101 Stunning Layered Hairstyles To Match The 2021 Fashion Trends

Layered hairstyles are making a huge comeback this year with a lot of styles and inspiration from famous celebrities. The haircut cajoles all types of hair -thin and fine, thick and wavy or curly in any length.

This year, flashy hairstyles are a thing that most women would go at any length just to pull off their hair goals. Because layered haircut gives volume to thin hair, and eliminates the vast load of thick hair, women are now into it.

It’s not just trendy, but for those who have been sporting this haircut, it’s a huge help, providing comfort to their daily routine. This type of haircut has been famous for years, but this time, hairstylists have different techniques on how to achieve this.

They have given the layered haircut a fresh take that can spoil you for the rest of the time that you are sporting this hairstyle. On this page, you will find a lot of hair ideas for your next look.

Check out these striking layered haircuts that we gathered for you. We made sure that you will try this hairstyle as soon as you see these lovely inspirations that we have collected for you.

Long blonde locks with highlights

For thin hair, a soft layered haircut is perfect with the addition of blonde or brown hues for the highlights.

layered hair

Soft waves with full fringe

Medium-length hair can be easily styled with a layered haircut, especially when soft waves are involved. You’ll love how the full bangs compliment this haircut too.

Full-blown hair with bangs

A naturally thick hair with huge waves on its ends is bulky but with layered hairstyles like this, it will appear more trendy, especially when a brow-skimming fringe is added for face-framing.

Textured waves

Long locks can be premeditated with minimal preparation when you like wide or thick waves.

Wavy ends

For this hairstyle, a curling iron is needed to highlight the round waves that the tool can make. This is one of the layered hairstyles for women that we can count on this summer.

Layered locks with subtle fringes

Big, wavy hair is also popular these days. Layered into a beautiful cut, the soft, but long and almost full bangs make this style even flashier.

Shoulder-length with blonde highlights

You can trust the professional hair experts for this hairstyle as it is delicately chopped into different beautiful angles.

Shag-like cut with layered side bangs

When you have medium-length hair, it is important that you know how to deal with layered hairstyles such as this one. It is stunning and remarkable.

Messy locks with curtain bangs

Tousled hair is a thing this year, and since summer is here, you can get the infamous curtain fringes that will flatter your face’s shape.

Beach waves in layers

As lovely as the beach, these waves are incredibly beautiful if not perfect.

Disheveled waves layered hairstyles

Blake Lively can take the shallows just to prove to you that messy hair doesn’t really care. This is one of her striking hairstyles that many women love.

Straight locks in layers

Straight-textured hair can be more flamboyant and one-of-a-kind when it’s cut in layers.

Short layers in long locks

To reduce the bulk that your thick hair brings, you can try this short layered haircut.

Calculated cut with bangs

This is a very oriental style with a touch of fine layers with side fringe.

Shoulder-length hair with silver and blonde hues

For the naturally blonde girls, these hues are easier to achieve. Fine and thin hair works best with this haircut. It looks natural and refined.

Long locks with soft side bangs

Soft and thin hair always looks great with any color, but with this haircut, soft side fringes are really cool.

Brunette with long side fringe

Megan Fox doesn’t step out without making sure that she wears attractive hairstyles. This includes the layered haircut on her wavy, brunette hair with long side fringe.

Blonde locks

Blonde hair with bright highlights is pretty famous among young ladies. Your long and straight hair can be more attractive when it’s cut in layers with beautiful hair color.

A-line inspired

This is an inspiration from the A-line haircut that gets a fresh style and it looks very chic!

Dark layered haircut

There are girls who love having dark hair with an incredible hairstyle like no other. This one is such a beauty!

Silky-smooth hair

This silky layered haircut looks very graceful and elegant that you may want to consider for your makeover.

V-cut layered hairstyles

This haircut works best with long and fine hair. Whatever color you like doesn’t matter as long as you can pull it off with elegance.

Arched layers with bangs

The diversity of hairstyles that country singer Carrie Underwood has is magically beautiful. Her brow-skimming side-swept bangs add color to her wonderful layered haircut.

Reddish-burgundy waterfall wavy locks

The waterfall big waves can do better with a cascade of layers that every woman will surely love.

Beach waves layers

Beach waves look effortless, especially when they’re longer. Let these beautiful waves fall softly around your shoulders for a more summery look.

