102 Fun and Elegant Prom Hair IdeasYou Will Fall in Love With


Prom hairstyles are a big part of getting ready for prom. It is one of the most important and most memorable days in our life, and you are sure to want to look your best. Amongst all the laughter and fun, you want to keep yourself looking pretty and gracious as well. You can choose any hairstyle that you are comfortable with. If you usually are not into dressing up and getting your hair done, then this article will surely be helping you to try out new things. Let the hairstyles speak for you as you enjoy your day.

Choices depend upon people for sure, and some girls would love an over the top, elaborate hairdo. And others would like a simple and subtle hairstyle that keeps them comfortable. There is a wide array of choices here, no matter what category you fall into. You can try on many looks and experiment with them; we are here to help you find the look that you desire. Here are 91 stunning prom hairstyles that you can go through to find the one you like! You are sure to be thrilled with these options we have put together!

Braids and pearl pins

Braided prom hairstyles are evergreen and will always be fashionable! You can see an example here, and we are sure you will love it! The pearl pins in here are the perfect addition to the look as well.

prom hairstyles Long curls and rhinestones

You can begin by getting some curls on your hair. These curls can add body and texture to your locks and make it all look well tied together. The rhinestones infused pins are adding bling to the hairdo!

Flower Pattern on Hair

Subtle elegance is always beautiful on young people, and this look will give you exactly that! The flower has been made with twisted sections of hair, and they look majestic.

Wedding Day Hairstyles

There are many wedding day hairstyles that you can use as formal hairstyles. You can see the collection of bridal dos here and choose the one that makes you feel unique from this list here!

Layered Top Bun

We are sure you will stand out in your prom if you choose this hairdo! It is unique and has that edge to it. The layers here are pretty impressive, and they all are stacked together perfectly as well.

Multi-colored flower design

There are coppery browns in here along with greenish seafoam tones on the bottom, and we find this to be a unique look. You can see the braids on the back, and the shine and luster are always appreciated.

Crown on

Wear a small tiara of your choice if you are going for a princess like a look for your prom! There are prom hairstyles that have this bling to them, and we are in awe of how great it looks!

Elegance at it’s best

These hairdos are beautiful and are the epitome of perfection for sure. If this is what your heart desires, then head to the salon and get the same elegant appearance for your prom day!

Loose hair with ornaments

You can leave your hair free and create some designs on the sides for this majestic appearance. The elegant decorations help to pin the look together and make it all look perfect.

Braid and a bun

One of the classic prom hairstyles has the bun and braids on them! All you need is to braid the section of your hair on the sides and bring it down to a bun at the base.

Pony with a twist

These ponytail prom hairstyles are perfect and have a chic appearance to it! You can hide your hair tie with the section of hair underneath and get this beautiful, polished appearance!

Ruffled Tied Hair

There is a rough appearance here, and we are all for it. Perfection is overrated, and the imperfection is what we admire here! You can look a bit rough around the edges as that is the case for all!

Majestic Waves

Get some waves on your hair and enjoy the perfection! You can also add flowery ornaments to it to get a fun and youthful look!

Loose Curled Ringlets

There are loosely curled ringlet hair on the sides here, and that gives the hair a subtle elegance. You can see the side braids here are, and it all looks well out together!

The hair bow

There is a bow on this look here created by twisting the hair, and it has been secured at the back! You can opt for this for a fun, youthful vibe! This is surely a look that we suggest!

Volume and braids

There are braided sections here, and they have been pushed to fall low! The ruffled appearance is pretty, and the parts at the back have the volume to them as well. Leave some wavy hair out for a romantic appeal.

Out of a fairytale

You can look like you came straight out of a fairytale with this look on you! The braids on the back have the bedazzled appearance, and it is a fairy-like look for sure!

Exaggerated Hair

If you want a big hairdo, then this should match your criteria! You can see the layers of hair here and the curls too! There are chic layers here, and the waves tie the whole look together perfectly!

Fishtail Braids

Flower designs on the hair are our favorite, and one way of getting them done is by braiding your hair. You can see the side fishtail braids here and the arrangement of the rest on to a flower.

Messy Bun

Messy buns are beautiful prom hairstyles, and they have a relaxed vibe to them that we love. You can see that these hairdos have that perfect effortless elegance to it. You can dance through the night with this look.

