100 Gorgeous Hairstyles for Green Hair | Great Looks in Rich Color


Green hair is gorgeous, and you don’t need to be Aquaman to sport the color of emerald seas.


Green Hair Styles and Trends


1.Eye-Catching Deep Basil Green Bob

Add some green depth to your regular bob with this deep basil color partnered with chopped-off bangs for a trendy twist.

green hair 2. Make Mine Mint and Layered Long

Spice up your long tresses with a layered look and then partner with fresh mint green. Looks as refreshing as iced tea in summer.

3. Enchanting Wavy Myrtle Green Hair

With Sabrina, the Teenage Witch back causing some magical havoc to local night viewing, brew your kind of magic and mystery with some myrtle green hair. Add allure to your long locks with some loose waves and wear freely.

4. Fresh Shoulder-Length Sea Foam Hair

Channel your inner siren minus the sultriness with cool-to-the-eyes seafoam green. A middle parting makes the messy hairstyle a little bit more fitting for the boardroom.

5. Retro Punk Style Neon Green Hair

“Frankie Goes to Hollywood” retro styling with this disco green neon hair. It may look more fitting ina  Chelsea bar or New York club, but enjoy the attention and the personal statement of style.

6. Attention-Grabbing Fishtail Braid in All the Right Hues

Cannot make up your mind whether you look better in shamrock or emerald? Or is green your favorite color and you want some leprechaun luck? Don’t worry, go for the hues an attention-getting green hair that has it all.

What tempers the style enough not to be too extreme is the extended length plus the more sober fishtail braid. Wear your curls loosely and messy if you want a more relaxed look.

7.Punky Sage and Easy Styling

You want your color, but you don’t want the fuss? Then go for sage which is a more tempered green hue and then partner with a punky and ultra-short undercut.

Bring your best attitude too!

8. Cute Modern Teal in Straight Bob and Bangs

Be straightforward and direct in all the things that you want, including the chopped off bangs. The bob is modern and messy with a finger-combed look. Add product for volume if you have beautiful hair.

But with dark teal, your green hair becomes gorgeously stunning.

9. Ever Youthful Emerald in Long and Wavy

Be forever young with the green emerald locks that can truly bewitch the unwary.

10. Romantic Multi-Toned Back Braids

Add some green streaks to your long and wavy curls. Here we can see lime, emerald, and a touch of sage. Complete the look with a braid worn loosely, and then pull some strands for a romantic and soft look.

11.Gentle Curls with Dark Cyan Edges

Soften long locks with more delicate curls and then lock in interest with deep cyan color. You get your green without being too loud about it.

12. Casual Twist in Minty Green

Casual Fridays can mean a grocery store trip. Simply gather and twist.

13. Stunning and Pretty Pigtails in Neon Green

Pigtails get a futuristic touch in really bright neon green.

14. Striking Multi-Hued Green Hair

Go for a layered and edgy asymmetrical haircut in different hues of green. It’s a perfect hairstyle with a great cut and even greater color.

15. Retro Low Bun with Straight-Edge Bangs

Tone down bright Paris green hair with a simple low bun and straight bangs. Wear loose and free.

16. Easy Shaggy Harlequin Green Hair

Go for comfort with a layered shag.

17. Gorgeous Curls in Mint and Lime

It’s not a drink, but the colors look elegant and beautiful.

18. High Pony Tail and Hanging Loose

Two-toned green in Lime and Aqua but worn in an easy freestyle.

19. Beautiful One-Sided Teal

Wear long hair in a one-sided and soft look.

20. Comfortable and Pretty Emerald Streaks in a Loose Braid

Enjoy your weekend with this loose braid.

21. All The Irish in You

Go for Auburn and emerald – both at the same time.

22. Cute Cyan with Soft Elegant Curls

Who said you couldn’t be charming and elegant at the same time? Go for the color and the look.

23. Two-Toned Hair in Teal and Black

Growing out, coloring can be dressed up with some soft curls.

24. Cute Layered Cut in Deep Emerald

So pretty and sweet – great color for a cute layered shaggy haircut.

25. Simple Teal in Shoulder-Length Hair

No need to go full radical. Get your simple green in teal.

26. Wild Greens in a Messy But Flirty Style

Go, wildflower, child!

27. Divine and Beautiful Waves for Ultra Long Cyan and Mint Tresses

Channel your inner goddess with this perfect look.

28. Shoulder-length Wavy Tresses

Katy Perry looks fresh and vibrant in this deep Paris green hair color. Give yourself the same boost.

29. Eye-Catching Long and Curly with Greed Edges

Something simple but spectacular.

30.Stunning Short Bob with Bangs

Deep green hair looks so pretty sleek with this short wavy bob.

31. Feminine and Flirty Ribbon Twists

Give a new twist to twists with ribbon twists.

Simply take strands together and tie up. Have a friend over to help you out.

32. Dark Beehive with Green Roots

Two buns make a difference.

33. Cyan Radical

Dark and blue cyan gives an edgy vibe.

34. Green Balayage for Long Hair

Make a new green experience with balayage coloring.

35. Elegant Retro One-Sided Bangs

Go mysterious with this style.

36. Simple Layered Hair

Keep a simple and comfortable style for easy upkeep.

37. Straight Bob in Bright Neon

A big hit of brightness.

38. Twisted Sea Green Hair

39. Silvery Cyan

Wear long with layered edges for volume.

40. Cute One-Sided Clipped Style

Go easy on yourself. Have great color with comfortable styling.

41. Casual Ponytail Shoulder-Length Locks with a Messy Bun

42. Eye-Catching Purple and Green Braided Curls

43. Punky Neon Green is a Go

Shoulder-length hair can have a modern twist with some neon green.