Fly away layers

Long, straight hair fits best in this layered haircut with an amazing hair color that makes it flashy and appealing.

Glossy big curls

Thin hair can be this big with amazing layered hairstyles like this one. With the bright highlights, it’s like a barbie doll hair.

Textured ends

This is one of the most effortless and natural-looking layered hairstyles that women with straight hair would love to have.

Silver locks

You can add a stunning dimension on your layers with gray or silver hair color.

Golden honey layered locks

It’s not just about the pretty golden honey color, but the layered haircut makes it more stylish and pleasing to see.

Tousled with full bangs

Messy hair can be more stylish with this layered haircut that works well with a full fringe that covers the brows.

Long, blonde locks with choppy fringes

Reese Witherspoon is known for her layered bangs and this is one of her hairstyles that anyone would love to have.

Straight layers with blonde and silver hues

Layered hairstyles are among women’s favorite hairdo. Long and straight layers with golden blonde and silver hues definitely stand out.

Layers and highlights

One of the best masterpieces that hairstylists love doing is beautiful layers and highlights that make it more natural and stylish.

Mermaid waves

If you have thick and long hair, you have the right to get this waterfall-mermaid waves that give justice to your blonde highlights.

Honey locks and tousled waves

If you are going to the salon to get a makeover, don’t forget to show this photo to your hairstylist to get a good grip for your next look. The color is unbelievably pretty with those messy waves that girls would love to have.

Highlighted big waves

This is the perfect time to cascade that long hair for bigger waterfall waves that become gaudy with the golden brown highlights. This is one of the layered hairstyles for women that you can copy for your next makeover.

Loose waves with side bangs

Loose big curls don’t appear to be too fussy, but they’re just perfect for the golden red highlights with soft side bangs.

Blonde layered hairstyles

Medium-length and thin hair isn’t hopeless at all. It can look bigger with a layered haircut that emphasizes the sleek strands. The blonde hues make it more stunning!

Rounded layers with golden brown highlights

A layered haircut can go at any length and this is what it can do to your colored hair with highlights.

Frosty grayish-blue highlights

Wispy waves are awesome enough, but with these balayage highlights, you’d feel like a one-of-a-kind princess. This is unbelievably magical!

Windswept layered haircut

Bare hair is nothing but sexy and when it’s layered into a few different lengths, it becomes sexier and chicer.

Wispy, highlighted waves

There are a few things that layered hairstyles do. One is plain beautiful and the other is extra majestic. The highlights look natural, lingering around the big waves in action.

Spiral ends

This is one of Emma Stone’s terrific layered hairstyles that she has donned in her entire career. The blonde looks effortless!

Subtle highlights and soft fringe

An easy recipe for modest layered hairstyles is sleek highlights and a subtle fringe that anyone with straight hair can have.

Soft brunette layers

Dark hair can’t just be outdone with this soft layered haircut that looks formal yet stylish.

Big waterfall locks and side fringes

An oriental style fringe that is paired with extra wide waterfall waves is something that can lighten up a subtle glamour.

Layered telephone wire hair

A layered haircut makes a big hair become thin, and a fine hair become bulky. But for girls with big, curly hair that want it to be loud, layered hairstyles like this is going to be flashy with those blonde hues.

Smooth layers

If you have medium-length straight hair, you can get smooth layers that are chopped in different lengths to make it dandier.

Tousled wispy waves

Fussy hair will never be a pain with these wispy and messy waves with blunt blonde highlights.

Ash blonde hair and ruffled waves

Whether or not you are attending special events, this ash blonde locks with cascading tousled waves look Christmas!

90’s blow out layered haircut

This can be done easily with only a blow dryer and a round brush needed to achieve this look. Try this with modest highlights and you can be a head turner!

Ash blonde hair with different layers

Sometimes, when you are keen on trying different and unique layered hairstyles for women, there is nothing you can think about but ash blonde hair and beautiful layers.

All-over waves

You can think of this layered haircut as if you are invited to a red carpet event even on your regular days.

Shag layers

This almost wedge-cut shaggy layers can easily outdo any look that requires too much efforts to be noticed. You can add some shaggy bangs as well to make it chicer and elegant.

Bedhead hair with side-swept bangs

Fussy hairstyles are a thing this summer, and if you want to make it groovier, you can add soft highlights and side-swept fringes.

Sleek strands with smooth layers

This is ideal for women with thin and fine hair.

