69 Easy and Elegant Headband Braid Hairstyles for Everyone!


Women of all ages have loved headband braids. There is no way that you haven’t heard of this famous hairdo! You can see how these braids can work for a casual school day and also work as hairstyle for a special occasion! You can wear this to your wedding as well. If you need some hairstyle inspiration, you can go through this collection of braids and choose that one that works for you the most! Be experimental and try on things that you have not tried on before as well. This will help you look different!

Here we have collected the best of the headband style braids! You can find something for yourself if you are looking for a casual style or even a full-on glam look! These hairdos work for weddings as well. If you are looking to create a hairstyle for your kids, you will find those here too! Whether it is the elegance you want or the spunk, you will find everything you need all in this article! These hairstyles work for women of all ages too! You can check out these 69 stunning and easy to do headband braids down below!

Special bridal braids

When you are about to be a bride, you are trying to look you best for sure! Getting your hairstyle right is a big part of your preparations for sure. Here is a bold braided look that will suit every bride perfectly!

headband braid

Double braided bun

If you are a fan of braided looks, then you know that one braid is never enough! Here we have a doubled up version that you are sure to love! Leave some section of hair up front and place the twists at a certain distance!

The front headband braid

The best place to keep your braids is at the front for sure! These headband braids are the elegant addition to your hair that you can wear to any occasion! Tug on them a bit to make them appear bigger!

Intricate designed braided hairdo

There are hairstyles with designs that are special! These big braids and voluminous braids are sure to entice you! These braids make the list of the looks to try when you want to stand out in the crowd.

French braided headband hairdos

There are many types of braids that you can get for your hairstyles! The French braids can be just the thing you need to make you look flawless. You can complete this look in minutes once you get the hang of it!

The charming headband braid

There is no doubt that these hairstyles are adorable and lovable. These are time-saving and are flattering for all face shapes. Make sure you keep the braids secured tightly to keep them in place!

Fuller braids

If you have thin hair or want to make your braids appear more prominent, and give them that healthy look, you can pull the sides of these twists! The look you end up with is sure to please you! Here is an option that we recommend for all teenagers!

Blonde hues

Blonde is a color that no one can take their eyes off of! Stylists have used these shades for a long time! The braids you try on with this hair color will pop out. Choose to get bangs as well to achieve a look like this!

Wavy braids on top!

There are designs that you can create with these braids. They look unique and alluring for sure! If you have colored hair, the lighter sections are sure to pop out the most! The dark shades here have acted as the perfect base!

Headband braid with curls!

If you like to add some texture to your hair, you can add curls to your hair. The lower sections of hair can look fuller when you add some waves to them. Get the look like the one here by mere use of some styling equipment!

Alyssa Milano’s braided hair

Alyssa Milano is an American Actress, and here she manages to carry off this headband braid look gracefully. You can see how her middle-parted hairstyle has worked well with her full attire! The brown hair here has the perfect blonde highlights added to it as well!

Thicker braids

When you have thicker hair, you can get these thicker and fuller looking braids like the ones here! The dark hues here have that depth and dimension to them as well. The volume on top here has added the needed density to the look.

Low pony hairstyle

Ponytails are one of the most comfortable and easy hairstyles that women of all ages can wear. The braids here in this look are slim, and the low pony makes this one perfect for the youngsters! You can get faux braids like these easily in the market as well!

Romantic Hairstyle

There is a romantic vibe to the hairstyle here! The headband braids are lighter in color than the full hair. This has made the whole look softer and feminine! Add some slight waves on the base here to make this look a perfect option for date nights!

Picture Perfect Hairdo!

When we look at this hairstyle, we can’t help but think this belongs to a magazine. The twists on the front are sleek, and the ends have been rounded up and pinned in place! The whole look is picture perfect and is undoubtedly a must try hairstyle for every girl!

Contrasting Colors In Ponytail

The play of dark and light shades here is what makes this hairstyle stand out! The blonde hues work well with the deep brunette. This combination gives the best of both worlds to you! The sections here are intricate as well. The high pony is a flattering addition too!

Bun for thick hair

Headband braids can make the perfect front for the basic bun hairdos. If you have thick hair, the bun will be more prominent as well. If you do not have such luscious hair naturally, then you can add hair extensions to get a fuller look!