Coppery brown hues

There are chocolate, dark brown tones here with coppery undertones. You can see how the color has added depth to the hair and made it look healthier. You can get a simple waterfall braid and enjoy this hairdo!

Uptop Hair Bun

If you are looking for a bun prom hairdo, then this might be just the thing you need! The wrapped up sections of hair have that graceful yet effortless vibe, and there is undoubtedly a charm to it!

Leave it loose or pin it down!

There is much you can try with these prom hairstyles. You can take twisted sections and pin them down and let the rest fall freely or even let the whole hair be wrapped up into a bun!

The tied back look

This is one flattering updo that has the sections on the back here! The tied back look makes the perfect hairdo and keeps your hair away from your face as well. It will give you a natural movement too!

Mermaid’s hair

There are ocean-like waves of cascading curls in this look, and it has scales like appearance! This mermaid-like hairdo is perfect to wear to your prom if you have long hair.

Thick low bun

A low bun is perfect for evening events, and they can make the hair look elegant. You can see the side braids hold the hair perfectly here and the rolled up sections are pinned down securely too! Add a pin to make it better!

Blonde and brown

Shades of brown and blonde have been a crowd pleaser for long! Everybody tries them on and mostly as their first color. If you want to add some highlights on your brown hair, then you can use these blonde hues.

Waterfall Braids

Everyone loves braid prom hairstyles, and this is one such look that no one can deny looks majestic. They can be a bit tricky to learn in the beginning, but it can all make sense once you practice!

Center of attention

This knotted hairdo is sure to make you the center of attention here! The sections are well placed and pinned down to create a design, and the rest falls freely into waves!

Easy to do look

These prom hairstyles with braids are easy to do and take little time! You can use your hair curler to add texture and body to the look and insert some flowery pins to make it look well put together!

Pin it back

There are so many details in this hairstyle here! You can see the curled layers are pinned at the back, and they create a look that is soothing to the eyes! You can wear this to any special event!

Graceful bun

You can get this bun as your prom hairstyle, and you will not regret this decision. There are sections of hair taken from each side and twisted to form design here. You need to use enough hairspray and pins to hold it in place!

Mysterious twists

This look is sure to get people wondering how you achieved it! There are twists in here, and they add to the whole vibe of the look. You can get the same hair color and use darker shades to add dimension!

Bulky thick locks

If you are into such thick prom hairstyle but are not blessed with having the perfect hair, then you can take any hair extension of your choice and achieve this look! This side braided fishtail is ideal in many ways!

Get a tiara!

If you are looking to feel and look like a princess, this is the look that you need to go for! The tiara makes the whole look beautiful, and the waves in here help add elegance!

Thick hair

If you have thick hair, you sure are a lucky girl! Many would love to be blessed with such luscious thick hair. The curls and waves here are helping to make it look even thicker!

The go-to look

This is a standard look and can be the perfect go-to look for any special occasions. There is a side part to it, and the volume is adding more to it. You can wear this to your prom or even a wedding ceremony!

Fun and youthful

This falls under the prom hairstyles long hair category, and we love it! The long hair has been left free, and the half up pony is adorable. Add some waves and curls at the base to make it fun!

Royal Look?

There is a royal hairdo vibe coming off from this look right here. The bun has a puffed up volume, and the sleek appearance is perfect for a princess or a queen. The side swept bangs work for long hair too.

Adding some bling

You can make your hair look majestic by getting these bedazzled hairpins from the market. They add that touch of glam to any look and give it a youthful vibe as well. You can take ideas from this one here!

Celeb-inspired look

There are so many prom hairstyle inspiration that you can take from celebs. This one here has that ruffled appearance and is perfect to wear to any special occasions. Make sure you screenshot this look here!


This hairstyle has been done well and is perfect for all occasions where you want to look graceful. There is sheer perfection in this look, and you are sure to love this! The look has a lot of volumes too!

The half up pony

There are prom hairstyles down and a half up looks that are gaining a lot of popularity. They are one of the classiest looks that you can wear to your prom!

The short hair look

These prom hairstyles are a perfect look for thin hair. You can see that the twists here conceal the braid hence making the sticking out sections of hair look polished. This one is perfect for short hair as well.

Braid and section

There are multiple braids here, and they have been incorporated well together. You can get this unique looking hairdo for yourself and enjoy the perks of having long hair. Curls at the end make an impression too.

