90 Protective and Stylish Flat Twist Hairstyles You Must Try


If you are bored of your regular hairdo and are looking for something beautiful, then you need to try out flat twist hairdos! They are not only easy to do but are also protective. So many fashion icons have worn them over the years, and we are in love with these African braids style! They can be worn to any occasion and can also be worn in many different ways! We are here to let you know about the ways you can wear your hair in this fantastic hairdo through this article here.

If you love the idea of these flat twist braids, you can now check out the hairstyles that you can create! There are options for all hair lengths and textures here. And the best thing is you can keep your hair safe from environmental pollutants! You can embrace your naturally thick hair and get these hairstyles on today! So do not wait any longer and book your salon appointment today to get these done! Make sure you take your time choosing the look you want first. Here we have 90 stylish flat twist hairstyles that you can try on this season to look your best.

The Headband Braids look

This is one look that we can safely say is perfect for school going kids as well as young adults! You can wear this to any event and look polished and well out together.

flat twist Blonde curly hair with side braids

There are tutorials on how to keep flat twist tight, and they are here in this look here, and it has blonde hues in them as well. The sides here have been sectioned off and braided to create a beautiful hairdo.

Casual Dual Braid Styles

Here we have flat twists that are not only easy to do but is also time-saving. Twist the sections of your hair and make sure you secure them at the ends to get this look!

Pin them down

There are bun hairstyles that you need to pin down to secure them! Here you can see the use of clear pins on the base, and that helps to keep the twists in place!

  Thick to thin Braids

This look here has braids on them that cascade from a lush, bulky appearance to a light, thin one at the base! You can wear this as you head out to school.

Sections to love

You need to section off your hair to create flat twist like this one. You can see these sections meet at the back and form a bun. You can try this one for an everyday look.

Pop of colors

There are side sections here that are neat, and they look well-secured! You can see how the flat twist updo here has more volume on top. The makeup and accessories make this a stunning one.

Polished dual braids

You can never get enough of twists, and if you love them you need to add more your list! Here we have two big sectioned brads that you can enjoy.


You can learn how to twist natural hair and make them look polished and well out together with these flat twist braids hairdo! They are easy to do, and you need not worry about maintenance too!

Versatile hairstyles

You can see that these flat twist hairstyles are versatile. You can opt for a school day look or even try out an updo for a special occasion like the ones here.

Ready to head out!

Once you get your hair done in this way, you are ready to head out! Some sections are diagonal, and the braids are well rounded. These flat twist style pictures are sure to inspire you.

Red Brownish tones

Red hair colors are bold and have a daring outlook to them! You can see that the hair on the front has twisted bulky appearance. Wear this for a day out with your pals.


This is a look that has all of your hair in a bundle. The topknot is a basic look, but it can have an interesting effect as well. Twists have secured the top.

Textured Curly hair

If you have textured hair, you can try this one on! The sections are diagonal, and the braids are thick. The flat twists are pulled off and tied on to a side.

Thick and thin braids

Play with more abundant and more delicate sections of hair and create braids to achieve this look. There are bulkier sections on the top and lighter smaller ones on the sides that add to the effect.

Chic side sections

This look is a chic one and has graceful elements to it as well. The parts are well braided, and then all of them meet on the back to form a bun.

Perfect for toddlers

This look here is ideal for toddlers, and we sure love how adorable it is! The sections here are neat, and they can be done for a school day or other special occasions.

Party Vibes

This is a unique look here, and you will stand out when you try this one on! There is a joined braid on the back, and it also has a central flat twist.

Thick twisted sections

If you are all about the sectioning of the hair, then this is the one for you! There are sharp and neat partitions, and they have been braided too. The one on the crown is thick as well.

Top Bun

The hair here has been braided all in sections, and they are pulled together on to a bun at the top. You can sport this look on the days you head out for chores.

Deep coppery tones

The flat braids here start from an angle, and then they fall on the side. There are light coppery shades on the base, and then they cascade into a darker tone on the ends!

Leave some loose

You do not need to braids all the hair on your head for a polished look. There are vertical and horizontal sections here, and the tops are left loose. This one is different in all aspects.

