118 Fascinating Faux Locs Hairstyles [Styles for 2021]


Hairstyles continue to evolve and women are not taking the back seat in flashing unique look with faux locs. This hairdo is impressive because you needn’t make use of your natural hair. Rather, synthetic hair is a perfect way to adorn this hairdo at the price of a natural style. If you’re looking at styling one this summer, you may want to take advantage of the 118 styles we detailed in this article.


  1. Brown and Lengthy

This style looks better on women with light skin colour. Consider getting brown synthetic braids that brings out the texture of your skin.faux locs

  1. The Bun Hairdo

Faux locs are protective hairstyle but you can convert them to a styling tool. If you’re yet to make a permanent decision to transit from natural hair to dreads, you may want to try your hands on this bun hairdo that is exclusive to faux locs.

  1. The Creative Locs

Creativity is the name of the game and you can beat other faux locs lovers to the game when you get your hands on this style.

  1. Simple Faux Locs

Sometimes, there’s no need tying up all those braids at the top. You might want to part the strands to the sides; leaving the middle of the hair with a visible parting that enhances the style.

  1. All for the Gram

Some styles deserve to make it to social media and this is one of them. Let your stylist use different synthetic hairs for the locs to achieve a glamorous look.

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  1. Blonde and Creative

Whether you have a blonde skin or not doesn’t matter. With a creative mind, it won’t be a daunting task to tie the locks in a bun fashion and reel off the remaining strands down the nape of the neck.

  1. Short and Trendy

If you’re not blessed with long locks, you might want to style the short locks to the front. Consider tying up the strands halfway to achieve a firm hold.

  1. For the Kids

Faux locs are not a monopoly for adult women only. The style looks good on children too! Get one for your little angel and watch giggle all day.

  1. The Classy Look

Not all women are into the voluminous top. If you have the same view, this classy faux locs look might be what you need to look chic.

  1. The Thick Faux Locs

While the faux locs hairdo can take different shapes, the thick and textured format can be inspiring. With the right set of synthetic braids and display of skills by the stylist, you won’t have a hard time getting this style done.

  1. Show some Colours

Whether you’re light or dark-skinned, you may want to show the world that you have what it takes to look good. This coloured faux locs is a perfect way to do that.

  1. Reggae-Inspiration

Music has some hands in faux locs and this reggae-inspired look is an attestation to the fact. Consider getting one today and get in the music.

  1. Simple and Sassy

Much effort isn’t required to pull off this exquisite look. Select a gold-toned synthetic hair while the stylist finishes the job with an upward roll.

  1. The Quiff Approach

Quiff hairstyles look good on anyone and you can achieve the same feat with long and textured synthetic hair. Let this style inspire you to get one done.

  1. Bun + Side Braids

Consider getting the front of the hairdo styled in the bun fashion while throwing the remaining locks to the sides and nape of the neck.

  1. Bold Statement

It takes a lot of courage to style this hairdo and come into public view with it. If you’re assertive, this faux locs hairstyle is a good choice.

  1. Scare Them Away

This can be a combination of style and star-struck look. Scare the naysayers away by throwing different colours into the hairdo and a band across the textured top.

  1. Full + Curly

Do you want to pull off a great look? It’s imperative to try your hands on this faux locs hairdo that features full strands at the top and curly hair at the sides.

  1. Colours and Details

As fascinating as it seems, this style combines the best of both worlds to deliver an intriguing outlook. With coloured synthetic hair and some volume at the top, it won’t be a task to style this faux locs hairdo.

  1. The Short Version

Sometimes, it’s important to go out of the way to change the status quo. Consider getting a short faux locs hairdo for a chic look.

  1. Golden Weaves

Do you have short strands? Let your stylist apply golden faux locs and weave them down the nape of the neck.

  1. Show some Green

Colours go the extra mile to add details to a hairdo. Getting a green-colored synthetic hair for your faux locs can be a good decision, especially when you love adventure.

  1. Moderate Weaves

With curved locks making their way down the nape of the neck, you can finish the look by throwing the textured weaves by the side of the face.

  1. Long and Messy

As neat as faux locs tend to be, an adventurous mind can reinvent it by opting for a messy look.

  1. Textured Braids

Throw some texture into those braids and create details by adding different colours to the style.

  1. Medium Hair + Faux Locs

If you aren’t ready to do away with your natural hair, you may want to leave some volume at the top before attaching faux locs at the back to spiral down the nape of the neck.

  1. Blonde Curls

There isn’t much to this. A good stylist can weave the hair and throw them across the shoulder.

  1. Clean Faux Locs

This look is one of the smartest you can get. Remember to add some beads to the braids to achieve an arresting look.

  1. The Side Part

Sometimes, you may have to take another approach in doing things. That is true of the creative faux locs hairdo that involves parting the sides.

  1. Weaves and Colours

Prop the strands back after adding colours to some braids. Slick the strands backward to finish the job.

