77 Stunning Long Bob Hairdos That You Will Fall in Love With


A long bob is one of the best hairstyles that you can try on this season! The bob can be called the most significant and most stylish hairstyle trend of 2018, and the lob is undoubtedly a loved variation of the same! We can say that many women have tried on this haircut and managed to look gorgeous! You can try on so many different styles with this hairdo and the fact that it flatters all face shapes is the best thing about it! You need to try this haircut especially if you are looking for a chic medium length hairstyle for yourself!

If you have long hair then deciding to cut them off can be a bit daunting! You may have many questions and doubts about trying on this hairstyle, and that is why we have made sure to give you as much information about them as we can! Check out this article here and find that inner fashionista in you! You need to try them out once to know why it is so unique! Here are 77 of the best long bob hairstyles that you can try on and look your best!

Braided long bob

Braided hairstyles are a rage among many and why not? They are easy to do and barely take a minute of your time! All you need is a couple of minutes in the mornings, and you can look polished and pretty! Do try this one for a youthful, vibrant appearance!

long bob

Stacked back layered bob

Stacked lob has a lot of volume on the back as a result of the layers on them! They are well-styled so that the short hair fall on top of one another! You can try on this hairdo if you are above 40; for women of that age group usually prefer this look!

Try Something New

If you are scared to try this new hairdo, you need to find the inspiration with these varied looks here! Once you chop off your hair, you will feel much lighter too!

Romantic Vibes

The lob is a very versatile hairstyle for sure! You can wear them to parties and your formal events as well! Furthermore, they are perfect for a date as well! Here are some looks with a romantic touch to them that might interest you!

Salon Styled Long bob

There are many salons styled pictures of a long bob haircut that are making their rounds on the internet! You must have seen how sleek and healthy the hair manages to look as you get them done in a salon! Check these looks out right here!

The Youthful one!

There is a fun and flirty vibe to these hairstyles here! You can look like a teenager even with these short hairdos! You can add colors and bangs on the long style of the bob that you choose to make them fun! Try this one to know why we love it so much!

Angular lob

There are many extra long bob hairstyles that you can try on! Angled bob is a hairstyle when you have a longer section on the front, and it becomes shorter as we head to the backside! There is a certain angle in which it is cut, and it has a great appeal!

Full Frontal Bangs!

Bangs can be the right choice for when you want to add the flair to your hair! They can make a face look smaller and chiseled and add a frame to the face as well! You can even hide fine lines and wrinkles on the forehead and sides of the eyes with these bangs!


Chic Style

This one here is a chic and stylish style that you can try on as your next hairdo! The middle-parted hair has a perfect balance, and we love how sleek and shiny the hair looks in this picture right here!

Face-framing Side Bangs

Side swept bangs can also frame your face and give it a structure! You can add light colors to the bangs to make them pop! There is a slight cascading layer on the bangs here, and that adds the chic factor to the hair! Visit the salon today and get this one on yourself!

Textured Hair

This picture here features the thin hair, and it has quite a bit of texture to it! You can see how the waves make the hair look like it has a lot of volume and texture! Try getting the volume by using your hair dryer and hairspray on to tame any flyaways!

Platinum Blonde

There are a lot of hair color options that we saw in the long bob 2018! You can see the platinum blonde here, and it is a favorite of many! You can opt for this bold and beautiful punch of color in your long bob and make it look extra stylish!

Pinned at the back

When you have a long bob, there is a freedom to do a lot with your hair! You have the perks of the small and long length of hair both! Here you can see how the hair has been pinned back, and it creates a soft, everyday wearable look!

The Basic Blonde Hair

The long bob blonde hair here has been sported by women for a long time now! It has a familiar tone to it and is flattering for all skin tones!

You can adjust the tones and intensity of this color to suit your skin! Make sure you follow the color chart or take help of an expert for this!

Longer Bangs

Keep longer bangs, and they fall straight on the face! The hair here has been styled very well, and you can wear this to any event as well. It has a casual and stylish vibe all at once!

Celebrity Style

People take inspiration from celebrities all the time! The perfectly styled celeb hair inspires us, and we are in awe of the way they are always looking so well put together! Here we have the gorgeous Jessica Alba and her fantastic hair here for you!

