104 Must Try Hairstyles for Thin Hair for Every Face Shape


There is a lot of struggle to find hairstyles for thin hair! Most women are looking to create a hairstyle that works for the models on screen or in paper and get disappointed as they don’t get the same effect. You need to get your hair cut in ways that accentuate the hair and adds volume to it. If you are looking for options should try, we are here to help you! You can find a plethora of hairstyles here that work great for thin hair! You can navigate through these and find the one that works for you.

We made sure to include all hair lengths and textures into this hairstyle collection here. You can see that these hairstyles are classy, and some are fun and flirty as well. You can choose short hairstyles if you are not looking for a high maintenance hairdo. There are colors options here as well. You can find everything from reds to browns and blondes in here. Make sure you check out the pastel shades and other fantastic play of colors too. If you are ready, let’s dive into our collection of must-try hairstyles for thin hair that works for all face shapes!

Go short on your hair!

If you are looking for a haircut for thin hair to look thicker, you can try on these short hairstyles. They add volume and make the hair look fuller.

Mohini Dey Some Blunt Hairstyles for thin hair

Here are some haircuts for thin straight hair that you can wear every day! These will surely not make you look shabby and will keep you fresh too.

Hints of Pinks!

This hairstyle is fun for so many reasons. Here we have the pink tones on the bottom. You can trace the dark base on the hair with blonde hues.

Naturally Curly hair

If you have naturally curly and textured hair, you are one lucky gal! These hairstyles make the hair appear thicker and give off a strong hair appeal.

The Bob hairdo

Bob is the hairstyle that touched everyone’s heart back in 2018. These bob haircuts were loved by celebs and stylists alike and are still trendy to this day!

Add these bangs

You can add bangs to make your face appear sleeker and slimmer. These are great hairstyles for thin hair over 40 years of age.

Side Profile

The hair needs to look perfect from every angle when you get it styled. You can check out the side profile here and see how amazing these colors are.

Notice the colors!

You may not even notice the ends here with the colors. The slight use of colors makes this a must try!

Perfect for teens

If you are a teenager looking on to try a hairstyle that makes your hair appear thicker, this is the one for you! Here is a look to inspire you.

Mature choice

Here are some hairstyles for thin hair over 50 years of age for you to choose from. You can see how they are comfortable to wear!

hairstyles for thin hair

Volume on the ends

If you are looking to create volume on your hair, you can get this layered hairdo on the back! They add body and fullness to the hair.

Celebrity Looks

There are celebrity hairstyles that we are always inspired by! You can check these out and choose to get the same for yourself to look as stunning as they do.

Blonde hues

Blonde is a crowd pleaser for sure. Some women have sworn by this color for years. These medium length hairstyles for thin hair over 50 are chic for sure.

Darker base

This is not a new hair trend. Stylists have been putting darker shades on the bottom with other light colors to make the hair have depth!

Mid-parted bob

The bob is a beautiful hairdo that works for all face shapes. You can try on parting your hair in the middle if you have thin hair.

Soft Layers

There are soft layers in the base of this hair. You can get the same haircut to experience the grace in this hairdo. They sure are elegant hairstyles!

For everyone

Some hairdos work for everyone. This is undoubtedly that look! The bob here has the dark and light hues placed perfectly well to make this a gorgeous look.

These waves!

There are some waves in these hairstyles here that are sure to get you excited. You can see the body that these curls add to the hair.

Side swept bangs

There are a lot of ways you can get your bangs done. You can try on these side swept bangs to give your face a transitioned look.

The layers

You can layer to your hair to make it look fuller. They add to the volume and help you get a healthy hair appearance.

Short and stylish

If you are tired of having your hair in long lengths, you can try cutting them short like the ones here. They are super stylish for sure!

Cameron Diaz’s hair

Cameron Diaz is a fashion icon and has always had a relaxed and effortless approach to fashion. Her hairdos here can be an inspiration for you.

Pastel anyone?

Pastel shades have their shine and luster to them. You can see these shades here are focused on the pinks, and it looks stunning.

Dark natural hair

Adding light colors to the hair can make it look thinner and sparse. You need to make the hair a deep, darker shade to get the thick hair look.

Natural body in the hair

The best way to add natural shape to the hair is by getting some curls and layers on them. These bangs are sure to make you look beautiful.

Everyday Hair

These are hairstyles that you can sport as your everyday look. You can copy these haircuts today so head out to the salon and get stylish!

