102 French Tip Nails That Are Phenomenally Dazzling


Nail art has been a creative artwork for a very long time. Ever since the nail polish invented, the fashion industry seems to be growing like never before. Making various designs and pictures on either natural or extended nails have almost been an essential part of styling. Among all the different arts nothing beats French Tip Nails to give a chic and polished look.

The highly requested French Tip Nails are believed to be discovered in Paris in the late 70s  by Jeff Pink and gained popularity in the 80s to 90s. The then traditional white nails now have been modified into various arts and trend. Here are some looks you can wear for a coruscating look.

Geometrical Black And White

french tip nails

The basic white french can be modified with a touch of black. Adding geometrical shapes such as triangle and filling with both colors make them appear more attractive. This look looks bold and also casual.

Occasional Art On Basic French Tip Nails

Wear the simple white french nail and add some lining floral art from the bottom. Adding glitter makes this look adorable, and one each crystal to the nails acts as the cherry on the top.

The Single Flower

This classic white french are the forever look. If you want to make it a little extra, add a floral art on the ring fingernail from the bottom right with a touch of pink and black with glitter. Top coat with clear nail paint to make them look even more polished.

The Ribbon

This adorable look is nothing big but only cute ribbon arts with crystal in the middle. Casually wear French nails and add ribbon art as lining. Suits the girls with charming personality.

Black Rainbow

Rainbow itself is an attractive color. Wearing it as a curve twist Frenchie as a top coat on the black base makes them look stunning.

Glitter Touch

Glitter polish creates a glamorous look. Modifying it to the French look by applying as lining and wholly on finger makes this look cute and glamorous at the same time.

Floral Orange

The traditional French nail is with white color, but this has a twist. Instead of using white use orange and add flowery details with butterflies and finish the look coating with bright paint.

Glittery Black 

Create an effortless french with black paint and add glitter to the lining. Because of the glitter, the filling does not have to be perfect. You can create this gorgeous look at home with ease.

The Classic

The classic white french is a traditional go-to look for every age. This look is subtle yet elegant.

The Classic Black

Just as the classic white, this class black requires very less effort. This look looks elegant even without any glitter and glitz. Wear a light tone as the base for a better look.

The Girly Details

The traditional french has a single lining. For this look, we create a double coating of two different tones and add the rhinestones. The rhinestones make the look girly and sweet.

Side Art

Making straightforward art from the sides to the classic white french makes it effortlessly striking.

 Pink Cheetah

The whole French culture gets is modified in this look. Keep all the other nails basic with pink and add a slanted pink cheetah art to the white base and create this glamorous look.

Opposite Flower 

For this look paint an own nail in classic black and white. Then, in the black base create a flowery art with white and vise versa. Create a polka dot art on the little fingernail to make this look more adorable.

The Zebra

Effortlessly winning nail art. All you need to do is add some black lining on the traditional white French nails, and you get the zebra look.

Nude French

The Nude being the favorite color in the industry and French being the preferred design, the combination of the both looks stunning.

Glitter Gold Lines

Few ladies out there have a different taste. They want a simple yet unique twist to the classic design. This look is for those ladies. All you got to do is add glitter lining.

Detailed Mondrian

The two colors combination, black, and gold are charismatic. The Mondrian art made it even more irresistible. The golden rhinestones did the rest talk. Perfect for the artsy bold ladies.

Glitter Blue French

We all know how stylish shimmery french look looks. Try with large blue glitter. Perfect for beach days.

Red Art

Red French give a bold vibe. Adding spiral arts from the bottom make it arresting.


Only having white french is not enough. If you want to try something new, try adding hearts to the art.


For this charismatic look add white french casually on a nude base and create an ombre effect dabbing the two colors. Add a clear top coat for the polish look.

Black On Almond

The classic black french tips are gorgeous on any nail shapes. Try with the almond ones.

Subtle flower

Wear a plain sailing color on all the nails and add an easy flower art to one. Soft and elegant!

Glitter Glam 

Another modified look for the white french nails, add glitter to the tips, put a top coat, and you are dashing the look.

Blue With Silver Lines

The blue color symbolizes the color of sky and sea. Thus, this heavenly beautiful art is perfect for a walk to the beach or relaxing. Add a silver lining to the french tip, and you are ready.

Black and White

The combination of black and white is favorite since ages. So for this look, add some black and white lines and add glitter on top.

The Confetti Top

The black and white combination of french tips is something we all know. Add sparkly glitter from the top and get a  beautiful confetti vibe.

Traditional On Square

The white tips look cute on short square nails. Give a try.

