99 Stunning Inverted Bob Hairstyles to Try This Season


Bob hairstyles were one of the trendiest looks followed by millions of people around the globe! They are perfect for any hair texture and have a bright outlook on them! An inverted bob is a great option if you are looking for a sleek and stylish hairstyle. There are sharp lines in this bob, and it is shorter on the back and has longer layers as you reach the front! These layers frame the face well and are cut at an angle to give an edge to the look.

You can do a lot with your inverted bob hairstyles. You can see why these looks were most talked about in 2018. They suit all face shapes and add the needed touch of elegance to the hair! You can keep them short or long as you like! There are color options for sure that you can try on. Keep styling your hair in various textures whether you want your locks sleek or in waves and enjoy the perks of great hair!

Here are the trendiest inverted bob hairstyles to try on this season!

The bold blue look

The blue hair has been a rage among everyone for a long time now! These dark blue hues here are perfect for every woman who wants to try on a fun and bold look! This tones in this color are perfect for all skin tones as well!

inverted bob

Get the volume

When you get a bob, you surely do want some volume on your hair. To get it naturally on you, make sure you cut your hair in layers at the areas you wish to some lifted hair! If you are not a fan of layers, you can surely get the volume by styling!

Wavy texture and sleek style with bangs

No matter what kind of texture you prefer, your inverted bob will look great in each form. There are a lot of elegant hair options for those who prefer beautiful hair. If you like to add body to your hair, go for these wavy hairstyles!

The perfect layers

Layers in the hair make a lot of difference in your look. Your hair needs to look perfect as you get them cut into short sections. To create an angular bob, you need to have a clean cut. Make sure you have them done by a stylist you trust.

Bright blond hair color

A lot of women has loved this ash blonde hues. You can amplify the tones and tinges of this color and make it suit your skin tone. Add some flair to your inverted bob, by going for a bright hair color like this!

Shoulder length bob

Check out these long layers of frontal hair on this bob right here! The hair goes all the way up to the chest. This hair will give you enough length to work it into a bun or some other hairstyles. If you are not comfortable with short hair, this is the one for you!

Summer hairdo

You need short hair on those hot summer days when you can’t tolerate having long hair! This bob is the one for you to try this summer. You can see how glamorous this look is. Try this one, and you will love it!

Classic undercut auburn hair

Auburn hair is the perfect mix between the reds and browns. These colors here are suitable for all skin tones. You can see how these hues remind us of the fall! There are clean cuts in this haircut that add to the whole look.

Turquoise blue under blonde hair

You can add a lot of flair into your hair by trying on a bold hue of color! The turquoise blue shade here will not only make your hair stand out but also add that needed edge to your hair!


Irrespective of the length you keep your hair, you can add layers in to make them pop out! Having a lot of layers into your hair can add needed volume and also make your hair look fuller and thicker.

Dark Hair

Dark black hair has the intensity to be captivating. If you have such hair, then you are undoubtedly lucky. There are a million ways you can style your bob in a dark hue like this. If you want to make it stand out, go for sharp layers at the front!

Mature look

Bob haircut is suitable for all ages of women. Your age will never be a barrier to wear a hairstyle such as this one here! There are many options of this hairstyle that you can try on and here are some to inspire you.

Keeping It Short!

You can keep your hair as short as you like them. Here is a short inverted bob for you to try on. The edges lay near to the ears, and it has a youthful vibe to it!

Tapered ends

Taper all the layers of your hair at the back to make sure that your hair has a fluffier look to it. You can see that placing the sections of hair here at the back makes for a stylish look.

Volume on top

Add some volume on top by some minimal effort. You can add layers to the back of your bob to get this look. Otherwise, you can also use your blowdryer to add the needed bulk to your hair.

Trimming sessions

When you try on hairstyles like the inverted bob, you need to maintain a good trimming session for your hair. As your hair grows, these strands will be uneven, and so you need to get them trimmed to keep it looking perfect.

Rounded at the back

If you fully add volume to your hair, you will end up with a rounded up look. You can get an idea of how your hair will look in this style right here. Choose this option for a fuller look.

Messy Ruffled hair

Ruffled hair has a very messy appearance. Many hairstyles like this are getting trendy, and you can try this one too! The waves need to be ruffled with your hands to achieve this look.

