119 Ponytail with Bangs That Everyone Needs to Try!


There are some hairstyles that are going to stay in fashion for a long time. And the ponytail with bangs idea is one that we love for all occasions. There is no age limit to this style and there are so many ways to style them. They may seem like a style that only young women try on, but let us assure you that women of mature taste can also love this for a casual day! We are showing you some ways to even get a wig attached on to your hair if you are scared of cutting the hair.

The fun thing is to add on some bold and fun colors as well. And if you want to get that subtle style that is youthful, then you can add on blondes and pastel pink tones too. We will show you some beautiful tones so that you can try it out on this season. This does not have to be a messy one, you can make it stylish and we will show you some tips! But the most important thing to do is to get a sharp haircut before styling.

Here are some stunning 119 stunning ponytails with bangs ideas that you need to try out soon!

For some young teenagers!

Teenagers are always looking to try things that are exciting and fun. The way to do this is by getting your hair to look good from all angles. And what better way to get that style by adding on ponytail with bangs? There are central partitions on the front of these long sections. The way they are styled to look sleek and straight is making the best impact on this style. This is the style that works with all lengths. Short hairstyles are lovely and can add that youthful touch to everyone. So try it out when you want to get that fun vibe.

ponytail with bangs

Some amazing bold colors

There are colors can make the cut when you want to look bold and edgy. Here we have some of the most popular shades to try out that 2019 has favored a lot. The top one here is the dark black paired with pink. You can commend the hairstylist as they have done great work with these colors. You can also then lay eyes on the next look here which has a fiery red hue on the bottom. And if you are looking to get that out of this world look, then you can go for the light blue, green and purple tones.

Perfect look from celebrities

When you see stylists and their work on celebrities, then we are sure you will get excited! The share of the best ponytail with bangs is in this section that has been sported by celebs! The full-frontal bangs are lovely. The bubble braids are a youthful look but they can be sexy as well. There is dark base on this hairdo on the first here and we adore the way the hues have come out. We also have Reese Witherspoon with her side swept bangs and a high ponytail on her. This is one sleek and easy look that is comfortable for everyone.

Date day look to try

You need to look amazing on a date day and we are showing you how you can do it! The share of beautiful ponytail with bangs cannot be complete without the mention of this. You can see how a simple high pony can make you look adorable. There is a slight hint of layered bangs on this and the highlights are working well here. You can pair it with a cute dress and you are ready. Make sure you style the ponytail by giving it some volume on the back. This way you can get that height on the back too.

Lovely styles to try out

This is one lovely style to try out. You can try it when you need to entertain guests at a house party. This is a casual look and you are sure to love the way it makes you feel comfortable. There are no harsh details on this style and thus you can do this in a matter of minutes. The bangs are what make this look better. You can see darker shades on the top and there is some lighter shade of blonde on the bottom as well. This merge of hues are lovely and they can work for almost all skin tones.

Ponytail with bangs on long hair

Long hair is a lovely hairstyle and they can be the one you try if you want to go for a classic style. If you are one who has short hair now, you can get the hair extensions on to add this length. There are some waves on most of these styles. You can see that there are some curls on them too. If you color them well, then you can get the texture to show off even better. You can get the hair to look good with full frontal bangs. But the side-swept long layered bangs are stunning on most occasions too.

A quick look to head out with!

Heading out of the house and need a hairstyle to work for you? Then here is the best look that you can try out this season. There are some casual styles that we love for teenagers and these are the ones that we put in that category. All you need to do is have your hair in a bundle and tie them up. The simplicity of the styles are lovely here. You can take these hairstyles and try it for a quick day out! Fashion-forward ponytail with bangs


Following fashion can be a hard thing to do. Such hairstyles are hard as you cannot get the hair length and texture as such without much styling. Here we are showing off some pictures of weave ponytails with bangs that can work out for all. Adding on the wig can save your locks from the damage that heat can cause to your hair. The length and texture you add on can bring out the best in you. With this, you can make that stylish look work for you. Here are some options that you can take inspiration from!

Some volume to try out

We are all about the ponytail with bangs attached to them. When you add on the bangs it can tie up the whole look together. If you have a round face and want to add on that shape on it, then you can get it with these short hair. The layers on the hair can define your features. It can also frame your face well. The need for volume is also compulsory in most hairstyles. You can take the section on the crown and add that height. This can also make your face look longer as well. The oval shape that is loved by all can be attained by this means.

Ponytail with bangs with thin hair

There are a lot of women who have thin hair and they make it work so well! The idea on most such hairstyles is to get the attention to a portion of the style. So we can help you check out some of the most loved ponytail ideas with such thin locks. You can make them the hero of the whole attire. Add on some braids and they can be casual. They can be looking stunning when you add that height to it by getting that high pony. Check out the options we have collected for you. You can also try out the same hair colors like them.

The one with braids

One combination that no one can deny is beautiful is the pairing of the braids with the ponytail. This surely makes an interesting appearance on the hair and we love how it adds up to look classy at the same time. You can keep the braids as tight as you want them or keep it loose to a big extent. Adding on the twists is your choice. You can get the style of braids that you feel comfortable with in this portion. Adding on a slight touch of waves can help your hair to look this good. Check them out in this segment of our article.

Be yourself

There are so many styles out there but you do not need to try out the ones that make you uncomfortable. You can keep yourself occupied with the ones that make you look good and also keep you comfy and looking elegant. If you have a lot of errands to run, then you need to feel at ease as well. Thus we are showing off some youthful styles that have a charming appeal to them. They look effortless and thus they are loved by all. You can get a relaxed style with this. Tie it up on a bun if it gets hot.

