106 Good Cornrow Hairstyles And How To Do Them!


What can be better in terms of hairstyles than the lovely cornrow hairstyles? They are one of the most loved hairdos of this time. We can see them in women of all ages and preferences daily. The charm of the hairstyles lies in the sectioning of the hair. It is characterized by the clean partitions and the tightly braided hair that follows. You can see how they look at women and get inspired by it in this collection. We aim at giving you the hairdo that can transform the way you look and give you a charming appeal.

So do not delay this process. Come with us and look into the collection of cornrow hairstyles with more than a hundred ideas. There are different hair lengths and textures all in this compilation. So we will feel the love for these hairstyles and get yourself the needed solution. Since many artists love the idea of this hair, they are becoming popular. The best looks come from the invention and ideas that we bring about. We are here to show you these ideas and give you the encouragement to move from the hair you have now to a better one.

Check out these 106 images of the cornrow hairstyles and get the idea that you need for a braid!

cornrow hairstyles


The history of cornrow hairstyles

These are hairstyles with the braids being close to the scalp. They are done with the underhand technique, and it gives a raised row of braided hair once you are done. You can see how there are simple lines in these hairstyles, with the braids being the highlight. But the question is, where did this hairstyle come about? These cornrow hairstyles date back to 3000 B.C. They were a traditional form of hairstyle for the Romans, and they also were seen in the middle-eastern and Mediterranean regions. They were also used by the males to show off the power and position they held in society.

These hairstyles have a rich history and meaning to them for sure. But they were revived back in the ‘60s and ‘70s. Many basketball players and celebs of that time wore these hairstyles. With time, they rose to fame, and their hair became the look everyone desires. You can see the hairstyles as one of the most loved braids until today. Throughout the years, it has gained a lot of popularity. With it, it has also gained a reputation for being a hairstyle that can express your inner emotions and personality.

With so many feelings attached to the one hairstyles, we want you to be able to feel the power of these cornrows. So take the time out from your schedule and get to braiding your locks. There is no denying that they are one impressive style of wearing the hair.

The appeal of cornrow hairstyles

There is a newfound love among the teens for these cornrow hairstyles. You can see how they move towards these braids and are making the best of their natural hair. You can also try out these close, tight methods of braiding to give your hair a break it deserves from bad hair days. Since they are protective hairstyles on their own, you can take the time to try it out. You are sure to make yourself comfortable with the ways of styling your hair once you get used to these braids. If you are not sure as to how you can get perfection at home, it is time to head to a salon. They can get you the best cornrow hairstyles 2019 had to offer.

These natural cornrow hairstyles are best for all women who want their hair to be perfect each day as they wake up. You can head out the house in minutes when you get ready with these rows installed. They can be a tedious task for sure, but the appeal lies in the fact that they are comfortable once done. The time they take can be long, but the way they make you feel afterward makes it all worth it. So what are you shy of? There are so many ways to play with these cornrow hairstyles. Find them and get to the braids when you have some time at hand. But make sure you love the length and thickness of the rows before you sit for the session.

How can you get cornrow braided hairstyles done at home?

With the trending cornrows coming everywhere in the hairstyles business, we are sure you are feeling intrigued as well. So what can you do? We all feel powerless under the appeal and influence of these majestic hairstyles. You can see that there are some ways out there you can get them done professionally. But the cost of those can give your pocket a hard time. So here are the steps by step detail on how you can do it at home.

The first thing you need to do is wash and clean your hair. It can then be ready for any procedure that you want to do. Focus on the hair and keep it moisturized with some argan or jojoba oil. You can also use aloe vera gel or some shea butter. Then you can follow these steps.

  1. Part your hair from the front section and make it a clean one. You can move till the back of the hair to get the article.
  2. After this, you can take the time to create sections on the row of hair. Make three small portions from this.
  3. Now you can play with the sections to create a braid stitch.
  4. As you head down, you need to add hair to the braid. You can do that by adding in hair from beneath to the main twist.
  5. Continue this as you move down and finish the hair on the scalp.
  6. When you secure it, you can move to the other rows you have on the hair.
  7. Continue and finish all the hair.