Half and half

This half up and half down look the perfect balance to it, and it can not only pass as prom hairstyles but also as a wedding hairdo. Look like an angel as you try on these loose locks!

Basic look

If you are not willing to stay hours and get your hair done, then you can try this look out! You can see that the rose gold tints in here gave the bun a lift and we love it!

Slanting top twists

Getting the princess theme on, you can get this crown braid look. The fuller looking braids are leaning at an angle, and it makes the perfect look for a prom evening. You are sure to look glorious in this one!

Diagonal side braids

Braids can be experimented with, and there is so much you can do to get a unique look! Here is a diagonal twist that has the perfect blend of color to them to make it look like a crown.

Get some volume

Every girl wants some volume on their hair to get that healthy, thick hair appearance. This hairstyle can give you exactly that. The curls here are stunning, and the whole look has sheer elegance to it.

Thin hair braids

This is the look for you if you have fine hair. There are simple braids here, and they have been tugged on to get a fuller look. The hair looks fuller and thicker as you do this simple trick.

The basic waterfall

The waterfall braids have been names aptly, and we love the ways this chocolate brown tone makes things look polished. This is one of the prom hairstyles that you can get done at home and look beautiful.

Imperfectly perfect

There is perfection in imperfection, and this look here proves it. You can see that it only has rolled up section of hair on the back and it has these highlights on them to make it look sleeker!

The braided back

This is easy to do look, and you can see that the basic hero of this look is the braided back. You can curl your ends and braids some sections the same way and pin them to get this look.

Rose gold tinges

The hair color you choose to get makes a lot of difference in the way your hair looks. You can get the perfect hairstyle if you have a beautiful hue on your locks and this rose gold tinge has been loved by many!

Tugged on braids and high pony

This one is the look you can get done in a matter of minutes. You can learn how to do this on yourself, and it has only a braid and a  high pony to it.

Simple and elegant

There is a simple and subtle look that you can wear if you love straight hair. This is twisted and pinned down look, and the addition of pins on the sides makes it look polished and pretty!

The Taylor Swift Look

Taylor Swift has the perfect hairstyle every time she steps out, and we have admired her looks forever! You can say this was one of the best prom hairstyles Pinterest suggested to teens! You can’t go wrong with this.

Twists and braids

Prom hairstyles have a lot of braids and twists used in them. It gives off an effortless and easy to do vibe, and we love how it all blends together to form an elegant hairdo. This one here is majestic.

Roses on

You can get some roses and flowers of your choice on to your prom hairstyles and make them look stunning. You can match the color of your dress to the color of the flowers to create a well put together look.

Central braids with back bun

Fishtail braids have supported the bun here, and we are in love with it! There are chic, elegant sections here, and they have been wrapped up into a graceful bun at the back.

Crossed over sections with waves

There are many prom hairstyles for medium hair. This one here can be the best look you ever tried! The sections are passed over in each other, and the hairpin on the back brings this easy hairdo to life! Crowd Pleaser

The bun and the braids here is sure to be a crowd pleaser. You can get this done at a salon and look like a princess out of a fairytale. These updo prom hairstyles are always popular!

The long hair and bow

If you want to keep things to a basic level but are still interested in a chic appearance, then this is the perfect look for you! You can see the bow here, and it has a graceful balance with the curls.

The Upsidedown braids

Braids are the best option for prom hairstyles. But you can try on a different approach to twists as well. Here we have the upside-down approach, and it all ends in an elegant bun on the top.

These hairstyles are sure to have given you all the inspiration you need for choosing your prom hairstyle! We made sure to include options for thin and thick hair and also hair textures like straight and wavy hair! If you have short hair too, you can get yourself an elegant do, so do not be worried about that! There are ways to make every hair length and texture look elegant and graceful! You need to make sure that you enjoy your prom to the fullest and not worry about anything else. Be busy in creating memories that last a lifetime.

If you found your pick from these prom hairstyles through this article here, then make sure you share it with your dear ones and aid them in the process too! Show us some love and give this article a big thumbs up. We are sure you will look your best in these hairdos for your prom. Share your experience with these hairdos with us using the comments section below! We will bring more such helpful and interesting hairstyle topics in the coming days so make sure you follow us! Till next time, we are taking leave. Stay stylish!


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