96 Stunning And Elaborate Ghana Braids To Try This Season


Ghana braids are one of the oldest forms of African hairstyles to have made its way into the modern day fashion! You are surely not new to the concept of these braids. There are many ways you can style your locks but only a few ways to protect them from the extreme sun and pollution that originates in our environment! These braids fall in that category, and that gives us yet another reason to try these out! They are popular among the black community and have been making its presence felt at the social media sites as well!

If you like yourself a low maintenance hairdo that is easy to style, this is the optimum choice for you all! You can style your hair braids for any occasion and go for any vibe as well! Make sure you give this one a try and experiment with these twists to find the look that you are comfortable with! Many celebs have tried on this look, and stylists love the details you can add on this too! Here are 96 beautiful and elaborate Ghana braids to try this season right here!

Zig-Zag Braids

There are many ways that you can twist and place your Ghana braids hairstyles! They can look as intricate and delicate as you want them to! Here we have a criss-crossed section of braids here, and it captivates all our attention for sure!

We have a few options that you can choose from, and we are sure you will not regret this one!

ghana braids

Choose Red

Red is the color of passion and love and has been loved by many stylists over the years! There is a certain flair about it, and you look fierce when you try them too!

You can adjust the intensity of the red hues and make it as dark or light as you want as well!

All about that section

There are many pictures of Ghana braids styles that have neat parts on them! This one here also has some big sections, and we love how they are clean and chic.

These sections make it to the best Ghana braids styles 2018 category for sure! Make sure you try this one this season and look as trendy as ever!

Black and brown

Black and brown color combination can work out very well! They have been around for a long time and were used a lot in Ghana braids styles 2017!

They were wildly popular back in the day and are still a subtle choice for many women! Choose this one if you are not fond of bold colors!

Chunky sectioned braids

Jumbo Ghana braids are a great hairstyle option if you love thicker braids! They have a healthy appearance, and the whole attire looks well rounded.

Here we have a look that you can wear to any event, and it still has that casual and chic vibe to it. Make your choice and visit your salon today!

Tiny Intricate braids

Many women are not a fan of chunky and big twists! They prefer tiny and small sections of the hair. You can color your hair in any fashion as well for added effect.

These hairstyles are great if you want to have a sleeker appearance. If you want to know what it might look like, here we have some pictures for you.

Interesting details

Another fun thing that you can do with these Ghana Braids is that you can add any design on them as you like! There are so many patterns that you can add on to your braids.

Here are some designs and patterns of popular Ghana braids styles 2018 that you can include in your hairstyle!

Alternate tiny and thick braids

When you alternate between thick and thin sections of twists, you make a detailed pattern on them! You can wear these looks to any of the events that you need to attend!

Here are some ideas for the alternation and how you can get them done on yourself! Make sure you visit an expert to get this done!

The Kardashian Glam

Kardashians have been a style icon for sure and have inspired many fans over the years to try on their amazing hairstyles and fashion choices!

Here the sisters Kim and Khloe are seen wearing Ghana braids. You can see how the dark and the blonde hair both brings out these braids well and looks stylish as well!

Side View

The hairstyle you choose looks good from all angles! You can make sure your hair has no left out sections or flyaway on either side.

Make sure all the sections on the sides are of equal parts and width as well. Doing this can make the hair look perfect.

The Peak

There are many fun elements that you can see on this hairstyle here! The sections you see here are neat and have uniformity to them!

You have the blend of colors here that looks great together as well! There is a red and blonde mix here, and we love the peak of the ponytail at the back there!


Thicker Faded Braids

The braided sections here are looking faded on the bun here, and we love the illusion here! The section on the front here has an angled section to them, and we surely recommend this one for all of you with thick hair.

They can be worn to any formal and informal event as well!

Extra Look

If you are a girl who likes a different and striking look with an edge, this is the one you want to try on! There are thicker and thinner sections of braids here all placed intricately!

Match your gorgeous hair with such spunky and trendy accessories and look your best each day!

Bigger the better!

