93 Trendiest Pixie Bob Hairstyles That You Will Love!


Cutting your hair into short styles can be a hard decision for many girls. If you have long hair and are tired of them, these pixie bob ideas surely going to be helpful for you! These short layered hairstyles have the perfect amount of style and oomph to them. They work well for all seasons and are very trendy at this time. There are styles to suit any face shape and texture, so we do advise that you check these out!

If you are interested in trying a short hairstyle that is hassle-free this is undoubtedly the article you need to be going through! There are a plethora of colors and styles that you can try on irrespective of your hair texture and face shape. There is no way that you will look common with this stylish hairdo. So, without much adieu, let’s jump into our collection of the trendiest pixie bob hairstyle ideas to inspire you.

Ash blonde with dark root

You are bound to be left amazed by this one! The layers are clean, and the side of the temple has been shaved for a bold effect! You can see how much impact the dark roots have on the light ash blonde hues.

Back view

Here we have a final look where you can see the volume that the pixie bob adds to your hair!

pixie bob

Lilac pastel shades

Coloring your hair in new and exciting shades will help keep things fashionable and also make you realize that your hair can make you look amazing! You can see the purple-pinkish hues here have added the needed flair to the hair.

Asymmetrical Bob

The asymmetrical bob is a fashion statement on its own. You can see how the sharp cuts of the hair make this a great haircut. Anyone irrespective of their age can sport the edgy look!

Fine hair

If you have fine hair, then usually your hair is thin as well. You do want to add that fuller looking thick hair appearance to the hair! So you can go for more layers in your bob. Some shades can make such layers pop out even more!

Peach and orange shades

A very subtle yet beautiful look right here. We can see the peachy tones in here, and they have an orange undertone to them as well. The blonde has this very basic look, and it is broken off by these hues.

Dark roots

There is nothing more flattering to your hair shades as the dark base! You can see that the colors do pop out and look fantastic. You are sure to fall in love with the depth and dimension that your hair gets with this dark base!

Clean cut

Having your hair cut can turn out great. You can see that the base of this hair at the back has such a precise clean cut and is an excellent example of a good haircut. If you opt for this look, you need to make sure you get regular trimming sessions

Pixie-bob for Thick Hair

Thick hair is a blessing and is a base for many hairstyles. You can get any haircut you want, and they will have that healthy hair effect to them. A pixie bob is undoubtedly a good option for thick hair!

Captivating Pixie Bob Hairstyles

This look right here is captivating. The picture holds your attention and makes this an alluring look. This is probably a look that you have seen in the magazine. It appears well polished and put together!

Shorter sides

One twist that you can add to your pixie cut is that you can make the sides as short as you like. These type of cuts are trendy in the summer days. They keep you looking stylish and feeling fresh!

Messy Hair

There are days when the last thing you want to do is style your hair taking hours. You are feeling lazy or low, and all you want is a relaxed day. This messy look is just right for those days!

Bold Outlook

Go bold and choose a pixie bob hair cut with a deep shave on the sides. The longer layers will fall on your forehead, and the emphasis will be on your hair color as well. Make sure you choose a color that shows your personality.

Basic bob

Here we have your primary bob option. Many women sport this look and have been a top choice for many stylists!

The appropriate office look

This is a look you can wear to your office and look decent and subtle. There are light blonde shades here with darker colors as well. The longer section frames the face, and the hair length is perfect too!

Longer sides

The longer pixie bob here has a trendy and stylish vibe to it. You can see how these longer layers help to chisel out the face and give a slimming effect.

Undertones and hues

There are yellowish undertones in this blonde hair. The ash blonde hues here are contrasted with the yellow tones. You can add any colors that create this effect on your hair.

Sharp ends

The bangs here are sharply trimmed. The mix of colors here are contrasting, and the darker hues have been placed on the back in the majority! These highlighted sections of hair have accentuated the shorter layers.

Perfect for a day out

If you are heading out, your hair will not give you any issue. The pixie bob is the ideal hairstyle to complement any look. They wore worn everyone and were a trend that everyone followed back in 2018!

Face-framing hair

Framing your face makes it look slimmer and chiseled out! You do not need any other help than your hair to make it seem like your face is the perfect oval shade! You can keep long layers of hair on the front it makes it look fresh!