This is the process of cornrow hairstyles.

The colors to try with cornrow hairstyles

Colors are always fun for most women. Some hues can not only bring out the best in your skin tone but also get you to feel like a new person. The reds and the blondes are one of the most sought after hairstyles and colors. So we make the most of the time we have here to give you an idea of how you can get them on cornrow hairstyles. Here in this collection, you will see many colors on the rows. But you will also see how to get them on your hair.

The primary colors that work for all are the blonde hues. The platinum toned hair colors are the ones gathering a lot of love for themselves. We also love to try out such shades. If these are the colors of your choice, ask your stylist to get the undertone for you. Here we made sure you get the hues on the cornrow that keep it from being too bold but also from being too dull. We urge you to try out any of these colors and see how your cornrow hairstyles look. They can be molded into tied up look and updos as well.

When you go for a special occasion, you want the hair to be a prime accessory. If there is a shade in your mind that you want to try, give it a mention in the salon as well. So make an appointment and ask the stylist to provide you with a demo.

Short cornrow hairstyles

Here we have some female cornrow styles that can give you the inspiration for a new hairdo. If you want to feel good today, you can try any of these short hairstyles. The hair with such length can be your chic way of looking cute. We can see more women in these short cornrows. When done, they are raised above the head, and it adds some height to the face. So you will adore the hair and be able to head out for any occasion. With such hair, you can braid the locks on the side or get to the full scalp. There are also some women in the central cornrow braids. If you want that charming and youthful style, get these braided locks.

The best way to get the hair to stay in place is to take care of it. You can use the hair oils to keep the scalp, and the roots nourished. The oils we recommend are the avocado oil and olive oil with some shea butter as well. There are a lot of moisturizing products out there that are chemical-free for your delicate hair. Choose those instead to get luscious locks. Changing a few habits with the way you treat your hair can make a big difference. Try this measure, and you will be feeling good. With time you can see the change in your locks for the better. They will be nourished and be tangle-free.

Cornrow hairstyles for long hair

Long hairstyles have a loving factor about them. If there is anyone who wears these long cornrow hairstyles, we feel like trying them on as well. The charm of these hairstyles is that they look good on anyone, and it makes them feel different too. You can add hair extensions to the locks if you do not have natural hair that is so lengthy. We are fans of the braided tight locks that last for a year almost. Since they are long, they will add that chiseled look on you too. So here are some ideas. They can show you how your locks will feel like with the long braids. There are some minute details on them, which can be inspirational.

Cornrows are not a new hairstyle for sure. But they have recently gotten a lot of interest from a wide range of women age groups. We can see them on kids and also on some young women. But there are still celebs even of an older age who wear these cornrows proudly. You can see them on media outlets and televisions and social media platforms too. So check them out if you want to feel inspired. We love the ways the stylists are adding spunk to the hairstyles today. They have seen on-ramps and some advertisements. With that, there is a significant increase in women who are wearing these braided hairstyles. You must have noticed the numbers with thick cornrows hairstyles too.

Hairstyle with cornrows for kids

Are you looking for cornrow hairstyles for kids? Then lay your search to rest here. This is the collection that keeps in mind the need for good hairstyles for the babies. We all want the hair to be polished each day. And when you have kids in the house, you know that they are always a lot of work. They need to play and also have to head to school. So there is a need for a particular hairstyle for them. Especially if you are a working mother who has no time for doing the hair each morning, this will be your savior. They last long and also keep the locks of your babies intact. There is no need for you to get them any other look after these cornrow hairstyles are done.

Kids need to go around and do many things. When they are in school, the last thing you want for them to do is be worried about their hair. There are no hairstyles like these cornrow hairstyles for sure. Since they lock the hair down on the scalp and give it the slight raise, it deserves. With that, you want to make sure that the braids are not too tight! If you tighten them too much, it can hurt their roots. They will feel uncomfortable with the hair and not be able to enjoy themselves. You can also add beads on the bottom to give it that colorful look.

