128 Bold and Trendy Ombre Hair Options to Try Out


Are you bored with the same single hair color on your hair? If you are then what else to look for then giving your hair some color blends. This hairstyle which was popularized by the celebrities will make your hair look like a piece of art with the right combination of a color hue with the other.

This Ombre hairstyle which requires very little upkeep for you to maintain and yet will appear captivating and pleasing to the eye might be the perfect choice for all you beautiful ladies out there. Here we have some great looking Ombre hair styling options for you to try out.

Magazine cover Look!

Speaking of celebrities, ever wanted to be on the cover of a magazine? Well, what about looking like one? This perfect blend of color will make you look like a star with your hair providing the shine of beauty and fame. You might as well have to be used to get the “Have I seen her somewhere?” glances with this hairstyle.


ombre hair

Black and brown ombre hair

This ombre hairstyle has its fan base as many consider it the pioneer of ombre hairstyle having being put on by Britney Spears during the 2000s. The hair is black at the roots with a continuous flow of brown going over the tip gives it a classy edge.

Silver and magenta hues

This ombre hairdo provides you with the charisma that makes you stand out in the crowd. The beautiful shine of magenta hue along with the silver will make your hair eye capturing. It makes you look smart and sassy.

The black base with blonde

Black hair people, we have another ombre option for you to try and it’s not hard as it looks beautiful. This time around your black hair is partially covered by blonde which makes it look more lively and outgoing. Make sure to give it a try!

Sleek and straight hair

Here, the beauty of ombre hairdo is visible in straight hair. It shows that no matter how your hair is, the blend and mix of color hues provided by ombre always goes along to enhance your looks.

Wavy textured ombre hair

The beauty of ombre hairdo is evenly suited to the wavy hair as well. Try out some color on your wavy hair, and you will see the hues riding on the waves of your hair look like a work of art. It just looks majestic with the blend of right color options.

The basic bob hairstyle

Now, this hairstyle portrays the beauty of ombre hairdo even more. If you’re a fan of the bob hairstyle, with the combination of some color, you get a more glamorous looking hairstyle for yourself.

Blunt cut bob hairstyle

The bob hairstyle doesn’t have to be basic for an ombre to work out its charm. It goes along with any other style as well like here it has presented the blunt cut hair and enhanced its looks.

Shades of teal

If getting experimental is your cup of tea, ombre might be yours as well. As you can go along with any shades of color and with the right touch up on your hair. The teal shades accompany your black hair perfectly to make it look mesmerizing!

Get your shades on!

Do you want to know something even more refreshing about the ombre hairdo? Yes, you got that right. Sunglasses, they go well and will look great on you adding up to your looks. And, if the color of your glasses matches with the color of your hair, that might be the icing on the cake!

Very short hair

Now, don’t be upset that your hair isn’t long enough as not only long hairs but even the shorter hair can be given this styling option. Though it might somewhat look, you’ve got blonde hair, and the different hues do exceptional work on making a difference.

Layered Hairstyle

Adding layers to your hair can help your thick hair look well managed! You can add short or long layers as you please to make the hair stand out. You will notice that you get added volume and bulk when your hair has short sections cut out!

Sharp edges

Even in the ombre hairdo, there are plenty of variations that you can bring to your hair. This one presents with the sharp edges that reflects your personality and makes you look a cut above others with that sharpness.

The Kardashian Glam

Can we miss the Kardashians when it comes to styling? The chances are slim. The Kardashians have flaunted this hairstyle on multiple occasions. They have experimented with this style, and it has seemed to provide the glamour as they always tried to.

Keira Knightley’s look

Keira Knightley is an inspiration to many, and her looks have always been on point! You can see her in many short hairstyles, and she manages to look stunning in each of them! This hairstyle is a perfect example of ombre hair on short length! Try this out today to look as gorgeous as she does!

Dark brown ombre hair

Many ladies prefer dark shades over light ones. There is no doubt that your hair is going to have that needed depth and dimension to it when you try on deeper shades! Here are some dark brown hair options for long hair.

Inverted/Angular bob with ombre hues

Angular bob has the cut that chisels out your face and has that slimming effect to it! These were one of the most loved hairstyles of 2018. It gives you the liberty to have long and short hair in the same look! The ombre hair here on this bob is sure to get you inspired!

Reddish brown hues

Browns work well with red tones to create a fiery ombre look! You only need to visit your hairdresser and get the right shades for your skin tone. There are some options here that we have gathered for you. You can go as light and as dark with these colors as you want!

