Amazing Jumbo Box Braids You Can Style [118 Styles Covered]


Women are at an advantage when it comes to hairstyles because they have a wide range of hairdo to choose from. Jumbo braids are everywhere and many women are crazy about it. Whether you’re an African or from some other part of the world, you’re sure that this amazing hairstyle can sit proudly on your head.

We have made a list of 119 variations to Jumbo braids, which you can take a cue from to make your style. If you’re ready to pay your hair stylist a visit, consider styling any of the Jumbo braids below.

Jumbo + Silver Braids

With a light skin/toned body, you can rock your Jumbo braids with silver-coloured braids. There’s no doubt that you’ll spin heads when you step out with it.jumbo box braids

Long and Artistic

You may want to create a unique look that is different from the traditional Jumbo braids. Here is an inspiration to get you started.

Middle Part + Side Braids

Throw caution to the wind by tossing your braids to the sides, leaving a surgical line at the middle.

Bun + Few Braids

If you’re not into many braids, you may consider trying them at the top and leaving only a few dropping at the sides.

Tie Them Up

Just like the style in #4, you may want to take off the braids from view. Take a cue from this style and tie them at the top of the head.

Bun + Big Braids

This is a definition of excellence and class. Tie your big Jumbo braids at the top of the head to get a dignified look.

Front Braids

Bring the big-sized braids to the front to show how confident you can be with your Jumbo braids.

Wriggled Jumbo Braids

If the braids are becoming much of a burden, you may decide to wriggle them to have some space.

Big Braids by the Sides

Toss the braids to the sides and have some space in the middle of the head.

Sassy Bun + Side Braids

Make the best out of your silver-coloured hair by tying up the voluminous braids and letting some drop by the sides.

Bring it Forward

Bring the braids from the back, tie at the top, and toss the rest across the face.

Jumbo Braids + Beads

Consider adding some beads to your Jumbo braids to enhance your look and make the braids outstanding.

The Simple Look

You won’t have a hard time fixing this. Direct your stylist to keep the braids at the sides when through with the styling.

Braids with Class

Show some class and fashion creativity by adding some spiral lines to your Jumbo braids.

Ponytail Inspiration

Jumbo braids are versatile and styling into a ponytail is one of the many things you can do with it.

High Bun

Secure the braids at the top, and let some drop by the sides of the shoulders.Jumbo All the Way

It’s truly a Jumbo Braid. Keep people suspicious of who is behind the braids when you put up this stylHigh Bun + Side Braids

If you’re blessed with some volume of hair, you may want to distribute it accordingly by tying into a bun and spreading at the back and sides.

The Creative Bun

Unlike the traditional bun hairdo, this Jumbo braids-inspired look brings the bun to the front, secures it with a hair band, and distributes by the sides.

Short Bun + Braided Sides

Keep it short at the top and long by the sides.

Inspiring Look

Don’t let anyone say otherwise. Show them you love your Jumbo braids.

Side Toss

Toss the volume to a side and leave the top with some space.

Creative Jumbo Braids

If you’re into adventure and can’t wait to show the world what you’re up to, you may want to get this style.

Big Braided Bun

Show them that you have it big. Style your thick Jumbo braids into an amazing bun.

Curved Braids

This is an innovation to the Jumbo braids, which entails curving the braids at the tail end.

Flashy Braids

With this Jumbo braids, you won’t find it difficult to get every attention you crave.

Side Part + Back Braids

Bring the braids to the back and part the front with a surgical line.

Clean Braids

There ‘s no doubt that you’ll love this style because it brings out the facial features while keeping the braids short and trendy.

Back Wriggles

Wriggle the braids to get them to the back, and then leave some strands dropping onto the shoulder.

Effortless Jumbo Braids

Keep it natural and easy. Throw some braids to the back and leave some by the sides.

Rock it with Style

Throw the braids to the back and sides while leaving a side part and curly hair at the front.

Brown Bun

Get creative and use brown Jumbo braids to style your bun hairdo.

Dropping Jumbo Braids

Let the braids drop at all corners of the head; from the sides to the back.

Jumbo Braids with a Difference

Make a bold fashion statement by going for this Jumbo braids hairdo that has an alluring style.

Side Braids + Bead

While tossing the braids to the sides is a good way to start, you may want to add beads to complete the look.

Alluring Jumbo Braids

Take your creativity to the next level by styling this diversified Jumbo braids.