Sleek and tightly tied

If you check out this look, you can see a whirlpool-like design on the bun at the back. The twisted sections are smooth, and there has been the use of hair gel to place them down!

Spiral designs

The spiral sectioning here has small and thicker sections. You can braids them and then put them on to a twist. This is a sleek look, and it has a nice vibe to it.

Simple and plain

You can keep the hairstyle looking plain and simple, and the best way to do it is to braid them and pin them at the back. This works for graceful events as well.

Middle partition on hair

There are multiple sections here, and we can see the central part here correctly. There are horizontal sections in here, and they are flat twist hairdos that we love! Try this one for a unique look.

Variations of Hairdos

If you are in the search for some variations in your hairdos, then you can check out these looks here. You can experiment a lot with these flat twist.

Bold and Fierce!

The bold look right here is perfect for days when you are to head out for a date! You can look strong and powerful all while looking beautiful and protecting your locks too!

Looped back

Here is a looped look and they are colored in light red tones! You can get this done on yourself and enjoy the perks of having great hair every day as you wake up.

Youthful Vibes

There is a youthful tone to this look, and you are sure to love it! The thin sections and minimal makeup look is perfect for vacations as well. Wear it to beat the heat too!


Tones of brown

There are shades here of dark and light brown that makes this on to our top recommendations. The hair at the back has a unique effect on it as well that we enjoy.

Short hair flat braids

You can see the flat twist here and enjoy the look. The wavy, textured sides are common for most natural hair, and the braids make it better. This one is not too complicated.

The curls and elegance!

The curls here are gorgeous, and the brown tones on them surely have highlighted the look! You can get this done at your salon and enjoy this look at every event you go to!

Thicker sections?

There are sections here that are chunkier, and then they have a tiny end. The braids are minimal, and still, they have a beautiful appeal to them. They are easy to do so you can do them at home!

Event Ready

If you have an event to attend, then this can be the look you try on. There are two sections on the front, and they end with a clasp on them.

Designs on the sides

There are sharp edges and thin sections on the sides here. You can see the designs on the temples and at the back as well, and they all work to make this hairdo stunning.

Tiny Twists

If you have short hair, you can opt for this look right here. The sections here have two strand twist, and they are closer to the roots of the hair that give it an elegant look.

Middle row sectioned

The braids here have been separated by the middle sections that are braided. There are two braids here, and they make a clean cut. This protective look has clasps on the sides as well.

Vintage look

This one is not a look you would see every day! This one has a vintage vibe to it, and we are sure getting nostalgic about this. If you have a theme party, try this one!

Mysterious hairdos

It is always great if people come up to you and ask how you achieved this beautiful look. They can be baffled as to how you made this look too!

Short hair updo

Updos are perfect for special occasions when you want to look gracious. There is an elegant vibe to this look, and you can do this even on short hair. Here is a look to inspire you!

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Criss-crossed sections

The sections here have a flat twist, and then they are crossed on to make the look appear majestic. The bun here has a curly appearance, and this one is approachable and stunning!

All on the side

You can braid all of your hair and then part it to a side to achieve this youthful look. This can be the perfect look if you are a teenager looking to change your look.

The Maple design

We are sure you have seen this look multiple times. You can also incorporate this maple design on to your hair and let the rest of the hair fall free.

Up and above

The side pony hair has the ombre hair effect on it. The sections here on top have hair going up and above these sections, and we are in love with this delicate look.

Side view

The side view here shows you the light sections and the braids as well. You can see how the hair has been left free on the top for a more relaxed approach.

Hair accessories

Adding hair accessories can be the best thing you do to make your hair appear majestic. You can do this to any hairstyle, and you can add rhinestone pins and clasps on too.


There are flat twist hairstyles that are so over the top that they might not be the first choice for many. But this is a look you can get on with for sure!

Blonde on top!

This updo is fierce and subtle at the same time. The appearance is daring, but the choice of colors is safe. You can get this look to get the best of both worlds.

Bulky braids

The bigger, the better and it sure doesn’t get better than this! The sections of hair are chunkier, and hence the volume has been achieved. If you have thick hair, opt for this one!