Straight Hair

Everyone has loved Sleek, smooth hair. You can see how the headband braids here make all the difference in this look! The brownish hues work great for all skin tones. It can also add the needed warmth to pale skin!

Exquisite hairstyle

The hair and makeup combined makes this look an exquisite one! The small twisted section of headband braid here has added grace and elegance to the hair! You can see how the volume added to the hair gives a healthier vibe to the hair.

Loose or tied up?

When you get the headband braids on, you can leave the rest of the hair loose or keep them in a low ponytail. It all depends on the way you like to style your hair. Whether you want to keep them free or tie them up, solely depends on you!

Eye-catching Braids

These wave-like braids are eye-catching and alluring! You can wear this look for any special occasion. If you are a bridesmaid, you can surely sport this look. It has the needed finesse and grace to it that works for such formal events!

Summer hairstyle

Summers are the best time to try on new and exciting hairstyles. Here is a headband braid that you can wear all summer long to beat the heat while looking trendy! This works best for younger kids who have medium length of hair!

Special occasion

When you need to attend a special occasion, you surely want to look you best. This hairdo here works best for such specific events. The rolled up bun at the base here makes this an elegant choice for women of all ages!

Medium hair

Are you stuck between the long and short hair length? Then do not worry, for we have the best hairstyle for you right here! Here we have the headband braid that is pinned gracefully at the back. Get this relaxed look and slay it at the next event you go to!

Braided-look for short hair

When you have short hair, you usually think that updos are not feasible for you! That is a myth for sure because we have a look for you here! You can try on this loosely done headband braid and put it into a special looking updo!

Glowing look

The headband braid here are shiny and have the healthy hair vibe to it! You can see how the correct makeup can round up a look. The braids here are sleek, but the rest of the hair is a bit ruffled. These elements surely work well together!

Short Styles

If you have short hair that reaches the nape of your neck, this is the one for you! You can wear this look for a day out with your friends. This works for all hair textures and is sure to make you look fresh and youthful.

Tight braids

Get your headband braid on tight to make sure that no hair peeks out. Hair poking out can make the hairdo look untidy and unpolished. Add hairspray to tame the hair down and achieve a well put together look.

Katy Perry’s hair

Katy Perry is a style icon for sure, and many follow her hairstyle as soon as she tries them on! Her take on the headband braid here is perfect if you have such dark hair as well. The middle part adds the needed transition here!

Full frontal braids

Braids at the front steal the attention here and immediately make us wowed by the whole attire! This look can work for moms and daughters as well. You can wear this look for a mother-daughter paired photoshoot for a cute look!

Tiny detailed braid

When you try on a messy and casual bun, you can add on a perfectly detailed element of twists on top to make things look contrasting and balanced! The tiny three strand simple braids have been tightly done and sit gracefully to make the hairstyle stand out!

Captivating look

If you decide to wear this hairstyle, you are surely going to look fabulous. The curls on the back add the texture and volume needed to the hair. The three strands braids have been used here and placed securely on the front!

Fishtail braids pinned back

One of the most intricate braids is the fishtail one for sure! You can twist the front section of your hair and use smaller parts to make the details pop out!

Selena Gomez’s look

Many teenagers have copied the soft and youthful look of Selena Gomez! Her hairstyles are always on point and have that simplistic vibe to them! Here is one headband braid that she has carried off adorably!

Headband braid with bangs

Bangs are the perfect addition to your headband braid especially if you have a high forehead! You can see how the bangs conceal the forehead and with it all fine lines that you may have on there!

Soft braids

This look here is captivating and has that smooth, everyday vibe to it as well. No matter what hair length you have, you can try this on to look gorgeous! Make the sections you take clean to make it look neat!

Everyday look

Wear this as you head to your college or for a day out with your friends! There are long full frontal bangs here, and the nice twists here are adding the needed definition to the hair!

Pretty and Polished

Everyone wants to look beautiful for sure. But not all of us have the time to sit down and complete new hairstyles each day! You can opt for this look right here to look polished daily!

Clean sectioned hair

Here we have an immaculate section in the middle of the head here! This section here is neat and divides that hair into two parts! The first half has the headband style braids, and the latter is tied up into a bun!

Keep it simple

Do not complicate things with too many details! You can keep things plain and simple and opt to only have a braided section on the front! Wear your natural hair with this look for a relaxed vibe!

