106 Spectacular Mermaid Hair Ideas That Are Easy!


The mermaid hair is the look of your dreams that can give you the feels of the oceans. If you are a fan of the fairytales of the little mermaid, this article will be helpful for you. We made sure to place about a hundred ideas of these mermaid locks for you to get intrigued by and try out. So make sure you go through them and get the look of your choice. These hairstyles are characterized by vibrant colors and the waves that resemble the ocean. We are fans of these vivacious hairdos and recommend them to every girl out there.

There are colors and different mixes of the same that you can apply to get a shade of your choice. You do not need to follow the same hues here. Play with the blue and the greens, and the mix will make you feel like a mermaid in real life. There are some rough hair ideas with the vibrant colors that make the locks look like a drawing even! They are achievable and wearable as well in so many ways. So we want you to be able to try them this year. Live your dreams and make them come true.

We urge you to look at these stunning mermaid hair ideas to get a head start in the hair game.

mermaid hair Tones of green

Mermaid hair with hues of this stunning green color has us going gaga over the idea. We love how there is a lot of light pastel tones on it, but what makes the impression here is the way it has been styled. Wavy hair can work well for this length of hair. You can see how the cardamom shade is a perfect word to describe this tone.

Pastel pink and violet colors

The use of these pink tones on the hair is fantastic. There are colors on this hair that make it look like a fairy tale look. There are pastel tones on the hair, and it works well with the violet as well. You can get the same shades for yourself, but they are going to take some caring. You have to stay away from chemicals and hot water too.

The blue tones with purple tones

This magnificent hues on this hair entice everyone who lays eyes on them. You can see how there are some lighter tones on the base, but the top has this beautiful purple on it. The merge makes it look like the night sky. There are hair extensions with the same colors that you can purchase for the time being. The play of these hues can make your day better.

Braids and waves in mermaid hair

You can add braids and twists on the mermaid hair, and it will look great. There are some patterns on the hair here that give you the mermaid vibe. Without the colors, they still make an impact. You can also pair some accessories to the same hair as the ones in this image. They are perfect for a beach day or a school day.

Thickness in mermaid hair

You can add some hair extensions in the hair to get this thick mermaid hair look. There are braids on the side that makes this a stunning look. The purple-toned white is perfect for all skin tones. You can also merge them with the skin to make it better suited for you. So there are loose hair strands and even some braids that complete this look.

The shades of the rainbow!

The rainbow has such beautiful colors on it. Some artists are inspired by it, and they add it to the things that they create. You can see most of them on clothes and fabric patterns. But we are showing it to you on the hair! This mermaid hair has the color mixes that can make the rainbow shy too.

Go blue with mermaid hair

This lavender tone of hair is perfect to be paired with the long mermaid hair. The straight hair is a different touch to the hair game. You can see that there are some excellent accessories there as well. The star makes them look authentic and gives it that feel as well. The section of braided hair with the braids on the back is stunning as well.

Mermaid hair with a mix of colors

You need to play with the colors to make your hair shine. And we are telling you how you can get it done with the hair colors like this. This is a medium length blunt cut hairstyle with a mix of beautiful hues of blue, green and pastel pinks. The merge of these shades makes one feel like they are working with a lot. So it is best to get it done at a salon.

Go long hair with vibrant hues

Long hair is always the idea associated with mermaid hair. You can see that in these images here. There are such beautiful shades here that can make anyone feel good about themselves. The violet-purple tones, blues, and purples, also the pinks, are making these long hairstyles fabulous. When these hairstyles are paired with the best curl and waves, they make for a stunning style.

Adding hair accessories

Hairstyles can be complicated or straightforward, but there is something that can make anything look better. And that is the use of these hair accessories. The addition of these little things takes the hair to a new level of beauty. Here you can see the seashell look with the most stunning hair ever. You can see how there are twists in this long hair to make it look majestic.

The colors underneath the hair

The first image here shows off the undercut hair. You can see how there is some stunning use of colors and cuts on them. But we also love how there is a place with the hair colors on the hair underneath the hair. The shades show up well, and it makes for a hairstyle that checks all lists for the perfect look.

