Top 15 Cutest Dog Breeds | You’d Be Surprised With Our List


What makes a doggie cute? Is it big round eyes or nub-nosed snouts or little paws that make you go “Awww”? Whatever makes you go gaga over puppies, here’s our take on the cutest dog breeds from all over the world.

Cute may be subjective, but one thing we all know – puppies or adults, cutest dog breed or not, dogs remain our best friends with their unconditional love and affection.

Our Cutest Dog Breeds Definite List

1. Playful Yorkshire Terrier

Originating from the English countryside of Yorkshire, this small breed is a popular choice, especially in North America. Most often called Yorkies, they are also a popular choice as a toy dog. However, these dogs are big on personality.

The Yorkshire Terrier has a long shiny, luxurious coating so you may need to do more maintenance if you live somewhere hot and dusty. Energetic and adventurous, our little terriers are brave and are known for protecting their owners when they feel threats. Their barks may be teeny-tiny because of their small bodies, but they are full of heart and love.

Be ready to play with your cute love baby because they love walking and nosing around. Yorkshire terriers, after all, have a nose for investigating the sounds and smells in their environment.

Cutest Dog Breeds



2. Cheery Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Another of the cutest dog breeds among small dogs, this English original is an adorable cuddler who will always want your hugs and kisses. One reason why Sex and City character, socialite Charlotte York, had this for a pet. Though known more as a lapdog, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a choice breed for those living in apartments or smaller spaces. They would love to cuddle with you instead of running around your flat. The breed is also an excellent pet for families, especially those with young kids.

Lovable and affectionate, this small spaniel breed has an elegant demeanor, but they can be quite fearless too. Eager and playful, you will need to walk your dog. A natural hunter by nature, it is highly-trainable though more susceptible to health issues.

We recommend regular vet visits and daily brushing. What the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel needs in attention and maintenance is paid in full by its love and affection for its human.

Cutest Dog Breeds

3. Beagle Delight

What it loses in size, the beagle makes up for its uber-friendly ways with other dog breeds and its pleasant personality. Surprisingly tolerant of humans and other animals alike, this scent hound is very popular because of its inherently good health (minimal inherited health problems), good and even temper, and moderate sizing.

Remember that the beagle is a hunting breed. After all, its name is derived from the hunting term “beagling” which means rabbit hunting. Though the English developed the breed for hunting those hares, they are playful and affectionate.

The beagle’s hard coat protects it from the underbrush or when it’s scurrying around, which it will most often do when you take it out for walks. They are pretty nimble and will need daily exercises but just the occasional coat brushing or so.

Beagle Delight

4. Curious Pomeranians are One of the Cutest Dog Breeds – Ever!

Fluffy and compact, Pomeranians are curious and sweet dogs – lovely. They are friendly with a gentle and even temper. They are versatile and not too-environmentally sensitive. However, those long soft hair means high coating maintenance.

They are active lap dogs that you would need to exercise daily. Playful and mostly a bark-a-lot type, this pocket-sized breed is affectionate. However, because of its small size, young kids tend to overly hug them so be watchful, or baby Junior just might hurt your baby doggie.

Poms are friendly and warm pets, one reason why they are in our cutest dog breeds list. Be ready for hugs because they tend to love human contact. Spunky and boisterous, if you need a lot of cuteness and vibrancy in your life, then a Pomeranian is the dog for you.

Curious Pomeranians


5. Pure Gold, the Golden Retriever

Strong, reliable, loyal, and athletic, the Golden Retriever is America’s most popular pet breed.

They are friendly, playful, and brilliant. These characteristics make them great with kids, as service and guide dogs and all-around house dog. They are serious workers, and their obedience and trainability are top-notch. However, its long and shaggy coat may make grooming a high-maintenance affair. A medium-sized dog, they are energetic and active and will require a lot of physical activity. You would also need to give them quality food and watch their diet as they also tend to become overweight.

Pure Gold, the Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are known for their devotion and affection towards their owners. They are also fondly called as Forever Puppies because the breed has always maintained its playful and eagerness-to-please even in its maturity.

Boisterous and powerful, you will love the Golden retriever’s extrovert personality and exuberant and generous nature. They genuinely fit being called a human’s BFF.

6. Sweet Shiba Inu


Aside from cuteness and adorable, expressive faces, this native Japanese dog is bold, sturdy, and confident. Their gait is smooth and elegant with a very distinct and bright personality. Known for its fox-like traits (red coats, pointed ears, and black snub noses), the breed needs a lot of play time, and daily exercise is a must.