Strict base

This hairstyle has a very stiff vibe to it! You can see how well this look has been put together. The hair has no layers here, and the edges have been rolled inwards to achieve this look.

Gorgeous waves

Waves are an excellent addition to make your hair look healthier and fluffier! You can see how these textures will enhance the shape of your inverted bob!

Long Hair option

Getting your hair cut into short layers or short length can be a daunting experience for many. We do understand that it can be scary! For all those of you who are scared to try the shorter version, here are some longer versions of inverted bob to inspire you.

Laid back look

When you need to have a relaxing day for yourself and need your hair to behave, this is the one to try on. The simple, laid back option here is for those lazy days in the week!

Red Tinges

We adore how much passion this color shows off. These hues are loved by many, and you can try them on as a highlight color as well.

Transcending layers

When you try on your angled bob or inverted bob, you will get these beautiful cascading layers. You can wear this look for any event, and they suit all hair textures as well!

Brown locks

Browns are such earthy tones. You are surely going to be in love with some of these brownish hues when you look at these pictures. Try on a color that suits your skin tone and slay the look.

Beautiful bob

Bob is a lovely look for any face shape. It happens to be a universally flattering look if you do it right! This one right here is a stunning look to try on for young girls.

Sharp Layers

There are clear cut sharp layers in this look right here. The inverted bob has an added edge to it because of these layers. You can keep the ends as long as you want. Make sure you get the layers up front done well by a stylist.

Party Look

You are ever ready for any event with this inverted bob. Your layers will stay in place and make you look polished each day. Get ready for a party in an instant with these perfectly colored and styled inverted bob.

Fuller hair

Your hair will appear fuller when you try on layered hairstyles like this angled bob here. Such hairstyles will look great even if you have thin hair. Add colors to your hair as you like to add dimensions and depth to your locks!

Retro look

Certain hairstyles remind us of the times gone by. The hair right here makes us nostalgic! These bob hairstyles were popular back in the days and have made a great comeback!

Well styled

You can style your hair to make it appear better and look polished as well. There are slight waves here and there, and the hair color has undoubtedly made an impact. An inverted bob looks fantastic when you add a bit of texture to it!

Polished look

Opt for a polished look and try on this inverted bob hairstyle. It is fashionable, and the colors here are also approachable and pretty!

Everyday wear

Your bob can transition well between looking stylish for a party to looking subtle and straightforward to be worn every day! You can add a few waves and you are done. If you like a sleeker appearance, try straightening your hair. Here are a few bob hairstyles that are sure to make you feel pretty every day!

Soft Layers

If you are not a  fan of harsh layers on your hair, you can add this short minimal layers to them. There are no sharp edges to the look, and you are sure to fall in love with this one! It has a very romantic and youthful vibe to it.

Shaven at the back

Shaving your hair can surely be a difficult choice to make. You can make your hair look as daring and as bold as you want by choosing to shave certain sections off from your hair! This is for the fearless women out there, and we are sure not all of you will be excited to try this one on.

For those of you who are into such style, here are a few ideas to get inspired by for your next look!

Basic inverted bob

The basic angular bob has the perfect cascading layers to them and also has a slightly puffed up look at the back. This hairstyle here has the most simple use of colors and is the first definition of an angular bob!

Stacked Bob

Stacking the layers of your hair on top of one another can add a lot of density to your hair. They give off a full look, and we sure are a fan of the tapered back. You can try getting the following sections of your hair cut into layers and enjoy the puffed up look.

High layers at the back

You can see that the layers here at the end are cut at a steep angle. The shorter sections at the back have been placed high on the back, and that section has darker colors on them to accentuate the section. You can see that no matter how high or how low you go, they tend to look great!

Blunt ends

If you have had your hair cut in blunt layers, this is the style you need to try. There are many bluntly cut hair on the trend today. The highlights here are working well with the dark hair to show off the required dimension.

Violet hues

Purple or violet shades of colors are a bold choice to add to your bob. The sections here with these hues are making the hair look extra special. You can see how the brown and blonde hair gets an oomph to it with this violet section of hair.

Straight hair

Having naturally straight hair can make anyone feel envious of your locks. But if you are not blessed with such hair, it is ok too. You can use your hair straightener to add the silky and smooth texture to your hair. The bob you have on will make it look better!