The hair to wear to prom

Heading to prom and need to figure out the hair you want for that day? Here are some ideas that can give you a way to figure that out. We are showing you how the hair can look with such twists and twirls. The braided hair has some charm to it that everyone can see. This can be the look that sets you aside from all the others in the event.

Dark tones in mermaid hair

You can not only use these lighter tones on the mermaid hair. To get the feel, you can also get the hair on the darker shades. We are showing the best styles with the dark-toned shades of these fabulous hues. If you are looking to feel like a princess from the oceans, this can also be an option for you.

Medium hair length

Do you want to try on these mermaid looks and are worried you do not have the length for it? Here we are showing you some stunning shades of the purples and blues. They can give you an exciting thrill for medium locks even. So there is no restriction for the hair and its styles, you can feel good without having the long locks needed.

The highlights with these shades

Blonde hair can be highlighted too. Go for this dark-toned purple here. They are almost tilting to the black side here. You can take the time to get these hues to a tone of your choice. It does not need to be this crazy dark shades. You can also go for some light tones of teal blue. It will be the way your hair shines when you move around in the light.

Twirl and waves in the hair

You can get the hair to look fab with the small movement of your hands. There are some remarkable ways for you to take the multiple hair strands and put them over and under the locks. The colors will do the rest of the work to make an impression. Here are some ideas we put forward for you to give it that classy look.

Braided hair with dark color

There are faint shades on the hair here. Only a little part of the back is painted in colors with the perfect rainbow tones. You can see how there are messy layers in here. When you color them, they can become dry and brittle if you do not pay much attention. Check out the way these shades play with your locks and create the mermaid hair.

Stunning, festive shades

There are some blue, dark tones on the top. They are going to make the hair look thicker and denser. You can then add on some light shades of green and lime tones. When they are coiled, you can get a lovely look. They are best for music festivals and such celebrations.

Loose or plaited?

You can get an idea of how the hair looks with these mermaid hair colors. They can be left loose, or you can braid them loosely as well. You can see how both the hairdos make an excellent tone. If there are ways you want to twist the hair, now is the time to try it out.

Red hair and its undertones

Red is a beautiful color that can make you look fierce and fun. So you can see it work with these lovely hairstyles here. They are not too bold, and we are starting from a subtle shade. Then moving on to some darker tones of the same hue. Look at the way we progress down to the lovely sharp reds and try it out.

Lavender tones

Here we have some lavender ashy tones for you to work out. They are not too subtle, and neither are they bold. The perfect ashy color for you to love this year. As your natural hair grows, it can give it the needed depth at the top.

Contrasting colors with mermaid hair

Some colors work well with others. You can see how these different hues work with the other and give it this well-conditioned look. You can get any haircut of your choice and make it prettier with these hues. If the hair needs the beautiful touch of some new shades, you can head to the salon.

Royal blue in mermaid locks

The royal blue colors are a tough one to pull off. There are blonde hues on the top and are followed by these darker tones. They are best for anyone with long hair and layered cuts. If you want the look that stuns each person in your life, this will be it.

Beautiful shades of pink

There are peachy tones you get when you pair the pink with the blonde hues. They are best for this hair coloring techniques. You can see how the long hair with the waves works with these hues. They are feminine and also can show you how to mold your locks.

Light tones of sky blues

Mermaid colors are the best thing that you can wear on your hair. You can see how there are some light tones on the hair here. You can pair the hair with any other color. They can be lavender and pink or red even. So look at the hairstyles with this color and try out something new.

Color pattern

Colors are lovely for a ramp-up in the hair. There are dark magenta tones on the top, and it follows the royal blue. If you move down, you can see the greens and the lime tones on the bottom. With the colors on these hairstyles, you can feel better each day.

Some dark hair on top

The hair on the scalp can have any color on top. You can see how there are black on most of these hairstyles. You can try out the dark tones with the multiple colors on the bottom. The way these shades are working for this length of hairstyles is beautiful.

Teal shades with mermaid hair

Do you need some new inspiration for the hair? Then ramp up the hair with some beautiful hues. You can see the teal tones on the hair. It can be paired with colors like blues and purples too. When they work out together, it will make you stunned with the waves.