Asian Influence

There are a lot of Asian hairstyles that have been taking on the fashion world. You can get inspired by the K-pop fashion currently trending and get the same look.

 Rosy shades

There are slight tinges of rose gold shades on these hairstyles that you can try on. Adding colors can make the hair appear distinct and stylish.

Like an angel

Some hairstyles can make you look amazing, and this one here is the perfect look. The slight waves and side swept hair has a casual yet stylish vibe to them.

Trendy as always

Ash blonde hues are still stylish. They have been added with some waves in here. You can see these hairstyles being trendy forever, especially with the celebs wearing them.

Be Bold

You can go bold with the hairstyles for thin hair and add some colors to the hair. Here we have shades of rose gold to orange hues that you can sport.

Side Shaves

Side shaved hairstyles can be a bit daunting to try if you are not used to it! You can take inspiration from these hairstyles.

Pixie Cut

The pixie cut has perfection and grace to it that everybody loves. You can see the short hair here is perfect for thin hair and can be tried by women of all ages.

Event ready every day

Here we have the short hairstyle again, t you can see the side swept bangs has made all the difference. This is an event ready look for you.

Magenta on your hair

There are shades of pink that you can try on. The magenta tones on this look here are striking and have the balance with other hues too.

Ash blue for you

You may have seen much of ash blondes, t you may not have seen this fine ash blue shades like this one here. Try this one for a unique look.

Purple to love

Many women love purple shades. If you are willing to try out these hues, here is a look that you can get some idea from.

Short on top

These are the hairstyles for thinning hair on a crown that you will admire for sure. You can see the layers on top and how they add volume!

Blues and greens

If you want to try shades that are bold and unnatural, then blues and greens can be the one! Check out this look here for reference.

Vintage Glam

There are shine and luster in this look, and the locks have so many waves in them that we are loving! This vintage glam is perfect!

Wavy hair

Adding waves of any kind can make the hair look thicker and can also make your hair look well put together for all occasions

Sleek hair with bangs

Silky hair is beautiful, and you can achieve this same look as you add some hair straightening on to your routine in the mornings as you get ready.

Short Bangs

There are hairstyles for thin hair with short bangs, and you can check out some of these in here. Try them out; you will know why we love this!

Half up hairdo

These half-up hairstyles for thin hair are perfect for all ages. You can try out the same and stay fresh in these hot summer days.

Angled inverted bob

The angled bob is an excellent choice for hairstyles for thin hair as they make the hair look bulkier on the back. You can check out these angles and create them to be sharper too.

Everybody’s favorite

These wavy hairstyles are everybody’s favorite. You can try on the look for yourself and know why we recommend this to you. The colors here are attractive too.

No-nonsense Look

If you are looking to get the no-hassle look for yourself, you can try on these hairstyles here! These top buns are exciting and easy to do.

For the magazines

There are certain hairstyles for thin hair that can be sported in the magazines. They are funky, and we cannot expect to see them on the streets.

For all occasions

The wavy bob works for all face shapes and women of all ages as well. You can wear this to any formal or informal event too!

Shades on!

For these hot summer days, you need to cut your hair in short lengths. You can enjoy the short hair and add some shades on for a stylish appeal.

From all angles

You can check out these hairstyles from all aspects in here. They are looking well put together and have a smooth and relaxed way about them.

The Veiled appeal

You can add the veil on the hairstyles like this one here. These hairstyles for thin hair can be styled in any way that you like.

Basic ponytail

The ponytail look is one of the first hairstyles that we learn to do on ourselves. They are comfortable and have a charming appeal to them as well.

Easy breezy

Be easy breezy and try on this look here! They are comfortable and require less work as you wake up each morning. Try on the waves for added volume.

Red carpet looks

Red carpet hairstyles for thin hair are amazing, and we are always looking to try them on! You can try these on as your next glam look.

Some formal hairstyles for thin hair

If you are to attend a formal event and are looking for ways to make your hairstyle easy, then here are some looks for reference. These amazing celebs approve them.

Let them loose

You can leave your hair loosely and enjoy the natural look for once. You can get the heatless curls on you as well if you want some texture.

Flowery Touch

Adding flowers to the hair is nothing new. There have been countless hairstyles worn by women of all ages and in all events that included beautiful flowers.

The headband

The golden headband here is a beautiful look. You can try on this sleek hairdo with the hair pulled away on the back. It sure is astounding.

