70 Perm Hairstyles you can Style in 2021 [Modern Styles Covered]


Permanent wave also called the “perm” or simply “permanent” is a hairstyle that involves the use of chemicals to break disulfide bonds; the cross-linking bonds of the hair structure that hold the hair’s keratin. In the end, depending on the curlers and the applied, you’ll either have a curly or wavy hair.

Although this hairstyle held sway in the ‘80s, it still has relevance in the current fashion industry. Have you ever considered getting a perm? You have the assurance that it’s one of the best hairstyle decisions you would take and will stay put for long. There’s no need getting embarrassed with the taunts of friends who may regard your decision with disdain. You needn’t feel like you dropped out of the moon because you literally went for this “weird hairstyle” in the current century.

The truth is that perm hairstyles are evergreen. They’re classic hairstyles that you can rock any day anytime without looking odd. The trend of getting perm hairdos is on the move. This is the time for you to hitch a ride to the ‘80s, rock the classic hairstyle, and remain relevant in today’s hairstyle trends.


Captivating Curls

By the time you come out of the curlers and with the application of the right chemicals applied to your scalp, your friends will have a hard time trying to correlate your current hairdo. By the way, the curls on the sides are resplendent.perm hair

Classic Perm

These days, women are looking for new ways to explore the inherent potentials of the perm hairstyle. The style right here is an explication of what a perm looks like.

Skinny Curls

One of the benefits of having a perm is the tendency of rocking curly hair after the styling. This skinny curls snake around to give you the right depth, accented bright blonde curl, and body to shoulder length hair.

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Curls with Highlights

Are you looking for ways to improve your perm? Consider getting this permanent hair with brown and black highlights.

Golden Perm

Show off your class and self-worth when you rock this accentuated golden perm hairstyle.

Perm with Volume

The fascinating thing about permanent hairstyles is not just the volume but the messy undertone and the varied hues that make a second look possible.

Blurred Perm

Sometimes, you may need to go out of the way to do something different. It’s time to take a walk from the golden and silver highlights and try your hands on the blurred look like this one.

The Bangs Inspiration

Here is an inspiration from the ever-glowing bangs hairdo. This time, you have to toss the messy strands to a side and rock the longer but neat variation at the other side of the face.

Gorgeous Perm

Featuring textured hair and colors, this gorgeous permanent hair is all shades of beauty. Step into an event and send everyone into a state of frenzy while jostling for a selfie.

Perm + Bangs

The curly nature of this hairstyle combines with the bangs outlook to deliver a fascinating look. You’ll certainly love the unique texture and highlights on this hairstyle.

Big Mane Perm

Talk about sampling a creative permanent hairstyle that’ll stay put for a long time. This big mane perm alongside the texture makes it look fascinating.

Blonde Spiral Perm

This ravishing golden curl does not only help you to pull off a good look, but also helps you to have an establishment in the modeling world.

Classic Side Perm

The golden hue on this hairstyle is not the only intriguing factor about the style. The blonde look and the side sweep is the way to go for this classic side-swept permanent hair.

Curls + Highlights

Women love to look good and get attention. Integrating varied gold and black hues in this perm hair enhances the curly nature. For added features, you may want to incorporate the golden hues on the tips of the weaves and toss to the sides.

Flamboyant Perm

Seek for attention in a unique way. Your voluminous hair pays off in this regard because you would have enough curly hair to toss to the sides and back of the head.

Textured Permanent Hair

From a concise viewpoint, this hairstyle is not far away from the outlook of the bangs hairdo. The only difference is the patterning to the back. Beyond that, the curls are enough compensation for the misconception.

Blonde Spiral Perm

You’re either going for the big game or you’re going home on the same note. The spirals on this hairdo combine with the blonde hues to deliver one of the most amazing perm hairstyles you’ll come across.

Crazy Textured Perm

The 21st century doesn’t want you to go back to the Medieval age. It’s time to wake up from the slumber and start pushing for a restructured hairstyle that has many messy undertones to it.

Sultry Perm

There’s something unique about a woman’s hair after a warm shower. You can feel the radiation of the perm hairstyle from afar. What’s more? The cold spirals on the perm and the scrunched up curls evenly distributed by the sides capture the essence of the hairstyle.

