103 Hairstyles for Round Faces That Frame the Face Perfectly!


Each woman has unique features that accentuate her beauty and make her look gorgeous. Adding to her beauty is her hair; her haircut has a vital role to play. A hairstyle can make a vast difference in how you appear in front of all. When chosen correctly, it can boost one’s confidence well. On the other hand, a bad haircut or even a haircut not suitable for the shape of your face can be dreadful. And if you have a round face, then the struggle is even more real and challenging. So today we are going to talk about the hairstyles for round faces!

Having a round face and styling your hair to fit your persona perfectly is quite tricky, not all of us know what the shape of our face is or what sort of haircut might be best suited for us. Among all the trending hairstyles that come up, you are tempted to have a go for it, but unfortunately for people who have round faces, especially women for them this task is not easy as it seems. Haircuts that are looking astonishing in any magazines or well put by a celebrity may not look the same as my efforts have been put to make that look as gorgeous as it appears. Knowing all of this we have a few suggestions you might want to give it a try.

The bob hairstyles for round faces

One the best suited and tried hairstyles for a round face is a bob. Slick and stylish gives a look that gives a round face a chic look. The main focus for a round face is to hide the face area and make the make look smaller. The cuts around the cheeks and the neck area gives an illusion of the lower face and makes a face look younger as well. The main focus of a neck long bob hairstyles is to add more length to the face that gives a more of an oval look to the front.

hairstyles for round faces

The use of side swept bangs

The use of side swept bangs takes the attention away from mainly the big checks and long foreheads that remains the most concerned area for any round face woman as they try to hide it all the time. As a part on one side, it creates an effect of more elegant look for a round face.  You can choose to have it layer as per your wish.  The length of the side swept bangs can vary as per your choice, but having it around the length of your cheekbones will give the much-needed effect.

Inspiration for hairstyles for round faces

Our favorite celebs have never been hesitant from creating new looks while experimenting with their hair and setting the trend the world follows. Many celebrities have carried off the short hair look correctly and effortlessly, which admittedly has inspired millions around the globe to try the same. From pixies to bob or long hair with curls and waves, they have done it all. Watching them, we can work with the same hairstyles. Selena Gomez is one among our many favorite celebs that have inspired us for our short haircut for round faces. Jennifer Lawrence is yet another celebrity who has inspired us for those daring short haircuts.

Perfect for any special occasions

This haircut adds volume to thin hair. We think of this as one of the most loved hairstyles for round faces and thin hair. Add some layers and give some wavy curls to provide that volume to your hair. And those wavy curls will make a round face look less round. This haircut for round face is perfect for any special occasions. Goes with any dress and gives a very subtle look that’s not too bold. This might be the extension of your look or not too casual that might not be fit for the occasion.

Stunning short hairstyles for round faces

Over the period, short haircuts have become one of the most approved and desired hairstyles. This not only makes you look young but also gives you a completely new and fresh look.   Few of the quick hair ideas that can give you a stunning look are a long bob, a short bob, asymmetrical bob, Faux hawk, Shaggy Bob, Pixie, short-cropped. These quick hair ideas have made a quiet the show stopper and have made some heads turn.

Sharp edges on hairstyles for round faces

A woman who has a round face has undoubtedly been through a lot regarding styling her hair. When it comes to hairstyles for round chubby faces that task of designing your hair and managing it becomes even harder. For this sharp edge on hairstyles for round faces can be the much-needed miracle. By giving sharp edges, it covers the area around the face along to that giving a round face a more extended look. Here are sharp edges on hairstyles defines the structure of the face. It is enhancing the best features of the face. And it is hiding that chubbiness well too!

Adding waves and curls

For a lot of women, the new look means a new definition of their persona and a unique personality. For some woman, just a short haircut can do just what they want, but for others, it might not be the same. You can add some defining curls and waves in your hair. It can add that needed oomph to the hair and make it look extra for sure! Looking for ways to have your hair styled for this year? Then you can surely check the haircuts for round faces 2020, which will give you more insights on how to style and your hair and add those curls and waves that will enhance your look. These are a good option of hairstyles for round faces!

The subtle use of colors

New look means you want to change all about the old hairstyles and prepare for an all-new appearance and get the admiration and compliment form people around you. Simply cutting your hair short may not satisfy your urge to look completely new and mesmerized by what you have to see in the mirror daily. A subtle use of colors can give you a unique look that you desire while choosing the color do keep in mind that it should be complimenting your skin tone. The ombre color has remained the choices of color of many for quite some time. Along with to that brown, blond and cherry red has also remained as one of the favorites.

