109 Dreadlocks To Express Yourself Freely In 2021


Dreadlocks are one hairstyle that never seems to be the classic. You can always try them on to get a rebellious and tough look. They are rough braids, and they can give you a look we adore. You can put the hair on these braids and let them grow. They are entangled as they grow, and it makes for an eye-catching style. You can see how they are best for natural hair. You can see the hair has this brushed up look. Take the hair to the salon artist to give you the locks you can work with for some time.

These hairstyles are widely associated with the rock stars. There is a hairdo that can give you a refreshing feel that but also keeps your culture in check! You can feel close to the culture and your heritage. You can see them in stars like Lenny Kravitz, Lauryn Hill, etc. Since the ’80s, they have been in trend. So you can get this bold look and enjoy them for some years. When you wake up each day, you will feel like a new person. Here we are trying to show you how you can try out these dreadlocks.

Here is the collection of dreadlocks and the way you can try them in the year 2020.

dreadlocks The history of dreadlocks

Dreadlocks can be dated back to the 2500 B.C. They are also mentioned in the holy books of the Hindus. Where they describe the god Shiva wearing these dreadlocks and naming them ‘jata.’ You can see them be a big part of the aesthetics of the Hindu god. Even ancient pharaohs of the Egyptian culture were known to wear their hair in such dreads! If you pay close attention to the artifacts of that time, you can spot them in the people of that time. Some mummies had their hair in the dreadlocks when they were taken out!

The historians also say that there is no culture in the world where there is no mention of the dreadlocks. You can see that there is a connection to the hairstyle and some meaning attached to it. There is a spiritual meaning to the dreadlocks, and they can be read about as well. They were taken as the show of strength and glory. There are many stories that you can read, which shows how people think the locks could help people win in wars and how their powers were in their hair!

These hairstyles can be traced back to history, but they are also trendy today. You can sport women in the mainstream media wearing these locks and shining in their way. Once you get the look of your dreams, you will wake up each day with hair that is made already. So you can get our of your home without a worry in the world. There is nothing you need to worry about when trying on these hairstyles. Try them, and you can see yourself in a new light. Others will also be able to see you in a whole new look.

How can you start the process of dreadlocks?

There are many ways you can get the dreadlocks on your hair. You can have the braiding done or also get the crochet method. There are others out there as well. Like the two-strand method, the comb twist method, the twist, and the rip method, the backcombing method, the free-forming method, etc. With so many ways, you can choose any look. They can be different according to the hairstyle you have and how long it is. They determine what technique to use with the hair for the best look once done. In this section, we are showing you how you can try out the crochet method.

The crochet method for the dreadlocks needs a small hook that helps to pull the hair. They are only 0.6 mm hook, so you do not need to be worried. They are perfect if you want fast results. There are some steps to follow, and we will list them down here.

  1. Take an excellent clarifying method and clean your hair. When you are done, let the locks dry.
  2. After it is scorched, you want to section off the hair and make it as thick as you want it to be. Start from the nape and secure them with elastic hair ties.
  3. After you complete step 2, you want to start in twining the hair on each other to form a twist. You can do this with your comb and do it till you reach the end.
  4. Then you can take the hook in hand and pull the hair from the sections. Once you are done, you can get the look of mature dreadlocks, which is excellent!

With these steps, you are done and can now flaunt your dreadlocks.

The famous stars who wore dreadlocks

Bob Marley has one of the most iconic looks with the dreadlocks. You are sure to have seen him in this iconic dreads. Many tried on these hairstyles following him. The way his hair has the appeal of a carefree person. You will surely love the locks as you get the nostalgic vibe. There is no need to worry about getting all of your locks in these braids. You can get only some of the hair with them on and make a fashion statement of your own. So check out the looks of these significant stars and copy them.

