101 Highlights for Brown Hair That Are Fab For This Season!


Are you now thinking about dialing back the colors and sticking to something casual? Then you can try wearing the highlights for brown hair and enjoy the subtleness of the locks. This is one way to make yourself feel confident and get that classy look. There is a reason this color is loved by so many. You can say that this is a perfect combination that works for all skin tones. We are showing you how you can get the brown hair and take it to the next level by adding on highlights. Find ways to make the style work for you here.

We made sure to add the images that can give you more idea of what to expect. You can add on the textures and colors you want to your locks and make them pop! There are all kinds of styles of coloring that we showed up here. You can get a brief idea of all the styles that are gaining popularity and will continue to do so with this article. So make sure you take the time to analyze these ideas and make the choice that you are comfortable with. Take help from your stylist to make the decision.

Here are 101 stunning highlights for brown hair that you need to pay attention to soon!

On the lighter side

Are you not into things that add depth to your hair too much? Then you can try out the lighter shade of the same hues and enjoy the way the colors light up your skin. You may not know it, but the use of the correct hues can really bring out the most of your undertones and also make your eye color pop! Check out our selection of the light highlights on brown hair right here. We are sure you will be inspired by the range we are showcasing!

highlights for brown hair Light brown on dark brown!

If you are looking for natural highlights for dark brown hair, then your search can end here! There are shades here that merge the dark and lighter hues together to make the cut. You can add on the depth with the deeper shades and make them look dimensional with the lighter tones. We are sure these are the ones to try out if you are looking to get a boost of color and make an impression. The play of hues show off more when you add texture and volume.

Hints of blonde highlights for brown hair

In this section, we are showing you some brown hair with blonde highlights and lowlights. You can get the locks to show off your inner personality. Style them as you like and add on as much volume and texture as you prefer. And the colors that seem to work out well for anyone is the mix of blonde and brown.  Adding the lighter shade of the former on any tone of brown can add life to your locks. Check out some options that we found to be adorable.


Caramel tones on highlights for brown hair

Caramel shades go very well with brown hair. These are the shades that can make anyone look good. You can take a hint of the color and add them on as highlights that are thin. And if you want to make them seem more evident, you can get chunkier sections and add the hues them. There are some casual shades in here and we are showing you the ones you can choose. Try out a wig of the same hue if you want to see how it seems!

The game of highlights for brown hair

Adding on highlights to the hair is a fun and simple way to make any hairstyle shine. You can see that the addition of any color of a lighter intensity to the dark brown can amplify everything. The play of these colors show off the intensity and adds dimension as well. Here you can check out how to use the length of your hair and use it to your advantage. Use the portion of the hair that you want as well; it can be the top or the bottom half!

From the top

Highlighting is a fun game and you can take it to any level! There are some casual colors that can go on to a whole new level when you add on a lighter shade. Take sections from the top and color them till you reach the bottom. The light brown mixed in with the blonde can define your hair perfectly. Try it out once and you will get hooked on to the color for sure. Here is an idea to follow if you need inspiration.

The one for dark hair

When you have dark hair, you need to add on some form of lighter tones to it to make it pop! Otherwise, you will get a dull color that shows off a boring personality. There has to be a hint of light on the locks if you desire to get the perfect color contrast. In dark hair, you can see the only depth and no shine and dimension. So add on any shade of brown and you are set! If you want, you can also go with blonde hues.

Blonde mixed in with highlight for brown hair

The colors that seem to attract everyone all the time seems to be brown and blond! These are the shades that are loved by all as they can be molded to look good on anyone. There are shades that you can match you to the undertones of your skin. There are color charts to help you do that. And if not, you can also wear wigs of the same color and see what looks good on you. Here are some options that we found interesting with the blend of blonde and brown.

Only the front sections!

There are many styles to highlights for blonde hair. And the ones that we are loving is the blonde that gets added on to the front section of the hair. When you add on these shades, they can frame your face and they can also add the needed light. Most girls love the idea of such coloring. They are usually short length hairstyles with waves added on them that look good. The technique of coloring needs to be handled by a professional in this context.

The choice for highlights for brown hair

When it comes to brown hair, there are so many ways to add on that light streak. The one that we love is the use of bold streaks of blues and reds for sure. They are different than anything else and make an impression too. But if you are a fan of muted colors that is comfortable, go for a lighter shade of blonde and brown. These can be the best choices as they flatter almost all skin. Ask your stylist to help you out and you should be ready in no time!

Colors that are compatible!

The choice to highlight can make or break your look. When you check out the colors, you know that they can be better for you or flush the colors on your face. This is not what you want when you get colored. Here are some options that you can try out if you want highlights on brown hair. Choose the intensity and the lightness of the colors properly so that the merge seems classy! The options you have are unlimited for sure. Wear it with confidence and you are set!

Salon styled highlights for brown hair

There is a technique to the highlighting portion of any hair color. Thus it is best if you head on to the salon to get it done. You do not need to get the hassles of getting if colored yourself at home. It can be laborious at times and it may not come out the same as well. So choose the hairstylist that you can trust and get it done. We compiled some well-done colored hair from salons and bought it for you. Check them out and you can look great!

Perfect for all occasions

When you have highlights for brown hair, you can be ready for all occasions without doing much! There are some nice options here and you can see how well they look. You can get the same style in a matter of minutes. The texture in the hair is what makes the most impact on the viewer. So work on getting that needed volume and get it going. You can head on to your date or to a fun day out with these hairstyles. Go through them in this section.