There is a saying that bigger is better and we sure know it is true with this one! The big sectioned Ghana braids here have a bulky appearance to it.

There is a tiny braid that goes spiraling into a bun on the back! The chunkier section on the top has a healthy hair appearance to it as well!

The half up bun!

The half up half down hairdo here has a chic elegance to it, and we are recommending this one for a trendy look in the summers for sure!

No matter what length your hair is at, you will surely look good in this one! Here are some selected options for you that you can choose from!

Back to school

When you head back to school, you are in the lookout to make an impression. This Ghana braids here are sure to make you look fabulous as you go back.

Here is a long braided hairstyle that you can wear to your school and also for a day out. These will keep the hair away from your face and keep you hassle-free as well.

Angled sections

There are sectioned Ghana braids here that are created at an angle! You can make these braids look as unique as you want them to be! Make sure you get these done at a salon!

Here are a few ideas that you can go through to decide to try them on!

Ash blonde braids

So many celebs have worn ash blonde hair color over the years. You can see these colors being worn by stylists and high profile people as well.

Here are a few options for those of you who want to add the blonde hair color on your Ghana braids. They make them look unique and add the needed dimension to it too!

Sleek Pulled Back Look

This one is a distinctive look and has that pulled back appearance to it! There is a sheer elegance attached to it, and we recommend this one for all occasions that you need to attend to.

The jewelry here makes all the difference and has us going gaga over this sleek Ghana braids hairstyles.

Special Event Look

Once you get the Ghana braids done, they look the best each day you wake up! They can be styled to a particular look and make it appropriate for special events as well!

Here is a look that you can recreate at home in minutes, and it does look stunning! Choose the partition on as you like as well!

Let them Loose

These hairstyles are great, and they look stunning as you let them loose as well. There are thicker and numerous sections of braids here, and when left free they give a lush hair appearance.

You can make the hair look as relaxed and effortless as this one here and enjoy all the compliments that come your way.

The High Pony

A Ghana braids ponytail is a look that you need to try once in your life for sure! These high ponytails are easy to do and will save you a lot of time in those rushed mornings!

Here are some alluring and stylish high ponytail options here for you to try on! Make sure you tie them up at your crown to achieve a great look!

Braided Updo

All love braided updos. They are perfect for any special occasion and are easy to do as well. They are comfortable to wear, and you can get any design as you want as well!

Here are some braided updos options that you can try on for the next time you need to look gorgeous!

Middle Section

There are a lot of ways you can part your hair. The way you do this can make your face look slimmer and stylish as well. Here are a couple of Ghana braids hairstyles that have a central part here.

The exciting thing here is that the hair is what sections the hair off into equal parts.

Casual Look

This is our collection of hairstyles that you can wear casually and look better each day. You can out your energy into some other tasks at hand that you have when you get a tension free hairdo like this one.

Here are some ideas for your reference. Make sure you experiment with the hairdo to make yourself comfortable.

Elegance at it’s best

The braided hair in the front here has a classic style to it! These are the hairstyles that you can wear to any event. They have a girly, fun vibe to them and we are in awe of this one here! You can do this all by yourself, and clearly, the results are outstanding.

 Ghana Braids bun

Buns are an easy hairdo, and they work for all events and season! They can be worn anytime and are an evergreen hairstyle for sure.

You can pull this look off no matter what age or what hair texture you have. That is the beauty of this look for sure. Make sure you have your hair tucked in well and secured at the back.

Low pony Ghana braids

If you are not a fan of high pony, then you can try on this sleek laid back low pony here. You can get them done at home and make yourself look polished and perfect for all the chores for the day!

You can do your hair in any of these ways and do share them with us as well!

The blonde hues

Blonde was the color that many women swore by! It has the perfect balance of being earthy and neutral as well. No matter what skin tone you have, you can find a match for yourself with this one. Choose it if you are shy and are not keen on experimentation.

Tiny Braids

Tiny braids can be achieved when you make smaller sections of your hair. They take a lot of time to do, and they can be a bit tiring, but the result will make you feel all the better about all that hard work!

