120 Fabulous Layered Haircuts To Frame Your Face Perfectly!


In this article, you will see a lot of information about a hairstyle that seems to have not yet been forgotten by people even though it’s an old one! Yes, we are talking about the ever so popular layered haircuts! These are styles that can make anyone look feminine and sexy. They are perfect for framing the face as well. You can get these layers to chisel up your whole face, and it will act as a natural contour too. So you do not need to be disheartened. There are some that you can try out for a nice look as well.

When it comes to making these hairstyles your own! There are so many coloristic approaches you can take to make this hairdo give off that chic appeal. For this, you must get at least two layers on your hair. And adding more is entirely up to you! Just remember that when you add more layers, you will get more volume with these hairstyles. You can also take these layers to keep the hair from looking too thick! They can fan out the density of the hair, making it look well-sectioned!

Here is our collection of the best 120 layered haircuts that can fit you perfectly!

layered haircuts Ever so perfect layered haircuts!

You know a hairstyle is right when you see Hollywood celebs work them out! You can see that here we have the stunning Reese Witherspoon wearing her layered haircut with some loose waves. This has been a hairdo that most women tried on for years. They look natural, and there is not a lot of work that goes into making this as well.

You can get the same look on with the use of some hair styling tools. Create some curls with a hot iron, and you can get them ruffled out. Use your fingers to do it, and you can get this relaxed, everyday look like the one we showed off here. The time to pick them out is now. They are sure to make you look great for the upcoming seasons!

Layered haircuts for short hair

Are you a fan of short layered haircuts? Then you will enjoy the little collection we have right here. You can see that there is some short section here and they are colored to perfection. They are certainly going to make it to your list of hairstyles to try this season.

There are options you can try out with these short sections as well. You can either choose a pixie cut. Or you can go for something a bit more relaxed and get on with the process of getting a short bob. You can add on some layers of waves here and there, and it will cover up the head to make it look thicker to give it that healthy look.


The use of ombre style in layered haircuts

When you see layered hairstyles, you will see most of them have been colored on with some colors. And so we are also showing you one style right here! The one that has been around for long is the use of ombre hair colors. There are darker shades on the top, and they are followed in by the lighter tones.

You are sure to love the drift of the hues here. There is a natural transition from the dark shades to the ones that you choose to put on the bottom half. Add on some waves if you want, and they can get you that polished look. Check out the options we recommend here.

Multiple layers around the face

Are you one who has always wanted to get that oval shape on your face? And are tired of the rounded version? Here you can take the hair and cut them into layers and add them on to the areas near your face! This way, you can get the hair to do all the work for you.

If you have a prominent forehead, then you need to conceal the top as well to get that well-formed shape. There is no way of telling how the layers will look after they grow out. So you will need to get it trimmed from time to time for a beautifully textured look.

The ones with bangs!

Now is the time to talk about the layered haircuts with bangs. Everyone knows that the bangs are a great way to add on a bit of shape and dimension on the face. It is also the way for you to hide away a big forehead. You can also conceal the signs of aging with these full frontal bangs.

There are forms of the same style as well. You can get the side swept bangs or get the ones that fall low on the eyes! There are a lot of choices here, and you can take your pick. Check them out and get inspired to try out a bang hairstyle that works for you.

The mature choice for layered hair

Women who are above a certain age love to get their hair done the same way for a long time. So you should check out the haircuts that can stay good for a long time and are well-styled on their own. And you can get these out here. There are many layers to these short layered haircuts.

The way you can get the hair to sit once you get them chopped is perfect here. Add on some hairspray, and you can take your comb to settle the flyaway. Let the layers cascade on each other to form this stunning hairstyle.

Layered haircuts for long hair

Everyone wants to try out a long hair! There are some layered haircuts for long hair out in this portion, and we are stunned by it. You can get the layers to start from the end of your face. The chin level is what makes the best cut here. Check it out, and you can try them out soon!

Here we made sure to compile the styles that are perfect for anyone who wants a longer length. Add on a wig first if you are not sure what you are comfortable with. There are some stunning colors for you to choose as well. So make an informed decision.

Layered styles for thin hair

You are sure to love the hairstyle that makes your hair look voluminous. And we are all for you to check out and try the hairdos that can make your hair look stunning. We have some layered haircuts for thin hair that can add on that extra oomph and depth to your locks.

Adding on a lot of layers can get your hair to look thicker. You are sure to love the way the hair stacks on top of each other. They are what add on the volume so make sure you get them done. Head on to the hairdresser, and you can add on a bunch of short sections where you want that bulk to show!

Getting on the bolder side

Now we are talking about the hairstyles that are going to change the way your face looks. There is a lot of section and things going on here, so let us take you there step by step. Take the first image on the left. The side shave is perfectly going on with this layered hair and colored locks.

Go for a bolder color option with these shaved portions to get this look. The dark section on the top is lovely, and there are lower sections that have a perfect lightness to them. You can choose to get both of these hairdos mixed in as well. Take the color on the right and mix it with the shave on the left, and you are set!

Styles popular back in the day

Here we have some short medium layered haircuts that were all the rage some time back! These are shades that are worn today as well. But the sharp edges on the bottom is something that has not made it to 2020! You can see a lot of cuts on most of these styles.

Check these images out, and you are sure to feel nostalgic with them. They can be spotted on some of the serials of the ’90s era as well. You can surely reinvent these styles and head on to give them a modern touch. With these, you can see that the bangs were a thing then as well.

Colors that you can admire!

There are some colors that everybody admires! And this is what we are talking about in this section here. There are a lot of tones on these brown and blonde hues out here. The undertones are what makes all the difference in the way they look. You can get on with the shade and rock them over your layered haircuts.

