101 Ways to Style Poetic Justice Braids for All Occasions!


Poetic justice braids are a twisted version of the classic box braids. These were widely popular once people saw the fantastic Janet Jackson wearing them on the movie ‘Poetic Justice’ in which she appeared with Tupac Shakur! There are images of hers that still gets people obsessing over this stunning look! You can try out the same for yourself as these are making a huge comeback! There are celebs like Janet Jackson, Beyonce Knowles and Keri Hilson have sported these hairdos and inspired many of their fans to try out the same for themselves. Here we present to you some of the best looks out there!

There are undoubtedly many days when you think that you want to get these braids on, but you may have been putting it away not knowing how it will look on you! You can see that there are a plethora of hairstyles here that can be created on these poetic justice braids. They are casual and relaxed but have that charm to them as well. You can wear these to any occasion if you style them well. We compiled ideas for women of all ages and with all types of hair length and textures.

Tones of purple

You can see there are a lot of ideas that you can try on with these poetic justice braids. But getting them colored has to be one of our best! The tones of purple in here are stunning, and there are many ways to add them to your hair. You can take one braid and get them colored or color them fully. Here are some ideas that you can take inspiration from. You can add poetic justice braids triangle part to this as well

poetic justice braids Keeping it cool

If you are looking to make your hairstyle appear sleeker and look more relaxed, then this is the section you want to pay attention to! You can see these clean braids on in here. If there are flyaway on your hair, then you can take some hairspray and tame them down as well. Your personality does shine through the choices of hairstyles you make! Carry it with confidence, and you are sure to look stunning each day! You need little time to get them styled as well.

Loose ends on the base

There is never any limit to the way you can keep your hair styled! You can see the ends here are amazing! They are the loose end, and they add this edge to the hairdo that is unique from anything else on this braided hairstyles! You can try on keeping your ends free and getting the rest in a neat twist to get the chic appearance. You can see that they are best paired with a more extended section of hair, but you can do them on small ones too!

Headscarf for a fun vibe

There is a trend in most African braided hairstyles to add on headscarves to them! You can see some of the most amazing hairstyles with poetic justice braids in here that have the scarves in them. These looks are called Janet Jackson poetic justice braids headband styles as well. They are stunning, and they came from the movie ‘poetic justice’ as she sported them. Use the scarves with a pop of beautiful colors to get the summer vibes captured!

Play with these options

If you are looking to get experimental, then here are some stunning hair options for you! You can see that the first one is a big braided bun and it has these beautiful golden clasps on them. The next one is the blonde hued half up hairdo that we love! You can see by this image here that there are options and a big range of styles you can try on! These poetic justice braids are stunning and versatile as ever!

Casual everyday look

No matter what hairstyle you want and what vibe you want to go for, there is nothing more comfortable than the casual, everyday look here! There are many style options here, as well. You can keep the hair loose and keep them as thick and bulky as you want as well. You can amp up your makeup to make this style pop up and take it to a new level! If you are trying to keep things casual, you can go with no makeup!

The longer section of hair

If you have long hair or desire this hairdo, then take the inspiration from this section here. Here are the styles that make up the Instagram stories for most of the influencers online! These are too long for some women, but they sure make a statement! You will love this look no matter what you try on. They are a bit extra, and they may cost a bit more to try out as well, but they are stunning for sure.

Poetic justice braids for all

There are no limitations to the hairstyles that you can try on. Here are the perfect poetic justice braids white girl can try on. You can keep things thin if you are into sleeker options! You can keep everything as precise as these braids in here if you are not into messy hairstyles. Add blonde hues like the ones here, or you can also get some other colors as you like!

Blonde hues on Poetic Justice Braids

These poetic justice braids blonde shades are striking, and you can wear them to any event as well. The reason we love this is that these hues work out for all skin tones. They are sure to work out once you balance out the shades and their intensities! Take help from a stylist if you are confused as to which hairstyle will work out the best for you. You can get them readily available at the markets as well.

