104 Easy Hairstyles That Will Give You Elegance And Charm

Easy hairstyles are everywhere and can be copied anytime you like. However, it’s not just about copying.

It’s also about elegance and style that will give you enough confidence. Most women have tried many different ways in the name of beauty and fashion.

This includes hairstyles that give more elegance and boosts confidence that has been part of every woman’s life. There are so many hair ideas out there you can always count on.

May it be a hairstyle for a special occasion, or just on regular days, you could trust that you’ll find tons of hair ideas online. However, you can’t just have anything you like without taking care of your hair.

More often than not, your hair also needs your utmost care. There will be a lot of things to consider, but that will be worth every effort you make to have healthy hair.

Care for your hair and it will give back what you need

Remember, your hair may not be able to talk, but it can let you feel that it is not doing well. One good example is when you are tearing it out too much with different hair dyes without letting it rest.

Your hair also needs a breather and that won’t hurt you in any way. Try not to wear it out by applying different hair products without harmful chemicals.

These harmful chemicals can cause damage or breakage – something that you don’t really want to happen.

Anyway, here are the best easy hairstyles for women that you may want to consider next.

Half twist

Try this easy hairstyle with the side part of the hair twisted in half with the rest of the hair left hanging. You can use bobby pins on this one.

easy hairstyles

Loose bun with hair accessories

You can tie your hair at the back like a bun, but looser to make it look like it’s just hanging behind. Add big hair accessories for a cuter hairdo.

Two half braids

Divide your hair into two and make large braids, but stop near your nape and let the remaining hair hang loosely.

High bun with side parts

Follow these easy steps on how to make a high bun that’s perfect for women of all ages. It’s very cute and trendy.

Runway high bun

Most runway models wear high bun as it matches with any outfit they would wear. It’s very easy to make too.

Knot at the back with a flowery headband

Know hairstyle is one of the popular hair ideas among women. If you want to try it, you can copy this one, which is adorned with a cute headband.

Knotted ponytail

To make your ponytail even cuter, you can follow these easy steps on how to knot beautifully.

Hunny Bun

Follow the steps on the photo how to make a huge and pretty hunny bun that’s perfect this summer!

Chignon hair

You can either stay with a ponytail or explore more hair ideas like chignon style that can go well with any occasion. This is perfect on a wedding day!

Wavy half-tied hair

Little girls can relate to this freestyle half-tied wavy hair.

Tied up with flower accessories

Most occasions that match with this tied up hair that’s embellished with big flowery accessories are weddings. It looks lovely!

Crown hair

There is nothing prettier than having a hairstyle that makes you feel like a queen. The crown hair accessory is elegant!

Sleek vixen hairstyle

It’s fine to have curly or wavy hair on this one, but straight hair will make it appear even better because of how it’s being done. It’s very easy that it only requires bobby pins and magical hands to do it!

Half-tied braid with a leaves hair clip

You can decorate your half-tied braided hair with a huge hair clip like this one.

One-sided wavy hair

You can use bobby pins to keep the other side of your hair from falling off and let the other one fall freely. Side bangs are also a great companion with long wavy hair. Taylor Swift can prove that.

Big waves with crown accessory

You can let your long wavy hair fall off and just adorn it with a crown if you feel like you want to be royalty. Why not?

Halo Braids

This infamous halo braids have been everyone’s favorite, especially to the little girl. You can add cute hair accessories such as ribbons.

Pinned hair with brushed up bangs

You can also pin your hair at the back using bobby pins and brush up your bangs on the side.

Bridal look

This is one of the most popular and easy hairstyles for women and perfect on the wedding day. The addition of hair accessories is beyond gorgeous and amazing!

Messy braids with side parts

Messy-looking braids are great. It looks effortless, especially with a few hair strands on each side of the head.

Half-tied knot

Half-tied with a knot on long, wavy hair. Yes, that’s enough to say that it’s simple but elegant.