Long and Wavy Perm

The length of the hair matters if the perm hairstyle will make sense. With long hair at your disposal, you can inspire your hairstylist with this creative and unique wavy perm hairstyle.

Half Up, Half Down

There’s nothing more fascinating than distributing your strands of hair in an even manner. Take a cue from this style and get started with your journey into the world of perm hairstyle.

Stunning Perm Hairstyle

This hairstyle is stunning; there’s no doubt about that. What could be more thrilling than having the long wavy hair with curly undertones running down the crown to reach the nape of the neck? Your gel or other hair styling product will be useful in maintaining the texture of the hair.

Out-of-the-World Perm

Sometimes, women love to experiment with different hairstyles to see the one that fits them best. This creative and out-of-the-world look delivers the most stunning perm hairstyle you might ever come across.

Luscious Perm Hairstyle

It’s every girl’s dream to have bouncy curls that slid down her back. Although this style doesn’t toss to the back, the side sweep is something you’ll love.

Blonde Perm

Once you lay your hands on this style, you won’t like to take a look back before getting the style done. The natural looks, the curls, and the blonde hues tend to keep you in awe for long.

Cold Root Perm

People tend to be green with envy when you pull off the stunts of this classic perm hairdo. Not all women have it short and remain flawless. That is why you must keep the maintenance in top gear.

Blonde Root Permanent Hair

Would you rather go blonde or go extinct in the race to bring back the ‘80s perm hairstyle? We bet that the blonde inspiration is the way to go when looking to pull off an amazing look with the blonde root perm hairstyle.

Wispy Bangs

Let the bangs whisper at the sides! You’ll agree that this perm hairstyle really looks good with the integration of highlights on the strands.

Backed by Braids

Are you looking for something creative? You’ve probably not tried your hands on this remodeled look of the classic perm hairstyle.

Perm to Show Off

When you have the curls, the wavy hair or the perm hairstyle, flaunt it! It makes you look exquisite and drives your sophisticated look for others to see.

Amazing Bangs

This seems like something brought out of the moon. You can achieve the same feat as seen here if you have long hair and pass through the curlers.

Cropped Perm

Do you know that feeling that comes with having enough of something and yet you want to keep it a secret? Yes, that’s the idea behind this cropped perm hairdo. The wearer doesn’t necessarily have short hair but wants to keep people guessing.

Perm it

This is the outcome when you can’t hold it any longer. It’s fascinating that this look is something you can achieve with the few funds at your disposal. Remember to attain the right texture before styling.

Relaxed Waves

You need to get out of the notion that tight curls are the only viable option to attaining good texture and curls on your perm hairstyle. When you relax your waves in this manner, it’ll be an opportunity to style your dry hair without the commitment of having curly hair.

The Pomp Perm

Men’s hairstyle can be an inspiration for getting a perm hairstyle. The brick and mortar pompadour hairstyle give you the feeling of freedom when styling this hairstyle.

All-Over Perm

There’s no doubt that the massive strands of hair at your disposal can be a step forward to get the perm hairstyle done. It’s more interesting that the curls are all over the face and even extend a hand of friendship to the sides.

Beach Waves

This is not just to limit the swish of air around the beach. Having a perm hairstyle like this can help you look cute without being limited to tight ringlets of curls.

Bouncy Curls

Bounce the curls as you go about your daily activities. One cannot foretell the pleasures of this style until you make one. It does not only offer protection to the head but is also a way to pull off a nice look.

Enchanting Hairstyle

The golden hue on this perm hairdo is already enough to captivate the attention of people. The thrilling aspect to the hairstyle is the weave back of the curly hair, which extends past the nape of the neck.

Hot Root Perm

One of the unique advantages of permanent hair is the tendency to reach the nook and crannies of the hair. This hot root perm gets to the root of the hair and brings forth a thrilling and fascinating look.

Perm with Texture

Integrate texture into your perm hairstyle using the one we have here as inspiration.

Enchanting and Smart

It is the best of both worlds for any woman that decides to settle for this permanent hairdo. The voluminous nature of the hair can trigger a doubting Thomas to make one and see the result.

