91 Hairstyles for Long Faces You Are Sure To Adore In 2021!


Your face is a prominent part of you. Your hair and your face work together in how you look. So, we should consider shape structure and facial features while selecting a hairstyle for ourselves. Different hairstyles go well with any face shape. But, many of the styles depend on how your face shape is like. That’s how we can decide whether a style looks good on you or not. So today we are here to help you choose hairstyles for long faces. They are ways you can mold the hair to look good for you in any shape and style!

With that being said, there may arise lots of question regarding what style to choose for the type of face shape you have. If you are a woman with a long face, we might have the answer to your hairstyling dilemmas. Here we try to make it easy for you to decide on your next hairstyle for long faces. You might be of a different type of hair as well, but we have some options for all different kinds. There is textured hair, and there are some that are sleek too. But something you will find here for sure is some layered hair!

When you go through this collection, you will find tips and some tricks that we placed here as well. They can help you have a look that you desired always. Keep them aside for special occasions, and we are sure you will find them useful. When you need something face-framing for your long face, you can use these bangs as well. They merge well with all hairstyles! Let us go through these hairstyles for long faces ideas and find out what looks the best for all!

The ideal face shape!

Hairstyles are also a part of the fashion world, much like any other thing! You can see some experts try on different styles and celebs who work them on too. So there is an industry dedicated to the creation of these hairstyles, and they are fabulous! Now there is even use of technology to get the looks on a screen before anyone tries it on! So there is so much you can do now that was not possible back in the day.

You can check whether or not these hairdos work for you with an app. There are also options for you to get in contact with the hairstylists directly to ask them your questions. And if you were asking them about the ideal shape for the face, the answer would be oval for sure. They are the ones that work for almost all women on the planet. It is said to be the shape that is ideal for men and women. So if you are born with it, you are lucky for sure. And if not, you can check out the hairstyles for long faces to mimic the same shape. They work out just as well as any face surgery would for you!

The medium length hairstyles we all love

As women, most of us agree that medium length hairstyle is one of the most suitable and wantable hair lengths to have. There are many hair styling options for this segment, as this is the go-to style for most. Women with long hair can always get the desired medium-length style by getting a haircut. This hairstyle doesn’t require extra effort once you’ve got the desired style. It is easy to attain and manage, as well. With your long face shape, you don’t have to put in much effort. Your face shape will help your hair blend in your style together really well.

hairstyles for long faces Lighter colors on the front

This hairstyle for long face focuses more on the color than on the style and size of hair. Hair color is an important feature that helps you define your hairstyle. If you have the right color tone, it can bring out the true beauty of your hair. The same hair looks different in different color shades. This shows how important choosing the right color is. Not only this, but the application of color also makes a difference. The use of lighter colors on the front is among the best hairstyle for long face thin hair.

Short hair effect with bangs

The bang hairstyle has been one of the favorites styles for women with different age and face shape. It is one such style that fits the long face shape very well. The bangs make your hair face shape look more accurate as the hair takes up some part of your face. This also provides the effect of having short hair while watching from the front. This makes your hairstyle more dynamic and provides you with more ways of putting your hair.

Short hairstyles for long faces

If you are looking for some hairstyle options for short hair, here we go. The short hair looks beautiful on women with a long face. The hair sits right beside the face, which makes them look well suited. Also, the use of color hues is plausible with lighter shades being much more adorable on the outer strands of hair. The short hairstyles look lovely on any face shape. With a longer face, however, short hairstyle also helps in making the long face look relatively shorter to give it more of an oval shape so that your facial definition is improved.

Bob hairstyles for long faces

The bob hairstyle is favorite for its easy-to-manage nature. Women who tend to remain busy and have less time to style their hair constantly prefer this style. Also, the bob hairstyle makes the long face shape of women adorable. The hair adds up a frame to your face and makes your facial feature more apparent and expressive. You can choose among different colors to go with bob hairstyle if you are deciding to get one as this hairstyle goes well with any color tone.