Wrapped ponytail

A sleek ponytail wrapped with some parts of the hair could be something that you may want to consider for your next hairstyle.

Big fishtail

If you think that a small fishtail hair isn’t enough, why don’t you ask Blake Lively’s help on that one? It’s attention-grabbing!


If you like wearing a headpiece and feel like a duchess or a queen, fascinators are waiting for you. Yes, you can have Queen Elizabeth as your inspiration for this one.

Headband Braid

Girls definitely love headband braids. These are not just cool, but one of the easy hairstyles for women these days.

Afro hair

Black people normally have Afro hair texture and any hairstyle would make it stunning. But short, bob haircut is just cute for little girls. Try wearing hair accessories like a headband with ribbons and it’s going to be really groovy!

Low Knot

Knotted hairstyles are pretty famous too, but if you like modest but cute, you can follow these steps on how to achieve a low knot hair.

Hair Bow

There aren’t any cuter easy hairstyles than a hair bow. You just need bobby pins for this. The steps are very easy to copy too.

Full side braids

Side braids are really cool too, especially when they’re done in full on each side of the head.

Medium-length spiral hair

Spiral hair is extra pretty, especially when it’s longer. You just have to set it the way you’re most comfortable with and everything’s in place.

Braided half-tied hair

Half-tied hair is one of the usual hairstyles among women. But to make it more charming, you can braid the rest of the hair hanging at the back.


If braids are too common for you, get some bobby pins to secure your hair rolls like this one. It’s one of the most gorgeous, but easy hairstyles this summer.

Knots with a side part

You can make some knots at the back while leaving the rest of it hanging. Secure it with bobby pins.

Net fascinator

There are a lot of lovely net fascinators that you can find around. If you want it unique, there are artists that can make it for you so you can have beautiful hairstyle!

Rihanna curls

We all know that Rihanna ensures that she wears hairstyles that will put us in awe before she steps out her nest. She is one of the famous celebrities that give inspiration in beauty and fashion. Her waves or her curls are so pretty that you can’t let this one pass without trying it this summer.

Crown Braid

Headband braid is known to be one of the girls’ favorite hairstyles, but a crown braid is even better if you’re planning to have some braids soon.

Easy hairstyles such as ponytails with braids

You can add a touch of cute hairstyles such as braid to your usual ponytail. It’s efficient and very easy to do.

Ponytail with a twist

Here’s another ponytail that makes a beautiful twist that you can also try out anytime. You only need a hair tie and bobby pins and you’re good to go. Just follow the steps shown in the photo.

Egyptian hair accessories

Egyptian hairstyles are vintage and very classy that women love doing the same. If you find these hair accessories cute, there are plenty of them at online shops and boutiques.

Wavy ponytail

Your wavy hair can’t be that boring with an easy hairstyle like a ponytail wrapped with some parts of your hair. You will need a hair tied and bobby pins to secure this.

Knotted low bun

If you like a low bun hair with a twist, you can create knots in it to give it more charm and elegance.

Ponytail and one-sided brushed up bangs

This is cool and one of the easy hairstyles for women that doesn’t take too much time to set.

Brushed back hair

Easy hairstyles mean brushed back hair in the middle with the two remaining sides of the hair left hanging. You can secure this at the back using a hair clip or bobby pins.

Half-tied hair with side parts

Tie your hair in half using hair accessories and leave two different side parts to make it classy and prettier.

Brushed back shoulder-length hair

Don’t think that only Kendall Jenner can pull off a brushed back hair, you can do the same too – with elegance and style.

Brushed back in half

If you want a little bit of brushed back hairstyle, this one is very easy.

Clipped hair

This one is very cute and even those who have wavy or curly hair can try this with ease.

Tied ponytail

This is one of the most usual and easy hairstyles that women wear anytime and anywhere. It’s not just because it’s cool, but it’s simple and appealing too.

Messy French braid

French is famous and easy to do, but it becomes more unique and pretty when it’s a little bit messy.

Big waves

Red hair is always attractive, especially when the waves are huge and set in place.

