103 Awesome Pastel Hair Ideas That You Will Definitely Swoon For!


Getting pastel hair on you is an overwhelming task! You can see many influencers and celebs are sporting these pastel, pretty shades and we are all for the trend! These hues can make your hair look sleeker and shinier and add that healthy glow to your hair, which is a dream of everybody! Well, as beautiful as it seems, it can be difficult and hard to get it on in the first place. But, once you’ve worked it on your hair, just keeping it right will provide you with the perks of that beautiful look you always wanted.

Here we have come along with some beautiful pastel hairstyling options for you to look and decide which one you are going to try. There are different styles in which you can have your pastel hair. You will be going through those different styles below. Make sure to recommend it to your friend once you’ve got the one that you desire!

Ash blonde tones

You can obtain this pastel hair by dyeing your hair slightly gray color tinted with lots of cooler undertones. It looks so different from the usual favored and mostly seen shades of blonde, and it provides that fresh look on your face. The good thing about this hairdo is it goes well with both straight and wavy hair types.

Light brown shade

The beautiful light brown shade that makes your hair look soft and glamorous is one of the most favored pastel hair by women and girls. It suits any person despite the age and looks great with the perfect curls like shown here. It seems equally ravishing over straight hair as well.

pastel hairBlues and Pinks

When it comes to hair color, blue and pinks are two of the most preferred choices, especially when it comes to women hairstyle. These also have been favorite pastel color ideas as people continuously appearing in the limelight also have used them often.

Angled Bob

This angled bob pastel hair appears to be enjoyable, and one would love to get it done over one’s hair. It suits the woman who has an out-going personality. It brings the charm on your face and makes you feel confident and stylish. There are various such styles in the pictures below.

Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams is one of the most looked-after icons when it comes to hairdos and hairstyles as she has continued to stun her fans and audience by pulling off some of the beautiful hairstyles. Even when it comes to pastel hair, you can see how well she gets it done.

Dark base with blonde

There’s never a limitation to coming up with variations in hairstyle. Same is the case for the pastel hair; there can be different ways in which one can flaunt their beautiful hair with the different pastel colors. Here the blonde color has been used over a darker base to provide an elegant looking hairstyle one would love to have.

The Top Bun

The top bun hairdo on this pastel hair color looks fantastic here. It provides that youthful look and can highlight the particular facial features the girl possesses. It is one great hairstyle to try for you all that can work on well no matter the shade of color used over the hair.

 Pulled on sections

This one showcases another beautiful way you can style your beautiful pastel hair. The hair strands have been taken from both sides and tied together after making some great braid like structure that makes it look like a fantastic work of art is over your hair.

Wedding day glam

Wouldn’t you want to look the most glamorous person out of them all during your wedding day and by all means, you should be! The pastel hair would help you correctly in achieving that feat. Choose a color tone of your preference and get it dyed to make the hair ombre. We bet you’d steal every hearts out there.

Tones of blue

Look at those beautiful tones of blue pastel hair that makes one look like a diva just by having that beautiful color shade. You can have this pastel hairstyle in different ways: having them fully blue-dyed, using some blonde shades with the blue ton or choosing the ombre, the choice is solely yours.

Salon colored hues

This segment shows you that gorgeous hair that you would have to visit the best salon to get done, and we wouldn’t be surprised if it took you more than one sitting because of the perfection it needs with the different color hues to shine on your pastel hair and work the magic of charm on your looks.

Short bob cut

This hair color short hair is magnificent to make up for the length of your hair as it makes your hair shine and puts that spark of confidence in you to stand out of the crowd with such a great hairstyle. There are many hues to choose whether you go with the bright or lighter shades; the beauty will reflect on your hair.

Pastel Pink Ombre Hair

Here’s another to all the ombre lovers. The pastel hair ombre has yet another color tone to provide you that looks so fresh and pleasant like the cherry-blossoms just blooming with joy over the sunshine. The pastel pink over the darker natural hair color looks stunning.

Textured Shorthair

Who said there aren’t many things you can do with short hairs? Well, make them look at this picture as an example that shows short hair can also make up great hairstyles as these textures provide that beauty with the use of different shades of colors that have been blended perfectly over that hair.

Gray purple hair

The gray shade of color can make your hair look fresh and make you look wiser for which some of you may think older. To rectify that use purple hair to give yourself this grayish purple pastel that shows how awesome you are.