Celebs and their cornrow hairstyles

We usually look at the way celebrities style their hair. And we are amused by them. We also try to recreate these hairstyles for ourselves. There are so many models and celebs who try on cornrow hairstyles on Instagram. With the increased number of models trying on these hairstyles, we are feeling the need to show you the trendy look. We also bring to you some Nigerian cornrow hairstyles that can give your hair the boost it needs. With the raised amount of women showing the love for these hairdos, we are sure that they will make a difference. You cannot stay on these hairstyles and not try them. So make that appointment and try the look of your choice today.

So here we have the collection filled out with the styles of your dreamy hairdos. There is no doubt that the hair can inspire anyone. We can see how the locks stay in place with these cornrows, but they can also make you look fashionable. With these artists and models trying on the hairstyles in this collection, it will give rise to your desire too. So try how you can reinvent yourself. And show off your fun personality. There is nothing more special than a woman trying on new looks and admiring herself over the completed look. Experience the liberty of hair that stays as you left it today with these cornrow looks.

The cost of these cornrows

When we get any idea of a new hairstyle, we think of ways to keep the cost of the hair to a minimum. There are so many questions that arise with these hairstyles. We want you to be able to try out these looks, but it is hard with the amount of money that it can take. They can cost you differently according to the length and hair you choose. Here we are showing you how the locks can be styled at home also. If you check out the portion on how to do it at home above, we are sure you will have some idea about it. They are easy to follow steps that can give you a head-start.

It can also save you some money. But if you desire the professional style, then you need to head to a salon. The artist needs to know how they can help you get the look of your desire. So you can take charge and show them an image of what entices you. The minimal cost of getting your hair down in cornrow hairstyles ranges from fifty to hundred dollars. But it can depend on the salon and the reputation it has on society. If you want delicate work done, they can cost more than this as well. So be ready for the added cash when you go to a hair salon. You can do your research beforehand to save your time as well.

How to make them last

There are many hairstyles that you can do and let go of the next day. But these cornrow hairstyles are not that way. They demand to be left in for some time. You need to make sure that you take care of them. And so we wanted to inspire you ladies to take care of the hairstyles properly. They are a bit hard to take care of as they are braided in the hair. The scalp can be hurt if not taken care of properly. So we are showing you the best ways of this collection.

You want to wash these hairstyles and clean out your hair. They do not grow well and age nicely if you have residue on the locks. There are some excellent ways for you to do that. You can also try the apple cider vinegar wash if you want the hair to be thoroughly clean. We also suggest you get the cleaner out of the locks properly.

Another thing you must pay attention to is to take care of them while sleeping. You want to wrap the hair in some satin cloth before you sleep. They can then be taken care of as you lay to rest. Make sure you oil it and have deep cleaning treatments from time to time. Hot oil and deep conditioning products can help keep the hair healthy. This can also aid the hair to grow better and thicker. So when you take them out, you will have stunning hair. Thus it will be a good investment for you.

The idea with these braids

So as you finish the hairstyle collection, you will have learned a lot about these braids. They can be sensitive when you try them on at first. But as time flies by, you will be able to see that these hairstyles are the easiest to adapt to. Hair can be the most important accessory for anyone to try them. If you want to reinvent yourself, these cornrows are the way to go. You will get good at trying on these hairstyles and wearing them daily with time. They will keep the hair in place as you move around, which is an excellent way to work with things.

As you can see, these cornrow hairstyles were made to last for a long time. They can be the texture you need when it comes to being able to work with hair. There are many different modes of thickness you can use. If you desire something simple, go for thin strands and go thick if you want a bold statement. You need to have some time in hand for this. Also, there is a cost attached to getting these cornrow looks. You will be in the chair at the salon for some time with these hairstyles do make sure you are happy with the style.

When you wear these cornrow hairstyles, you will find yourself to be the center of attention. If we missed something, you could show it to us in these comments. Take the time to experiment, and we will love it for sure! Show it up in the comments section here.


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