120 Expressive and Bold Emo Hair Options For Girls to Try On


An Emo person, are you? And, are you thinking about letting out those emotions to be expressed by the way you style your hair? Well, if you are then you just landed on the right page. Here we have compiled the best of the emo hair so that you can look your best as you become expressive with your hairstyles! Do not shy away from the use of colors and cuts and take a chance with your look today!

Emo hair has a lot of elements to it. You can see how the emo community use a lot of  Here we have an array of hair styling options that you can opt from. You need to know that these hairstyles require a lot of styling and coloring. These colors can damage your hair and make them appear brittle and dry. Before getting these hues on yourself, you need to make sure you have conditioning products at hand.

Make sure you pay attention to the quality of your hair as well. Be confident in the way you carry your hair and we are sure you will rock the look. The basic thing is to make sure that you are comfortable with the colors and cuts that you try on. You can look your best when you are happy with the results of such coloring and styling!

The pink and blacks!

The go-to hairstyle for girls with natural black hair. Just give your hair some hints of pink highlights and you got yourself a great emo hair. There are these darker pink shades that work great as a highlighter! You can add layers to your hair to make the colors pop out even more!

Pink pairs well with other darker shades as well. You can choose to get a slight streak of this fabulous color or opt for coloring larger sections. Here we have some options for the fabulous pairing of black and pink shades! You can find the shades that work for you the most!

emo hair


Keep it blonde!

If you are a fan of the famous blonde hues, you need to look at the collection of emo hair here! The lighter shades of blonde work well for pale skin tones and you can surely adjust the tones and hues to make it suit your skin tone.

There are many shades of blonde that have been paired with other colors. There are countless options when it comes to choosing blonde hair as your color! No matter what hair texture or length you have on, you are sure to look good when you try it on!

Blue Emo Hair

You can get your emo hair done on many colors and textures for sure. This is the blue shade that has been widely loved by the emo community. You can see how these hues work well to bring out the fun side of the wearer!

These hues are very versatile and you can try experimenting with the mix of colors to achieve a unique look. Here we have compiled some pictures together to showcase how amazing you can also look when you go bold!


Variation is the key to getting people engaged in any hairstyle! There are a number of ways that you can try on emo hair and that is why it continues to be popular. No matter what your personal preference is, you are going to have options for yourself!

There are fairly many shades of colors and cuts that you can try on. If you are not a fan of looking basic or common, this hairstyle will be perfect for you. Make it your own by adding elements that you love!

Bright as the rainbow!

When you choose a bold option of getting emo hair, why not go full on and get rainbow colors as well? These shades here are loud and fun as well as expressive! Choose the colors that make the most sense to you and try them on today!

You are surely going to love this combination! Be as bright and colorful as a rainbow and live your fantasy! This hair will make you look unique and also make you feel like you came out of a fairytale!

Passion red hues!

Reds represent the color of passion and love. If you are looking for a bold color that can look funky as well as romantic, this is the one for you! Choose to get your hair fully if you have the guts to carry this one off!

Many teenagers have tried on this fiery hue on their emo hair and we love the results on them! No matter what intensity the reds are on, the colors make you look fresher and fierce! Trust us and choose this hair to look out of this world.



Adding hair accessories can make your hair look better. There are many things like flowery headbands or head scarf that can transform your look. Here are a few ideas that we have put together for you to look funky and fun!

You can accentuate your emo hair by adding such elements. They are easily available in local stores as well and the pay off is great! They add a youthful vibe to the hair and make the whole attire look more put together.

Long Hair

Having long hair is a blessing! You are sure to look your best when you have large sections of hair and can experiment with them! There are many cutting techniques and hairstyles that can be done on lengthy hair!

The doors of experimentation are open for everyone and for the ladies who have long hair, it is easier to try on new things! If you have long hair, you need to try on some of this emo hair and break the monotony!

Youthful vibes

These look right here have that youthful vibe to them! You are a young person and are looking for a spicy new hairstyle, then you are sure to want to try these. There are choppy medium length hair cuts here with varied hair colors.