Green and blonde

The blonde is one of the ever-present hairstyles that has been there over the past few decades. It might never get old to look as with the variations they have been teamed with like in this one, the green and pink color hues provide a new look to the blonde pastel hair.

Blue and blonde flowers

And, if the use of attractive colors doesn’t yet do the job for you, you always have different ways of making your hair look beautiful with skill and creativity like how this hair with blue and gray colored flower appears to blossom over that beautiful pastel hair.

Cara Delevingne’s pastel hair

Here we have another celebrity who is also most sought-after when it comes to hairstyling options thanks to her ever-changing hairstyles. She is another person who manages to stun with gorgeous hairstyles. This hair color is one of her best what we can all agree.

Grey and black tones

The grey and black tones is a bold hair color to choose as it appears to have that depth of intensity in style itself. One would love the grey and black tones upon seeing how many options it can be worn.

Rose Gold shades

The rose gold shade is not a new one for us as we all have seen it worn by many celebrities and model. It provides a youthful charm and makes you look younger than you are. Now isn’t that a blessing in the form of hair color shade?

Pinks and purples

The pink and the purples pastel hair shown here makes you wonder how much of an effort would this have taken, and we believe a lot. There’s no doubt in the matter that a lot of energy would be required to get some style like this successfully done. However, it will all look worth it when all those head turns over you on that particular event for which you have been planning.

Winter Hairdo

The good thing about a pastel color is you can get them according to the season and mood. As this one highlights the wintery, snowy mood. The color tone used over the hair also reflects as if the beautiful snowflakes cover it.

Black and grey ombre

Ombre hairstyle is one of the most popular choices for having pastel hair. Ombre is never dull to look or have as it can provide with many options. The use of a lighter color tone over a more massive shade in the base needn’t always be the case as you can also opt to go with the combination of two color hues underneath and another beautiful color for the tips.

Lavender tones

The lavender tone is another excellent choice for having pastel hairdo. You can get a fresh and confident self with the option of lavender. Though this looks similar to the purple pastel hair, it has its significance in maintaining that charm in your looks with this gorgeous hairstyle.

Youthful pink tones

This segment provides you with an overlook to the pink pastel hair that has a youthful look and charming flower-like beauty. You can get it done over one sitting or get it done more brightly and cover up your whole hair with multiple application. It makes your hair looks lighter and baby like with its tone.

Seafoam green

The seafoam green is a not-so-common hairstyle. The reason why this color hue makes your hair look ever prettier is that it is not ordinary like other hairdos. You can additionally style your hair by making braids or use some useful accessories that match up your style and pull of this hairstyle with great composure.

Basic Ponytail

If you are thinking of different ways in which you can set up your pastel hair, then we have one simple yet cool one for you. The basic ponytail helps set hair just right and even provides the focus on the lovely hues that you have used among the pastel colors that are available.

Loose or braided

Here we present to you two different variations of the same pastel hair. One is left free with those curls hanging beautifully over the shoulders whereas the other is braided right in the center. Both of these hairstyles make a statement of their style and does justice in presenting how artistically the color tones have used in perfect sync.

Day out Look With Pastel Blue Colors

This picture shows exactly how cool it is to have a beautiful color tone dyed to do one great looking pastel hair. It needs no other management or styling and looks gorgeous just the way it is left. It can be a lovely hairstyle to have even just for your casual day out or at the college or office.

Yellow Green Shades

Another paste hair color that you don’t see that commonly is this shade of yellowish green. You can use this yellowish green shade with the mix of one hair color over the another and even have it done just above your natural hair color, keeping it as a base for this beautiful shade to shine over.

Pastel Bob

Another style you can try on your lovely pastel hair is Bob hairdo. It looks perfect on those color tones, which is also preferred by many celebs and artists. The Bob hairstyle makes you want to experiment many more styling options that you can choose with your pastel hair. It provides you with that confidence of being able to pull off any style like its’ yours.

Coppery red tones

Just look at this lovely and fierce looking hairstyle. It’s just so glamorous to look at it and looks no less than a hairstyle that would look great while walking over some red carpet event. Even an average day can be extraordinary when you have such a sweet and appealing color tone used over your pastel hair.