An affectionate and happy dog, the Shiba Inu is an ancient hunting breed known for its smartness and alertness. Rugged and independent, they grooming and keeping themselves clean. They also tend to be well-muscled, albeit they lean towards being smaller than medium-sized dogs.

Sweet Shiba Inu

A word of warning though, a Shiba Inu will train its owner and not the other way around. When it comes to personality, it’s more of a cat than a clingy puppy. Some tend to be picky eaters, but they are also prone to overweight. They are fast becoming a popular breed in North America and is currently the most popular dog breed in Japan.

7. Happy Havanese

Cuba’s contribution to cuteness overload, the Havanese breed is a very charming and happily affectionate small dog. There’s no human or dog it probably won’t nose to be its friend.

Be aware though that the breed is fondly nicknamed “Velcro Dog” because it’s clingy and wants to cuddle and be around its owner most of the time…Oh well, to be frank, all the time. This could be a problem if you have a busy lifestyle that entails a lot of travel or being away from home.

Happy Havanese

The Havanese is a friendly and sturdy animal and has a soft coat that is easy to maintain. It is also smart and a known extrovert. It is highly trainable and is also famous for its comic instincts and tricks.

If you are cheerful and you know it, get a Havanese.

8. Playful Naughty Royal Pugs

A famously cute dog that is popular as a Hollywood breed and character trope. Naughty with a majestic background, Pugs were known to be imperial pets in ancient China. But its royal leanings don’t stop there. The Pug is also the royal pet mascot of the Dutch Royal Family. So from China to the Netherlands, the cute and distinctive Pug is well-loved.

One of the cutest dog breeds because of its diminutive size, the Pug is mischievous but cheerfully charming. It is considered an ideal house dog since they are usually happy whether in urban or rural households. The breed also loves its snacks, food and treats, so be watchful about excessive weight gain.

Playful Naughty Royal Pugs

Small and muscular with its iconic big round head, the Pug is an adorable dog companion with a very expressive face. You will know if your pet Pug is unhappy, pouting, surprised, or contented. Pugs, no matter if you are royalty or not, are always a delightful pet who will give you lots of love. There is no dull moment when there is a Pug around.

9. Sweet Sociable Samoyed

Gentle and ever-smiling, Samoyeds are gracefully elegant dogs with a charming personality. If you are surprised why the breeds made it to our cutest dog breeds list, then ask no more. Here’s a quick rundown on why the Samoyed made it to our list.

A hard-working breed, the breed is hefty and substantial in both weight and size. But Sammies, as they are affectionately called, are very friendly and sociable creatures. Powerful and sturdy with a thick and creamy white coating, the breed is highly-resistant to the cold. After all, the breed was named after a Siberian tribe, the Samoyede people.

That perpetual smile the dog has is because the ends of its mouth are upturned, another reason why it’s one of the cutest dog breeds. Nope, it’s there for a purely logical reason. The lifted ends prevent the Samoyed from drooling, and if you live and breed in areas below freezing point, you don’t want frozen saliva anywhere near your pet. or yourself for that matter.

Cutest Dog Breeds

They are tireless and highly active and thrive in a pack, so make sure to include them in your household activities. You would need to firmly and consistently train your pet, Sammie. However, the rewards are rich and fulfilling as Samoyeds are loyal and affectionate.

It is also known for its mischievous nature and can be quite demanding with its owner’s time and affection. What you should never do is isolate the breed because it tends to be willfully destructive when it’s unhappy.

10. Cute and Friendly Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Another famous memeable pet, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, has a very expressive face that lends well to human expressions. An animated face, low and small body, and pointed straight ears make for a cute and sweet image and why it is one of the cutest dog breeds ever.

A bit of a smart aleck breed, this Corgi breed is affectionate and exuberant without being too pushy. However, it also has royal leanings with Queen Elizabeth II having had one as a pet. As one of the two distinct corgi breeds, the Pembroke Welsh is a lively and agile herder. But you don’t need to be a sheep owner or on a farm to enjoy the breed. Naturally healthy and sturdy, you might still want to screen for genetic issues, usually for cardiac and bone disorders.

Cutest Dog Breeds

It doesn’t overly need your time and affection, but the Pembroke Welsh Corgi loves companionship and affection. Bright and alert, they are playful and highly-trainable. They are also good watchdogs, and their barks are so much bigger than toy dog frames. Sensitive and responsive, the breed is a kind and amiable to humans and other dogs. They also thrive when included in family activities, and they are very much going to be part of your household if you decide to get one. No surprise as it shares common ancestry with the Samoyed which also thrives in family activities.