  1. Silvered Braids

There’s never an end to what you can achieve with the faux locs hairstyle. It really pays off if you have light skin to go along with the look.

  1. For the Couples

Both men and women can try their hands on the faux locs hairdo, and the picture insert is an attestation to the fact.

  1. Slim and Cute

This is creativity at work! Direct your stylist to keep the braids slim and spread it evenly by the sides.

  1. Toss it

This style is specifically for people that are blessed with long strands. Toss it to the sides to achieve a great look.

  1. Lengthy Braids

Take it to the next level by pulling the faux locs to the front and finish by dividing it evenly by the sides.

  1. Faux Locs by the Side

Yes, the style looks good when tossed to the side and the left-hand side of the face is a perfect way to achieve the look.

  1. Messy Faux Locs

Consider tossing the strands to the sides and leave the tip of the hairstyle with weaves.

  1. The Resplendent Look

The secret to achieving this look is to throw your faux locs to the sides, front, and nape of the neck.

  1. Bun + Side Parts

This is intriguing! Leave the bun hairdo at the top and throw the faux locs to the sides.

  1. The Golden Look

This is the outcome when you’re blessed with long strands – a fuller top and lengthy gold faux locs hairstyles to the sides.

  1. Side Fringe

The fringe hairdo is a nice complement to the faux locs. Toss to the sides and nape of the neck.

  1. Fringe +Colours

Do you want to have a taste of the fringe hairdo? Throw some colours into the style to achieve a chic look.

  1. Self-Confident Look

A good hairstyle can boost your confidence and the faux locs here is a way to gain back your self-esteem.

  1. The Tangled Look

You might consider tangling the hairdo to the sides and leave some strands by the sides.

  1. The Brown Look

It’s all about using brown synthetic hair to achieve this look. Toss the strands to the sides to finish the job.

  1. Weaves with Creativity

The secret to achieving this look is tilting the strands to the sides and leaving a few at the top.

Innovative Bun

The bun hairdo never goes out of style. The hairdo in focus proves that can achieve anything you want with it.

48. Ponytail

Get into recognition by getting this 5-star ponytail. The faux locs inspiration takes the game to the next level.

Coloured Bun

Throw some colours into your faux locs and be the creative woman you want to be.

50. Textured Slick

Let the strands roll down the nape of the neck while you gather them at the crown for a unified look.

51. Let it Flow

Sometimes, you have to give the strands some space. Leave them to flow at the sides of the face.

52. Awe-Inspiring

Leave onlookers star struck when you step out with your coloured faux locs with details.

53. The Smart Look

Are you wondering about what to do with your strands? Make them into this and leave some space at the front for an all-around smart look.

53. Side Faux Locs

Get into the game by styling your locs to a side of the face. This leaves you with enough space on the front.

54. The Bangs

The Bangs hairdo can find a footing on the Faux Locs hairdo when you adapt to this style.

55. Tilting Bun

The bun hairdo doesn’t restrict itself to the crown but can also take a tilting trend as the one we have here.

56. For Pretty Ladies

Get your hair done and curve the edges of the braids towards the crown.

57. Get Creative

To pull off this look, you have to slick the strands to the side and leave a braid running down the other side of the face.

58. Voluminous Top

Throw some colours into the volume at the top and fold into a good shape.

59. Weaves with Style

Let your intuition guide you in straightening the weaves as they make their way down the side of the face.

60. Bob Marley Locs

This is for women that love reggae. Get into the music with this Bob Marley-inspired Faux Locs.

61. Slicked Braids

You can throw some light into your Faux Locs by getting inspiration from this style.

62. Side Fringe + Texture

Toss your Locs to the side and do well to texture the braids for a dignified look.

63. The Chick Look

This doesn’t require much effort. Just get the right synthetic hair and roll the hair down the side of the face.

64. Lucky Dube Look

Though he may be dead, the reggae maestro, Lucky Dube still inspires us with his creative hairdo.

65. Effortless Look

Whether you’re in a hurry or want something simple, this Faux Locs hairdo has all it takes to keep the looks simple.

66. Coloured Bun

Throw some colours into your Faux Locs bun hairdo and take this style as an inspiration.

67. Exquisite Look

It takes a creative hair stylist and an adventurous mind to pull off this look.

68. Middle Part

Talk about parting the Faux Locs hairdo. Leave a surgical line at the middle while you spread the remainder of the hair at the sides and back of the head.

69. Roll ‘Em Up

You just have to allow yourself to get into the groove by rolling the strands at the top and securing them with coloured beads.

70. Tapers + Fringe

Leave a short cut at the side before tilting some strands to the front of the face.

71. All White

While this may come off as a bun hairdo, the blonde colours make it look more appealing to the eyes.

72. Side Bangs with Volume

If you’re blessed with enough hair, you may want to show it at every opportunity. Styling it into side Bangs can be the way to go.