Rolled up hair

An additional option on taking care of your hair at the same time making a statement with your hairstyle. Those rolled up hair provides some good show of color tones that have been finely don over the blonde hair. Further, there are more shades used as you go down the hair ends to make this one of the best hair on our list.

Head out today

Head out with hair out is what this hair speaks of as the blonde hair looks perfect to start your daily schedule with an extra bit of charm thanks to those lovely color dye done over your hair. Looking different is just as simple as tying a hair over with a clip to show those textures done in your hair.

Fairytale Appeal

As a girl, most of us had dreamt of seeing a fairy if not looking like one. Well, when we come to think of what would a fairy look like, this picture kind of makes it clear as to how a fairy’s hair can be achievable by those beautiful hues and using those lovely color shades.

Hair Bows

Wow, bows! Weren’t these cute looking bows one of your favorites during your kid days. Well, what about now? Guess something doesn’t change after all, and why should it? After all the bows make up a great addition to your pastel hair and help to garnish your hair and make it look even prettier.

Long hues

Long hair is great for getting those color dyes as the look of those color tones running down your hair looks alluring. No matter which color you pick or any shade of a particular color you choose, your hair will provide proper justice in making one great hairstyle with the hues.

Darker roots

Having pastel hair is not only about that new color you choose to have on your hair. It’s more about making your style, making your style look like your own, and you can always want to keep up with your darker hair roots and get the color shades done over that will make it continue to look better the more your hair grows.

Brown tones

No matter how often you see brown tones over hair, I would always like seeing some new hairstyle with the brownish shade as it is one of the perfect colors if not the ideal color that one would like for their hair. The brown tone can be used with other shades and can just be done depending upon your preference.

The combination

This combinational hairstyle presents you how the different color shades such as blue, purple, pink, ash all look well-presented over the hair. It doesn’t look like a messed up hair styling despite trying out so many color tone all over once and managing it to look so pretty is genuinely unbelievable.

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Pink peach tones

The confusing factor of pastel hair comes in when the shade isn’t exactly one color, right? Well, this hairstyle portrays the perfect blend of pink and peachy hair tone. Look at it, it’s brightening up the woman’s look and would surely do the trick on yours too.

The basic bun

The basic bun is a great option to style your hair. Make a straightforward bun, and you are ready for any activity of the day. Either going out or working in your home, this style will provide you with the comfort that you’d love with your hair and lovely looks at the same time.

Ombre Hair

Ombre hair has been popular choices since past years, and the pastel ombre hair is a new addition over the pastel hair. It adds up more option that might not help with your dilemma of choosing one. In such a case, you can always opt for more than one with these pictures below showing how.

Blues and reds

This pastel hair has two color shades that are so different in terms of color composition used together to make another cool hairstyle that one can try.

Pink Pastel tinges

The pink pastel tinges hair shown below makes a hairstyle for those with particular preference over style and color. This specific color shade can be one of the best pastel hair colors for pale skin as it helps in bringing out the best looks of your skin and the hair color itself.

Black and brown

Black or brown is pretty much old thing to ask now with the possibility of having black and brown pastel hair. Not only they look gorgeous, but you can always make use of your natural hair color and tweak your hairstyle with another color hue over them.

Vacation Hair

The pastel hair makes a great vacation hair as it adds life to those beautiful photographs you will be clicking on a beach or over a more adventurous vacation.

Silver Purple tones

There is nothing such as silver purple you could say, but when it comes to hairstyles, one wouldn’t know that there is no such thing. The silver purple tone makes its case of being one good pastel hair to try amongst all with the alluring look it provides.


Here are some other hairstyle options that you can navigate through if you love these pastel shades! There are many bold hues here, and you can find the best one for you. There are space buns and hairstyles with wavy hair in this look too! You can try them and make sure you get these colors as per your skin tone!

You can try on any of these hairstyles, and we are sure you will love them! The pastel shades here have been put together with a lot of effort. If you enjoyed this little effort of ours, then make sure you give this article a thumbs up! Share it with others who aspire to try on these looks! You can share your suggestions with us in the comments section below.

We are sure to bring more of such fashionable hairstyles and bring out the best tips and tricks for you! Stay tuned and follow us for more on such beautiful hairdos. Till the next time, this is a wrap for an article with pastel hair ideas!


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