11. The Imperial Sunshine Shih Tzu

The luxurious coating may give the Shih Tzu a diva reputation as one of the cutest dog breeds. It has a lot of grooming requirements, but the breed is affectionate, spunky, and adorable. The dog has a sweet expression and would love to be close to you, preferably in your lap.

Nicknamed “Little Lion Dog,” the Shih Tzu also has an imperial history as a beloved pet for Chinese royalty. Because Buddhists believed that the breed is connected with the lion, the dog is closely linked to Chinese court history. They were given as imperial rewards and offered as court tributes.

Cutest Dog Breeds

They love to dig around and frisk in playfulness, but what a Shih Tzu would prefer most is to cuddle with you and keep warm on your lap and just bask in your love and attention. It may be small, but it is a sturdy breed with a long and soft coat. Its elegant carriage makes it a perfect court dog, but it is a lively and alert breed. If you want your little ball of sunshine, then this breed fits the bill.

12. Cutest Dog Breeds Surprise Entry! Amiable Siberian Husky

Deepset and beautiful eyes and a warmly rich and beautiful coat have made the Siberian Husky a Hollywood favorite for our cutest dog breeds list. Pleasant and friendly, its outgoing and agreeable nature makes it perfect pet companions. It would, however, require a lot of exercise and activity to be entirely and contentedly happy.

The breed is a hard-working animal. Remember, it was bred to be a sled dog and with its thick coat and compact size – it was a perfect breed for cold climes. A real extrovert, the Siberian Husky, is not only one of the cutest dog breeds, but also one of the friendliest and most active.

As a pack dog, they thrive in joining family and household activities. They are energetic and prone to chasing smaller animals, so be careful when going out for a walk with your Husky. Powerful and loyal, it also has a mischievous side that would charm the living daylights out of you.

A relatively very healthy breed, its most common genetic health issue is juvenile cataracts. They can be fastidious and tend to be clean and has a less doggy smell. Elegant in bearing, it is a joy to watch the Husky’s graceful gait when in a run.  However, your Husky is innately friendly, so if plan to train one as a watchdog, forget it.

13. Fluffy Charming Cotton Ball Called Bichon Frise

A consistent presence in a lot of cutest dog breeds list, the French breed is popularly known for its fluffy cotton ball coating in popular media. Charming and highly-trainable, the Bichon Frise will surely steal your heart.

But take note, the breed is study and a resilient, a real small ball of steel wool filled with charm and curiosity. Because of its intelligence, the Bichon is a natural trickster and a playful performer.

The fluffy soft hypoallergenic plush white coat makes the breed an excellent pet for those who may have minimal allergy issues. Adaptable and alert, they can be your personal watchdogs. However, they are very affectionate and friendly. They love attention, and they will definitely enjoy doing tricks. A happy-go-lucky and beautiful temper made the Bichon a favorite among European nobility. A complete charmer, you will fall likely fall in love at first sight with a Bichon.

14. Beloved Doggie Genius Labrador Retriever

Beautiful and smart, this medium-sized breed is a hardworking dog. You would love to spend time with this loving and affectionate breed, especially as they usually have silly and adorable moments.

Its sweet face and lovable personality make the Lab a very popular breed. An outgoing and friendly dog, you can expect a household pet who will charm everyone. This also includes all the neighborhood dog; one reason why the breed is Hollywood famous for its sociability.

Dependable and naturally intelligent, the breed is known for its easygoing life. It is also the top choice for service and guide dogs. However, the Labrador Retriever requires a lot of physical activity, so it may not do as well cooped up in an apartment. Alert and active, the Lab has high energy and an even good temper. Another reason why it’s in our cutest dog breeds is because of the kind eyes that the breed possesses. High-spirited and affectionate, your Lab will have enough love to go around for the whole family.

Cutest Dog Breeds

15. Papillon

The French breed derives its name from the French word for “butterfly” with its butterfly ears that tend to express their sentiments. Friendly and curious, the Papillon is highly-trainable and gentle. Because they are sociable without being too aggressive, they are perfect companions for the elderly and families with older children.

A curious breed, the Pap is quick and nimble. It is also known for its agility and happy personality — another ball of sunshine that is sociable and friendly. You would probably end up showering them with hugs and kisses.

Cutest Dog Breeds

Elegant and graceful, Paps tend to be dainty, primarily because of their delicate bone structure and small sizes. Robust, gutsy, and highly-trainable, they do well in skill events and thrive in family and household activities. They love attention, and they also like to give attention.


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