Check out the volume on this hair here! You can see how fluffy and bulky this haircut makes the hair look. The grey silver hair color makes all the difference here. You can try on this one, and we are sure you will love it!

Short layers on top

If you like fluffy looking hair, you can add a lot of layers in your hair. You can add shorter layers in the top and recreate this look for yourself. This hairstyle barely needs any styling as well.

Highlights on dark hair

If you have dark hair or black hair, you can break the monotony of these colors and make them look stylish by adding highlights! You can see why we love this color, and it adds so much definition to the whole look.


When you want to add some pizzaz to the hair, you can add these slight waves to them. The textured look will make you look younger and fresher! Even if you are not an expert at styling, you can get this one done right!

Ruffled Hair

Ruffled hair with rough edges is not at all bad! You can see how many youngsters are trying on this look. A lot of influencers and celebs opt for such messy hair and look effortlessly beautiful.

Purple shades

There are many bold hair colors that you can opt for. There is no bar to try on any hair color nowadays! Here we have some lilac shades as well that can inspire you. You can add the punch of colors that you want by choosing such a bold hue!

Soft Textures

This look has a smooth texture, and the more delicate hues are looking great. You can see the grey hues in this hair color as well. The pixie cut here is sure to make you feel like a model!

Long Curly Pixie

If you have a liking for curly hair textures, this is undoubtedly the one for you. The curls accentuate the look well. The best thing is you can also hide the untrimmed sections of your hair with these waves as well.

Vintage look

Here are a few old looks that you can get nostalgic by. These looks were famous back in the day as well. You can see why the pixie cut made a big comeback in 2018. It seems like this one will never die out!

Short pixie cut

Some ladies love cutting their hair into very short layers. This look right here is for all of you who like a short cut! There are the top sections here with longer layers as well. You can add colors and make this look bold as well!

Side Fade

Check out this side fade here. You can see how the colors here make it look even chiseled! You can play with this kind of colors and add the depth to your faded sides. These are a bold choice as well.


You can add a lot of volume to your hair to make it look thicker. You can do this by merely backcombing some of your hair. If you have some of the long locks of hair at the back, you can make them appear bigger for sure!

Deep side part

A deep side part can accentuate the way you look and add that sharpness to your makeup as well. You can see that the arch of the brows is looking great on point!

Shine in the hair

You can add a lot of shine to your pixie bob and make it appear healthier and smoother. If you choose the right colors, half of your work is already done! You can get yourself some treatments done to make it look better!

Soft colors

This soft pastel shades here have light pink undertones. You can see how the hair works well with the blonde hues. These looks are trendy in Korean pop culture! They are also making a significant impact on celebs and influencers.


Curls and textures

Get yourself these textured curls, and you are sure to fall in love with them. The dark black hair works well with this haircut.

Date night look

Are you getting ready for a date night and need to look you absolute best? This is the look for you! You can see how the sleek hair here has a soft vibe to it. You can make this look more romantic by working your makeup!

The play of colors

Do you see the play of colors here? The shades here are crazy beautiful, and we love how they are not too overpowering. You can see the layers here and the colors also. You are sure to make yourself feel bold with this choice!


These are the looks that you can wear like a boss lady! The soft layers here are sure to make you feel like a diva too. The flyaway can also be tamed and made to look more polished. If you are a fan of this like we are, try it today!

Evergreen hairstyle

These hairstyles have been worn for decades now. You have seen it on your mom or aunts, and now you can wear a revamped version for yourself! If these do not remind you of the times gone by, nothing will!

The burgundy perfection!

Try a burgundy color on your pixie bob and make sure you choose a tone that suits your skin tone. You are surely going to fall in love with yourself once you get it done! The perfect style and colors here are sure to entice you.

Rose gold tones

So many people have loved Rose gold hair, and we can see why. These tones are flattering for so many people. There are pinkish tones on the heavier side here, but you can make alterations as you please.

Fun pixie cut

This look right here s fun and flirty! You can see why we are in love with this textured, colored bob. This can be flattering for anyone, and we encourage you to try it!

Shades of pink!