Then you can also see Whoppi Goldberg with her dreadlocks in the ’80s. You can see the Toni Morrison and Alice Walker with these braids on as well. When they wore these hairstyles, they grasped a lot of attention with the looks. You are sure to give yourself something to be proud of if you try this hairdo. Being like your loved artist is one of the best feelings in the world. When you do so, you will feel closer to the people you love. So proudly rock the styles of your favorite stars.

Now to come to the recent times, we want to show you some stars who wore these hairstyles now as well. You can spot Zendaya in her dreads, and she even wore it to a red carpet to represent her culture. Lil Wayne and Lady Gaga also have proudly tried on these hairstyles. Many young women have been attempting to follow them and get these tight locks! But when some stars wore these dreads, they were also accused of cultural appropriation. There are some strong emotions attached to these hairstyles as they relate to the culture!

How to style dreadlocks for men

There are many dreadlocks men options in our collection. We made sure to keep them here not only for the men to be inspired but also for women to take ideas from them. There needs to be no differentiation in the matter of gender here. The hairstyles are open to all. But there are ways you can style them up, which can be different than the others. Check out what we mean by looking at how women are wearing their dreads and how men do it! We are sure you can find the distinction yourself.

Since hair is not only about the ways you look but are also a symbol of self-identification, it needs to be unique. They were taken as a symbol of strength and individual positions as well. So since the olden days, men have been wearing their dreadlocks not only as a hairdo but also as a way to show their status. The power of their body was also related to the dreads. You can hear about these in the stories that surround the hairdo. So we do understand how it can be a sensitive topic now as well.

But in today’s times, we also need to take care of fashion and how it looks! For we do not want to be the one who has hair that pulls us down. There are ways you can set your looks straight. There are dark hair lovers, and for them, we suggest the dark black hues on the locks. If you are into the shorter hair, try keeping it to the neck length. That looks trendy and is also easy to work within summers.

Accessories you can add to the hair

We come to the fun part about these dreadlocks here. These dreadlocks boys’ ideasĀ are stunning for sure, but some women’s ideas are perfect for this year. You can look for any of these images and inspiration online to be encouraged. And if you feel that that will be confusing for you, you can take a peek at the hundred and fifty hairstyle ideas that we have in this collection. We long for you to try out any of these looks and feel the liberation from deep within yourself.

Once you get them, you want to play it up. The ways to do that are accessible! Place some fun accessories in the hair, and you are set to head out. Here we are showing the most loved ideas of adding some jewels on the locks. We love hair clasps and rings. They are classy and also have a majestic look once we are done. If being yourself is the idea here, make sure you get the clasps as you like. Also, make sure they merge well with the hair colors you try on. They can complement each other then.

And for all of those who want to place beads on the hair, you want to make it classy! You can try the bright colors if you have blonde hair in dreadlocks. Make the time to buy the accessories and ask someone you trust to get that look. Some oranges and blues take anyone’s breath away. We want you to be able to try out these in the nearest time available to you.

The ways you can spice up these hairstyles

There is a way to make a simple hairdo look special than it is. And we are sure you have some ideas of your own as to how you can do that to dreadlocks hairstyles. If you want to taste the feel and look of this hair, you can try out dreadlocks extensions. We love how you can get a close look with a matter of minutes. All you need to do is install these extensions to the hair. Or go to the salon where they provide these services.

You need to make sure that the color and the length is something you can work with. They will last for some time for sure, so you need to be comfortable. The hair is one of the most loved accessories for a man or a woman. So no matter what gender you are off, you want to be able to feel good in your expressive hair. Also, keep in mind how thick you want them to be. The thicker the braids, the harder they will be as time passes by, and you can see that. Be sure that you use some hair wax to give it a clean look.

To make this hairstyle even more exciting than it already is, you can add on some yarn and colors! This collection was made to make you aware of these options. They might not have come to your attention currently. So we want you to be able to see them. The beads are one such way. There are more prominent and colorful beads that go well with the theme of the hairstyle. Hair clasps are a great addition as well. Check the images here for more ideas!