A Little More

this look is just another classic white on tiny squares but with more extended french.

Rainbow Polka Dots

Rainbow is such an elegant, cute color scheme; most of us love it. This scheme on french tips look more adorable, and with white polka dots, there isn’t any word for its cuteness.

The Violet Wave

The violet wavy touch on classic white french tips looks attractive.

Marble Touch

We can not deny the fact of marble art taking Cover over the style industry. So, why not give a touch to the white french nails.

Floral Blue

Creating a blue flower pattern on the white French creates a dash of glam along with endearment.


The way the glitter added a shimmery strike to the traditional white french nails is appealing.

Pink And Cute

The pink and white color scheme reminds of plum blossom which most of us find enchanting. Adding a few gold beads and toping with clear coat is lovely.

Soft Shimmer

Top coat the white french with small pinkish shimmer and the look is ready.

Dipped In Glitter

This glittery gradient blue french nails delightful glamorous look. Try this for your next manicure.

Double Triple

The traditional French nail is supposed to have only one line, but as we are modifying this, we add more layers. You can try using any color scheme.

Aqua Shine

We have tried glitter french nails with blue and also blue glitter, but the aqua blue color is differently winsome. Add glitters and more of color matching rhinestones, and you are ready for days like swim day.

Artistic white

Sometimes simple is boring, and you would want to out-stand. Thus, you can try this elegantly made white art.

The Flowers

As we talked earlier white and black is a perfect combination. Making black flowers to the white tips and adding glitter too makes the look lovely.

Blue beads

French nails with colors and glitters are something we all know but have you heard of using beads instead. Using beads wholly to the look makes it unique. You can try dots of other colors too.

The Squoval

The traditional classic white french tip nails look cute on squoval shapes too.


Adding any minor details like small arts or numbers make the look playful.

Diamond With Black

The perfectly squared black french tip nails look arresting on their own. Adding a texture of diamond wholly on a pin gains all the attraction and makes them look irresistible.

Purple theme

This purple theme look is as playful and adorable at the same time. Layers of French on the ring finger with a tiny purple heart does the whole talking.

Glitter Dash

Instead of using any color or stones, frequently put on shimmery glitter and you are ready to shine.

One Rose Gold

Keep the look casual with essential white french tip nails. Add rose gold to the ring fingernail and she the subtle glam.

The Blue Details

Create a line in every French nail tips with a blue color and add a flowery art to it. Simple elegance!

Casual White

Not much of details, base coat your nails with lighter tones such as pink and wear the casual white French.

Aqua Shine

This look does not require much effort. We can create this at home. Wear the aqua blue French tip nails and top coat it with a pinkish less shimmery glitter. Unfussy beautiful nails!

The Pink Tips

Want a cute girlish look and glam at the same time? Wearing pink instead of basic white and any other colors make the look effortlessly captivating.

The Long Squares

The traditional white french tip nails look amazingly gorgeous on longer squared nails. Honestly charismatic!

Dipped In Design

This French manicure is a mix of freeform art. Lining the art with a black color makes it pop out even more. You can try this look with any other color combination.

Green Mondrian

Inspired by the Mondrian abstract art, this look gets a bolder look with the green color highlighted with black.

Purple White Ombre

Wear the essential white french tip nails on top of a purple base coat and create an ombre look by dabbing the colors together. Adding glitter to it made this look more attractive. Top coat it with a transparent color to get a shiny effect.

Royal Blue With Double Gold Lining

The royal blue color gives a classy vibe and creating french tip with double gold line makes it even classier. The look is a whole alluring look once should try for special occasions like date night.

Subtle Art

To create this look all you have to do it top coat it with glitter paint and also create a wave-like structure on one of the fingernails.

Black And White Cheetah

Similar to the cheetah structure we made earlier, all you got to do is use the black and white color scheme and highlight the lines with glitter. This look is fun to make. It playable a playable look with glamour at the same time.

The Flower And Glitter

Pink with white is a mostly used color scheme if it comes to bringing a twist to French nails. It is essential to outline the flower with black color for the design to pop out and glitter lining everywhere to make them look elegant.

The Rose

These classic White french tip nails look more attractive because of the rose art made on each ring fingernail. Complete this subtle, elegant look with a clear coat.

Floral Gradient 

The manicure is a horizontal nail wise gradient pink white and blue. The color scheme is applied correctly. So, the floral sticker art and crystal arc added more attraction to this look.

Neat Flower

White is a primary yet gorgeous color. The simplicity in color, white is everything to complete the classic French look. The addition of white flower and spiral added life to this neat breathtaking look.

