81 Stylish Finger Waves That You Can Wear to Themed Parties



Finger waves were the rage back in the early 1900s, and it has still managed to gain a lot of popularity! They are a way of curling or adding waves into your hair that manages to look sleek and stylish. These were a thing of the past for sure but every now, and then we can see this look being revived by celebs and artists to relive the era. You cannot miss this lookout on social media platforms as well! There are so many options and ways that you can get these finger waves to look great on your hair. And you need to check them out!

If you have never tried them on before and are looking to wear them to a special themed event, then this is the perfect article for you to go through. We have options here that are going to amuse and entertain you. We sure are hopeful that you will find a look that you can get on board with! Thus we made sure to compile colors and textures and hair lengths that all women could relate to. Here we have 81 of our most loved looks with finger waves. You can check these looks out and choose the one that you find the most attractive.

 The elegant one

There is a certain chic elegance in this hairstyle, and we are all in awe of how perfect it looks! You can see for yourself how it has that graceful vibe to it. Try this one when you need to look and feel special!

finger waves Yara Shahidi’s Subtle waves

The blackish star Yara Shahidi has sported this youthful and vibrant finger waves on, and we are in love with it! This look has that perfect balance that you can wear to any event if you are young!

Pink with other hues

Pinks are always attractive, and we are still in awe of how great it looks on women of all ages and color! You can experiment with the hair colors like black, purple and blonde and mix them up with the pink as well.

Short hair finger waves

If you want to incorporate some waves on to them, then this is the section you need to pay attention to. These are relaxed finger waves for short hair that you can get done on yourself quickly.

The glamorous look

There is a charming touch to the finger waves 1920s gave birth to! This one here with long hair and the brown hues make us envious of how perfect it looks. You can try this one on for a date night as well!

The classic blonde look

This blonde hair with finger waves is a classic look, and we have an instant appreciation for it. There is a curve to it, and we love how the color accentuates the waves. This look is very laid back and has that perfect vintage vibe.

The blonde black shine through

There is so much shine in this look here. You can see the black on the back here, and the blonde brown on top has that perfect texture to it. There is so much flair in this look and will make you look extra!

Everything in purple

If purple is your shade, then this is the section for you! The purple hair can be subtle as well as bold as per your choice. There is so much room for experimentation when you try on this shade.

Finger waves with an iron

If you do not have an idea as to how to do finger waves with a curling iron, you do not need to worry! Many beauty gurus can teach you the perfect way to get them in your hair no matter what hair length you have!

Black and white

Taking a picture on the black and white effect can give it a nostalgic and deep impact! You can see how the image here has that in-depth and sexy look to it! If you want to try these waves, you need to take a picture like this!

The sleek wet look

If you get finger waves with gel, then you are going to end up with this stylish wet look right here! This is the damp glam look that most women love. You can see how the light shines through the gel to give it this effect!

Pastel Pink short hair

Pastel shades are subtle and have a beautiful tone to it as well! Many celebs finger waves hairstyles with the pinkish pastel hues and many are following this trend! This hairstyle and colors work on short hair as well!

The fierce unique purple shades

Purple can be subtle and intense as well, and this one falls on the latter side. You can see the thick waves on the sides and top here, and it works out well if you are attending a theme party.

Dark black hair

If you are scared of getting your hair colored and damaging your hair, then you can stay in your natural hue as well. This look is relaxed and has an effortless vibe to it. Do give this one a try soon.

Zendaya’s Sleek Waves

Zendaya’s makeup here is so on point, and her hair looks great as well. You can see how her whole look is so well put together. You can copy her look and look as fabulous as she does in this picture here!

The Vintage Look

This finger wave is glamorous and is neat as well. You can wear this to any event and get the vintage look like the model here! Get the same hair color to achieve the same look like the one here.

Tyra Bank’s brown hair

Tyra Bank is a supermodel, and her hair and makeup have always been on point. You can see the light hair color makes her look fabulous and waves are exact and precise! You need to try on this look once.