You can add layers to your hair and add bangs as you like as well. Fix these strands of your hair and keep them as polished or as ruffled as you like them! Check out these looks here to get the inspiration you need!

Blonde and black

Blond hair color needs no introduction for sure. The classic blonde hair with black is working well in these emo hair options! The dark and light mixed well and creates the needed depth and dimension to your locks.

No matter what hair length you have, this will look good on you. These hairstyles have a bit of subtleness to them and we love the softer appearance here!

Black hair options

Dark black hair has that depth to that we have a great liking for! You can see these black options and choose to express the inner feelings in your heart. Add some highlights into your hair.

You can opt for bright and vibrant hues like red and blonde to make these colors pop! Here are a few options that made the list for our top picks! We have incorporated all hair textures and lengths to make everyone feel included!

Lighter reds

Reds have been loved for a long time by the emo community. There are many women who swear by this color to make your hair flawless! The collection here has showcased some of the brighter shades of these fiery hues that work great for pale skin tones.

If you find it daunting to try on such bold color all by itself, then you can tone it down! Add some pastel shades and turn it into an ombre hair. If you want darker shades, go for black and use the reds as a highlighting tinge!

Lilac purple shades

Lilac colors in emo hair are nothing new for sure. You can try on these colors in these pastels tones as well. If you are looking for a subtle and fresh look, opt for this one! These shades are loved by stylists as well as they give off the healthy hair vibe!

These lilac purple hues make the hair look a bit lighter and it has a youthful vibe to it as well. Add lighter shades of the color and go dark to create a transition shade. That also adds the depth and dimension to your hair!


Feel the blues!

The blues are the best option for anyone who wants to look extraordinary! These hair colors are deep and can be made to look like light or as dark as you want them to be! Add pinks and purples into your blues to make them glorious!

The best thing about the blues is that you can add blondes or pinks and make it look well balanced. There is no limit to experimentation with the way you style your emo hair. You may need to get professional help to get these shades as dark and intense as you want them to be!

All about that pink!

Girls are usually attracted to pink hues and that is not a stereotype! Women are loving these colors as celebs and stylists try on a new hairstyle with it! You can go for lighter tones or full bubblegum pink whichever suits your liking the most!

Opt for darker roots to make the colors pop! It also helps to add the needed dimension and depth to your hair. As your hair grows out, you will need to get touch-ups to maintain your emo hair!

Here are some lighter pink options for you if you are scared to try on a bold punch of color! You can style your hair in waves or get curls as well. If you are not a fan of such textures, you can opt for the sleeker, straighter hair!


There are emotions within us that we want to share with the world. The way we wear our hair and the style we choose to follow shows off a lot of our personality! You can use these emo hair options to showcase the funkier side of your personality!

The added spider on top makes for a great Halloween look! You can be as fun and funky as you want to be! Keep your confidence on and wear these looks to stand out in the crowd!

Brown shades for emo hair!

Brown hair has that earthy tones that complement all skin tones. You can make these hues as intense and light as you like. Mixing these tones with other hues work well too! You can mix up these colors with the blacks or blondes to create a custom color!

Here we have some dark browns and also some very coppery shades here! You can try these hues on when you feel like you want to tone down your look! Try it out and find out what you like the most!


Orange tones

Orange is the unique color in this collection. These are shades that you don’t usually see being sported by a lot of people! If you are thinking of going for a look that is unconventional for your emo hair, this can be just the thing you need!

Here we have it paired with blacks and pinks with dark purples as well. These are not colors you see every day. That is what makes this one special and endearing!

Rose gold tones

Rose gold tones are elegant and have that graceful touch to it that we love! We know that these are colors that express a lot of femininity and have a lady-like vibe to it! The best thing about these hues is that they can be manipulated to look flattering on all skin tones!

Here we have options with full-on rose gold color on your hair and also some with a combination of colors! You can make amendments to the way you apply this color. All you need to be careful about is not washing your hair too much!