Thinner sections

If you are to keep your hairstyle popping, then you can try out these tiny poetic justice braids like the ones here! You can see they are perfect for all occasions and are sure to look different than any other braiding options out there. All you need is to buy these hair extensions and get them sectioned thinly to get this look. The braid on the middle has this charm to it as well.

Side shaved

Are you willing to get bold with these hairdos? Then we have the perfect option for you! You can see the sides of this hairdos are shaved clean. The braids occupy the rest of the head, and they are thick and long. You can add on the pony like this one here. You can also add on the ribbon head pin on top like this one here. There are loose sections of hair on the bottom as well, which we adore.

Get them conditioned

If you have short poetic justice braids, then you need to try out this look for yourself. You will need to keep your hair conditioned if you are looking to keep your hair looking sleek and stunning for a long time. Once you get these braids, then you can keep them intact without ruffles for a long time this way. There are products readily available for you to condition your hair on the markets as well.

Pinned on top

If you have to run a lot of errands, then you can try out this hairdo here. You can see the hair has been pinned on the back and the hair strands are thick and sectioned well. You can try out the same for yourself when you are heading out. These are youthful, vibrant looks that suit women and girls as well, so we are recommending these to everyone out there.

Girls night out!

If you are heading out for a girls night out, then you can try out this hairdo here. You can see that the hair looks stunning and they are sexy as well. You can pair your hair with a dress as stunning as these ladies have on here. The whole attire here is an inspiration for women who are willing to keep the fire going on! They are sexy and are sure to make you look ravishing.

Yarn on the braids

You can add on yarn on your poetic justice braids here. You can see that these yarn braids can add on the color to the hair and makes them pop! These colors are stunning, and you can see how they merge well together to form a vibrancy that everyone appreciates. There are pinks, reds, and blues in here too and they are all approachable hues that work out with the poetic justice braids.

Thicker is better

This is the section that you can take inspiration from if you are willing to keep them lush and sexy. You may worry about poetic justice braids price once you decide to get them. They are sure to get the pocket a little lighter for you, but you need to follow your heart and try out the style that you aspire the most. Here are some images that can inspire you for your next hairdo.

The ponytail on top!

There are ways you can add on simple hairdos to your braids, and they can make them pop! You can see the gorgeous Janet Jackson with her stylish high pony on here, and you are sure to get inspired by it. There is an upside method in here too, and these are all stunning, and you can sport them in any way you want for any event. Make them as polished as you want or keep them basic.

Top Bun

You can try on these top bun ideas for yourself if you want to keep all of your hair away from your face. The high bun is an ideal way to keep your locks in place. You can see these hairstyles can be as thick and as bulky as you want them to be. You can shave the sides and make them look daring. You can also braid some sections before you put them in a bun.

Fiery red hues

Adding red to your hair can be a bold choice, and it surely adds that flair to the hair that everybody loves. You can see the reds here are not too bold and bright, but they are subtle as well. Choose the one you want and get them done as soon as you can. Get some strands colored or add them on all of your hair to get full color.

Youthful as ever

If you are a teenager in need to try out the poetic justice braids, then this is the section for you. You can see these hairdos have the half up braided hairstyle with the bun on top of them. The loose part of hair on the bottom makes this a cheerful hairstyle. Pair it with a cute outfit and add on the perfect hooped earrings to get the vibes! You can wear this to your college as well.


The braid in here are intricate, and we are sure you will look great in this. The sections are interlocked together, and it has formed this beautiful hairdo you can wear to a party where you want to look graceful and sophisticated. If you have thick, long hair, then this is the look for you. You can tie them up in a knot at the base of the neck here like in this image.

Bubblegum Pink

Colors add on the oomph to a hairdo that makes any haircut work! This bubblegum pink on this hair has us completely swooning over this look here. You can see how it pairs well with the black on the roots as well. It works out well with the contrasting colors. The light shade of pink is feminine and has a youthful vibe to it as well. You will be the center of attention everywhere you head!