Go Bold with Colors!

The color you choose to get on your hair says a lot about your personality and style! There is something bold and beautiful about this, and if you love being daring, then you can choose this purple-blue like the one here! You can see how the dark hair looks with these blue hues here!

Get some layers!

You can choose long bob with layers to make the hair look voluminous and healthy! Here we have the hairstyle that has a few short layers on, and you can also get this done on yourself! The short hair helps to frame your face, and you can add slight twists to add texture to the hair!

The Transformation

Having long hair can be hard to chop off! But you can look your best and change the way you look with a single transformation! If you are juggling between the idea of whether to cut it or not, here are a few pictures that show you the change from short and long hair that might convince you!

Side View

Making sure your hair looks great from all sides is a must! Here is some long bob haircut with layers that can surely entice you! The side view looks fantastic, and we are a fan of how the hair looks here! Check out these looks, and we are sure you will want to try them out!

Sleek Hairdo

Long bob straight hair looks stylish and has the perfect sheen to it as well! You can see how the hair has that healthy appearance to it as well! You can keep a deep side part and make the hair and makeup look even better! Take the inspiration you need from these hairstyles here!

Waves and volume

Adding slight waves to the hair and you can instantly look polished! This hair has a classic, glamorous look to it! The dark base works well with the blonde highlights and makes this one a must try!

The ombre hair!

Ombre is a popular hair trend! The hair transcends from a dark natural color to a light hue on the base and makes a transition! You need to follow this trend and know for yourself why so many women love this hairdo!

Long Inverted Bob

An inverted bob hairstyle has an angle to it, and we love how it adds the sharpness to the whole hairstyle! These can be called as the best long bob haircut 2018! If you are not comfortable with going for short hair, then this can be the perfect look for you!

Tones of brown

Brown has the perfect earthy tones to it, and it makes the perfect color for the everyday wear! You can opt for full color or try on some popular hair color trends like the ombre and balayage hair trend! The single-layered hair tones here is also adding so much depth to the look!

The Kim Kardashian Look

Kim Kardashian has changed her style so much over the past few years, and she has inspired so many of her fans to try on new and exciting hairstyles! Her looks are followed and recreated by many and here is one of her long bob haircuts that you need to try!

Blunt cut bob

There are blunt edges on the base of the hair here, and we love it! The hair is pinned at the back, and the middle partition has given the whole hair a very well-balanced appearance!

Approachable Hairstyle

This long textured bob is a must try and is perfect for any special occasion as well! You need to try this one on! It has a comfortable and relaxed vibe to it, and we love how anyone can wear it!

Black hair

There are many hairstyles that you can wear when you have naturally dark hair! Check out these black hair bob styles that are sure to entice you! It has a chic elegance, and we love the flirty, fun vibe that it has!

Ruffled Hair

They say that imperfection is the new perfect and this look right here is the proof! You can see how the ruffled hair here looks great! There are many layers in the hair here, and the color complements the look so well! The rough edges on top and back make the best impression here!

Subtle and Stylish

There is a subtle style in this look that you can wear to everyday chores! This long bob here has the brown shades on the base, and the top has the dark black, and we love the final look!

Tyra Bank’s bob

The top model Tyra has always experimented with her hairstyles! Here she has the dark and brown streaks of hair on a side-parted bob, and we love the look! It fits her skin tone so well, and it works for all skin tones as well!

Black and blonde

The combination of black and blonde can make the perfect look for you! If you have never given the combination a thought, make sure you look at these hairstyles, and we are confident we will convince you! These are a classic mix for sure!

For All Ages!

There is no age limit to the hairstyle that you can try on! You can make yourself look perfect as you try on these long bob hairdos! There are long sections on the front here, and the silver hair is excellent as well! And make sure you slay the look!

Balayage on Bob

Balayage is another excellent hair trend that you need to try on this season! The hair colors here are seamless, and you can barely see where the colors start and end! Choose the colors that you are in love with and get on the balayage trend today!