Selena Gomez’s hairstyles for round faces

Among many celebrities, Selena Gomez’s has remained one of our favorites celebrities that has always had come up with great haircuts and has for sure rocked the short hairstyle for round faces and has done justice to it. She has managed to carry the short hairstyle look with much cooler, and she looks stunning in those hairstyles as well. A long bob, mid-length bob, shaggy bob are few of what she has shown us over time. As she also has a round face relating to her and the way she styles her hair can surely give us how to work around the hair for round faces woman.

Longer hairstyles for round faces

It’s not always true that you have to cut your hair short to manage your hair or for the sake of styling your hair according to your face structure. If you love your long hair and have a round face, then we have solutions to manage your just the way you like it. You can braid your hair with side partition and have fringes to give that youthful and vibrant look. Middle separation with sleek straight long hair is another idea you can go for. Mid-length hair with side partition and side bangs can also achieve the look we want. You can try these hairstyles for round face to look slim.

Layered short hair

A woman of all ages loves short hairs. Women do try these hairstyles for the sake of a new look, and however, if you happen to have thick hair and want a short haircut, then you have to be extra careful of how you want to keep your hair styled. Adding layers can help you with this.  Layered short hair can be easily managed. The long layers in the front can give you the look of having a long hair while you can choose to vary with the length of your hair at the back. In the end, it can be concise, mid-range, or long. 

Hair colors on hairstyles for round faces

Choice of hair color has changed over these years; women no longer choose to play safe when it comes to their hair color. Nowadays, they want to be bolder and go for colors that are making the headline. Hair color inspiration for women can be taken from celebs or hairstylists, by doing so we can see what sort of color can have what outcome and will that color choice can have the desired look that we want to achieve.  Few trendsetters for hair color inspiration for women are cool blonde balayage , pastel pink, the caramel stokes, and the rose gold, nude blond, icy platinum, ash brown balayage.

Managing the styles for round faces

After a haircut, there is some dos and don’ts that needs to be followed for managing your hairstyle for a long run, especially if you have a round face than the task is even harder. Do not pull back all your hair at the back and tie it. This will emphasize the features that you surely want to hide. If you love curls, do not make tight curls instead go for loose curls or waves that can give volume to your hair at the same time gives you a classic look. Middle partition is not something that suits a round face.

Perfect for summer days!

Summers the name itself has a lot to say, as the temperature rises and the heat is sores sky high it becomes harder and harder to manage long hair, keep it clean as well as adequately groomed.  Perfect for summer days short haircuts can be the best solutions for your hair. Unlike long hair quick hairstyles don’t need to be groomed so much, it can be appropriately managed, takes less time to be styled and easy to keep clean. It lets you be free for the rest of your day and have less to worry about your hair additional to that makes that cool breeze properly in.

Shades of blonde hues for round faces

Blonde is a color that suits any skin tone, playing with its undertone, you can create any color that you may choose to go for your hair cut. While choosing it should make your eyes pop and should compliment your skin. Blonde is a color that can be blended with any color, and that can create a look that can give you a stunning look. You can also choose icy blonde that has been one of the most-liked colors for short haircuts so far. Ombre pink or any other color can also be a perfect choice while choosing your hair color.

Darker tones of hair colors

While the light color such as blonde, icy blonde, copper blonde ombre and many more have taken a favorite spot in many woman’s hearts for their choice of color, darker tones of hair colors have also remained their favorite.  A completely dark black hair color with sleek hair can make you look ravishingly good; color black can enhance your skin tone like no other. Chocolate brown is another shade of dark colors that can look good for any hair type and haircuts. Deep brown, brunette balayage, Dark charcoal tone, espresso hair color, dark ash hue are some of the chosen darker tones for hair colors by women around the globe.

Hairstyles for round faces for events

Events can be a massive thing for any woman; a lot of efforts are put into by a woman while preparing for any event big or small. Hairstyles for round faces for events can be a little tricky. Everyday short hair can flatten your look for any occasion to add a bit more texture to your hair you can add some wavy curls; wavy curls can turn your simple look to a classic look. You can also make a side bun with bangs. Natural waves; this is a go for any events and will also look good with any attire that you wish to put on.