44. Soft and Easy Curls with Black Roots

45. Elegant French Twist for Cyan

Feminine and romantic, florals are great. Make it even better with a French twist and a few stray locks.

46. One-sided Asymmetrical Emerald Green Hair

Edgy look for long tresses.

47. Punky Olive Green Hair

48. Stylish Dark Cyan with Soft Curls

Trendy and hip style and color for the hipster in you.

49. Messy Bun in Lime, Mint, and Citron

A refreshing mix of green hues is perfectly topped in a messy bun that is perfect for lazy Sunday mornings.

50. Behind-the-Ear Sleek and Smooth

51. Cute and Messy Mint with Double Buns

52. Teal for Maisie Williams

53. Two Tones in Gray and Olive

A little understated can speak louder than neon.

This may be extreme balayage with black and gray and then soft olive green edges, but it works.

54.Layered in Mint

Spice up your long tresses with a layered look and then partner with cool mint green. Looks as refreshing as iced tea in summer.

55. Layered Shag in Aqua

56. One-sided Bangs

57. Cute Short and Messy Bob

58. Fresh Lime Green Freely Loose

59. Sleek Shoulder-length Green Hair with Dark Roots

If you are growing out a color but want some excitement, go for the green.

60. Neon Green with Side Braiding

61. Checking Out Styles

If you want to see for yourself how color and cut will work out, maybe this can be your style?

62. Comfortable Long Locks in Green

63. Beautiful and Elegant Waves

Wear your hair long and loose but soften the curls. Green is silvery and shiny and compliments the style.

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64. Sunflowers for Shoulder-Length Hair in Teal

Dress up with some sunflower pins.

65. Side Bangs for Sleek and Silky Long Hair

66. Easy and Messy Small Bun in Mint Green

You want some laid back days so keep long mint green hair in a messy twist.

67. Comfortable Braided Back Fishtail

You can be casual or relaxed about braids.

68. Green and Blonde Streaks Mash Up

Enjoy the skater life.

69. Casual Neon Green Side Bun

70. Messy and Feminine Dark Emerald with Waterfall Bangs

The style has the right touch of romantic messiness.

71. Aqua Fishtail with Large Braiding

72. Easy Bun or Feminine Braids?

Multi-hued greens look good in either a braid or twisted in a bun.

73. High Bun Gray Hair with Faded Green Edges

74. Trendy Brushed Up in Lime

Rocker chic and biker glamor perfect for you.

75. High Ponytail Twisted in a Messy Bun

76. Feminine Long Braids in Multi-hued Green

77. Sexy Waves in Deep Emerald

78. Retro Waves for Long Shiny teal Green Hair

Go serious with classic wavy hair that evokes 1950s Hollywood glamor.

79. Extreme Curls

80. Messy Modern Rocker Green Hair

Enjoy the wild feeling of curls loose and free.

81. Intricate Aqua and Seafoam Braided Look

Tie up this gorgeously colored hair with an intricate braid that highlights the multi-hues and the ravishing length.

82. Messy Bun in Lime, Mint, and Citron

A refreshing mix of green hues is perfectly topped in a messy bun that is perfect for lazy Sunday mornings.

83.Beautiful Long and Wavy Hair in Mint

The color is youthful and refreshing. Long and wavy tresses complete the beautiful image.

84. Iconic Black and Neon Green Style

Go modern and glam with the contrasting colors and a loose and messy hairstyle.

85. Cute Cyan with Rough-edged Modern Style

Be young and trendy with a razor-edged cut. Be sweet with cyan and black colors.

86. Messy Shamrock Wavy Green Hair

Go Irish green with waves. Finger comb to give a messy vibe.

87. Elegant Deep Teal in Long and Soft Curls

Dress up your long locks in soft curls and then add streaks of deep teal for a regal look.

88. Asymmetrical Emerald Hip

Go hip and modern in bright emerald and an asymmetrical one-sided cut.

89. Curly Shoulder-Length Light Neon Green Hair

Soften neon green hair with soft curls and a lighter hue.

90. Sleek and Smooth with Asymmetrical Length

Go for a chopped-off look and then flip out the edges to give this elegant haircut an edgy and funky finish.

91. Two-Toned Green Hair in Lime and Emerald

Perk up green hair with two hues of green.

92. Cute and Perky Sea Green Shag with Bangs

Be a little more laid back and comfortable with a layered shaggy haircut in seafoam and emerald.

93.Bright and Bold

Go full neon in different colors and don’t forget green. 94. Beautiful Soft Curls in Chartreuse and Turquoise

Two tones are better than one.

95. Elegant Long Sleek Apple Green Hair

Sweet apple green is dressed up to the nines.

96. Edgy Chopped Off Bangs and Uneven Edges

Great color for an edgy cut.

Whether you want some punky rebel vibe, a full personal statement of style or some comfortable but edgy styling – the color and the cut are perfect for each other.

97. Stunning Senegalese Twists in Balayage Green

A color and hairdo fit for a queen. Dress up a protective style such as Senegalese twists in a balayage of green hues, from deep olive to Chartreuse and mint.

Stunning and majestic, the style is perfect for black tie or when you need to be the center of all the attention like the red carpet.

98. Cute in a Middle Part and Aqua Green Hair

Keep it simple but sweet.

We all know that growing out color can be a little hard on you and your style. So keep the attention away from your hair roots with this perky and cute haircut.

99. Neon Green Layered Do

Layer it up and go crazy with the color.

Color can be rough on your hair. So while you are waiting for it to rest and relax, settle for a layered look and wear loose and free. You can also cut some front fringe if you want to add depth.

100. Romantic Chartreuse and Emerald in a Pretty Big Braid

Soft and romantic braid can soften the bright colors.

Wear your bright greens in a soft and comfortable style such as a crown of braids. Add more interest with fringe.


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