120 Light Brown Hair with Highlights and Low lights to Try!


Light brown hair is the perfect choice for women who are tired of going blonde and are no longer in love with the darker shades! They can look great on any occasion, and you can also manipulate these shades to match your skin tone so that it will suit you better! Brown shades feel more natural, and the best thing is that it will suit women of all ages! You can try on any style as you like as well! Get lowlights or highlights and make this style your own!

Light brown is the perfect shade to try on in summers as they have that very well balanced vibe to them! They are the ideal shade and aren’t too overpowering and the blend it has with other shades is fantastic as well. Everyone from pale to medium to dark skin tones can try on this color and look fabulous! You can get them done to look as subtle and closer to your natural hair color as you like! Here are some excellent light brown hair ideas that you can try on for yourself!

Light streaks on dark hair!

There are these different shades that can bring out the flair on your hair! Here you can see how the light blonde shades work as an excellent highlighting hue on the dark black hair!

The lighter brown to blonde shades at the base here can also be added on to add that oomph to your hair! This one is a must try for sure!


Sleek Colored hair

Sleek, long hair has been a rage among many! You must have seen such hairstyles being sported by Instagram models! They give us major hair envy and has inspired many to try on this smooth hairdo!

Get the light brown hair on you this season and make everyone else jealous of your perfect hair!


light brown hair


Warm tones and bright Highlights

When you try on light brown hair, you can add the needed contrast to the hair by getting highlights! These dark and light shades work well to create a balance in your hair.

Here are some styles that we have compiled on for you to try! Make sure you choose the hues that flatter you the most!

Brunette bliss

There has been an age long battle of the hair color! Who has the more fun; the blondes or the brunettes! There sure is no particular answer as to which color is superior, but we can say that the brunette shade suits a lot of women! It gives you a classic and darkened deep look that we adore!

 Ash Brown Highlights

One of the trendiest shades that you can try on in today’s times is getting ash blonde highlights on top of your dark brown shades! This look right here is alluring and is one of those favorite shades that we recommend for all skin tones! Make sure you take professional help to get this done!

 Ombre hair trend

Ombre hair is a trend that has gained immense popularity over the years! The dark shades naturally transcend to a lighter shade, and you can see where the change of colors take place. If you need some ideas, we have collected some light brown hair with ombre trend on them!

Salon Styled Hair

You may feel most of the times that you can recreate this hair color looks on yourself at home quickly! But most of the time it can turn out to be a disaster! So instead of ruining your hair, you can take the help of an expert! Salon styled hair has that perfection and charm to it that one cannot achieve at home!

Fringes for Flirty look!

Fringes on the front act as the base for a lot of hairstyles. They add that oomph and texture to the hair that frames the face well. These face-framing bangs can make your high forehead appear smaller as well.

You can also conceal any signs of aging by getting yourself these bangs on. They are great at hiding the fine lines as well!

 Curly Styles

Who does not love a good curled up hair? You can see how these hairstyles here have the texture and added the grace to the whole look! You can use your hair curler and get them done on yourself!
Add some hairspray on top after you are done, and that will hold them for much longer! You can wear this look at every event, and it will look beautiful for sure!


Light Brown hair

There is no other style that you need to look at as you try this one on! There are very basic shades of brown here, but they make the hair look polished and adds dimension to the whole look as well!

 All Over Caramel

Caramel shades can be the perfect choice for you if you want to add the warmth to your hair! Get the shade that you love and adjust it to match your skin tone!

If you are not sure of how to do this yourself, make sure you take professional help! You can seek the advice of your stylist to make the colors look splendid.

 Warm tones

There are warmer hues in this look, and the hair has that needed bounce to it! You can try this one on and look fabulous all day long!

These shades are evergreen and will never make you look shabby for sure! Here are some warm toned light brown hair ideas that you might find interesting!

 Bright Highlights

Adding a light color on to your hair can add the needed dimension to your hair! You can get a shade of lighter hues on your hair streaks and work them as your highlights! You can get blonde as the safer option! If you want to go bold, you can choose a color like blue and purple!