Wavy textured hair

There is wavy texture to the hair here, and they add a bit of elegance and femininity to the hair. You can add the needed waves to your hair, and you can even learn how to do it online from many beauty gurus as well.

Inward Turned layers

This blonde hair looks perfect on its own. The ends here are turned inwards to create a smooth transition in the hair. You can see how soft and elegant the whole hair looks because of these ends.

Burgundy hues

The reddish dark burgundy hues here are perfect for anyone. Add the needed dimension and oomph to your hair by trying on this shade. You are sure to make your hair look extraordinary by adding these dark hues. Here are some shades that you might like!

Dark base

The darker base in any hairstyle makes the color on top pop out well. The dark black hair underneath the blonde hues is adding the needed flair to the hair. You can try this one for yourself and see why it looks so great on everyone!

Chin length hair

Opt for a shorter version of the bob and keep it closer to your chin. You can style this short look to give you a youthful vibe. No matter how short you keep them, make sure you style them to look perfect!


Curls up front

This is a long inverted bob, and we love how well it has been styled. You can see the layers here, and the hair color makes a significant distinction between the hair strands. The curled up sections of hair here are perfect for an everyday look.

Very short inverted bob

Here we have for you a bob that is very short in length. Few may be willing to keep their hair as short as this one! Your hair will be right below your ears, and you can keep the other side a little longer for that angled cut effect.

Long upfront

The section up front here is longer, and that makes the hair look like it has a lot of length on its own. The way the hair slightly falls on your shoulders here are perfect, and it needs just a bit of time for you to get this look.

Rainbow Hues

Women are not afraid to play with vibrant colors in today’s time. There are plenty of women who have been seen wearing this rainbow hues on their hair in recent times. You can see how the pinks, oranges and the purples are shining in this hairstyle.

Stylish appeal

There are distinct waves to this hairstyle right here, and you can see how they add the touch of glamour to the hairstyle. You can get this magnificent look with the help of an expert stylist, and the results are stunning.

Sleek layers multi-angles

Here we have dark hair with brown highlights. You can see the smooth layers of hair created here and it makes the hair look very polished. If you are not yet satisfied with the look, there are multiple angles for you to navigate them in!

Contrasting hues

Here we have an exciting play of colors. You can see the light browns and the cherry reds and these colors create a good contrast in the hair! The reds here are acting as the base here, and the browns are the highlighting shade.

Hairspray is the key!

Short hair tends to have a lot of flyaways hairs. You need to tame them down and also style your hair to keep the layers in place. The key to these issues being solved is the use of a hairspray!

Day out

This sleek side-parted inverted bob hairstyle is perfect for a day out with your friends. You can see that it looks stylish and yet is effortless!

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Gorgeous medium inverted bob

This inverted bob here is lovely, and we love how they look with these blonde hues on!

Uneven Layers

There are many uneven layers in this hairstyle here. As your bob grows, you need to make sure you trim them out so that the hair looks like it has been well cut!

Middle partition

If you are looking for an inverted bob with a way to chisel out your face with your hair, opt for a central partition, and it will have a slimming effect!

Pink Hair

Try a bold punch of color and use the pink as your shade. These pink tones are used by a lot of stylists today. We can see celebs wearing such tinges on the red carpets as well. Try this bold shade for yourself to know what all the rage is about.

Black and blonde ombre

The ombre is a popular choice, and the black and blonde make a perfect combination!

Minimal layers

Here we have an inverted bob look with minimal layers, and you are sure to love this one!

Once you try on these inverted bob hairstyles you are going to fall in love with the easy it offers you! There are many styles that you can try on with you bob haircut. Angled bob has always been a  favorite of many celebs and stylists alike and for all the right reason! These angles can be as sharp and precise as you like them to be. They sure add a chiseled effect to your face. You need to try them once in your life for sure!

If you found this article to be helpful in your quest to search for the perfect inverted bob, give us a thumbs up! Share this article with others who are a fan of bob haircuts too! Make sure you write to us about your experiences with these hairdos in the comments section below.

We look forward to hearing your thought! Stay with us for more on fashionable hairstyles and other exciting topics! Till next time, this is a wrap!


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