Purple can Go

Yes, purple Jumbo braids are the way to go and you can keep these at the sides for an alluring look.

All Back

Sometimes, you just have to question the status quo and do things your way. Throw the braids to the back for a bold fashion statement.

Middle Part + Wriggles

Leave a surgical line at the middle of the head and toss the remainder of the braids to the back and beside the ear.

Star Jumbo Braids

Show the world that you’re a star by getting this signature hairdo.

Different Colours, One Statement

Although this style combines the blue and black colours, they still unite under the umbrella of Jumbo braids.

Huge Braids and Middle Part

Reveal your enormous Jumbo braids by leaving some space in the middle.

Artistic Bun

Recreate the bun hairstyle with a touch of the Jumbo braids and artistic lines at the crown.

Enchanting Look

You can keep people guessing when you step out with these braids of many colours.

Disheveled Look

Make your look difficult to decipher at a glance by tossing the braids to different directions.

Elegant Look

Take your stylish nature to the next level by putting up this look.

Golden Braids

You’re priceless and you can let everyone know so by getting this Jumbo braids.

Short Jumbo Braids

Recreate the traditional Jumbo braids into something smaller. It works best for women with short hair.

Side + Back Toss

Swirl the braids to the side and back while leaving the center stage open.

Innovative Bun

Bring your hairdo to the front and finish with side Jumbo braids.

Coloured Bun

Tie your Jumbo braids-inspired bun hairdo at the crown and consider some coloured braids to go with this style.

Tri-Bun Hairdo

From a distance, one can deem this three (3) bun hairstyles. It’s actually one with the other two going back to the crown.

Full Jumbo Braids

This is the outcome when you have some volume at the top – your flaunt it!

Hard Part + Side Toss

Here is a fascinating Jumbo braids hairdo that entails parting the sides and tossing the braids to both sides of the face.

Part it with Style

Don’t hesitate to run the comb over the strands by the side. It gives you a unique look when styling your Jumbo braids.

Black meets White

This is the outcome when the black and white colours come to an agreement in a hairstyle like Jumbo braids.


Go the way of the Arabs by tilting the braids and dropping them by the sides.

Stylish Jumbo Braids

The smile on the face of the wearer means a lot – she’s happy with this style just as you would!

Front and High Bun

Take a swipe to the traditional setting and bring your bun hairdo to the front before dropping the extra braids by the sides.

Slicked Back

Weave your Jumbo braids back using small braids that get anywhere between the crown and the nape of the neck.

Strive for Perfection

There’s never a perfect look when it comes to hairstyles. However, this hairdo courtesy of Jumbo braids is close to perfection.

Kids are not left out

Let your little princesses go with you on your next appointment with the hairstylist. They’ll be grateful when you style them this way.

Textured Braids

Although the weaves mask the hairdo, the Jumbo braids surely make a lot of impression behind the scenes of this hairstyle.

Full and Neat

Some women know how to maintain their hairdo. You can take a cue from this style and achieve the same feat.

Short and Cute

Although it has a short length, this Jumbo braid is an awesome style you won’t want to miss.

Disconnected Bun

Not only does the bun hairstyle toss to the sides but also integrates diverse colours to make the style unique.

Blonde Jumbo Braids

With some colours on the braids and a surgical line at the side, you wouldn’t exert much effort to look good with this style.

The Rolls

Are you figuring out what you can do with your voluminous hair? This Jumbo braid hairdo is an inspiration.

Big, Blonde Braids

The braids are only but they also add style to the blonde colour to offer you a classy look.

Braided Ponytail

Create cornrows at the front and weave back into a ponytail.

All Wriggled

Don’t leave anything to chance as you tuck away all those braids.

Intricate Jumbo Braids

You’ll never get bored when you have this style. Look into the mirror and realize how beautiful it looks on you.

Two Buns

Tie up your big braids into two buns and swish the remainder to the sides.

Captivating Jumbo Braids

Draw attention by styling this to the back and dropping some braids in the process.

Short and Trendy

There’s the opportunity for you to get your hands on Jumbo braids with short hair and this is the way to go.

Right Toss

Do you love freedom? Make that prominent by turning your Jumbo braids over the right-hand side of the face.

Big Box Braids

Make a fashion statement with those big braids by tossing them to the side and back.