Short hair and ponytail with bangs

When you want to get that beautiful ponytail, you think you need to have that long hair. But that is surely not the case. There is a charming approach to the short hair that can be tied on to form this ponytail. Add bangs on the front and you are sure to love the look. You can tie them on the top or keep them on the low! Sweep them to the side or keep them on the front laid out. This can be the best style for teens. There is a charming appeal to this look and we adore the volume that you can see on these styles.

Ponytail with bangs from back in the day!

These are not a new hairstyle idea out there. They have been around for years and thus we thought to bring out some of them. You can see these are styles that are lovely and they are loved by all. These may not be the style you try on now, but they can be good to look at and admire! You can recreate them for days when you want to get that vintage glam. Look at these images and you will notice that they are still popular. The spikey hair cut was very popular back in the 2000s and many pop stars tried it on as well.

Perfect and popular!

When we try out hairstyles that need a lot of oomph, you can try adding on a wig! Here we have weave ponytail with bangs hairstyles that are sure to make it to your list. These are the looks that can make you look great in a matter of minutes. All you need to do is take some time and figure out how you like your hair. You can see that most stylists create them on celebs. And if you follow them, you can recreate them for any special occasion. If you are not good at hairdressing, then also you can get this one down!

For black girls

This section has the best ponytail with bangs for African American women and they are perfect! You can keep on some weaves with the hair if you want to add on thickness and length. The sleek ponytail has this classy look to it, but you can make it stylish with an undercut! This is perfect if you want that daring style for yourself. Pair it with the side-swept bangs and you are set. Straight locks are lovely but the waves are surely a classy one! There are two colors that work well together and they are black and blonde. So pair that hue with curls and you are ready.

Low ponytail with bangs ideas

Some options of the low ponytail with bangs are lovely here and you need to check them out. If you are someone who gets a headache on the end of the day when you tie your hair too tight, try this. You are sure to make this a recurring style once you try it out. Nicole Kidman also has tried on the same with a low black bow on it as well. This is the best style to try out for days when you are in a hurry and want to be comfortable. This is the one look that anyone can pull off with ease.

Edgy style

You can see that there are some edgy style in this section. The beauty of most of the hairstyles is that you can experiment with the locks and make them stand out. It is like the perfect canvas for anyone. This way you can get the hair to look as polished and sleek as you want or keep it messy and fun. Check out the style that makes you feel good. You can then add on your personal elements and make it your own. Here there are stunning styles as well if you want to copy them. Try navigating through them from here on.

Accessories to love

As we said before in this article too, there are some accessories out there that can amp up your look. There are ideas out there that can make the cut for most of you. These are not only cute to look at, but they are also approachable too. The ribbon on top is an easy one for sure. This you can get at any market readily available. Add them on and you are good to go! If you are not looking to do something this simple, you can try out the clearly visible thicker headband here. They can be a cute addition to your entire look.

One with curly hair

Here we are showing you some curly ponytail with bangs and you need to try it out if you want to get that chic look. Adding on some waves can amplify the style a thousandfold. If you are heading out to a special occasion like prom or dances, then you can choose these styles. You are sure to love this if you are not looking to try out a very extra style. Check out the colors on the locks here. They are lovely for all occasions and for women of all ages. If you cannot do this yourself, then you can head on to a salon.

High ponytail with bangs

Do you want to get that added lift to your hair and get a longer looking face? Then you can try out this version of the ponytail with bangs! There are some very cute ideas here and we are adoring these images. You need to take the section on top, make sure to take it a little higher than where you want it to be! The hair tends to slip off after a while and come down so you can take it to the top! Then you can add on waves or leave it straight. Look through this section to find the one to try out.

Youthful and charming

When you are young, you need to make use of the charm you have. There are some high ponytails in this section and there is some low ponytail too. But the thing to notice is that you need to add on some accessories. When you add on the correct style of add on jewels, you can look fabulous. These images can be proof that the very hair that is plain can look sexy when you add such things. Learn how to style your ponytail with bangs and make them look great for any occasion! Take cues from these celebs here to look the same.

Styles of bangs to try

Bangs have a lot of styles and you do not need to stick to only one style. You can get the hair to look layered by adding on some swift cuts on the hair. There are some full-frontal bangs out there that are trendy till now. You can also get long bangs if you are not interested in short ones. The most important thing is to make sure that you are comfortable with the length. Here you can see all lengths of the style and make your choice. These are loved by most celebs as well so check them out in this portion of our article.

Options to check out

If you are still not sure what style you need to try out, then you can try out any of these styles here. Here you can find some ponytail with bangs wig on them and some that work great on natural hair as well. The choice is yours here for sure and you can also mold it to make it your own. So we compiled all of the styles that may not have made the cut till now. Check them out and you are sure to find one to get on board with this year! These are the revamped and some classic ponytail ideas for you.

We are sure that we compiled all of these styles that have been popular! These are ponytail with bangs that you need to try out once in a while to make things casual and stylish. You can make your hair look cute and sleek when you opt for this look. Even our celebrities cannot keep themselves from trying out these looks. You will spot some of your favorites on this list as well. Make sure you keep the ones you love saved up so that you can recreate them. These can be a lifesaver at times when you are in a hurry!

Such hairstyles can be worn by women of all ages. The ease that comes with these looks is adored by all of us. You can add on some wigs and also get this look if you are not willing to chop off your locks. Weaves in the ponytail with bangs are not a new thing. We made sure to compile some different hair texture and lengths in this article. So you can make the choice of your ponytail with bangs ideas and turn it in your own style. We are sure you will look your best in these looks.


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