Sleek strands and choppy bangs

This version of a layered haircut gives a more defining look for women with fine, thin hair. The choppy bangs also offer a face-framing aura that anyone loves.

Golden brown sleek strands

Jennifer Aniston, in her 50’s, doesn’t go outdated with her hairstyles. Her sleek, silky strands define her face’s shape with stunning highlights.

Swooping layers

Layered hairstyles such as swooping strands are far more intimidating and trendy. This is just so beautiful and classy!

Ruffled strands

Your sleek hair becomes a head-turner when you get a layered haircut and make those ends messier and formidable.

Blonde locks with a long side fringe

You can get an ample strand of your hair from the side part to set it to the side, chop, and you’re ready to be an attention-grabbing hair model!

Sleek shaggy strands

It’s amazing to see a beautiful combination of shaggy haircut and one of the layered hairstyles that inspired the choppy fringes to be more noticeable.

Angled hair

Different hair slants with golden brown hues, cut in many angles is perfect for your next summer makeover.

Subtle highlights with slant layered hairstyles

Fine hair is even better with soft highlights, which is awesome this summer.

Blunt bangs and soft waves

Medium-length hair with smooth, big waves can be paired with blunt bangs that skim between the eyes and the brows.

Long blonde locks with face-framing fringes

If you have extra long hair, you can do a lot of things on it, and layered hairstyles such as swooping waves can do a lot better.

Red burgundy with tiny highlights

Your long, sleek strands can go at any length with this layered haircut that matches well with a red burgundy hue and subtle highlights.

Sleek blonde locks and choppy bangs

This is another inspiration for those who have naturally straight hair that wants a shag-like haircut in different layers. The soft, choppy bangs add more vibrancy in this style.

Undercut and shag, layered hairstyles

If you want a hipper hairstyle that can stand out from the others, try getting an undercut alongside your beachy waves. A layered haircut with balayage highlights is also amazing.

Plunging locks

Creating flippy bangs from the base hairline is perfect for those who have thick hair.

Long blonde strands with soft highlights

The layers for this hairstyle can begin from your chin and make another angle to define the sleek strands.

Dark roots

The balayage highlights made on this hairstyle creates a soothing effect on each layer.

Windswept blonde locks

This is cut in extra soft layers to create a windswept effect, which is perfect for fine hair.

Long, straight layers with highlights

Actress Sarah Jessica Parker’s signature straight layers are remarkable. Carrie Bradshaw can definitely stand on that.

Layered bob cut

The wedge, bob cut with layers underscore the brown highlights for this hairstyle.

Wispy bangs and waves

This is one of the modern Rapunzel styles that gives a fresh taste for your summer look.

Blonde wedge haircut

The choppy bangs give this haircut another dimension.

Silky blowout

A blowout hairstyle becomes more dazzling with smooth, silky strands.

Layered bob with soft strands

How could we not love this choppy lob with smooth highlights?

Silky waves

Beach waves are even better with silky brunette texture.

Blonde shaggy bangs

A choppy texture with layered bangs would look better on you this summer.

Golden honey strands

Who says red-haired women aren’t arresting?

Wavy lob with side bangs

A short lob is way better with wavy side fringes.

Bob cut with dark roots

Blonde waves in short layered haircut are just stunning. This will be perfect for those who are planning on getting a short hair this summer.


Swooping ends with subtle highlights

A layered haircut means giving the hair a more gorgeous look, especially when the soft highlights underscore the golden brown hues on the swooping ends.

Pixie cut with long, side-swept fringes

A pixie haircut with long fringes gives more elegance to Jennifer Lawrence. The Hunger Games star is famous for her mind-blowing hairstyles, and this one could be your next summer look.

Face-framing side-swept bangs

For a more defining look on a medium-length hair with dark roots, you can have side-swept fringes to give you a face-framing aura. Reese Witherspoon does this with elegance and style. It’s very chic and gives a fresh style for layered hairstyles.

Emo-inspired layered haircut

If you are keen on trying a new look, your fine hair would be better if you get a choppy lob with curved fringes. This can match perfectly with any hair color to accentuate your stunning haircut.

Soft blonde locks

For fine, thin hair, you can either have them layered in different lengths or one angle that can define and give emphasis to your smooth highlights. This can match well with any hues you like, but blonde colors are stunning and can be paired with any bright colors for a more summery look.


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