Curly Hair

If you have curly hair, then you know that they need extra care and help when it comes to keeping them managed and stylish! You may think that choosing short hair may make it messy, but it can look perfect! Here we have the best look on for girls who have pretty curly hair!

Straight Hair

If you have long sleek hair, then opt for the long bob for straight hair! The middle-parted hair has the perfect transition. You need to try this sleek and stylish hairstyle to look playful and flirty. You can tweak the colors and contrast to make it your own for sure.

Ash Blonde Hair Color

The blonde was loved hair color, and now the ash blonde has taken over the internet! You can style your hair with this shade on, and you will see that the colors are what make your hairstyles look magical!

Well Styled bob

One thing that we need to pay attention to is the styling part of the bob that you get! There are cool ways to style the bob; leave them straightened or curl them to give your hair a body it needs! You can use hairsprays to actually pin them down and tame the flyaway hair as well!

Do It Yourself glam!

You can style these bob hairdos at home, and they look fabulous! All you need to do is use conditioning products to make your hair healthy and manageable! A little makeup and you are all set to look fabulous!

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Half and half of the colors!

Here we have an exciting mix of colors! The whole hair has a dark black hue on it, and one side has a brown to blonde tone on it! There is something chic and girly about this hairstyle that we adore! This mix of colors is undoubtedly going to set you aside from the crowd for sure!

Flattering for all

Once you try on the bob haircut, you will notice that this is a look flattering for all! You can make the hair look a bit more textured by adding some waves into the hair! Even the slight waves on make you look so much better!

Everyday look

Are you in the search for a hairdo that you can wear to every day without it looking too dull or monotonous, you can try the bob on! They are fun, and there are a million ways you can wear them! So what are you waiting for? Try them today!

Auburn Hair

There is a perfect blend of red and brown here, and the depth that is added to the hair makes us feel alive! These hair colors are perfect for the fall, and we are sure you will love them too! The shine that the hair leashed out is admirable for sure!

Transition of colors

You can see here how the color has carefully transitioned from one shade to the other! The play of colors can make your hair look fabulous and add so much depth and dimension to it! Make sure you get yourself a good hair stylist to help you get the perfect blend of colors!

Single Layer with bangs

Bangs are a favorite of many ladies out there, and here we have a bob hairstyle that has a single layer to it and a side swept bang that features along with it! This is a very work appropriate look and is sure to be flattering on all face shapes!

Sexy Vibe

This look her has a very sexy vibe, and we love the long length hair on this one! The dark hair here are looking gorgeous, and we love the makeup look that is going well with the hairstyle!

Casual look

This is a simple and casual look that is sure to make you feel your best! You can see how the hair here has a ruffled texture, and the brown hair with dark roots works out so well too! If you are not sure about any other color, this one is a safe bet!

Extra Stylish

There is a stylish vibe to the bob hairdo that everybody loves! If you have seen this haircut in person, you know that it holds a specific power and has a refined look to it! The boss lady vibes are strong in this one!

Dark tones

If you love darker shades, then this is undoubtedly the one for you! You need to try these out once especially if you have thick hair!

The tuck

A simple style such as a middle part with hair tucked on behind the ears can make you look great when you have a bob!

Inward curls at the base

For a polished and chic look, all you need to do is curl the bottom of your hair inwardly! This will have a softer effect on hair and make everything look well put together!

Soft, fragile look

There is a softness in this hairstyle, and nothing is too sharp or extreme! This is perfect if you desire a feminine, simple look!

Bare minimum

Keep things to a minimum and opt for a look that has a striking feature to it! Here are some options that you are sure to love if you are a simple lady!

There is no doubt that the lob is the best option for everyone who desires a hassle-free hair! These bob hairdos will give you a natural, effortless appearance and we love how you can wake up looking flawless with these on! You can add colors and bangs to your hair and make them stand out even more. Choose the one that you found to be the most striking, and we are sure you will gather all the compliments for them!

If this article helped find the best long bob hairstyle for you, then make sure you give this a thumbs up! Share it with others in your circle who want to try on a new hairdo or who would look great in a lob! Share your haircutting experience with us in the comments section below! We love to hear from you! Stay with us for more on such fashion and beauty related topics. Till next time, this is a wrap!


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