Contrasting colors

Use dark and light colors to create a different combination. The dark brown shades are placed on the base and the bright blonde on top. This helps make the braids pop out even more!

Crown Braids

This look here has been sported by celebs and models as well! You can see why this look has gained so much popularity! The braids are placed on the front, and they look like a crown. It is a feminine look.

Multiple twists

There are varied braids here placed on top of a majestic bun. The twisted section lies in between the two regular braids, and the whole look has an approachable vibe to it! The bangs are well styled too!

Celeb Hairdos

We always are stunned by the looks that celebs wear to special occasions! No matter what hairstyle they try on, it creates a stir in public for sure! Here we have Kaley Cucao and Dianna Agron, and they are fabulous in these braided hairdos!

Add flowers to it!

Flowers can make any hairstyle look more feminine and festive. You can see how the pink flowers here added to the bun makes the hair look graceful and is perfect to wear in any event!


The braids here go all the way around and are secured to form a striking look. The highlights here are stunning as well. This is one of our top recommendations for bridesmaid and flower girls on a wedding day!

Braided updo

Updos are one elegant and graceful choice of hairstyle. You do need to try on this look once in your life! They will be hassle-free and is undoubtedly going to be an easy one for you to try!

Stunning hair

The wavy hair looks striking here. The golden locks are helping the braids to shine through here. The whole look has a soft vibe to it, and you can wear this for your big day as well!

Nina Dobrev’s style

The Vampire Diaries star has tried her hands in almost every kind of hairdo! If you follow her looks, you will see her style is more on the trendy and youthful side! Get this cheerful hairdo of hers today!

Get creative

You can try on many designs with your braids. You can get your inspiration from this look here! Try your hand on this hairdo and create a look that suits you the best!

The volume

You can see how the hair on the crown section here has a lot of volumes! You can achieve this look by backcombing the hair and setting it with a strong hairspray!  Add slight waves to the hair to create some texture!

Fake headband braid

If you are in a hurry, you are surely not going to want to braid your hair in sections! To get the perfect braids, you need to be precise, and that might take a lot of time! Try getting fake braids instead to get the look in a matter of minutes.

Front row braided look

Take the front section of hair, braid it, and pin it at the back. Use the hair on the other side to hide these braids. You are surely going to love this easy to do hairdo!

Mature Look

These hairstyles have no age bar and work for women of all ages. No matter what type of braids you choose, you will look stunning! The twisted braids here are easy to do, and the finished look is sleek and polished!

Toddler hairdo

As we said earlier, there is no bar to age to try on this hairdo! There are options for toddlers as well here. These are going to come in handy when you need to style your kid for her special event!

Classic hairdo

These hairstyles are not a discovery for sure! They have been in style for a long time, and the classic look here is sure to entice you! These braids work well with the curly hair. The shine here is attractive as well!

Flyaway in short hair

When you have short hair, and you try on braided hairdos, there are going to be flyaways for sure! When you get these braids, you need to use hairspray on to tame the small baby hairs.

Easy hairstyle

When you are in college, you are looking for ways to look fresh and beautiful! There are a lot of hairstyles for you to try on! This is an easy option for all you teens out there who have little time to get ready!

Red carpet looks

Celebs have been wearing this look in red carpet appearances for a long time! They are versatile enough to be worn to an exciting event and a casual day out as well!

Soft Styles

There are more delicate braids here, and the whole look has a bright outlook to it! You can try this one on and get all the praises for your braiding skills!

Crown with small braids

This look here is majestic and eye-catching! The smaller twists are bound together to create a crown-like an appearance. These criss-crossed sections are looking great and are a must try for all of you who have braided hair!

By reaching the end here, we are sure that you have found all the inspiration you need. Try on these feminine, flirty hairstyles and look the best you can! They are time-saving as well as easy to do! Anyone can learn how to do these braids in a matter of minutes. With some practice, you can perfect these hairdos and be an expert in no time!

If you found this article to be helpful in your quest to search for the perfect headband braid, give us a thumbs up! Share this article with others who are a fan of such graceful hairdos too! Make sure you write to us about your experiences with these looks in the comments section below.

We look forward to hearing your thought! Stay with us for more on fashionable hairstyles and other exciting topics! Till next time, this is a wrap!


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