How to style your dreadlocks

There are so many ways you can design your dreads. You can play them up with a bunch of colors. You can also get the short version of these braids to give yourself something to be proud of. This article has all the details you need to take on this hairdo. Getting your hair done and waking up to see the locks in place is a beautiful feeling. That gives you the freedom to head out the door without needing to try out any style. You also do not need to care about how you will manipulate your locks.

Here we made sure to give you an idea of what works. You do not want to keep your braids too tight. They can hurt you in the process, and they will hurt as you move along with it as well. So make sure your stylist makes the right call with how to lose the dreads need to be. They will be your companion for a long time, so you need to feel comfortable with them. Make sure you have that feeling down on the hairdo. Or else you may regret the time, money, and effort you put in getting these hairstyles done.

So how can you pump it up? Scarves are one of the best ways! Yes, you can use your favorite scarf as a headcover, and it will show you how good you can look. There are celebs like Rihanna who have pulled off this look with complete grace. You can check out the way she does it in this collection. Her beauty is lovable, and the way she carries herself is infectious. So you can feel good about yourself as you are following in the footsteps of an icon like Riri.

How can you maintain your locks?

When you get dreadlocks, you need to be careful about the way you handle them. Many have a lighthearted approach to the hair and thus end up with messy hair. That can also look dirty and smell bad if you have not washed it. So we are showing you some ways to keep them in place. They can get nasty soon and change colors to a brown color if you are not careful. So here we are presenting some tips for all those who want to work with dreads and make them last longer!

The first thing to do is to make sure you keep away from the dirt and dust. Do not let your hair be exposed to these particles in large quantities. They can be harmful as they stick to the natural oil of your hair. So you will end up with a messy and dirty blend on your scalp. What is worse is that they can pull on your dreads and cause pain in the roots. Later that can even cause tension alopecia. So make sure you can take care of the locks and make them clean before you get it.

You need to wash your hair to remove all the dirt and dust and natural oils away. You can do this in a gap of two to four days. If not, you can also wash it once a week. It is also essential for you to be able to clean the shampoo properly. If you do not do that, there can be the shampoo stuck in your scalp. It can cause dandruff and other issues. You need to try and uplift shampoo and also try out the fertilizer daily to keep your hair moisturized.

The colors you can use with the dreadlocks

There are ways to get colored hair in the dreads, and they can also be colored once you are done. You can see how to get them on you before or after you have the dreads planted. We are showing you a collection with these dreads that can give you a clear idea of the looks you can get. The colors are beautiful, and we love how they transform your locks in a matter of some minutes. So take the pick of your shades now! Some reds and blondes go well with the aura of these hairstyles.

If you are feeling like trying on some colors that are out of this world, you can also get the hair with the fabulous shades of blues and greens. They are widely becoming the hues that are lovely for women and men of all ages. Here we have the sections filled with the best of these hair colors. So if you need that inspiration, look through them. Sometimes you do not know how to get the colors and what to do, but these shades out there in these images can help. So stick to checking out the pictures we collected.

There are not only the colors that make an impression, but they are also eye-catching. They can get a lousy color too. This happens when the braids you have go to a level where they accumulate the dirt and go to dark hair. You can see that they look bad, and they can also start to smell. So you need to make sure you prevent that from happening. And then you can choose the colors to try out with the dreads.

The choosing part in the end!

There are a lot of options that you can choose from so you can get confused for sure. You are sure to love the hairstyle but might not know about how many ways are there to style it! You can see them in this collection we put forward. If you are a woman or a man, you can wear this hairdo to feel like a chill person. The lovely locks of yours can feel the love with these dreadlocks. The styling methods are abundant here so that you can choose any of these.

The best thing is there are thin and thick hairstyles to try as well. You do not need to limit yourself to the simple ones. Try the dreadlocks on the top of the hair and let it fall. Or you can also get them on a specific section of the hair. If you want, you can try to keep the top loose and get the dreads on the lower portion. The styles were showcased here for your convenience. We are sure you will find something here, no matter what your taste is. So look for them and show us how you look with these locks!


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