Blunt cut edges!

One of the trendiest haircuts out there is the blunt cut! These haircuts have blunt edges to it as the name suggest, and they give off a very effortless and casual vibe! You can get ombre hair on with these hairstyles, and you are sure to look polished!

Pink tones

Pink shades work well as a transition shade for many colors! They work great for ombre hair effect. You can see how the hair here looks flawless! You can see the blondes here shining through, and they create a well-balanced look with the rosy shades as well. Here are some ideas for you to check out!

Ash blonde

Ash blonde is a favorite of many hairstylists and celebs alike. We are sure you have seen the combination of this ashy color with black for sure! They have a great transition to them and look great on all hair types. Here we have textured and sleek hair with varying lengths for you to check out!

Reddish pink tones

This bob right here has so many shades to it! You can see the reddish pink with the browns. The ombre effect is admirable and approachable as well. This is a unique combination and will help you stand out in the crowd for sure. Try this on if you have a bob haircut on you!

Event Ready!

There are many hairstyles that you can try on if you have ombre hair on! There are shades and tones that you can experiment with and make yourself look flawless! When you are getting ready for a special event make sure you take the inspiration from these tones right here!

Punch of colors

The best way to stand out and look unique is by trying to shades and tones that are bold and bright! There are green, blues and bold, bright pinks that you can try on to make your style stand out! You can get the desired ombre hair of your choice and slay the look!

Casual everyday look

There are ombre hair options that you can choose from this collection here! We made sure that you can select something for yourself and opt for a classic and stylish vibe! Here we have browns and blondes with black; these colors are trendy and can be worn casually every day!

Chrissy’s ombre look

Chrissy Teigen has had so many iconic hairstyles over the years. These looks have impressed a lot of critics and inspired her fans to try on ombre hair as she does! Here she has attended an event with a braided side parted look with black and blonde ombre effect!


Dark roots

You can opt for darker roots and create a different look for yourself. You can see how the shades work as a base for other shiny hues and make a beautiful hairdo! The ombre hair will shine through as you go dark. Keeping deep tones merged with lighter shades help you look fabulous!

Dark chocolate browns

If you have a liking for deep shades, opt for this yummy looking dark chocolate hues! They have that mysterious tone to them, and the whole look is perfect for any season! The transition of color in this look is admirable. Try this hairstyle and know why it is popular!

Fine and thin hair

When you have thin hair, there are chances that they appear lighter and cause a lot of flyaways! You can opt for colors like these right here to make them appear deeper! The depth and dimension added by these hues will help you look fabulous and make your hair look denser!

Side swept bangs with a bob!

Bangs are a perfect addition to your hairstyle. They can frame and chisel out your face as well. These side swept bangs are sure to make the list of the best addition to ombre hair! You can see how it helps to create a well-balanced look! The best thing is any face shape can wear these bangs!

Colors transition!

Check out the way the color transcends here. You can see how the hues here are escalating from being a dark black at the base to a brown and then turn into a shiny blonde on the ends! These work out best for all hair lengths as well!

Unconventional shades

You can see the turquoise shades in this blonde bob hair here. They make the hairstyle pop out. If you are a fan of adding a pop of colors to the hair, then this is the shade that you need to try on! They add a bright punch to the hair and make you stand out!

Coppery brown hues

When we talk about the tone of any color, there are so many options available. Like shown here, coppery brown is one of them which is a preferred option to choose for doing an ombre. It depicts the texture of your hair cut and provides an elegant look that goes well to suit you in any occasion.

Rose gold shades for ombre hair

We have heard a lot about rosy cheeks, but have you ever considered giving a rosy tint to your hair? You should if you have not. The presence of rosy color over the golden hue makes it amusingly attractive. It is up to you to decide whether you want to keep the gold as a base or blend them.

Celeb Hairstyles

You probably have been seeing these celebrities flaunting the ombre hairdo with their style. Some among them prefer ombre as their go-to hairstyle daily. So, we are used to seeing them in that particular style. You can try these, who knows it might end up being your go-to hairstyle as well!

Spiky hair

Here the hairstyle looks different with the spikes making the hues more visible and providing a unique edge that adds up to your looks and makes you look bold and confident. The color choice is all about you, and it should be indeed as this hairstyle honestly should speak about you. So, when are you spiking it up?