Frizzy hair

This look has so many elements to it. You can see the side braids and central partition here! You can even see the bun on the back, and some ends are frizzy!

Unique choice of color

This is an exceptional choice of color here, and it can make you look unique! The rose gold and pink tones make this thin hair look beautiful. The flat twist is small in here as well.

Blonde ombre hair

You can see that the braids on the side are majestic here! There is a curve to the partition, and the hair ends on a frizzy note here as well!

Side pony

This is a look for the kids, and they can be worn by adults as well. You can see the side pony here, and they have skinny ends. It is adorable for sure!

Tiny twisted bun

This is another look that works out well for the kids, and they are adorable! The sections here form an intricate detail, and the tiny bun on the top is the best thing here!

Zig Zag sectioned braids

These sections were once trendy. You can try on this look and head out for a day out with friends or even if you need to go out for your chores!

Mid-length Hair

Short hairstyles are gaining immense popularity, and they are great for the summers. The thin shoulder length hair has fantastic braids, and they are perfect for a college going student.

Natural look

If you are confused as to how to flat twist short natural hair for beginners, then fear not for there are many tutorials online. This looks right here is achievable and secure too!

Rough, thick twists

There are textures to the hair here, and then there are three braided sections on the front here. You can see the back side here as well, and it looks good from all angles.

Started from a point

The flat twist here begin at a central position here on the side, and they are sure to be easy. You can see the most work is on the sectioning only.

The top bun

There is a bun on top of this look, and this is a popular half and half hairdo! There are thicker and thinner sections of braids all alternating!

Casual every day wear

If you are looking for an everyday wearable look, then this is undoubtedly the one for you. Make sure you get the sections correct and then all is taken care of!

Model like look

The bulky and shiny look here is perfect and is a look for models! You can see the sections here, and they are even and elegant!

Pinned at the back

This look here has the basic pinned back look, and it is a great way to keep your hair away from your face!

Thin hair twists

If you do not like more significant sections of hair, then this is the one for you! You can try on the sleek strands here they meet the thicker braids as they go along!

Neatly Done

This sectioned look is neatly and precisely done, and you can get the same chic effect on your hair!

Long hair

You can try this braided front look here if you have a full and prolonged length of hair!

Unique Updo

This look here is unique and has been worn by many! You can try this flat braids thick updo to look and appear stylish!

A flowery touch

You can add the flowers on to your hair, and the whole look will come to life. The side sections are slanted, and the bun has been well bound together on the top!

The bulk of a bun!

The section of braided hair here builds up to a bun, and the bun has a bulky appearance to it! The braided look has a flat twist on the base of the bun as well!

On the front

The hair here has been twisted and pinned down together on the front here. You can see the sections here are thin and they have been folded together on top!

U- shaped hair

This is a different look here, and they form a U-shape. There are multiple braided sections here they are well stacked together!

The low hanging hair

The last part of the hair here has been hanging low, and it looks great. The verticle sections are neat, and they meet the base well too!

Red carpet worthy hair

You can wear this look to any event, and it has been worn by celebs as well. You can see how the sections here are neat. The lower flat twist is beautiful with bolder braids as well!

Sleek and precise

This look here is perfect for when you want to look polished. There is a elegant appearance to the flat twist, and we are in love with it!

You can try on any style of your choice for sure. You can wear these flat twist on your natural hair or get hair extensions on if that is more to your liking. You can try on shades and tones of bold colors as well. You can also try on subtle shades of brown and blonde if that is more to your alley. You can also get them done to your short hair or add length to it by getting some hair extensions on them. We are sure you will love the collection and find something to match your liking!

If this article was helpful in your quest to find the best flat twist for yourself, then show it some love and give it a thumbs up! Make sure you share this article with your circle and help them find the hairstyle for themselves as well! If you have any remarks or opinions to share with us, then use the comments section below. We surely value your words and look forward to it. Stay with us for more on hairstyles and hair coloring trends. We will bring more entertaining and helpful content in your way soon. Till then, this is a wrap!


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