Keeping it casual

A great casual hairstyle is necessary for everyone. We all want that one hairstyle which we feel comfortable. We seek such a style on which we don’t have to work much on but still makes us presentable daily. The hairstyles for long faces includes such casual styles more. All you got to do is let your hair fall loosely separating it from the middle. The casual hairstyle can be made ready for any event in no time. All you need to change the way it is kept, and with a bang, you have a hair that will be ready for any occasion. That switch from causal hairstyle to an outgoing style is relatively easy with these hairstyles. The part where you choose the hairstyle is most important, and that is why you want to pay attention to it. You also need to add the shades on the tresses that can get your features accentuated!

Long wavy hairstyles for long faces

Wavy hairstyles add up to the charm on your hair. For women with a long face, the wavy hair makes a perfect match in providing the adorable look. The long waves on either side of your face can be your casual hairstyle for the weekdays. It doesn’t require much effort and time in maintaining this style as well. That’s why you can choose it as your go-to hairstyle for every day. You would need to trim it right about once a month to keep it right.

Celebrity Inspiration

When it comes to style and glamour, the actresses and artists are taken as idols by many people. They dictate the fashion industry, as well as many people, want to adopt their style and even looks. There are different celebrities with a long face. They manage to pull off some perfect hairstyles to compliment their style and personality. Here we have taken two of the famous celebs: Angelina Jolie and Amanda Seyfried. They have different forms and manage to make the most out of their beautiful hair and face to look great.

Perfect for all days!

Here we have another set of hairstyles that can be perfect for any day. These are the commonly chosen hairstyles for long faces for an everyday look. The hair is swept sideways either precisely from the middle section or somewhat apart. The use of colors is optional and based on your preference and choice. However, this hairstyle suits more to the hair with lighter hair colors.

Lovely mid-length hairstyles for long faces

Another different variant of the hairstyles for long faces is the one that belongs to the mid-length category. The mid-length collection provides an array of options for you to choose. These hairstyles form a mixed bag of styles where we can see that the hair hasn’t been styled in any fancy way. These hairstyles are presented just in a natural way. Hence, this hairstyle can be done with little to no effort.

Ideal for big events

Here we have some glamorous hairstyles for long faces perfect for someone with a prominent forehead. These hairstyles go well for attending any event or parties as they look classy and stylish. Your face makes these hairdos ideal for you, and you can choose from any of these. The hair is parted sideways, and those beautiful curls look adorable with the style and personality.


Layered haircuts

Another popular hairstyle for the long face would be the layered cut. As the name says, the hair is cut in layers. The inner part of the hair is layered shortly than the outer so that it looks elegant and matches the shape of your face. However, the difference in the layers can be your choice. You can choose from the different variations of layers that makes you feel comfortable.

Casual style or glam look?

Here we have some of the glamorous collection of hairstyles for long faces. This hairstyle though might seem casual, and they look glamorous when done correctly. The hair has been trimmed well. They provide layer-wise variation in the hair and makes one great hairstyle for an everyday look. This hairstyle can even be worn to any event or party.

The need for styling!

When you look at celebs, the first thing you see is how their hair looks on most occasions. They have help from their stylists, and so they can create outstanding looks. You can see that there is not even a layer of hair here and there. They are all just well done by the experts to match the celeb as well. So we can say that taking cues from these actresses and their styles is a way to start. Look at the way they have cut their hair, and if your face shape matches theirs, you are in for a treat!


Perfection for the lens!

Women with long face have a photographic face which can be good when suited well with the hairstyle. Such hairstyles make a great display of facial feature and help to define the best feature of your face, be it your eyes or your lips. The jawline can be prominently seen, and the hair provides a frame to your face that makes it perfect for the lens. This perfection can be achieved with these hairstyles that can make it look like your face shape more symmetric.

Inspiration from popular celebs

There are many more celebs ranging from actor to famous singer who boasts this style of hair. The hairstyle is primarily characterized by the lighter color shades that are mostly used with this style. And the hair is managed in such a way that it provides an oval look to your face. This is done to reduce the apparent length of the face and make it look less or more symmetrical. However, only getting this hairstyle won’t do the job as maintaining is necessary. This hairstyle requires timely trimming and use of proper products in them.

