87 Cute Hairstyles To Put Smiles On Your Face


The day can start on a slow motion when you spend some time styling your hair. There are hairstyles that you can choose from to look trendy all day long. Regardless of the disparity in hairstyles, you still have the opportunity to take a shot at cute hairstyles that enhance your look.

Whether you’re going back to school or preparing for work, you can use the hairstyles we have in this list to compliment your looks. What’s more? They are easy to style and will be ready in a matter of a few hours. We present to you, 87 cute hairstyles that suit all hair types.

Braids and Hard Part

This trendy hairdo involves the use of braids to make the style. Start by slicking jumbo braids from the sides and creating a “love shape” at the crown. Integrate a surgical line in the form of an arrow in the middle.cute hairstyles

Side Bun and Braid

Even if you have a bob, you won’t have a hard time to get this hairstyle done. Weave braids from the sides to the top of the crown and integrate a side bun.

Cute Braids For Girls

You need long hair to achieve this. Start the job by bringing the jumbo braids to the sides and use the silky strands of hair to join the braids.

Slicked Back Low Pony

Weave back the silky hair and create a low pony at the crown. You may need the “love-shaped braids” at the top.

Clean Bangs

Toss the hair to the sides with some space on the middle of the head.

Cute Hairstyles With Triangle Braids

Do you want to know how it feels to be in a relationship with the opposite gender? The entangled look by at the side of the head is a clue to the everlasting bond.

Cute Haircuts With Colored Bun

There’s no gainsaying the fact the colored look on this hairstyle is a good reason why a classy woman would go for it.

Wavy Side Bun

Even if you have short hair or a bob, it won’t be a task to secure the wavy hair by the sides. Finish the job with side strands and a middle part.

One of a Kind Bun

This titling bun hairdo is all shades of creativity, especially with the integration of braids at the top.

Rounded Blonde Braids

Weave the braids around the other strands of hair. The blonde look with white undertones makes the hairstyle to look creative.

Knotted Top and Half Down

This can be a good idea if you’re not a fan of the traditional topknot hairdo. Simply recreate the knotted look with the braids and toss the other length down the back.

Skeletal Braids

Integrate a touch of creativity by patterning your braids in the form of a skeletal part.

French Braids and Pony

Take the jumbo braids to the sides and finish the job with a down-facing ponytail.

Slicked Bun

It’s creative when you apply the slicked bun hairdo. Just weave back the braids toward the base of the crown and fold into a bun.

The Unconventional Bun Hairstyle

It’s time to change the outlook of the traditional bun hairstyle. Try something out-of-the-world by integrating colors into the bun and finish with a surgical line from the front to the nape of the neck.

Recreated Bun

This hairstyle entails weaving back the hair and creating a bun hairstyle at the base of the head.

Colorful Bun

If you’re a woman that loves adventure, this could be a way to express your opinions without hassles.

Side Braids

This super quick side braid is one of our favorites because it crosses the braids across the head while tossing the other strands towards the nape of the neck.

Weaved French Braids and Pony

Consider getting this cute hairstyle not just to give your hair space but to also look trendy.

Innovative Side Part

The side parting cute hairstyle looks good anywhere it finds itself. The hairdo here is one of the many ways you can weave the style.

The Braided Undertone

Although the half down braids looks fascinating, you’ll love the braids at the top of the hair. This, in addition to the flower headband, is a good way to pull off a thrilling look. It looks wonderful on long curly hairstyles.

Round Braids

If you’re blessed with long hair, you may need to try your hands on this rounded braids and half down perceptive.

Messy on a Braid

Messy hairstyles are not bad but you need to take a cue from this style to make it unique.

Short Pony

The blonde hairstyle looks nice on this short ponytail. The single braid at the sides makes the style enchanting.

Round French Braids with Messy Highlights

Recreate the French Braids using this rounded format. Bring the messy highlights to reveal the hair you could have kept out of public view.

Braids with Silver Undertone

Integrate the silver color into this hairstyle to make the skeletal-like braids look fascinating.

Double Braids + Side Toss

Consider rocking two short braided hairdos on the middle of the head. The silky sides open up the uniqueness of the braids.