Ultra Glamorous Look

This long hair wavy look has that right punch of glam to it, and we would love for you to try it on for days when you need to look your best! This hairstyle works for all hair lengths and textures.

Hair gel to hold it!

When you get yourself a hairstyle such as finger waves on, you need to make sure that you use enough hair gel to hold it in place. Make sure you use a strong hold gel to make sure your hair strands remain in that pattern.

Ciara’s Silver Finger Waves

Check out Ciara’s choice of finger waves here. She has opted for this bold silver hue, and we are in love with how it looks almost like a foil! You can try this one on as well to look like her!

The golden touch

Some hairdos are made great by the colors that are on, and this one is undoubtedly a favorite of ours! There is no dull hair here; it all looks very well put together and wearable at the same time.

Be Simple and subtle

You do not need to try on colors and textures that you are not familiar with! You can stay simple and stay in touch with your gut feelings and go for this blonde look here with everyday dark roots!

short hair

If you are thinking about how to do finger waves short hair, you can get the help of a professional stylist! Here we have extremely short hair, and it has the basic waves on as well!

Reddish Purple hair

Mixing colors can make all the difference. You can make yourself look bold and let your personality shine through with your hair. The sleek pulled back look here can be worn by any skin tone and is sure to make everyone look flattering.

Glam Doll look

There are days when you want to dress up and get all dolled up, and this look is the perfect example of that day! You can wear this when you want to look your best and be the center of attraction.

Hints of brown

There are hints of brown hues here, and we love this merge between the black and the brown. These colors are working out well together in this short hair as well. Do not shy away from experimentation and try on these shades today.

The extraordinary visual

There are some looks that you cannot get out of your head even if you try. They are too beautiful and artistic, and here we have the same type of looks for you to navigate through.

High Waves on hair

There are high waves on here, and it has been done on thick hair! You can see how the hair has that perfect bounce and volume to it, and the texture is admirable as well! This one is best for runways.


Hairpins on

There is an easy way to keep your hair in place as you get these finger waves and the way is hairpins! This way you can keep the hair on a place and make sure that there are the waves intact as you like them!

Youthful Vibe

There is a fun and youthful vibe to the hairstyle here, and it just shows how finger waves can make you look vibrant and young as well! There is no age barrier to trying on this hairstyle!

Purple tones

We have a deep appreciation for purple shades, and if you do too, then this is the one look you won’t be able to resist. There are short hair colored in deep tones of purple, and we love how well they complement the style!


This look here has thick well-styled hair, and it all sits in a perfect balance! You can see how there is a striking effect as you lay eyes on the hairstyle here! This one can be hard to achieve, but it sure looks great!

Platinum Blonde shades

There are plenty of colors you can choose for your waves, and one trendy hue that we want to suggest is the platinum blonde on here. You can get the colors to match your skin tone and slay the look like a queen!

The Transformation

Here we have a picture that will show you how great your hair can look once it has been styled to a finger wave! There is no way that your hair will look bad when you try this look.

Sleek curls

There are smooth laid back curls in this look here. If you are wondering how to do finger waves on yourself, then you can start with a simple look like this one here! Make sure you use enough hair gel!

Middle-Parted hair waves

Hair waves in here are crazy, and they are so precise as well! If you are in the mood to look extra special, this might be the one for you! Here we have middle parted hair with the perfect balance.

Tutorial on the finger waves

There are many tutorials online done by many people on social media platforms, and they all teach you how to get these finger waves on yourself. Here is a photo by photo look and you can take some ideas from this one!

Vintage Nostalgic look

You can see how the black and white effect on this picture here gives it a very nostalgic and vintage look. You can see how the waves here are looking solid, and the makeup also shines through even in this setting!

Thick Hair

There are many options of finger waves long hair that you can try on. They can work for all textures of hair as well. The thickness of the hair gives this hairstyle a fuller and healthier look as well.