Trendy looks to try out

Among all the different hairstyles for women with long faces, we have some hairstyles that often remain in trend. There are various sizes of hair: thick and thin, for women with a long face, more delicate hairstyles can be more approachable. As the thin hair helps in making more out of their face shape and provides with more options for styling and is easy to manage as well. The trendy hairstyle includes one where the hair is separated at the midsection and is allowed to fall loosely. This style brilliantly displays the beautiful color hues that have been used on the hair.

Hairstyles for long faces that makes you nostalgic

Here are some classic hairstyles for long faces that might take you on a ride down the memory lane. Different styles have been popular for decades, and that was entirely in fame for an extended time. The hairstyle where your hair is beautifully managed with all those curls and beautiful shade of golden brown look attractive. It also helps you reduce the long face look. It helps in making your face look more oval-shaped. Another style given below depicts the perfect use of fierce-red color that takes the attention from your long face to your long hair.


Getting the shine on your locks

The hairstyles for long faces are often found in all shapes and colors. Yes, it is because, for such face shape, blonde and lighter color tones are more suitable. It helps in providing a shine in your hair. The shine steals away attention towards your beautiful hairstyle. It helps in making your face look more symmetrical. This is done by the hair, which makes it appear like your face is shorter than it naturally is. So, we suggest you make the most of it and make it suit your personality.

Approachable celeb hairstyles for long faces

Though there are many hairstyles that celebrities are seen pulling off. We have selected some of them that we think any normal woman like us can attempt. The approachable celeb hairstyles include some styles that seem simple and believe us, and they are simple. But, what sets them apart and makes them look glamorous is the use of proper hair products in them. To maintain a good hairstyle, we should be wise with the products we use to style our hair. They can be of significant difference. The use of proper color tone is also absolute if you want to get those charming looks from these hairstyles for long faces.

The fresh look with layered hair

One benefit of maintaining a medium-length hair would be that it can be well put together even if it grows longer. The textures are prominent in hair, and once you refine them with a haircut, they look as fresh as ever. Furthermore, they bring brightness on your face and helps you look new and young. You can also choose to texture it differently or have a shaven side look. The shaven side look can be well put by keeping your hair maintained longer on the other side.

Trendy ideas of hairstyles for long faces!

There are many options out there, and they can baffle you if you go on trying them without knowing anything about them. So it is best if you stick to the styles we are advocating about this collection. They were collected from the hairstyles that were most pinned on Pinterest and were also checked out from other popular social media sites. So you can find these even if you go looking by yourself. They are trending on all platforms, and so we made sure to keep them all in one place for you to navigate from.

When you choose a look without knowing if it looks good on you, you can end up with something that you regret, so we want you to take the options from here and weigh it out. They are undoubtedly the way to go. We suggest you stick to the horizontal lines if you want to minimize the long face. If you add more vertical lines, you can accentuate the face shape more. We also suggest you look out for the addition of bangs on the hair. They reduce the length from the top and make them look rounded up. It can help you get that oval shape that everyone wants.

The needed final words!

These hairstyles for long faces are not a way for us to say that face shape is not good enough. We are showing you that the hairstyles can be of help if you want to accentuate the features you have. And if you are willing to conceal them, that is also your choice. There are specific hair ideas that amuse us, as well. And so we added them on this collection too. So that you can see the variety out there, they are undoubtedly an inspirational look to try out at times when you are feeling a need for change.

This collection was mostly kept together by a lot of layered hairstyles. And so we want to let you know that they are a must on most of the hairstyles that expert suggest. Since these short segments can accentuate the look much more than anything else. You have also seen celebs in these images here. And we are sure you were stunned by their locks! You can follow the steps and get that exact look on your hair too! They are approachable styles that any common woman, including us, can try out!

As we come to the final few paragraphs of this article, we want to tell you how grateful we are to have you as our readers! These are the compilations that we make for you to come and admire. So we have to think from the perspective of the readers before we add on any information here. All of the love and support we have enjoyed is all to your credit. We are sure you will be entertained by the next few posts we have lined up as well. There is no doubt that we will bring the ones that are fashionable and wearable as well!


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