Messy Bun with Highlights

Secure your messy bun hairdo by encircling with a single braid. The highlights make the look intriguing.

Bow-Tie Braid + French Braid Look

Secure the length on the crown using the bow-tie inspiration as shown here. Complete your styling prowess using the recreated format of the French Braid that drops to the nape of the neck.

Silk Headband with Highlights

It’s clear that this cute hairstyle allows you to step out in the morning even without a shower. The major task here is to comb back a few pieces of strands above the crown, comb the highlighted hair above and secure with a flowery headband.

Stunning Round Braids

Create a French Braid down the side of the head and straight to the back. This brings about a secured look on the hair while the other strands slick to the back.

Sided French Braids

After bringing the French Braids to the side, the next thing to do is securing the top of the hair with a flowered headband. This doesn’t just bring about a unique look but also compliments the hairstyle.

Side Fringe and Messy Half Down

The secret to this unique hairstyle is to weave back the hair, secure in a bun before slicking down to the mess details. The side fringe at the right-hand side comes in to make the hairstyle look fascinating.

Front Braids

This is a perfect master plan to enhance your look even without having long hair.

Textured Top

Perfect for short hair, this cute hairstyle allows you to tilt the topknot at the tip of the crown.

Braided into a Pony

Bring the single braids from the front, slick them to the back, and conclude with a ponytail.

Creative Bun Hairstyle

The bun hairstyle is not limited to wavy hair. The style here is a testimonial that you can make this cute hairstyle from short, long, and non-textured hair.

Double Bun and Incorporated Braids

You are not going anywhere! That seems to be what this hairstyle seems to say. Create a hard part from the front of the head to the nape of the neck. This gives you the opening to style your double and highlighted buns at each side of the head.

French Braid in a Pony

Consider integrating/slicking back the French Braids to unite with other strands for attaining a wavy ponytail and side hair.

Single Braid with a Difference

Another way to rock your cute hairstyles is to create a single braid on the front of the hair. This compliments the bronze look on the side strands.

Cornrow + Hard Part

If you love weaved strands of hair, this cornrow alongside the side part can be what you need to look exquisite.

High Bun and Braid

Braided hairstyles tag along very well with bun hairdos. Take a cue from this highlighted top bun and braided back to inspire your hairstylist on your next appointment.

Long Tossed Braided

Toss the length of the braids to a side to have some space at the top of the head.

Front-Facing Bun

Judging from a far distance, this bun hairstyle looks like a front-facing hairdo. The half down look with silky strands makes the hairstyle to look fascinating.

A Line of Single Neat Braid

The entirety of this hairstyle looks thrilling. The single braid makes a dash across the sides to the back where it dissolves into a ponytail.

Half Up, Half Down

There might not be a better way to express your fashion sense with long hair than the hairstyle we have here.

Braided Ponytail

Take your blessing with long hair to the next level by styling the jumbo-sized braids into a creative ponytail.

Braided and Highlighted Side

Everyone else might have tried the side braid hairdo in the past. However, none comes close to the highlights on yours.

Side Jumbo Braids

Put your colored/highlighted hairstyle to the next level with the incorporation of jumbo braids at the sides. Complete the job with strands of hair at both sides of the face.

Not too Messy

This cute hairstyle is a few meters shy of the messy look. The single line of the braid at the front and highlighted outline make it a good choice for every hairstyle freak.

Rhythm and Blues

The hairstyle we have here is set for the party. Get down, display your dancing skills, and wow the audience with your highlighted French Braids.

Braids with Multiple Highlights

The hairstyle we have is all about creativity. It takes an adventurous mind to integrate the rainbow colors and slick the jumbo braids from the front to the nape of the neck.

The Freestyle Look

You can get people wondering about what you have in mind when you pose with this cute hairstyle.

Front Double Bun

Rather than going the way of the half up and half down hairstyle, you may want to secure the front braids into a double bun before slicking back the other hair.

Neat French Braids

There’s no doubt that the French Braid hairstyle brings a touch of gold. Consider this approach to maintain a clean look.