Mixed Race

Bring different colours into your Jumbo braids and make the job perfect by bringing out some braids to the front.

Middle Braids

The style entails leaving some braids at the middle of the head and tossing the others to the sides.

Sophisticated Jumbo Braids

Protect your hair from harsh weather by getting this sophisticated Jumbo braids.

Lengthy and Neat

What more would you ask for if not long and neat Jumbo braids?


This Jumbo braids hairdo is specifically for women that love adventure and drawing attention.

Simple and Calculative

Be the best you can be and let other people guess what goes in your pretty head.

Reggae Style

While this is not the traditional hairdo of Reggae maestros, you can bring your hairdo closer to that when you apply this Jumbo Braid.

Unique Jumbo Braids

Zoom into the red carpet with your Jumbo braids locking down the sides of the face with some beads to go with it.

Black and Golden

Joining two colours has never been this effortless – only possible on Jumbo braids.

Medium Braids

Consider getting this style if you have medium hair. It drops a few inches on the shoulders.

Massive Braids

Do you have some volume at the top? Get it to work by adopting this style of Jumbo braids.

Head Full of Jumbo Braids

This is what you do when the braids no longer have some space in the head – you let them out of the car window.

Blonde and Unique

Set to work with your blonde-coloured hair and achieve this result.

Bold and Adventurous

Adventurous women make statements with hairstyles and this Jumbo braid hairdo offers that opportunity.

Blonde + Side Sweep

There ‘s no doubt that you’ll look beautiful when you toss your blonde-coloured braids to the sides.

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Rolled into One

Make sure your braids are with you all day long with this approach to Jumbo braids.

Side Swish

Toss a good volume to the left-hand side and leave the remnant for the other part.

Tilting Braids

You may want to get creative with your Jumbo braids by tilting the front braids upward.

Swivel and Curves

Swerve some of the braids to the back and leave the others in a curved format.

Side Ponytail

Do something innovative with your long hair by styling your Jumbo braids into side ponytails.

Orange-Coloured Braids

Add colour to the style and bring it to the front for a better view.

Braids of Different Colours

Bring those colours to life by rolling them into one.

Styled to the Side

Slick the braids to the sides and leave space in the middle of the head.

Entangled Braids

Tangle your Jumbo Braids to one side of the face.

Large Front Sweep

Bring those big braids to the front for everyone to catch a glimpse of them.

Discordant Tunes

Toss the braids to different parts of the head. You may also consider adding colours to spice up the look.

Twisted End

Add some twist to the end of your Jumbo Braids for a classy look.

Bordering the Sides

Apply this style to cover the head from the harsh weather.

Side Jumbo Braids with Length

Consider tossing the voluminous strands to a corner of the face using this style as an example.

Exquisite Braids

You’ll never go wrong when you make your Jumbo Braids this way.

Silver Look

This style is priceless and you may want to get one to look priceless too!

Fascinating Jumbo Box Braids

Dare for more with the inspiring undertone of this look.

Admirable Braids

Without a doubt, these Jumbo Braids are admirable and would look good on you any day, anytime.

Side Braids + Hold

Consider holding the braids securely while dropping them at the sides.

Recreated Bun Hairdo

Roll your Jumbo Braids into one and add some colours to the braids.

Tossed from the Top

Toss the braids from the top and let it drop down the shoulders.

Big Braids

Roll back the braids and leave some at the sides.

Braids with Beads

Add beads to your Jumbo Braids to enhance your look.

Slicked Jumbo Braids

Weave back your big Jumbo Braids and let them stop at the nape of the neck.


Bring the braids from the back and front and tie them into a rounded shape.

High Bun + Back Braids

Keep the braids high and finish with braids dropping at the back.

Tiny Cornrows + Bun

Your short hair won’t be a restriction to pulling off a nice look. Weave the front into tiny cornrows and tie the volume into a bun.


Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions and answers about Jumbo Braids.

How long does it take to style Jumbo Braids?

It can take you anywhere between 4-8 hours to do your Jumbo Braids

How many packs of hair do you need?

You’ll need 7-9 packs of X-pression hair and 9-11 packs of Kanekalon hair to style medium length Jumbo Braids. For short Jumbo braids, you’ll need 5-6 packs of X-pression hair or 7-8 packs of Kanekalon braiding hair.

How much does the braid cost?

It can cost you between $150-$200 to get this style.


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