120 Little Girl Hairstyles Perfect For All Occasions!


Our little ones are precious to us in every way. Their presence makes our life joyous and lively as they are full of life and energy. We tend to cater to all their needs and look after them. When it comes to looking after them, we not only help them grow but also are shaping up their personality. They tend to follow the trend that we’ve set for an extended period afterward as well. Hairstyling is one crucial aspect of the child, especially when it comes to a girl. We often find us playing with their hair and making some exceptional style, whereas, at times, we find it difficult to manage. To not let that happen, we have here some fantastic hairstyles that can make your little girl hairstyles in any way you want.

There are many things to consider while styling a child’s hair as it is somewhat different to how you style yours or adult hair. First of all, kids have soft and fragile hair. Their hair requires special care and attention as it grows to help it grow stronger and healthier. Likewise, hairstyling needs to be done with tender and care so that they don’t feel it as something bothersome. The way you style your hair makes a difference in how it turns out to be as they grow. So, let’s look at the different options of getting your child’s hair done and hope that you can find some great styles for your pretty little one.

Adding in some ribbons

One easy and convenient way of managing your little girl’s hair would be by using fabrics. The hair can be neatly combed to either side or even on just one side in the middle and tied using a ribbon. The ribbon can be of your child’s favorite color or something that matches her outfit. This way of hairstyling makes her instantly ready for her school. Or the outing that you want to go with her.

little girl hairstyles Side swept braids

Braids are the most popular style for children. There are different ways of braiding the hair. Here we have the side-swept twist, which is not that common but looks neat and pretty as it makes a great show of the beautiful hair that your young one has got. You should try this cute little girl hairstyle on your daughter someday, and she will love it.

Zig Zag motions of hair

Want to spend little more effort on making your daughter feel special by properly making her hair? You definitely should, and here is the hairstyle that you might want to try. The zig-zag made braids defines hair braid as a completely different way of braiding hair and lets your kid have that feeling of special one with the pretty special hair.

Too cute to handle

Children do look cute just how they are, however with the right outfit and hairstyle, and their cuteness could kill. It can be as simple as braiding the hair and putting on ribbons that go with her beautiful dress, and there you go, and all eyes are going to be on your daughter.

The variety you have!

While there are some unique hairstyles particularly suitable for little girls, there exists a variety of other options as well. The options may be picked from adults hairstyling as well, but it looks pretty and lovely on the younger ones too. We suggest you try as many of these to figure out how your kids look with the different styles she has on.

Milkmaid braids to try

The milkmaid braid, as the name suggests, is a twist that was common in the past days wore by the milkmaid; however, it is a cute piece of style that will suit your young one. This comprises of two braids that are wrapped on the top of the head. They are paired with the rest of the hair combed and tied. To make it more special, clips and ribbons can be used or other accessories that make it look pretty awesome.

Curls of natural texture

So far, we’ve looked over hairstyles that were more likely to be done on the straight hairs. Here, we have something that is easy to style and won’t be hectic. Curly hair can be boon for your child with the cuteness it provides without having to try anything at all. Just let the hair fall and see the beauty it offers.

Simple little girl hairstyles you need to try!

A hairstyle can be as simple as you want for your little girl. Their hair is so delicate and pretty that just tying them behind on a simple braid can make them look angelic. You can always select some beautiful accessories as your child will be fond of those. It not only helps them look pretty but also handles their hair beautifully.

African style of braids

Having been spoken about different types of twists, here we have one unique variation of it. The hair has been braided parallel to each other with some style and effort. This makes a piece of really extraordinary hairstyle that is often seen in the African form.

Two-minute little girl hairstyles

Here are some more simple to try and easy to maintain hairstyle for your small ones. These hairstyles take a couple of minutes, and your child will be ready to start her day. These styles are going to come handy if you are a busy mother. Despite your work schedule, you can always get to make your daughter ready every day.

Headband ideas to try out

Children are fond of those cute little accessories, and they would love them on their hair. It makes it easier for you too, as you can use them to make their hair and keep them maintained. Here we have different accessories being used to create an array of little girl hairstyles for different occasions.

Little girl hairstyles for all!

