Evergreen Havana Twists [Discover the 123 Styles]


Women’s hairstyles continue to evolve and give you multiple options to choose from. Havana Twists are hairstyles that not only bring out the facial features but also demands little effort to style.

For the average women, it can be difficult to choose between this and Marley Twists. It’s worth mentioning that Havana Twists have higher chances of adoption. In addition, it works well with many hair types.

Havana Twists are thick and full twists that finish with two strands of hair beside the shoulders. There is a notion that the loser you make the twists, the fuller the twist appears. However, you may want to make the style exceptional by using the Havana Twist extension.

We have made a list of 123 exquisite variations to this amazing hairdo. Look through our list and discover the style that suits you.

  1. Cornrows + Dropping Braids

You can style this amazing hairdo out of the Havana Twist hairdo. Weave back the small cornrows at the front and finish with braids dropping back from the crown.

havana twist

  1. Thick Braids

If you’re blessed with long locks, you may want to make it visible to every eye. Take the cue from this style and bring forth thick braids.

  1. Thick Twists

Here is an explication of the Havana Twists. It features small rolls at the top and dropping braids at the sides.

  1. Cornrows + Ponytail

To pull off this look, consider slicking cornrows from the front to the crown before finishing with a ponytail.

  1. Rolled Top

Figure out the best way to roll the hair at the top without any braid sticking out.

  1. The Thickest of all Braids

This is a definition of the Havana Twists. Although the braids are thicker, they add more glamour to the look.

  1. Thick Braids + Swish

Creativity is at its best with this style. Keep the thick braids at the sides and swish a single braid across the face.

  1. A Style for the Road

Make this fascinating hairdo that suits into varieties of occasions, including going for shows.

  1. All Back

You may want to weave back the braids, thereby, creating a signature hairdo.

  1. Side Braids

This signature hairdo comprises braids at the sides and some moving down the crown.

  1. Bun + Side Braids

In the quest to pull off an intricate look, you may consider rocking a bun hairstyle at both ends of the crown while braids drop down the shoulders.

  1. Golden Slicks + Bun

This style demands a gold-coloured. You can get a good hair styling product to get the needed texture before rolling into a bun at the crown.

  1. Round Braids

Let all the hair remain within the circumference of the head without dropping at the sides.

  1. Reggae Inspiration

Whether you love reggae music or not, this reggae-inspired Havana Twist might be what you need to look good.

  1. Clean Look

There’s nothing that compares to an exquisite hairstyle on the face of a pretty woman. Let this hairdo inspire you.

  1. Afro Braids

Get into the game by styling your locks in the Afro pattern.

  1. Curly Havana Twists

Allow the braids to curl at the sides. Doing so leaves the face bare and improves the longevity of the strands.

  1. Styled to a Side

Consider tossing your Havana Twists to the side for an exquisite look.

  1. Red Twists

Colours really look good on hairstyles and having one on your Havana Twists won’t be a bad idea.

  1. Effortless Look

What we have here won’t take much of your time. Just direct your stylist to keep the braids at the sides and you’re good to go.

  1. Reggae-Inspired Look

Music has a way to inspire and the hairstyles spotted by reggae maestros can have positive impacts on your Havana Twists hairstyle.

  1. The Chic Look

With this style, you’ll turn heads and leave them guessing your age.

  1. Voluminous Braids

When you’re blessed with volume at the top, all there is to do is styling the braids to perfection.

  1. Unified Braids

If having many strands of hair around can pose a problem, it’ll be wise to adopt the uniformity of the braids as can be seen in this style.

  1. Thick Braids with Colour

Add different colours to the strands to make them outstanding and appealing to the eye.

  1. Side Parting

Shift attention by diverting the thick braids to the sides, thereby, leaving space in the middle.

  1. Simple Look

The simplicity of this style is a reason why you won’t find it difficult to style.

  1. Weaved Back

Gently get the braids off the front and weave them back further down the nape of the neck.

  1. Volume at the Back

Attach extra importance to your braids by maintaining volume at the back for people to have a look.

  1. Single Braid by the Side

In an attempt to question the status quo, you may want to leave only a braid by the side of the face. It looks good by the way!

  1. Cornrow Inspiration

Apply the cornrow hairdo at the top, weave it back, and bring the braids to prominence by the sides.

  1. Weaved to the Side

Gather the volume for both sides of the face and bring them to a spot for a dignified look.

  1. The Fringe Havana Twist

The secret to achieving this look is propping the hair across the face. Remember to apply taper fades to the sides.

  1. For the Beautiful Lads

Bring your beauty to dominate when you incorporate this intriguing Havana Twist.