If pink is the color that you want on your hair, here are these shades to inspire you. Check these colors out, and we are sure that you will stand out in the crowd!

Girly vibes

Bring out the inner lady in you and pose as you like with your new haircut!

The edgy look

This is an edgy look for sure. You can see these sharp layers here, and we love that different appeal to it!

Out of the view

When you choose a hairstyle, you need to look at it from various angles and make a choice. You need to check out the style and see if it flatters you from all portraits. There is an inverted V shape here that has been concealed at the back as well.

Party perfect look

If you are heading out for a party, this is the look for you! These are funky and fresh. They also have a flirty vibe to them! You can add some accessories and get the right makeup done to make it a glamorous look. If you are looking for some inspiration, here are some looks that we compiled for you!

Celebrity hair

There are many hairstyles that celebrities try on, and we do try to copy them! We admire these celebs and love the hairstyles that they slay! They look gorgeous in these pixie bob hairstyles here, and we are bound to try and recreate them!

Here are celebs like Keira Knightly, Selena Gomez, and Nina Dobrev with the versions of a pixie cut and we recommend each of these looks!


This casual look will give you a relaxed and effortless vibe. You can see these dark hues on the base, and the blonde on top makes all these colors pop out!

Red carpet worthy

These hairstyles have been worn to red carpet events and that itself makes you realize how special these are. The short haircuts here are relevant till now, and we are sure you will want to try these on. Get inspired and try these stylish haircuts on today!

High on top

This look here is high on top, and that has added a lot of volume to the hair. You can get this low parted hairstyle with a lot of dimension by yourself. You can see why we are a fan of this hairstyle. It has that fun vibe that we love!

Picture perfect

No matter how you approach this look, it manages to please you! There are hues in here that are light, and thus it adds a youthful vibe to it!

Pixie Bob For Black hair

If you are blessed with black hair, you have reached the section for yourself. These pixie bob hairstyles are surely made for you to try on. Here are two looks that are edgy and unique as well.

Scarlet’s Pixie Bob Hairstyle

Scarlet Johanson has the best hairstyles that can also be tried on by commoners like us! Her looks are approachable and look flattering for all as well. Here she has a small hair length and blonde hues.

Tiny braided bob hairdo

This bob hairdo works well for black hair. If you have these small braids in your hair, you will surely love this look. You can see how the browns and the black works well together. Add face-framing layers to the hair to make it more unique.

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Thick hair

Pixie bob works well with thick hair. There are many variations that you can try on, and you will find a cut that suits you as well. The added layers will thin out your hair and make it appear sleek and smooth.

Back cut hairstyle

There are multiple angles of this hairstyle showcased here. You can see how it appears from all sides and see the perfection in the hair. The back cut here is undoubtedly admirable.

Oranges and pinks

Here is a bold punch of color that you are sure to fall in love with. The orange and pink hues in here work well to add dimension and flair to the hair. You can see the darker shades at the fade, and the whole look is going to set you aside!

Flattering for all

The reason we recommend the pixie bob is because it has this flattering effect on everyone! You can see how it looks good on differing face shape and skin tone as well. They also work well with all hair textures.


Bangs are a great way to make yourself look more polished and pretty. They can make you look younger and also add some funky edge to your hair. Here are some looks that you can try on if you are in love with the idea of bangs!

Bowl cut

The bowl cut was a trendy look back in the ’70s, and here we have a picture for you to reminisce the time! There was hardly any famous personality that did not sport this color. You are sure to make yourself feel nostalgic by looking at this one!

We are sure you have found the needed hairstyle inspiration by now! There were a lot of options here, and you will not miss the one for you here! We tried to include as many options as we could so that everyone could find one to suit their taste. You can see how flattering this look is on all face shapes and structures. You can add bangs to slim down your face or opt for some vibrant colors to add texture to your hair.

Try on these pixie bob hairstyles and look trendy and fresh! There are no other hairstyles quite as pretty and relaxing as this one! If this article helped you find the haircut for you, show us some love and like this article. Make sure you share this article with your friends to make them try this look on too! If you have anything to share with us, do comment down below! We love hearing from you! Stay with us for more of such an exciting topic! Till next time, this is a wrap!


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