Check out how this look here makes the impact and looks very stylish and approachable!

The beads game

Ghana braids can be a simple hairdo if you want it to be. But you can also add as many elements into it to make them look trendy and fashion forward!

Here we have beads and clip-on clasps that make the hair look gorgeous! You can see how adding these accessories makes the hair look more mysterious.

Punch of colors

Id If you are looking to make an impact, this is the look that you want to try on! The blue accents here are gorgeous, and the hair looks great too!

The first look has Ghana braids to the side with blue hair and is a look that will make you more stylish than everyone else!

Side Twisted Braids

There are so many things going on in this hairstyle here! You can see the Ghana braids on top and the twisted braids on the side here.

They have the perfect merge into this look, and we love this look. You can try on this elegant look for those special events that you need to attend.

Skinny Sleek Ghana Braids

These sleek flat Ghana braids have a fresh and youthful vibe to them! You can see how the hair has been pinned down on the scalp! You will like this one once you try them on!

If you are a college going kid, you need to try this simple hairdo and look your best!

 Upturned Braids

This is something unique and different in the Ghana braids section! You can see that the hair braiding has started not from the front but the base at the back.

If you are in love with your braids, it is now time to put things upside down and look more fabulous than ever before. These are looks that set you aside from everyone for sure.

Nostalgic Pictures

These braids have been worn by women for many years now. There is a lot of history and culture attached to this look right here. They have been passed down, and surely there is a lot to get nostalgic about.

Here are some photos that were taken back in the day and are still capable of making us want to try them on!

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Dual Braids on the back

Here we have not one but two braids on the back here. You can make the braids as thick as you want. The thicker the twists, the better they look.

You can add the hair extension as you want to these hairstyles to stand out! Check out some of these looks here.

Short Hair

When you have short hair, you usually think that there are fewer options for you to try on in the matter of hairstyles. But this is not the case for sure.

You can try on these Ghana braids on your short hair as well. They can be broad or thin as you like them and wear them each day.

Salon Styled Braids

We can all agree that the salon styled hair can look so much more polished and well put together than the one you get done at home! But you are sure to need the help of an experienced hairdresser.

Here are some looks that are so perfect and well styled! They are going to make you envious as well.

Front braids and bun

The braids on the front here are thick and smooth. You can see how the twists have an angle to them, and they spiral up to a bun at the top!

Here is a look that you can perfect at home and wear for occasions like your prom!

Long hair

Long hair has the benefit of giving all the freedom in the world for you to experiment! You can try on any hairstyle you want, and it will look great!

Make sure you try a big high pony once to get the hair looking stunning!

Medium length

If you are growing out your hair, you need to check these options out here! They are thicker, and the look has everyday wear feel to it as well.

Brown and blonde

There are many hairstyles with a dark brown and light blonde mix of colors. If you have never tried them on, make sure you give this one some love! You can try this look on if you are trying to stay on the safer side of hair coloring options!

Space buns

Space buns are fun hairdo, and they are great for any activity that you need to do! Here is a look that has been loved by most!

There is a bold and in-depth look to this one here, but you can also make it as fun and girly as you like your hairstyles to be!

Clasps on Hair

There are clasps on this look here, and they are a standard option for braided hairdos. You can give this one a try once you have the confidence to pull it off!

Here we have compiled the best of the Ghana braids, and we are sure you will find something that you like! No matter what hair length or color you want, you can all do it easily with the help of these braids here! Try something unusual and classic and opt for this hairdo! We are sure you to look your best, and your hair will also grow out away from any environmental pollution!

We are confident you have found the perfect hairstyle for yourself as you navigate through our rich collection of Ghana Braids! If you think that this article was helpful, then share it with your friends and colleagues who will benefit from this as well! Give us a like on this article and if you have any questions or experiences that you want to share with us, then do use the comment box below!

We surely value your response and comments. Help us get better in our quest to bring the best content to you by giving us your genuine feedback! Stay with us for more on such fashion and beauty related content! Till next time, this is a wrap for the Ghana braids article!


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