Light Golden Brown

Brown with the hint of gold to it is a shade that flatters every skin tone! You can add them on as highlights or even get them as a full color! You need to make sure that you find the hue that flatters you the most!

If you are looking for light brown hair with golden tinges on them, here are some classy ideas for you to try on!

The Bob

The bob was no doubt the best hairstyle of 2019. You can see that this is a look flattering for most women! You can try to add these light brown hair highlights on to your bob and make it look as polished as you want to! Add some bangs to make the look appear more rounded up for your face shape!

 Blonde and Brown

Do you want to try one a hairstyle that has a classy blend of colors? Then this is the one for you to try on! The mix of brown and blonde here has made the hair look beautiful! You can see how gorgeous they look on all hair lengths! You can add these colors to follow any trend and be chic and fresh looking every day!


There are many bold hair colors out there, but you cannot look casual when you have those colors on! You need to try on light brown hair to make yourself look as relaxed and effortless for every day look! Here are some options that might inspire you to try on these earthy hues!

 Hints of red

If you are a fan of red hair but do not want to go too bold on the colors, then this is the shade that you need to try on! These red tones are classy and have that tone that is not too overbearing! You can try on this shade and add the required warmth and depth to your hair!

 Celebrity Hair

We usually look at celebs and want to look as perfect as they do! Their hair is always styles so well and has the perfect tone of colors! If you are looking for a celeb-approved hairstyle, you have reached the right section of the article. Here are some hairstyles sported by celebs like Jennifer Lopez, Miley Cyrus, and Emma Stone!

Soft Waves

Adding some texture to your hair will make it look feminine and graceful as well! You only need a little time in the morning to get this textured hair on. With enough practice, you can get it done in a matter of minutes! Check out these light brown hair styled with some slight waves!

 Model Styles

Models are always changing up their hairstyles and hair colors! They take the help of the best hairstylists and create looks that are to die for! Here are some model styles that you need to try on!

Light brown hair color can bring out your eyes if you have the same color! Check these out and try them soon!


Layered Hair

If you have thick hair, then you can try on these layered hairdos! Layering up your hair can bring out the best in you! The light brown hair color dye is easy to apply at home as well, so this can be an easy DIY! These can be the best and easy looking hairstyle for anyone!

Darker roots

If you are going to get your hair colored, one elegant way to do it is by keeping the hair roots dark! The dark base acts as a perfect color and adds that needed depth to it! You can add the light brown hair color on to make the color seems more put together!

Subtle and Simple

If you are looking for a hassle-free hairstyle and need to choose a hair color, try this natural light brown hair look! The colors here are very basic, and you need to try this on once for a subtle look! Many would love this perfect hairdo for themselves!

Summer Shades

When the summer hits, we want to try on new hairstyle for sure! You do not need to look at the light brown hair color chart to figure out the shade that you love the most! You can see the tone here and fall in love with it! Make sure you add highlights to make the hair pop!

Cascading Colors

Light brown hair balayage has made the hair goals list for a long time! You need to know that this balayage trend is not one to die out soon! You can make the hair colors stand out with this color for sure! Make sure you book your hairdresser to get this one done on yourself!

Sleek Long Bob

If the bob is too short of a hairstyle for you, you need to try on the lob! These hairstyles need very less styling to look good! You can add ombre light brown hair on your bob or even get the highlights on! Whatever you do make sure you carry it off with style and slay the look!

All over color

Light brown hair colors are approachable and wearable as well! You can go for so many options and one of the best hair colors to get a full hair on is this light shade of brown! You can mix and merge the colors to find a tone for you and get it done to look stunning every day!

Day look

These hairstyles here can guide you as to how you can style your hair daily! If you are trying to make your hair looking perfect for a day out, then these are certainly going to be helpful! Try these out and thank us later when you get all the compliments!

Well Styled

There are a ton of light brown hair pictures on the internet today, and some of them are very well styled! You need to try these shades on and get your hair styled by an expert hairdresser once to get these feels! Once you get it done, you are ready for the perfect picture every time!