Finely detailed streaks

When you check out the hair here from a closer distance, you can see how each hair has fallen so perfectly! You can see each stripe and then also see the colors so well here.

Event worthy

This look can be worn to any glamorous event that you need to attend! You can see how thick and luscious the hair looks on this one. This works out so well for medium length of hair, and the curls at the base are great as well!

Salon Styled

There is a big difference that is visible as well when you get your hair done on a salon or do it back home! You can get expert stylists to work on the hair at a salon, and they can also make you look great!

Light blue and pink shades

There are shades of bright blue and pink hues in here as well. You can see how the hair looks so unique and majestic as it has these slight curls on!

Deep brown and dark shades

If you have a very fair skin tone, then you can find it alluring to try on deep and dark shades! There are shades of brown hair as highlights on, and the dark tones are on the base!

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Wedding Appropriate

We all know that the finger waves can look great on a wedding day look! They can be styled to look magnificent. You can see the bun on the back and ringlets look good too!


This look here is perfect for a photo-shoot! You can see how there is a stylish and deep mysterious vibe to it! This one can make anyone a bit awe-struck!

Everyday look

You can achieve a full body and voluminous look with the waves here! You can see how the hair looks fuller and stylish as well! This can be your office look as well.

Rolled up curly hair

There are not only waves, but they are also folded up on a curl on the side! You can see how stylish and graceful this looks. You can wear this look for any event as well!

Blue Accents on black hair

If you are more into the bolder look, then you can try on the blue accents on like the look here! There are black sections on here too. The short hair has the best vibe to it as well!


There are so many waves in this look right here! You can quickly get this look on at home and wear it to any special occasion as well! This look has the healthy hair look to it too!

Do it at home Finger waves

These waves can be done at home, and we are all for a home based DIY look! All you need is some pins and hairspray to help you along the way! This is one look that you can quickly get done!

The difference in colors

Here we have a dark black and blonde, brown shade on here. They cover half and half of the hair, and the look is different as well! This one is a bold shade for sure!

Unique Style

This look here has a unique vibe to it, and we find this look very mysterious! You can see how the hair here has so many twists and turns on the hair here, and it all looks great.

Deep brown tones

Brown is an earthy tone, and you can wear this shade on if you have any skin tone! Here is a look that has deep brown shade on the hair and the waves make the perfect balance to it as well!

Tones of grey

Grey hair was once thought of as a sign of aging, but now it has been used by celebs and stylists. They have surely made the hair color look fabulous and trendy!

Easy to do

These waves can look great and can be done quickly as well! You can do this with the help of the hairpins and setting your hair to look a certain way!

Blonde hair

Blonde hair is the rage for many women! They love the hair color for how safe it is and can look good on almost anyone! There is no doubt that you can try this one on without a doubt in your head!

Dark black and curled up blonde

There is a dark black base here that helps the blonde to shine through! You can see how the blonde hair on the top has been curled up on the top, and it looks fabulous!

Beautiful deep look

This one is undoubtedly a deep dark look, and we are all for it! This is a good look for all women who have thin and sparse hair. This sure is a look for the magazines though!

Ruffed hair

This is a half and half look where the top has the waves on, and the rest of the hair has been left in a ruffled manner! There is an imperfection to this look, and we like it!

Majestic Look

This one here is a grand look and is taking things to a whole new level. You can see how the entire look has been put together with so much effort!

All these many looks are here, and you are sure to have found a look that you like for yourself. Some celebs have worn this wavy hairstyle and managed to look amazing! You can choose any hair length and texture that you want and get these done on yourself. They are easy to do at home and can also be done at a salon as well! These finger waves manage to look fabulous no matter what texture or color you choose. So, do try this one when you get a chance!

If you found this article to be helpful in the search for your finger waves hairdo, then make sure you give it some love by giving it a big like! You can also share this article with your friends and family who would like this article. Do share your thoughts with us and let us know what you think of our collection here using the comment section below! Stay with us for more on such trendy hair topics; till next time, this is a wrap!



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