The Bob Look

Unlike the short hairstyle, you can integrate the perm format into your bob hairdo.

Curls with Braids

There’s no gainsaying the fact that your curls can take the shape of braids if your hairstylist has the skills. Remember to integrate golden hues and middle part for a perfect finish.

Chic Perm

You’ll be the ruler of your kingdom with this styled hair that flows down in a waterfall of curls.

Multi-Textured Hair

You can go versatile with the perm hairstyle. From styling to the sides to integrating the side and middle parting, you can never get enough out of your wavy and curly hair. Here is an opportunity to take it to the next level with the integration of the diversified hues in the wavy hair.

Mohawk Inspiration

You’ll agree that the Mohawk hairstyle has many offspring and this permanent hairstyle is one of the beneficiaries of the hairdo.

She’s Hot

For sure, she looks chic with this radiating hairstyle. The perm undertone lurks at the corners to offer you an amazing look after leaving the curlers.

The Glowing Effect

The way the skinny curls begin to snake around the body breeds a unique look for this hairstyle. You’ll certainly love the glowing effect that comes with the accented hues and texture in the curly hair.

Blonde and Cute

Here, you’ll enjoy the discount of a fascinating look when you rock your perm with blonde undertones.

Middle Part

It’s true that the bangs-inspired perm lurks at the sides, but the major concentration is in the middle part.

Creativity is the Name

While you try to be creative, it’s also important to go for a hairstyle like this, which boost your morale.

Cute, Blonde Perm

Look cute and be the envy of your peers when you rock this blonde-inspired perm hairstyle.

Awesome Perm with Highlights

Look awesome when you get your hands on this fascinating permanent hairstyle.

Bangs with a Difference

Recreate the perm hairstyle with this bangs-inspired hairstyle.

Side-Swept Perm

It’s really cute to see a woman that knows her worth toss the strands of hair to the left-hand side of the hair. A side part can also be useful in this case.

Tousled Curls

Some women love to join the league of people that want an all-natural look. Take a cue from this partially done/tousled curl with highlights to make the best out of your curly hair.

Front and Back Sweep

You’ll never go wrong when you step out with this innovative hairstyle. The unique feature lies in the front and side tossed strands of hair.

Weaved to a Side

What do you do with your long? Would you rather dedicate the volume to one hairstyle or try something innovative like this weaved side? Bring it on by weaving enough volume to a side.


Toss some volume of the hair to a side and leave the other side with a considerable amount of the perm.

Daring Perm

The look on her face explains it all – she dares for more, and the perm hairstyle is the motivation.

Behind the Shadows

Onlookers will not only be wowed by your looks but also will be wondering about the personality behind this flawless perm hairstyle.

Show the Volume

Here is an inspiration to show the world that you have the volume to make the best perm hairstyle ever!

Amazing Bangs

The bangs hairstyle is a great compliment to the perm hairdo. The style inset is one of the ways you can pull the stunt with both hairstyles rolled into one.

Wet Hot Perm

You’ll never go out of style when rocking a hairstyle that incorporates the best of both worlds. The loose weaves are tenable when the hair is wet. When it gets dry, you’ll have defined curly hair.

Bronzed Perm

Incorporating the bronze look into your perm hairstyle is one of the choicest fashion trends you can adapt to.

Gorgeous Perm + Middle Part

Your flawless nature will know no bounds when the strands salute the sides with the middle part bringing up the rear.

Eye-Catching Perm Hairstyle

Without an iota of doubt, this permanent hairstyle draws attention in a natural way. If you’re looking for attention, this is the right hairstyle to choose.

Swooped Bangs

Derive pleasure from the colored strands and the tossed hair. This innovative bangs hairstyle works on the premise of the permanent hairstyle to deliver a fascinating look.

Enough Volume to Perm

The beauty of the perm hairstyle is having enough hair to style the way you want it. The style right here is a good way to make the best out of it.


Classify your Perm Hairstyle

The ball is now in your court. The permanent hairstyle doesn’t know any boundaries. You can pull it off using short, medium, and long hair. Integrating hues and different hairstyles also make it unique. Get started today by making your classic perm hairstyle in no time.


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