Some hairstyles might go well with straight hair and some with curly hair among the ones mentioned above. But, some hairstyles are there for everyone. These hairstyles are full of life like your young ones are, and they make an excellent option for any day.

Perfect for weddings

When it comes to getting ready for any occasion, everyone wants to look there best. The same is for your little girl. She wants to get prepared, and for that, she needs to have her hair done right and better than other days. It comes to a matter of minutes to attain that for her. You can choose to braid her hair or arrange it beautifully in the middle along with some pretty clip or a hairband. This cute little girl hairstyle is easy to pull off during such events and occasions and will light up your child with joy.

Complicated looks

Children can be complicated at times as they don’t clearly express themselves all the time. Well, if you want to select a hairstyle for your kid here, we have some such complicated-looking hairstyles. Though they are different and not commonly seen, they look super cool. Your kid too might get tired of having the same style every day, so for a change, try any of these and see how they like it.

For an elegant style

Some styles can be hard to try on; however, when done right, they speak of pure elegance. We have some such hairstyles that can make your child look elegant on her special days. These little girl hairstyles are perfect on days as her birthday or for any event your daughter is participating. The styles here comprises of braided hairstyle, beautiful use of hair accessories, and so on.

The high pony

The ponytail is one easy to pull off among many other easy little girl hairstyles. Here, the ponytail is done after the hairs have been braided into different sections. Also, the ponytail is done higher on the head that makes it comfortable for little girls with long hairs. This style can easily manage the thick unmanageable hair, and your little girl will love it due to its comfort.

Adorable buns to try

Buns look adorable on little girls. They can be made more fun by pairing them up with other styles or using some accessories on the hair while tying a bun. Even here, we have such examples where the bun is accompanied with braided hair. Secondly, the colorful ribbons are used to tie the bun, which makes it fun for your girl. You also can see the mix of both braids, ribbons used to make up an adorable looking bun.

Perfect for the stage!

Many children are filled with talent from their tender age. They may participate in different programs and functions at school or elsewhere. Nevermind the place, and they need to look their best so that they are full of confidence. Here are some such hairstyles that can make your sweet little girl look angelic. There is always the tiara for your princess that adds up on her cuteness.

Use of ribbons and hair accessories

The use of ribbons and accessories is often seen in little girl hairstyles. They make it easy to put on any style and also help them look prettier. And also, there is the fact that children are fond of such colorful ribbons or other accessories. It provides more ways to style their hair and helps in making a difference in the same style by providing different look and feel.

Bangs on little girl hairstyles

Bangs are also one of the popular hairstyles for girls. This is the case for little girls too as bangs make an excellent choice for them. However, this requires your daughter’s hair to be straight and trimmed in the front how much is necessary for bangs. And there you go, another pretty hairstyle for your sweet little girl.

A bow idea

A hair bow isn’t as standard these days as it was seen before, but this is one lovely hairstyle to try on your little girl. This is suitable when the hair is longer as it makes it easier to make into a bow. It also adds the benefit of being able to manage long and thick hair of your little girl beautifully.

The classic braids

The classic braids don’t look at the age of the person putting it on. They look beautiful on anyone whether you try it or your little girl tries it. You can also pair this style with your daughter, and it can be a mother-daughter thing. Both of you are going to fall in love with this style and cherish it for the valuable bond.

Shapes you can create

Hairstyles can be fun if you spend a little more time with it. There are different variations to the existing styles that can stand out from others. Here we have collected some such extraordinary hairstyles that have made hairstyles look like some work of art. Look at those beautiful shapes, and you might get into these as they look cool and pretty.

Little girl hairstyles for short hair

The little girl hairstyles for short hair provide the style that is simple and looks beautiful on your baby girl. These are suitable for your little girl when her hair is not that long and has just started growing. Take care of that soft hair that will grow into beautiful and healthy hair one day. She is going to be thankful and will be loving you more for that.

Ponytail with braids

Ponytail with braids makes an excellent choice for school-going girls. They don’t take much longer time to be made. If your little girl’s hair is long and thick, it can be a savior for her. Long and thick hair is hard to manage, but when accomplished, they look lovely. Let your kid enjoy the beauty of her hair by trying this beautiful style for her.