When you cannot decide on one color and have fallen in love with multiple shades, you need to mix them together! Get these trendy looking hair by choosing multiple colors on your hair!

Here we have collected options with blues, pinks, and blondes all combined here. The basic mix can make your hair pop out and look graceful and funky as well! You can make these colors give off a sleeker, sophisticated vibe as well. These sections can be done well by a professional stylist!

Out of this world!

There are not a lot of looks that can impress you and also look unique an stylish! This makes the cut here though. You can see how the use of colors here are clever and different than anything else that you might have seen!

You need to be as expressive and experimental with these colors as you like!

Emo hair for beginners

If you are a youngster and are lookng for ways to wear a new and fun hairstyle, this can be just the thing you need! These hairstyles here are not too hard to do and are fairly simple!

If you are just stepping into the emo community, you need to give these styles a try!

Short Hair emo

Many are in love with the short hair trend nowadays. You are free to keep your hair as short as you want and here are a few options that you need to consider!

The intensity of the cut and colors all depend on your personal preference. You can gather some ideas from this post here and find out what you like the most!


Emo hair without cutting

If you want the experience of emo hair but are not willing to cut your hair, then you can opt for these hairstyles here. They do require the use of colors and bleaching but the results here are awesome! Try these if you are willing to use colors in your hair!

Light blue

Shades of blue have to be one of the most popular colors of the emo community. There are many looks that have been created with the use of blues.

You can mix the shade with blondes and also make it look lighter! You can add lighter shades as a highlighting shade as well!

Burgundy hues for depth

There are so many color options out there but if you are looking for a subtle shade, you can opt for burgundy here! You need to make these shades as light and as deep as you like to match your skin tone. Make this a color of your choice here and add that depth you desire to your locks!

Go green

Going green sounds like an environment-friendly look for sure. You need to try these hues to know how exciting they are! Pair them up and also go as lighter and deeper as you want! You can take some ideas here if you need some help!


Braids are the hairstyle that works for all occasions and hair types. There is no chance that you will look bad with these braids on your hair. They are easy to do and also are a time-saving hairdo for the busy mornings! Try these and check out the variety of other braids as well!

Pastel pinks

Pastel pinks are lady-like hues and they make the hair look as light as a feather! These colors are great here and you can make them look as pretty as these pictures here!

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Flower headband

There are many girly and feminine items that you can add to your hair to make them look more stylish. You must have seen many women try on these flowers headbands on. They are graceful and the whole look has that relaxed vibe to it!

Dark roots

There are many stylists that give the suggestion to try on dark roots with your hair. The lighter hues that you try on below these deep hues are sure to balance out the whole look. Try it for once and we are sure you will love it!

Pale Hues

This pale yellow shade is very alluring.You can see how the braids on the sides here make the whole look vibrant and fresh. The space buns are easy to do and can be worn casually as well.


You can get piercings on yourself to make the hairstyle even better. There are many youngsters that tried on adding these nose rings and another form of piercings to amplify their look.


Purple in your emo hair

If purples are the thing you want, you have come to the right section here. You can see how these colors are working here to add warmth to the skin! You can add some depth to your look and also make it look as youthful as you want!

Magazine cover worthy

There are many emo hair options that have made it to the magazine covers. You are sure to have checked these looks out and wished to have perfect hair like the models on them!

You can visit your hair stylist and get these done on you today!

We are sure that by the end here you have found some hues that you can try on. These look daring and bold for sure but you will love them once you try them on! We tried our best to include shades that are sure to make the cut for every skin tone and let you be as expressive as you desire! So what are you waiting for? Book an appointment at your salon and get the emo hair you desired the most!

If you were impressed by this article, show us some love by liking it! You can also share this article with others in need of a change of hairstyle. If you try on this emo hair, make sure you share your experience here in the comments section below! We would love to hear from you! Stay with us for further information on such fashionable hairstyle topics and more! Til next time, this is a wrap!


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