For mature women

With age, a woman tends to move towards hair that is more comfortable and easy to manage. Along with this, older women also want to have a stylish touch to it. For such women, short hairstyles can be the best option to look elegant and classy. A pixie hairstyle with blonde highlights can give you a look that is modern age, at the same time much easy to manage daily. Short layered haircut with balayage highlights can give you a perfect look for day to day life. Ash-blonde with an asymmetrical hairstyle or ash-blonde with layers and bangs are some of the few best short hairstyle options for women of age.

Side swept hairstyles of celebs

We love how our celebs flaunt their new hairstyles on the red carpet or any other events where they make appearances. Side swept hairstyles of celebs have been one of the loved hairstyles that have graced many red carpets and events. To create this look, you have to go through some simple steps. Tutorials on the internet, blogs, and youtube can be of help to create this stunning look. Side swept hairstyles looks magnificent with a dress as well as a casual outfit. For days when you don’t have much time to spend and still want to look splendid, side swept hairstyles can be a perfect choice.

Keeping the hair straight

Woman love to have their hair done, look ravishing but going to an expert every time may not be possible.  A proper solution to this can be keeping the hair straight. Faster and easy, this can be the best option. You can do it merely by the help of a straighter and with less help from anyone else. Takes less time to prepare, looks good with most of the outfits. Straight hair gives you a bold and a splendid look. Straight, sleek hair suits most of the face types. Short or long keeping the hair straight will provide a more defined look to your personality.

Popular hairstyles for round faces

There are a lot of hairstyles and trends that hit the market each year. As the season of awards and events hits the entertainment business, that’s the time we get to see even more trends setting the stage on fire. These clothes to hair it all makes the headlines. From there comes popular hairstyles for round faces as well.  From long bob with bangs, mid-length hair with layers, a Rihanna cut or as we say the A-line cut. These are few of many that have remained popular as short hairstyles for round faces and thin hair.

Keeping it fun with hairstyles for round faces

Hairstyles have always played a vital role in how we look and how confident we are about ourselves. Watching the same hairstyle can be tedious. You can personalize your style by trying new haircuts and color while keeping it fun with hairstyles. You can try coloring your hair, which can bring forth your personality in the best possible way. Choose the color that enhances your beauty, even more, now the color hue has widened than ever. Add a few-layer, give your hair a little bit texture. Add some waves and curls; admire the classic look that appears. Chop off some of the lengths go short, see the new you. Straighten your hair make is sleek; achieve a look that is bold and chic. Put on some highlights, and you can do all of this while keeping it fun with your hairstyle.

Youthful looking hairstyles for round faces

The reason for a new hairstyle remains to try to look young, to shed some age without having to do much. If you have a round face and want to look youthful, you can try some of these hairstyles that best suits you. Chop off some of the lengths if you are not afraid that will for sure make you look more youthful. You can surely go for a short as a pixie or keep it to a mid-length. A short bob, side bun with bangs, asymmetrical bob, long layered hair or a wavy hair, all are haircuts that can make you look young. This may be of help is you are looking for which haircuts suits or round face females.

Central partition for hairstyles for round faces

Getting your hair parted in the middle is what makes it look well-transitioned. It can be the natural contour you need on your locks. Here are so many images that you can get ideas from and try them soon! We have celebs in here too, so you are surely going to love it!

Hairstyles for round faces for all hair lengths

When we look around, we can find women of all ages and hair length. There are different textures involved, as well. So we want you to get inspired today and wear them out soon. Check out these options to get that look.

Women have always been much fond of their hair. It’s an essential part of their life. Woman grows their hair long and beautiful and cannot imagine a short hairstyle. Moreover, they will dread to have their hair styled way too short, taking away that long-loved hair. Having said that females who have crossed that bridge has have experienced of their lifetime. A hairstyle can change and improve your personality, give you more confidence, and boost your self-esteem. Having a haircut that suits you’re your personality and face structure is a blessing we all want.

For females who have a round face, they can also try a wide range of hairstyles that can look amazing on them. If hesitant, you can take some inspiration from your favorite celebs or your hairstylists as well. You can you for any length you want, keep it short or long but keep in mind to have your hairstyle suit your face. Be playful with your choice of color; add some streaks of bold highlights and enjoy the outcome it presents to you. Here were our most adored hairstyles for round faces to try.


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