Rose gold tones on brown hair

Rose gold has to be the color that works for all seasons. They are the best hair color ideas that can give you a girly touch. It can be the perfect shade to try on when you want to match up to fall. You are sure to get the girl next door look when you get this look on yourself. If your desire is to get that red tone on your hair, you can lean more towards the darker side too. Here you can see how it looks on dark hair!

Adding needed texture

Coloring your hair need not be the only thing you do for the hair to make it look good. You also need to make the most of the length and add on the body to the hair. No matter what color you choose, you can make it stand out with these styles! Take out your hair styling tool and create curls. After that, you can run your fingers through your hair and then make them loose. This trick can help you get that natural effortless wavy hair. We have some stunning styles here!

Playing it boldly with highlights for brown hair

When you have some colors that make a bold appeal, you need to take a chance and try them on! There is no gain without taking a bit of risk. So check out these awesome colors and see if you like them. Here are some edgy shades like the use of dark bluish-green here. You can also add reds on the hair. This can be mixed in with the blonde and the black. You can also find more of such fantastic ideas in this collection out here.

Perfect highlights for brown hair

They say that perfection needs a lot of attention to detail. And for that, you also need to have a lot of time in hand. When you invest your time and money, you can get the best results for sure. And so is the case for most things. You need to do the same to get that ever so perfect look in your hair. look at the images we set aside for you and you can try it when you feel like it!

Approachable celeb hairstyles

Checking out the latest trend that comes on is one of the best things to do. And the way to do that is by checking out the celebs that we see popular! They try on new and fun hairstyles and we tend to love the way they carry it off. But most of the time they are the styles that we cannot dream of trying on for us! They are too extravagant and they cannot be the best thing for everyone! Here Kim has on a look that we can try though.

Chunkier sections of blonde hues

Have you ever thought of getting chunky highlights and lowlights for brown hair? If not then you can check out any of these hairstyles and then decide! There are some stunning ways to get the hair to look thicker. All you need to do is take a thicker section of the hair and color them in different hues. This can make your hair look extra special! Use the shades that are bright and you can achieve a vibrant hue! Here are some ways to get that done!

Just a hint of colors

There are some colors on this collection that only show a speck of themselves. They are not too loud and it looks like there is not a lot of effort put in to make an impression.

Highlights for brown hair with medium length

Not sure if you should try out the short hair or stick to the longer on? Then you can try out the best of these hairstyles with highlights for brown hair. They are of medium length and thus are perfect for anyone! We made sure to collect the ones that are attractive and also approachable so that you can make an informed decision. These are great for all events so you are set for years!

Loved by teens

There are so many highlights for light brown hair that are loved by youngsters. These are the best hairdos that are popular among young ladies. Here we are showing you the back view of some light and some dark hues on the tresses. You are sure to be attracted towards this section of the hairstyle. Keep them on your list to try out this year. Then you can get the hair perfect for all of your Instagram posts! You can bring out the best in you with these!

Waves in highlights for brown hair

Waves and curls are great and they can frame the face too. These are the best styles to try out for women of any age! The reason being they add that effortless look to any woman’s hair! You need to take time and put in the effort if you want to look this good! But once you do it for a few weeks, you can get used to the idea. After which it will only take a couple of minutes to get this done! So you can get that wave to look fantastic!

Options to check out

Not made a choice yet? Then there is no need to worry. There are some cool options here and you can still find the one that can make you look great! Check it out in this section and we are sure something will come up! These are the most pinned hairstyles on most popular social media sites as well. So you can try them without feeling like you are not following the trend! Here are the best ones that we adored in this section. Use the same colors and cut to get a similar look this season.

Short bob hairstyles to wear

Short hair will always be trendy. There is no denying that there are some shades and cuts that go well together to form a fabulous look and this is it! There are no other colors that are as stunning as the play of black and brown. Check out the tones you can get on board with if you have bob as well. We kept close a few of our favorite ideas in here and you are sure to love the hues!

Show them off!

If you go through the cost and the hassles of hair coloring, you need to be proud of it! You can take the time to style them and get comfortable with it. And after that it is time to flaunt away! Make sure you use the combination of style and colors that makes you feel the best. There are no shades and cuts that you cannot pull off if you carry it off with an attitude. So check out the options we have and head on to trying it!

For straight hair

These are our collection of the best brown hair with highlights straight options out there. You can see how the sleek nature of the hair shows the shine of these colors. This is best for when you want to show off the intensity of the hues and the coloring technique out in your locks. Check out the one that we found worth sharing with you guys. You are sure to want to recreate this look for a day out with friends. This balayage brown is perfect for any woman!


Long hair and highlights for brown hair

There are some dark hair ideas here that can go well with long hair. The hair that falls on the longer side of the scale can be charming for a lot of age groups. When you have such a big space to work with, you can get them colored in any hue. Here we have a lot of dark brown hair on the base. Then it has been topped off with a lighter shade of brown or blonde. These are the styles to get on board with this season.

Choosing a hair color can be a hard thing for most beginners. The excitement that comes with the coloring process is what makes it worth it though. We can assure you that once you get them done, you can get the perfect style to show off for years! There are a lot of ideas that we presented in this compilation. These will surely come in handy when you want to amp up your look. Keep them save up on your cell phone and ask around to check if it will look good. You can take this up to your stylist or even your friends to decide!

There are more than a hundred options out here. So no matter what color of brown hair with highlights and lowlights entices you, you are sure to find something to try out in this article. Take the time and choose the colors that flatter your skin tone. Make the eye color pop as well with these hues on your locks. Before you get it done though, make sure to chop off the layers on your hair. This can keep the shape of your hair looking fine once you are done with the glossy shades. We hope you found this compilation to be helpful in choosing the one for you!


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