73. Textured Ponytail

When the strands are textured, they tend to make the Faux Locs hairdo look more exquisite. Let this style be an inspiration.

74. Turn on the Lights

There’s no doubt that blue colours are catchy and having one on your Faux Locs brings out the beauty of the style.

75. Bun + Side Braids

Let the bun hairdo hold the fort at the top while you finish the job with side braids.

76. Chic and Sassy

Whether you’re stepping out for a show or simply going to the cinema, you’ll never go wrong when you recreate your hair into this style.

77. The Man Bun

Some styles are for men but you can take advantage of the Faux Locs to encroach into that territory.

78. Bigger Locks

Consider making the strands bigger and more textured to pull off this look.

79. Disconnected Look

The secret to pulling off this look is tossing the locs to the side while leaving some line at the sides.

80. Rolls and Braids

While the rolled strands hold the fort at the top, allow the braids to gain flexibility by locking down the sides of the face.

81. Coloured Braids

This is intriguing and every creative woman can get this at no cost.

82. Bun + Colours

Don’t let people’s opinion deter you. Spin heads with the creative bun hairdo highlighted by red braids.

83. Silver Hairdo

Throw the silver colours here and watch the impression it makes on you.

84. Rolled into one

You don’t need to have some volume to achieve this. Your stylist’s creativity is enough to pull it off.

85. Innovative Bangs

Simply tilt the hair to the front and leave some at the sides.

86. The Arresting Look

You can get anyone to look your way when you have this hairdo.

87. Long Braids

Make the most out of your long locks by letting the braids adorn the sides of the face.

88. Rolled to a Side

Bring on the run by allowing the strands to move over to the right-hand side of the face.

89. In Between Two Worlds

Creativity is the name of the game and your ability to give it a shot determines the outcome.

90. The Alluring Look

Without a doubt, you’ll look great with this style.

91. Opaque Style

Do something different from your peers by going for this encompassing hairdo.

92. Slicks with Wriggles

Leave the top with some wriggling strands while you secure the crown with the slicked Faux Locs.

93. Braided Man Bun

Braid the sides of the top while securing the voluminous locs into a bun at the crown.

94. Bun + Front Weaves

If you don’t like the braided version, you may want to try your hands on the bun hairdo with front weaves.

95. Middle Part + Slicked Sides

Differentiate the side braids from the top by running a thin line between them.

96. The Charming Look

This Faux Locs surely looks good on every pretty woman and you may want to try it.

97. Reggae Look

Women who love reggae can take their love for the music to the next level by getting this style.

98. Bangs

Apply tapers to the sides and weave the braids forward.

99. Textured Weaves

Pull off this look by making even distribution of the braids.

100. Long Ponytail

Ponytail hairstyles are naturally long but this style is longer courtesy of Faux Locs.

101. Messy Bun

Get creative by letting some braids out of your bun hairdo.

102. Modified Look

You may want to try this if you don’t like the braids on the sides.

103. Keep ‘Em Thinking

You can get jaws dropping at the sight of you when you put on this awe-inspiring feature of this hairdo.

104. Out of the World

Get them thinking and looking you over from head to toe.

105. Disoriented Look

Check this out if you love adventure.

106. Faux Locs with Volume

Some people are blessed with enough hair. Consider getting this style if you fall into the category.

107. Baby Girl Life

Combined with less styling effort and a classy look, this hairstyle is something you’ll be proud to style.

108. The Trendy Look

Keep off your best secrets while keeping people glued to your hairstyle.

109. Fascinating Faux Locs

Suitable for slim women, this style is worth the time and resources in styling it.

110. Ponytail with Band

Secure the Faux Locs ponytail with a hair band while leaving some strands to stray.

111. Perfect Finish

It takes creativity to get this style and when done, you’re sure of getting attention.

112. Ponytail + Slicks

Allow some strands to make the way down the nape of the neck alongside the ponytail.

113. Messy Weaves

With good styling, you’re sure of pulling a great look despite the messy undertone.

114. Roll Over

Roll over the extra strands to a side after spreading some to the nape of the neck.

115. Curved Faux Locs

Curve the hair towards the crown and leave some space at the front.

116. Clean Look

Don’t spoil the beauty of the style with too many strands of hair. Only leave a few at the sides and you’re good to go.

117. Fringe + Side Part

Roll the top, tilt some strands to the front, and insert a side part.

118. Exceptional Look

There’s never a thing you cannot achieve with the Faux Locs hairdo. Style this exceptional hairdo to look great.


Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, you’ll find answers to some questions about Faux Locs.

Are Faux Locs dangerous?

No, they are not. However, you should not style them if your hair is already damaged.

Are Faux Locs permanent?

Faux Locs are temporal.

How long do LOC Extensions last?

The locs have an average lifespan of 8-10 weeks.

How long does it take install Faux Locs?

You’ll spend an average of 8 hours to get the style done.

Can I swim with my Faux Locs?

You can but make sure you dry your hair properly after the swim.


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