  1. The Weaves

Slick back the top, distribute evenly across the sides, and crown.

  1. Outstanding Havana Twist

While the colours draw attention to the style, the tilting top and dropping braids bring more features to the table.

  1. All-around Havana Twist

This is in contrast to the traditional formation of Havana Twists that have braids by the sides.

  1. Twisting the Back

Consider channeling all the strands to the back, leaving the front with fewer braids.

  1. Disconnected Look

Specifically for women that love adventure, this style allows you to express yourself without hassles.

  1. Disjointed Look

Achieve this by weaving back some hair and dropping some braids at the sides.

  1. Wavy Hair

While the texture of this hairstyle might not be thick, it still has enough texture to make it outstanding.

  1. Slicked Braids

Weave the braids backward and leave them dropping a little inch below the nape of the neck.

  1. Short Ponytail

Recreate the traditional long ponytail by using this shorter version with braided sides.

  1. Leave Some Space

If you’re looking at having some space, consider styling this Havana Twist hairdo.

  1. Middle Part

While this leaves space in the middle, it also attracts attention with the weaved sides.

  1. Wavy Weaves

Combine the waves and slick back hairdo variations to pull off this look.

  1. Let it drop

Allow the thick braids to drop down the sides without much effort.

  1. Cute Havana Twist

There’s no doubt that this is a fascinating look and you’ll want to show it off after styling.

  1. Long Fringe

This style entails to throwing the fringe hairdo across the face and letting it drop further down the face.

  1. Bun + Long Braids

While the bun hairstyle sits proudly at the top, consider rolling the thick braids across the shoulders.

  1. Rounded Braids

The secret to this is rolling the braids across the crown and dropping them at the sides.

  1. Short Bun + Dropping Braids

Rock a short bun hairstyle at the top and finish with medium braids at the sides.

  1. Long Side Braids

Bring the braids to the sides and keep the length longer than expected.

  1. Rolled into One

Gather the thick braids into one portion at the top of the crown.

  1. Wavy Ponytail

Slick back the extra volume and secure with a hair band.

  1. Mixed Hairdo

Consider adding a touch of gold in some braids and combine it with the black strands.

  1. The Quiff Inspiration

The quiff hairstyle is exquisite and certainly looks good with Havana Twists.

  1. Dropping Twists

For adventurous women, this style can be what you need to boost your confidence.

  1. Long and Curvy

Rock your Havana Twist with long and curvy braids that stop a few inches down the shoulder.

  1. Bold Braids

Make a fashion statement with your bold and long braids.

  1. Sassy Look

Adopt this style if you want to make a bold fashion statement at no cost.

  1. Captivating Havana Twist

When you style your hair this way, you’ll certainly attract attention.

  1. Figure it Out

Leave people wondering about how you were able to get this style done.

  1. Volume at the Sides

Question the status quo of the Havana Twist hairdo by styling voluminous braids to the sides.

  1. Exquisite Braids

Allow the braids to drop in an easy manner. It’ll do you a world of good if the length drops way down below the shoulders.

  1. Braids with a Touch of Glam

Get to the next level of your fashion statement by getting this fascinating Havana Twist done.

  1. Textured Tips

Allow the rest of the thick braids to drop from the top before finishing the job by texturing the tips or each of the braids.

  1. All-around Texture

Don’t miss out on this offer. Texturing all the braids not only brings forth an intriguing look but also enhances the longevity of the hairdo.

  1. Middle Part + Side Braids

Toss one portion of the braids to a side, leave a parting at the middle of the hair, and roll the other portion of the braids towards the crown.

  1. Medium Quiff

Rock a short quiff hairdo and complement it by running thick braids across the strands at the top.

  1. Large Cornrows

Get this done in no time and allow some strands to drop by the sides.

  1. Braids of many Colours

The purple colours in the braids combine with the black variations to offer you a captivating Havana Twist.

  1. Look Good without Effort

You can really look good without effort when you opt for this Havana Twist hairdo.

  1. Round and Dropping Braids

Roll the strands to the back and let some drop by the sides.

  1. Disoriented Look

This style looks great for women that love adventure.

  1. Coloured Twists

The purple colour is indeed cool and you’ll love it on your hair.

  1. Thick and Bold

This intriguing style will leave your admirers gaping at you.

  1. Slim and Fitted

If you don’t love it big, you may want to try your hands on the slim variation of the Havana Twist.

  1. Fitted Twists

This Havana hairstyle looks good on oval faces and you have to part the braids to each side to get it done.

  1. Impressive Twists

With little effort, your hair stylist can pull off this look for you.

  1. Short Braids

Keeping it short can be a good idea. So, do that with your Havana Twist and be glad you did.