Red ombre hair with minimal base

Here we have another variation of ombre style for you which has a visibly minimum base. The red color falling from the black base shows the flow of charisma in your style. This hairstyle might fool the observers as the way you style it, and it can look like it has no base at all.



Silver and black hair!

The silver over the blacks looks wow. It can be surprising how it expresses your style and beauty that you might fall in love with these colors once you’ve tried them. The length of your hair is not relevant in flaunting this hairdo; it’s all about carrying them the way you want!

Short hair!

Ombre can be an excellent hairstyling option for you all ladies with short hair. The perfect blend of the color hues can take away your shyness of having short hair and provide you with the confidence to carry yourself with grace and charm. It instead allows you to flaunt your beautiful earrings that might compliment your looks!

Salon styled hair

Get your hair styled in the salon for a beautiful effect!

Lilac shades at the base

Lilac is one of the boldest yet subtle hair color options that you can try on. Many stylists swear by this color, and it has made the list of favorites in our article as well! You can see how well it transitions and blends well in with dark hair!

Red undertones in blonde hair!

Red undertones are flattering for almost all skin tones. There are several ways you can add red hues on your hair. Here we have the blonde mixed in with this fiery tone. Once you try it on you will fall in love with it! Give this one a chance next time, and you won’t be disappointed!

Long bob Lob

Bob hairstyles can be called as the best trend of 2018! There were countless variations of this hairstyle, and we love how it looks great on everyone! But you can be scared of how short some of these hairstyles are! You can opt for the more extended version of bob if that is your concern!

Ombre hair for men

Fashion and hairstyles are often only talked about for women. This notion in itself is outrageous since there are men who are into looking polished and handsome as well! You can see how these ombre colors look great on men as well! Men also can look their best as they try these shades on!

Jenner approved shades

Kylie Jenner has been a style icon and has inspired many to try on bold hairstyles. Her fans try to follow each of her looks and try to appear as perfect as she does in this hairdos! You can try on her greenish- blue shades here and look unique and fabulous!

Ashley Greene’s dark hues

Ashley Green has her hair in a dark brown shade with red undertones in here, and we are in awe of how great she looks in it! The short hair has face-framing layers, and the middle partition works well for her face shape as well! The waves here are adding needed texture to her hair!

Full frontal bangs

Full frontal bangs are a crowd-pleasing addition to any hairdo, and once you try them you will see why! They are easy to get and also instantly make you look younger and fresher! If you need some inspiration, you can find just the thing here! They are great in concealing a high forehead and even fine lines!

Burgundy hues

Burgundy shades are the softer options of colors to get when you want to try on the ombre trend! You can see how they are the blend of reds and pinks, and thus you can enhance the look to suit any skin tone! Here are some options for ladies who want to try on this hue!

Vanessa Hudgens hairstyle

Many celebs have tried on the ombre coloring trend, but Vanessa has her way here! She manages to steal hearts in her wavy textured blonde and brown ombre look! If you want to copy her all you need to do is book an appointment!

Grey ombre hair!

Grey has been a favorite hair color to try on recently! There was a time when people regarded grey hair as signs of aging, but now it has become a favorite among women of all ages! Here we have the ashy shade on some ombre effect that looks gorgeous!

Yellow tones of blonde

Many stylists have said that blonde is a color for all skin tones! You have to balance out the undertone to make it match your skin and keep it that way! Here is a blonde hair with yellow undertones that works great for darker skin tones!

Lilac Ruffled hair

Lilac hair is a craze among many! We can see the colors here, and we are instantly drawn to the soft effect of the pastel hues! The dark base helps to make the ash blonde stand out. The way the lilac stays at the base is beautiful! The ruffled hair also adds a youthful vibe!

Volume on the hair!

This bob hairdo has a lot of oomph to it! The orange tones to the hair are admirable, and the volume makes us envious! It sure looks like a salon styled hair that needs a lot of time! The blonde pairs well with the hairstyle as well!

You must have found styles that match your liking by now! We are sure that you have found the inspiration you needed to try on bold and beautiful colors on your hair! If you found this article to be helpful in your quest to search for the perfect ombre hair, give us a thumbs up!

Make sure you share this article with others who are a fan of such trendy hair colors too! You can write to us about your experiences with these hairdos in the comments section below. We look forward to hearing your thought! Stay with us for more on fashionable hairstyles and other exciting topics! Till next time, this is a wrap!


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