White Confetti

Top coat the casual white tips with glitter to get a confetti-inspired look and dazzle.


Green French nails can be a great attraction. Adding another line with a different color like black makes the color pop out more. Vice-versa can is done to few pins. Topcoat to make this look chic.

The Cute Dress Look

The reason to have this name is that this nail art reminds of a baby girl’s cute dress, girlish color with polka dots and ribbons and bows. Creating this look at home is easy. Wear an everyday white french, add red polka dots and finish with a black bow.


Adding a feather-like structure and glitter stroke to the middle can make the classic white french tips charming.

Violet Art

Create a double french tip with white and violet ombre. Add some matching design and top coat with bright paint.

Color Scheme

The color scheme makes a huge difference to any look. Modifying the french tip nails with matching color tone, shapes with a touch of glitter and rhinestone makes the perfect look.


For this fascinating look by creating soft ombre with the white and nude color. They look prettier on these coffin shapes. You can try on any other forms too.

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Color Change

There is no modification to the shape for these look. The only difference is we will be adding different colors to it and also glitters.


Just add a bowtie rhinestone to the plain white manicure, and you get an adorable, elegant look.

Black And Glitter

Once you get bored of plain black french, it is time to add more twist to it. Instead of making arcs, try making a V on it and outline the black with glitter forming an X shape. Unique!

Black Art On Nude

Let us take a moment to adore the color scheme of nudy french nails with those black art. You can draw any abstract art.

White Hearts

The white french nails are casual. If you want to make these into something extra, turn the tips into hearts and add crystals to it. Neat and adorable.

The Paw Scar

Paw Scars can easily resemble the animals’ lover. Wear the white in a casual way to the four nails and add four strokes to the remaining one to create this paw scars french look. This nail can be a great idea during Halloweens too. Playful!


The white snowflakes art acted as the cherry on top to the royal blue french nails.

Touch Of Chrome

Chrome nails create a glamorous, alluring vibe. Using this style to bring modification in french tip nails is unique. Make sure to apply the nude base color to make this look pop out more.

Pink White Flower

For this elegant French look, apply pink instead of white and make four petals with white to create an elegant look. Add the remaining details and a crystal to the center of the flower and this look is ready.

Glitter Lines

Using glitter does not need much effort to make the nails look stylish. Use the glitter paint to overline the white and create few strokes and add a crystal to it.

Glitters And More Glitters

The looks have not much twist in particular. All that need is added glitter to the look and ending with a top coat to make it more shimmery.

Blue Ribbon

Isn’t the ribbon art cute? You can get this look with ease with only two colors; blue and black. Wear blue as generally as in the classic white french nails on four of the fingernails and create a ribbon art on the remaining one. To make the design pop outline the ribbon with a black color and add a crystal in the middle.

Then you have it; a playful adorable look.

Nude Stiletto

Stilettos are such a glamorous shape that they need no effort to outlook. To get this alluring look wear a darker nude tone and create french tip nails. Add bright paint on top to make it look more chic, and polished.

Crystal Lines

As the french nails are forever chic look, add more crystals to even out its appearance. Add them in an order to line the color tips and ta-da.

Girlish Detail

In this look, all that requires is adding a ribbon rhinestone to it. Effortless adorable girlish look.

Pinkish Cheetah

For the adventurous ladies out there, we have a bold yet playful look for you. This pink cheetah look can be made with ease. Wear pink on tips as you would for the classic white nails. The twist here is to the ring fingernail. Create a base with white tips and add pink dots. Highlight the design with black paint and top coat them clear paint and there you have it.

Rainbow Ends

Rainbow takes the form of multicolor circular arcs. So do they individually in this french tip nails. They look adorably delightful.

Cute Floral Tips

Floral arts are cute especially when it is a combination of pink and white. Adding some green creates a natural floral look to the art. Instead of applying any paint and glitter why not print them floral in the same arc?

Nude With Slight Beads

Nude is the most wanted color in the fashion industry, and so is the french nail. So combining both we get this enchanting classy look. With the touch of slanted little golden beads, this manicure looks more intriguing.

Pastel Rhinestone

This long squared white french tips manicure looks prepossessing due to light pastel base that it has. The rhinestone art did the rest of the talking. You can try this look with a different color tone and more crystals.

So, when it comes to bringing a twist to the regular, traditional, classic white French manicure, it can be tough to choose the perfect modified look. Thus, to help we listed you with some of the best arresting 102 French tip nails ideas, you can wear if you are bored with the regular french nails. But either modified or traditional, none of the manicure ideas can beat French nails to look chic and polished.


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