  1. Long Braids + Texture

Add glamour to your hair by integrating the Havana Twist hairdo and finish with long braids.

  1. Middle Part + Coloured Twists

Do you love colour and space on your hair? Get this style done today!

  1. Bold Statement

This is not for everyone as it is exclusive to women that love adventure.

  1. Cropped Twists

Crop the braids and keep within the premise of your shoulder length.

  1. Bob Marley Style

Become the next reggae maestro and get in the groove of the music with this style.

  1. Trendy Twists

Stand a chance to trend on social media and the real world with this captivating Havana Twist hairdo.

  1. Shoulder Length

This style is modest when it passes the shoulder by a few inches.

  1. One Aside

Pull off this amazing look by rolling some braids through the back and tossing a good volume to one side.

  1. Cute Havana Twist

This style is nice and drops at the sides with short braids.

  1. Medium Bun

Short buns are good but medium lengths with dropping braids are exquisite.

  1. Thick and Cute

Aside from the thick locks at the sides, the tiny lines of braids make this style unique.

  1. Flashy Braids

Spin heads with this amazing Havana Twist hairdo.

  1. Curved Havana Twist

The style curves a few inches from the top and tests below the shoulders.

  1. Bold and Beautiful

In addition to the beauty of the wearer, the bold braids also make a fashion statement.

  1. Adjoined Braids

When the rolled twists join with the dropping fades at the sides, you’re sure of getting an exquisite look.

  1. Lengthy Twists

Keep pushing until your locks get as long as this.

  1. Side Part + Long Braids

Get the best of both worlds by parting the side and maintaining long twists.

  1. Twists with Details

Add some beads to your braids to make it look colourful.

  1. Side Toss

Toss some strands to the side the next time you go for styling.

  1. Side and Back Toss

You can also try your hands on this style by tossing some strands to the back and side.

  1. Side Part + Dropping Braids

Let the thick braids drop while you create a distinguished look with a side part.

  1. Thick with a Difference

The thickness of this style is the selling point and you may consider getting one.

  1. Big Braids

The braids are big and you’ll need enough hair extension to pull it off.

  1. Slicked Back

Roll back the volume at the top and leave some by the side.

  1. Part to the Side

You might also want to toss the hair to both sides of the face.

  1. Messy Hairdo

This style is all about adventure. Trick onlookers into believing that your strands are cute until they spot the messy finish at the end.

  1. Parallel Braids

The thick braids are of the same level and you’ll love this.

  1. Clean Cornrows

Do things your way by slicking back the weaves and finishing with two cornrows.

  1. Captivating Havana Hairdo

Draw attention to yourself when you step out with this style.

  1. For Kids

Kids can also benefit from Havana Twist hairdo and this style is cool for them.

  1. Bare Front

Leave the front bare and finish the look with a drop of strands at the sides.

  1. Captivating Cornrows

There’s no doubt that you’ll draw attention with this intriguing cornrow hairdo.

  1. Havana Ponytail

Yes, you can make your Havana Twist into a ponytail and this is how to do it.

  1. High Bun

Gather weaved braids and prop them into a bun hairstyle.

  1. Make it Count

Although this doesn’t rest on the shoulders, you can still make your Havana Twist hairdo count by choosing this style.

  1. Long Fringe

Get your fringe hairdo across your face and secure the top with a hair band.

  1. Get in the Groove

Allow yourself to be free of all worries. Rock this hairdo and feel the inspiration to dare for more.

  1. All Shades of Grey

You may not have all the volume but you can add colours to enhance the appearance of your Havana Twist hairdo.

  1. High Bun + Braids

Tilt the twists high and finish with thick braids at the sides.

  1. Cornrows + Bun +Braids

Talk about a classy hairdo and you have it in the trio of slicked back cornrows, bun, and braids at the shoulders.

  1. Large Cornrows + Ponytail

Make the best out of your hair by rolling back the cornrows to the crown, before it progresses further as a ponytail.

  1. Artistic Cornrows

A hair stylist with an imaginative mind can offer you this look without hassles.


Frequently Asked Questions

Some women wonder about the prospects of installing Havana Twists. Read further to find answers to some of these pressing questions about the hairstyle.

How long should the Twists last?

It takes an average of 3-6 weeks before you get rid of your Havana Twist.

Does twisting my hair help it grow longer?

Yes, it can, especially when you suffer from hair loss.

What do the two strands do?

They serve as protection for the hair by minimizing hair damage and promoting hair growth.

Can the strands twist into dreads?

After sometime, the two strands characterizing Havana Twists tend to loosen and begin to take the shape of dreadlocks.


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