Space buns

One way to wear your poetic justice braids is to add on the space buns on top! You can see that these are stunning and adorable, and they are versatile as well. You can wear them to college, and you can also wear them out to your gym! These are beautiful from all angles, and they work out for women and children as well. Pair it up with your pals to feel the feminine vibe as well.

Short, shoulder length hair

Here are some poetic justice braids bob hairdos that we adore! You can see these are the short version of the bob and you can try on the same when you are in doubt. They work out for women of all ages and all events as well. The pinned back styles up front are great for summer days. You can keep them on a side as well if you are trying out a relaxed look.

Ashy blues

The ashy blue hues here are trendy, and you can see why! They are striking and have this appeal to them that no one can deny. You will be answering questions about how and where you got the color on your hair for long after you get this on yourself. You can try out adding hair clasps on to make this hairdo get the edge that it needs. The exotic image here is a perfect instance.

Half up half down look

This is a look that works out for everyone, and you are sure to love this one! You can keep the top section on a high bun and let the rest on the loose. You can take parts of your braids and cross them around to get a big bun or keep them simple and plain as well.

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Elegant updos

Updos are highly appropriate for a formal occasion. It is festive as well. You can wear these to a wedding, and they are surely going to fit in so well. You can try on the same rolled up section of the braided bun and get the colors like the ones here as well. If not, you can take your ideas and create looks that work out for your face shape and choose colors to match your skin tone.

Well braided sections

If you are looking to take parts of your hair and get them looking polished, then this is the look for you! You can see that the hair here has a clear square shaped boxes on them on the top and they turn into a braid on the bottom. You can keep them thick or keep them as low as you want. These are perfect as an everyday look.

Janet’s hairstyle

By now you are sure to have known poetic justice braids Janet Jackson introduced! They were stunning then and were a rage among many! You can see that the white headband on top makes this a look that every girl would want to try. Her style was iconic in the movie and has been followed on by women of all ages with the same headband.

Keep it loose

You can try out this hairstyle if you are not willing to spend a lot of time getting your hair done. You can try on adding some bold color on to a few strands on your hair and then make them fall freely. They will make this simple hairdo stand out and keep it looking fresh and fun. Try out longer hair extensions for this one!

For the college

If you are a college going kid, you can try out these hairdos here. You can see they are relaxed and effortless and they have a carefree look to them as well. You can surely appreciate this look at the days when you are running late to work or your class. Leave them loose or tie them up and you are ready to head out and steal the show!

Beyonce box braids

Celebs have tried on various versions of the braided buns for a lot of time, and you can see that even queen Beyonce has her hair up in the same! You can see these bun hairdos on girls heading out as well. You can look as classy as she does in this image here by trying on these poetic justice braided bun. Her shades in here are show stealers as well.

Bun with a bow

The braided bun is a perfect choice. You can wear them for any individual and formal event as well. You can see that this hairdo here has a bow on top of it and it sure is chic and pretty. You can achieve perfection with this hairdo here. The side swept hair on here goes up to form this majestic bun on top. You can see these on your Instagram feed as well.

These braids need some hair extensions, and the preferable ones are the Kanekalon hair. You can get them in various colors and length as you prefer. Usually, you can buy about seven to nine packs of these to get your poetic justice braids on! But if they are medium width, then you can get up to nine to eleven bundles of the hair! They can be colored as you want them to be! There are styles you can achieve with these braids that were presented here to help you! We hope you found the ones that you can get on board with!

You can see these poetic justice braids hairstyles being sported by celebs of all fields and also on the social media feeds! You can try them on no matter what your choices are! Make sure you try them on with confidence, and you are sure to look stunning! If you thought this article was informative and fun to go through, then make sure you hit the thumbs up on this article! You can share it with your pals and help them out as well! Share your feedback with us in the comments section below. We will be back with such content soon!


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