be of great use.

Half-tied knots

Bringing your half-tied hair into a more extraordinary and cool hairstyle is going to be exciting. And the hair color is exquisite!

Half-tied bun on wavy hair

Here’s another bun on a half-tied black wavy hair. If there is an artist that would best describe a messy bun, it’s going to be the late Amy Winehouse. She was superb with her bun!

Colors and highlights

If you are not really on coloring your entire hair, you could try getting on the tips of your hair. Different colors would be awesome too.

Red carpet look

With your entire hair tied at the back with a little bulk on top, you are surely ready for a red carpet hairstyle that women would love to try,

Choppy haircut with bigger side bangs

A choppy hair is being cut unevenly like there is no pattern being followed. But it’s definitely pretty, especially when the other side is filled with bangs.

High bun with braids

Buns are no longer typical when they’re being intertwined with small braids that would make it look trendy and perfect for young girls.

Two low buns

These two low buns on each side are absolutely among the cool hairstyles that women can consider now that summer is just around the corner.

Wavy hair with straight side bangs

Cool hairstyles for women can be tricky to find when you are looking for the one that’s perfect for you. But if you want to be cooler than ever, try this one out and make sure you are doing it the awesome way.

Cool hairstyles mean long, wavy hair

Big beach waves are absolutely lovely when you have long hair. But it can’t be any cooler when golden brown hair is involved.

Medium-length with bangs

Brown or golden brown hair is pretty enough with bangs that anyone can copy.

Smart A-line cut

You could get a wedge cut. but with A-line haircut inspiration too.

Medium waves

Average waves are charming too!

Fauxhawk with lines

Yes, try this with orange hair color.

Blonde pixie

Blondes are always pretty.

Heart-shaped braids

Braids can be hearts too!

Parrot hair

Have you seen a parrot’s colors on a human’s hair? This is absolutely perfect!

Waves, ringlets, and fishtails

A combination of three cool hairstyles is Christmas!

Fishtail and braids

Yes, they can fuse together!

Fishtail with hair accessories

Here’s another beautiful fishtail adorned with cute hair accessories. It looks cute and perfect for summer.

Extra long and shiny

Long hair is pretty, but it can put you in awe when it’s extra long. Why not?

Hiding rainbow

Here’s another rainbow hair that stuns you in a second.

Large braid and fishtail

A combination of big braid and fishtail on one side is exceptional. Try it out this summer!

Braids with crisscross

This is when you separate two large braids with a crisscross. It’s one of the cool hairstyles you can get!

Multicolors on long, wavy hair

Pastel colors mean summer.


Half-tied and half-braids on wavy hair are exceptional.

Clipped side bangs

Keep that side bangs away with a bobby pin or a hair clip and be cool.

Half-tied with bulk

Half tie your hair and make it appear a little bulky on top.

Half tied with bobby pins

Get three bobby pins and set them like a triangle by clipping the two sides of your hair.

Half waves

Yes, you can trust Blake Lively about that.

Big curls on ends

Be stylish with your straight hair by curling the ends big and pretty.

Two braids in one fishtail

This reminds me of Emilia Clarke’s Daenerys Targaryen’s hairstyle on Game Of Thrones.

Big black hair

Big hair brings elegance and beauty.

Space buns

Space buns are pretty cool and perfect for young girls.

Bulky ponytail

A ponytail becomes more stylish when it’s bulky with a few strands of hair that are left hanging.


Half-tied twist

Two twisted hair stands tied in half is simply gorgeous.

Long, dark brown hair

Your long, straight hair isn’t just pretty, it’s superb!

Fishtail with a knot

You can get half fishtail and end it on top with a cute knot.

Extra large braid

This is perfect for those that have long and thick hair.

Brushed up pixie

Get that pixie hair brushed up with cool, little bulk on top.


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