For short hair

Are you looking for some mermaid hair quick ideas? Then this is the section for you. You can cut the hair to any length and get the haircut of your choice. Some women pair these mermaid tones with the perfect hair cut. Curl these short locks, and you are set for the day.

Multi-braids in the hair

This is a hairstyle that you can do on your own. They are best with some hair extensions as well. The mermaid hair reviews on these websites can also help you out. We are loving the way they are down low and twirled up. You can see how the hair looms low with these tones.

Different types of textured hair

You can take the mermaid hair curler to get this look. You can see how there are warm red tones on the hair. The yellow blonde hair on the bottom will also compliment the locks. You can get it done for the fall season. So keep it in your close saved up files.

Jewels and hair ornaments

There are pearls and some delicate jewelry on the hair here that makes us want to give a romantic touch. You can see how there are some fun colors here. If you are looking to make yourself feel good, you can take these hues. It is suitable for some of the themed parties. We are sure you can wear these for those days.

Layered hair

When you cut your hair, it can give your face a new lift. There are ways to accentuate what you already have, and the hair is one such tool. You can see how there are dark hues of blue and purple on the hair. When you cut them in short sections, the hair can get volume and bounce as well. Here is the image that can give you an idea.

Twisted hair braids

When you get hair braided from all the sections, you can take them to a new form by twisting them. There are some beautiful shades of platinum blonde on the hair. You can also see the tones of peach and blues on there. If you want, you can also try out the marine blue and green as the ones on these braids.

Pink tones with hairstyles

The bright pinks in the hair have a charming effect for sure. They are also paired with the lavender pastel shades. You are sure to get the tones on the hair to work for you. When you have the hair color that makes so much noise, you can try any hairstyle. Make a bun on top, and you are set to head out.

Some variations with mermaid hair

Mermaid hair is not the daily look you have seen. There are many colors and textures on the locks here. You can see the ways the braids are made to look with the use of these blue-green tones. The messy hair can be the best look for a casual day out. There are some beautiful ways to make them work for every young woman out there.

Casual hairstyling

The hair that you color can sometimes even make it look stunning. It has this beautiful look on the hair that everybody wishes to have. You can also try some everyday hairstyles with this and get the look down. They are best for running day to day chores and even when you need to head out quickly. So what more do you need? You can have the time to work the details with such hairstyles.

Loose, long braided hair

The liberty of long hair is what makes us feel good at times. There is so much you can do with the hairstyles. And we are sure you feel the same. So take the time to grow out your hair if they are short. You can also get some colored hair extensions to get the length and texture as the images here.

Loose, relaxed hair

You can leave your hair on the loose at times for a casual look. Some classy hair colors can be paired with the same to give it a relaxed appeal. We have the skylight blue on here, and they are charming for the young women. If you pair them with the shades of peach and yellow, then it will also look magnetic and attract some others.

Going artistic

Do you want to be the person who tries out an aesthetic look? These hairstyles in the segment down below can give you that look. The way the hair colors look like they are merging like ink on the water is beautiful. If you want to make a color statement, you can go for these tones. Copy the look and get the same intensity of colors for a vivid hairstyle.

Majestic hair ideas

This hairstyle has the perfect balance of the braids and the hair colors. You can see how there are longer messier portions of hair in this look. With the dark paired under the light. The blonde tones are looking lovely with the waves on the hair. You can wear it to the park and also when you want to make an impression at a gathering.

How to get your mermaid hair?

Mermaid hair is an exciting idea in the world of hairstyles. But we want you to be able to try out looks and find the charm in them. Here we love these ways in which women have molded their hair. So get in the groove of hairdos and give these hairstyles a try as well. You will not be disappointed by the outcome. As you wear them, the colors will add shine in your life as well. So you can get others to be brave with these colors too.

Here we made sure to keep all the ideas intact for women of different needs. If you want long hair that flows with the wind, this is the way to go. We also love how the inspiring YouTubers show you how to get these done without any heat. Heatless curls are one of the best ways of setting your hair without any damage. They also tend to last longer for you. So take the chance and try these curls soon. If this reading entertained you, pass it around, and spread the word. We will be thankful for the support and love you shower!


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