Messy Weaves

Although the single line of braid did a good job the front neat, the same can’t be said of the back where the weaves drop in an unending mess look.

Messy Side Strands

Bring out the messy undertone to this hairstyle by sparing some strands at the sides.

Knotted Weaves

There wasn’t enough hair to create a bun. That is why you should settle for the tiny knot seen on the crown.

Classic Ponytail

Here is a goodbye to the brick and mortar ponytail hairstyle. The single jumbo braid from the front is the source of the bun cum ponytail at the crown.

Blonde Braids

Integrate the blonde color into your cute hairstyle and slick back past the nape of the neck, and down to the back.

Entangled into a Bun

Consider this cute hairstyle if you’re blessed with long hair. Weave back jumbo braids in an entangled line until they unite at the crown and take on the shape of a bun.

Valentine’s Day Hairstyle

Does February 14 mean anything to you? Don’t hesitate to get this style done. You’ll definitely look good on your date.

Ashy Look

Here is a cute hairstyle for women that love colors. The ash hues combine with the intricate styling of the hair to deliver a classy look to the wearer.


If you’re in a hurry to catch up with an event, you may want to try your hands on this quick hairstyle, which involves the use of three cornrows to pull it off.

Double French Braids

It’s time to claim your territory. Dominate the red carpet event with your double-slicked back French Braids with blonde hues.

Long, Blonde Side Braid

If you’re a lover of colors, here is an opportunity to show it by rocking a long, blonde side braid.


When there’s no time to make a bun hairstyle, you may need to try your hands on this updo hairstyle with messy undertones.

Cornrow + Ponytail

You’ll definitely love the way this mono-cornrow hairdo culminates into the messy, short ponytail. Take a cue from this and do something better.

Blonde, Cute Hairstyle

There’s no doubt that the blonde look is awesome but the braids are more fascinating.

Love Triangle

This is the outcome when you want to seize every opportunity to show your emotions.

A Layer of Twist

Gather enough strands of hair and twist them into this side braid.

Add a Little Flare

Don’t despair in your bid to look good. Allow this cute hairstyle to inspire your next hairdo.

Head-Spinning Bun

You’ll definitely leave admirers with jaw-drops, as they imagine how you pulled off this cute hairstyle.

Double Cornrows and Highlighted Bun

People will certainly stare at you when you rock this style. Check it out if you love adventure and stirring controversies.

Simple Braids

With little time in your hands, you can still make a last-minute hairstyle such as the one we have here.

Reggae Inspiration

It takes someone that is a huge fan of Reggae music to take up the courage to try this cute hairstyle.

Cute Look

Cute hairstyles are for cute women. Styling your hair in this way is a guaranty that you’ll make a bold fashion statement.

Messy Abandon

There’s nothing as being confident in your skin. Consider getting this style done to exhume the aura of a confident woman.


A mere look at this cute hairstyle reveals the fine twits at the crown, which compliment the bun at the top.

Fine Twists

Style your voluminous hair to the side (as seen here) and finish with fine braids.

Rolled like a Pony

The idea here was to finish with a ponytail but that twists still look good this way.

Inspiring Braids

You can make many cute hairstyles out of this style. Moreover, the pony-like strand at the crown is inspiring.

Highlighted Bun with Side Braids

The beauty of this cute hairstyle is not just the highlighted bun but the dotting jumbo braid flanked by single braids at both sides.

Side Bun with Hard Part

Make up for the lost time by styling your long hair into the double bun hairstyle with a hard part in the middle of the head.

Perfect Twists

The intriguing aspect of this hairstyle is the weaves, the braids, and of course, the flowered headband securing the hair.

Cute Hairstyles With Messy Updo

If you love it messy, this hairstyle is an inspiration for your next hairdo.

Cute Braid and Ponytail

Don’t downplay the excitement by settling for loss. Always aim for the top. Get your hands on this single front braided cute hairstyles complimented with a perfect ponytail finish.

Look gorgeous with your Cute Hairstyles

Whether you have short or long hair, there’s an opportunity for you to look resplendent. Take a cue from the cute hairstyles on this list and make yours.


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