Ever so perfect Beyonce

Beyonce is a beautiful singer, and her hairstyles for thin hair are inspiring. You can try on adding hair extensions to get this same look here!


There are blue tinges on this hair here. These colors can add the oomph to the hair, and there are light and dark shades in here as well.

Side Braids

You can braid your hair and sweep them to the side to get this look. You will end up with the casual girl next door look as you try it on.

Shiny Look

There is a lot of shine in this hairstyle here. You can see the perfect colors in here with deep tones in them.

Emma’s red hair!

Emma Stone here has the red coppery brown tones in her hair. You can see how the waves are working well for her short hair with a neat hair partition.

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You can keep things simple with hairstyles for thin hair like this one. You can keep your hair on the side and add some waves below to add volume.

Charlize Theron’s hair

Charlize Theron is gorgeous no matter what hairstyle she tries on. You can take tips from her and get these hairstyles for thin hair like she has.

Coppery red

There are hints of coppery red shades in here. You can see how the play of colors is essential in hairstyles for thin hair like this.

Black and white

These black and white photo shows off the back shaves on the back. The angled short bob has the colors and cuts that works to add volume and buff to the hair.

Dianna’s look

Dianna Argon has that girl next door hairstyles for thin hair on her in a lot of her appearances. You can check out this short ruffled look of hers here.

Spikey hair

The hair here has the soft as well spikey ends on them, and we are sure you will love them. These hairstyles for thin hair are stylish as well.

Ginnifer Goodwin’s Hair

Ginnifer has had quite a hair evolution, and if you saw her work, you would be able to notice it! Her short hairstyles for thin hair are ideal and approachable.

Make it thicker!

You can add layers to your hair and make them appear thicker, and this is not a new trick! You can try on this look right here and get the same effect on your hair.


The bob here is styled well, and you can see the use of hair gel in here too. The sleek appearance will also help tame flyaways.

Long bob

If you are not comfortable with a short length of hair, then you can add on longer layers to this classic bob hairdo. They are the most popular hairstyles and are donned by women of all ages.

Helen Mirren’s look

Helen Mirren always looks stunning, and you can see how gracious she looks in short hairstyles for thin hair!

The sharp edges

There are sharp edges on the base of these hairstyles for thin hair, and you can get the same look if you have an expert stylist at hand!

Mid-length hair

If you want to keep things to a minimum and have hair that is neither too long nor too short, you can try on these mid-length hairstyles for thin hair!

The Bun

Make a bun on the back and you are set for most days! They are easy to do and quick hairstyles for thin hair that can be worn to any occasion.


Some hairstyles remain fashionable forever, and we can say that this image here proved it! You can wear this look as it is trendy even today as it was in the past.

Celebs bob hairdos

Many celebs have tried on the short, and long bob looks, and this section of our article will help you navigate through them. Make sure you take some screenshots for later!

Kerry’s hair

Kerry Washington has her hair in a rough curly fashion here. You can see how the hair has that perfect bounce to it that can be hard to achieve for thin hair.

Selena’s Hairstyle

Selena Gomez wore this look to her Met gala, and she looks stunning. Her makeup also stole the show with the bold pink eyes. We are sure you would love to try this one for yourself.

The half up look

If you are looking for haircuts for thin long hair, you need to give this one a try. You can see her half up and half down look here has that every day casual vibe to it.

Asymmetrical Bob

There are uneven sides and lengths in this bob that makes it unique and appealing. You can see that it has the edge over common variations of bob hairstyles.

Reese’s Glam

Reese Witherspoon has her hairstyles done in so many alluring ways, and she is an inspiration for many to try on new things! Here we have some of the approachable and some of her glam look as well for you!

We are sure you have found the hairstyle for you as you reached the end here. You can try on any of these looks and wear them comfortably to any occasion. You may need to take help from professional stylists to get the hair color done correctly though! You will notice that your thin hair is not highlighted when you try them on. You will be hiding the fact that you have thin hair and it will work out to give an appearance of thick, fuller looking locks in the end. You need to choose the look and try it!

If this article was helpful in your quest to find the hairstyles for thin hair, then show us some love and give this article a big thumbs up! You can also share it with others who would benefit from this article. If you try them on, make sure you share your experience on this with us. If you have tips for us, use the comments section below to notify us! We are always looking for ways to bring out the best content for you guys. So stay tuned for more on such exciting topics!



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