Feathered short hair

Feathered cuts were one a loved hairdo by many women! They added so much volume to the hair and made the hair fall into one another entirely! You need to add these layers if you want a face-framing look for yourself! These hairstyles are still a favorite of mature women! Here is a short hair styled with the feathered cut!


Are you ready to get nostalgic because these pictures here are from almost a decade or two ago! But the hair color is still creating a lot of buzzes! The hair color has managed to stay relevant throughout these years. You can always find women of all ages experimenting with the brown hues!

Long Hair Coloring Ideas

The freedom that comes with long hair is that you get to try on any hairstyle on with it! You can even fake a bang or go for an elaborate hairstyle!

You can take some ideas from these hairstyles that we have compiled for you! Do not shy away from trying on new things and keep changing your hair to make it more exciting!

Doll Like Appearance

When you get your hair colored, you need to treat it with a lot of deep conditioning products! When you let your hair get the nutrients it needs, and treat it to make it shiny and healthy again, you will end up with this brilliant and lustrous hair! You will surely see yourself looking like a doll when you get these shades on yourself!

Event Ready

Once you get your desired shades on, you are ready for any event! You can even let your hair fall freely without doing much, and it will still look great! You need to make sure you have the right shade on for your skin tone and you are done!

Do not shy away from getting light brown hair with lowlights as well if you want to add that subtlety to the whole look!

Soft Delights

These brown hues inevitably seem to be soft and romantic! They have a romantic vibe on to them, and we love how great it looks on any hair texture. You need to seek some professional help and get these soft tones on to your hair! You can get the darker shade on top and proceed with the light hues on the base for a well-transitioned look!

Romantic Hairdo

There are days when you need to get ready for a romantic date, and this look right here is perfect for that! You can see how the colors here are ideal for such events and no matter what hairstyle you pick, and your hair will manage to look the best! The colors you choose are surely the hero of every look you try on!

Relaxed look

These hairstyles are perfect for a relaxed vibe. You can surely kill it in all your vacation pictures as well with this one! Make the best of your colored hair and rock it in every picture that you take! Being closer to nature can further accentuate your earthy tones hair colors!

Winter Vibes

Although the summers are a great time for trying on new hair colors, this brownish black shades can also work out great for the winter! You need to try them on and enjoy the cold dark vibes as well!

Mid-Length Hair

If your hair is of medium lengths, you can still look fabulous on these light brown shades! You can add that depth to the hair and add some lighter shades as well to mix things up! You can experiment as you like to make your hair look perfect!

Light and Dark

The play between dark and light shades can make the hair look great! The ombre hair is one such excellent hair coloring idea where we mix one or more colors of light and darker shades to create a significant looking transitional effect on the hair! Here we have plenty of options for you to try on!


You can opt for the younger and vibrant vibes with these light shades. They add the subtle yet fun vibe to your hair and look as fresh as a daisy! These hair colors are great at making you appear younger and complementing your skin tones as well! Give them a try before you judge them to know why we are recommending this look.


Getting your locks colored not only gives it that edge but also makes you look photogenic in all occasions! You can see the evidence in these pictures, and you are sure to provide you with all the inspiration you need! Try these shades this season for a beautiful look!

You are sure to be getting all the likes in all your pictures!

Basic Looks

If you are not looking for a fantastic look, then here are some basic styles that you can try on! These shades are the best option for that chic, everyday look. You can look relaxed and effortless with these hues on your hair! Some women love this simple look, and we are all for it!

We are sure we got you inspired to try on this subtle color this season! They never go out of style, and that is the perk of choosing the light brown shades on yourself! Light brown hair color is trendy because it offers you middle ground. It’s neither too dark or too bright and when used with versatility, it can look good with a wide array of colors. You need to try these on to know why we love them!

If this article helped you to find the shade of light brown hair for you, make sure you show it some love and give it a like! If there are friends and family members of yours who would find this article helpful, share it with them! Make sure you use the comments section below to let us know what you think about these hair color options. We sure love hearing from you guys! Stay with us for more on such fashionable topics. Till next time, this is a wrap!


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