Braids and twists on natural hair

This is one of the ordinary little girl hairstyles for black hair. The braids and twists are commonly seen on black girls. It looks adorable on their thick black hair, but these hairstyles can also be tried out on other than black hair. They look pretty as you need to do some work while getting it done and it pays off well. Your little girl’s hair will look well put together and pretty.

The compact bun idea

The compact bun is made by taking strands of hair together and arranging them compactly together. This is either in the middle of the head or on either side of the head. You can also choose to pair this style up using some braids on the hair or use those pretty ribbons while making the bun. This will add up to your kids’ joy.

For natural frizzy hair

Natural curly hair looks beautiful on kids just the way they are without having to style it. However, you will need to manage it for your child’s comfort as they can be messy to deal with. It is not that hard to manage as its a simple case of tying a bun over the top. Or even using a bandana or a hairband to get the hair to fall behind the head properly.

The upside-down braid

Usually, braids are done from the top to down, but you can always do it differently for a change. This will make a difference in style and make it look more relaxed and even prettier when it matches the right type of hair. As shown in the picture, the curly hair is looking livelier with that upside-down braid. Similarly, the upside-down braid bought upto a ponytail makes up a smart and beautiful little girl hairstyle.

Perfect little girl hairstyles

The perfect hairstyle for your little girl would be the one that you have done for her with love and care for her hair. The proper use of accessories, along with the right style of hair that justifies her hair, would be perfect for her. You will know this with the lovely look on her face as she sees herself and feels beautiful and pretty.

Show your creativity

A hairstyle is a means to show feminine beauty among girls. They have become an integral and crucial part of their style and personality. Having the right haircut is becoming necessary for even little girls. So, you can work on their hair some more, using your creativity to get a beautiful style for them. You can do so by mixing up two styles together. For this, you should have the idea of what style suits what hair type as well. We have some such pretty little girl hairstyles that you can try.

We are keeping it chic!

A well-managed hair not only looks adorable, but your hair looks like its glowing and is healthy. It’s all about keeping it chic when it comes to getting a great hairstyle. There is no one fixed rule or style for this. Choose from the vast options we have provided and make it yours. It’s one of the best things you can do for your little one.

Get inspired today!

Sometimes we all get tired of managing or getting our hair done. Especially when you have to worry about your hair as well as your little girl’s. One way to avoid this is to look at the beautiful styles that are there. Those styles can work their charm and inspire you into trying to get one of this for your lovely little girl. Here, we have some such inspirational little girl hairstyles.

For school dances

If your child is a performer, her hair needs more attention as it should be at its best. A performer feels confident when things go their way, so should her hairstyle. There are many options one elegant style would be braiding them and putting them together. This can be done with the help of a clip or ribbon that matches her lovely outfit. It will help you kid outshine on the stage and rock her performance.

Black kids love them!

Here we have some hairstyles that are especially suitable for little black girls. They do well with braided hairstyles. The braids can be made to fall behind the head or can be tied in the middle or partitioned separately. Those braids can include a whole different variety of hair accessories such as clips, pins. You can choose from all these options what might suit best for your little girl.

Patterns we adore

The braided hairstyle often shows some patterns that look adorable. These patterns show how much effort has been put into the hair. There can be different clips or even rubber used to get them done that will be a beautiful part of the hairstyle.

For small babies with thin hair

If your baby girl has thin and delicate hair, you’ve landed in the right section. Here we present you with different options for styling such hair. You can either make a milkmaid braid on the top section or partition with two separate braids tied on either side. If you don’t make any braids, it will be alright as well.

Other little girl hairstyles to check out!

There are some out their hairstyles for your little girl as well. This can be suitable for your little one when her hair grows longer. Sometimes even the smaller girl will want to look different with the individual hair that she has heard. These are such elegant little girl hairstyles that you can try once on any special occasion to make her feel special.

These are among the widely used and popular little girl hairstyles that we have collected and presented for you. Your child’s hair demands your care, and they should be provided with love and tender care. Some of these styles might be well familiar to you, others you will be comfortable with once you’ve tried them. Your little girl is going to love and admire the effort you put on her.


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