Wet look

Short, wet look hairstyle is extremely chic and elegant. If you like even more stylish, you can either use hair clips or bobby pins at the back.

Brushed back and wet look

When you brush back your hair and have some spray to make it look fresh, you are a perfect epitome of an elegant woman.

Simple ponytail with hair accessories

Put some hair accessories on your simple ponytail. You can also enjoy any hair colors you like, but bright colors are awesome this summer.

Short natural hair

Natural hair is lovely and making it short like this is even prettier.

Low knots

This is another classy, but one of the easy hairstyles that women can try, especially if you are attending a special occasion.

Long and wavy hair

It’s always wonderful to see long hair with big waves that make a woman sexier and classy. You may want to consider this one too.

Wavy hair with bobby pins

Your waves couldn’t be more adorable with these bobby pins making their way with style on your hair.

Medium bun with a flower headband

You can make a bun and set it in the middle. Accessories it with a cute headband to make it more stylish.

Short one-sided hair

If you are looking for cute and easy hairstyles for women, this is one of the best hairdos that you can count on.

Messy middle bun

The messy hairstyle has been a trend and a middle bun proves it better.

Long fishtail

If you have long hair and has been planning on getting a fishtail hairstyle, this one is a perfect inspiration. It would be more stunning if you have extra long hair.

Wavy ends

For medium-length or long hair, you can make big curls or waves at the tip of your hair. You can also enjoy trying different hair colors such as blonde or light brown.

The modest ponytail on blonde hair

Blonde is a prominent hair color not just on women, but men too. Any hairstyle is perfect on it, and a simple ponytail would just do it.

Tied on hair accessories

There are tons of hair accessories out there that you can use to make your hairdo more stylish. This one is one of a kind that ties your hair and leaves the rest of it to hang around your shoulders.

Medium and simple bun with hair accessories

A medium hair bun can be more stylish with adorable hair accessories that are placed at the back.

Tied with braids

Make a long braid from your hair to tie it around your entire hair like a bulky bun at the back. It’s very unique and cute too!

Half-tied with a braid at the center

Half-tied hair is pretty common, but if you want it cuter, you can make one small braid in the middle.

Large blonde braid

Long and blonde hair with braids always reminds us of Daenerys Targaryen on Game Of Thrones. It’s very dramatic and dominant just like the Mother of Dragons.

Short, messy braid

It’s always nice to see hairstyles that look messy as if it’s not touched and just being left hanging around. You can try this cute braid on your medium-length hair too.

Double ponytail

If you have long hair, a double ponytail hairdo is very cute and it’s one of the easy hairstyles for women that you can always try.

Tied wavy hair

This isn’t the typically tied hair using a hair tie. As you can see, a small strand of hair is used to wrap the entire hair. But don’t make it too tight and just secure it with bobby pins or hair clips.

Messy waves

Messy and wavy hair is very stylish and you can even wear this on special events.

Braided Bun

Make a high ponytail and make a single braid. Use bobby pins to make a bun. It’s simple, yet incredibly pretty!

Long hair with big curls and full bangs

You can use a hair clamp to brush up the middle part of your hair and let your full bangs adore your beautiful curls. The hair color adds more brightness to this hairstyle that anyone would love.

Simply tied hair

Tie your hair at the back simply and step out like a famous celebrity!

Messy hair with a small braid

You can let natural hair linger around your shoulders and back. But you can make one small braid in the front for a more exciting look.

Easy hairstyles to love

Long before women started to love these hairstyles, there were kids who wore these hairdos with elegance and passion.

Extra large hair accessories

Here’s another hair accessory that will put us in awe.

Big rose hair clip

Roses are red!

Two ponytails

You can also use ribbons on this one.

Cornrows in a bun

This is perfect for the naturally curly or kinky hair. Don’t forget your ribbons!

Knotted chignon

As simple as this is just cute!

Long braid with flower accessory

This is beyond amazing, but any flower hair accessory is more than okay!


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