The blonde hues are perfect for any skin tone, and it is all for you to decide what you want. There are some dark tones on the top and light on the bottom here as well. Navigate through them, and you can find some to put to your to-do list!

Adding some waves

There are many layered haircuts for thick hair for sure. But what are the tricks to use when you have thin and beautiful hair? You need to get the hair get the volume and texture it needs when you have such hair concerns. So if you are looking to add on that thickness, try adding on these stunning waves.

You can use it to set your hair as you head out of the house. Opt for a heatless method if you are going to get them done each day. When you have layered haircuts, you need to add on some texture as they get ruffled if you do not style them.

 Best for round faces

Layered haircuts are sure to work out great for you if you have a rounder face! They are going to conceal the rounder sides of the face and give it that edge. You are sure to make this one your go-to haircut if you try it out once. Even your stylist will be able to tell you this if you ask them!

Here we are showing off these stunning cuts and layers that can work for anyone with a chubbier face. You can keep them on short hair or get to the portion where you create an angled hairstyle as well. No matter what you do, you will notice the face looks contoured when you are done!

Layered haircuts for oval face

Many times you can hear people say that there are some styles out there that are perfect for framing the round face shapes. But the one thing that you can notice is that everyone wants to get the face looking as the oval shape. So what can you do when you already have that face shape?

Here we are showing you that layered hairstyles are best also for the oval face! You can try on any hairstyle and look good, but some are lovely. And this surely makes it to the cut! You can find more of these styles as you scroll through this collection of hairstyles out there.

The side view of layered haircuts

Choosing a new hair color can be hard for you! Especially if you are looking to take things to a new level and get that oomph, then you need to take on a look at the various aspects of them! And so we made it our job to send out a hairdo that you can see from the side as well.

From these images, you are sure to see the way your layered hair will look when people on your side look at you. This angle is essential for sure when you want to get that overall right looking hairdo. You can check them out and try them out if you are comfortable with these layers.

Bold shades are fantastic!

When it comes to choosing and getting colors, there are so many who think that sticking to the basics is best! But we are here to try and change that school of thought. You can get the hair that you have always dreamt of but never dared to try out this time around.

Some people are trying out a lot of bold and fun colors. Like the blues and greens and the ever so gorgeous reds! We want you also to take the steps and try out a look that is as fierce and yet as stunning and wearable as this blue here. The mix is perfect with the layered haircut!

Feathered and layered haircuts

A feathered haircut is a form of layered haircut that can make everyone’s head turn around for you! You are sure to have seen these styles for yourself back in the day. It was loved by not only women like us, but also by celebs out there. You can still go back and look at old pictures of these celebs with these cuts!

And if you are thinking of reviving this look, we are all for it! They are coming back to hit the fashion world, and we love them! You can now enjoy the way the hair looks and also flaunt them with these light and textured layers of your hair.

Head on to the salon!

Want to get a new haircut and want it to be perfect in every way? Here we want to encourage you to book an appointment with your stylist! They can get the cut you want to be done with precision. The colors also tend to show off better when they are done by the professionals as well.

You can look at styles that are created by stylists online and head on to making those as well. You can choose from these styles and head on to a salon. We are sure they will recreate this look for you!

For medium hair

In this section, we are talking about the most loved medium layered haircuts 2019 had seen. We are sure you are also going to reminisce them as we show them to you! These are haircuts that are perfect for anyone who wants to look stylish. The aura of goodness around these hairdos is attractive to us!

You can see a lot of women in these styles now more than ever. The ease of carrying off a hairdo that makes you look like a model is undoubtedly loved and adored by all. There are colors that you can try out if you are not into these subtle shades too. Some that we like is right here!

Some layered haircuts for summer

Looking to change your hair for the summer? Then get on board with these layered haircuts. And you can style them as you like. Surely you can take inspiration from celebs to get the look of your dreams too. Adding these chic layers to the hair can make your hair feel great!

Here are some of our most loved hairstyles with layers that you can check out! These are best for when you want to change your style and look ultra-sexy! We know you want to get that look that impresses yourself and everyone else around you. So we want you to try out more of these hairstyles and feel good about yourself.



Getting the perfect layered haircut!

There are not a lot of rules when it comes to getting the perfect layered haircut for yourself. All you need is to take the time and head on to a salon where there are experienced stylists. For sure, you can find more tutorials online to do it yourself online as well.

If you are not sure that you can get your haircut by yourself at home, we suggest you do not take a chance. Here are some ways to add on that perfect touch to the hair. You can get the layers to start from the area where your chin ends. This way you can get a look that flatters you well!

Some options of layered haircuts!

If you have gone through tons of pictures of layered haircuts and are yet to find the one you want, here is your chance. Here we have some more styles that are sure to get you excited. There are so many more colors and layers that you can add on. This is just like scraping the surface to find one or two options.

If you search around here and there, you can find more of these fun haircuts. There are some dark and deep colors out there that seem to be suitable for everyone. You can also choose to get the sectioning done in different ways for yourself. These are all about your creativity!


You can add structure to these haircuts if you add on some waves. The reason they are so popular now is that they flatter all women. You can get the hair to look good on anyone when you add these well-sectioned layers on them. For the women who have thick hair, this is perfect as they can now enjoy a lighter feeling. And for those who want to get that volume and fluffy feel, this works well too! There are ways to add on weight and volume with these hairstyles that are perfect for beautiful hair also.

Thus we compiled this article for you and showed you more than a hundred options to choose from this year. They are still a trendy haircut, and there is no doubt that they will continue to be so for a long time to come! Any other hairstyle or haircut can not replicate the way they flatter the hair. Thus we find this to be a perfect match for women of all ages. Try it out if you want to mold your face shape and turn the rounder edges to a right oval! Make sure to share your experience with us once you are done!


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