101 Eye Catching Prom Nails For Your Big Night


Prom night; the popular school culture and the most awaited opportunity for the students mostly the girls to shine out with all the glamor, glitz, and dress up. On the night every details matter, your nails too as they wholly carry the appearance of your hand. Prom nails complete your look as much as any jewels do.

The moment you step for your prom nails you get bewildered with all those options. Choosing the right manicure is never easy. But a prom queen needs the perfect prom nails to shine her inner celebrity. For that, here are the best 101 prom nails ideas to pick and make you pop the night.

1. Shimmery Nude Elegance

Nude is the most popular color in the fashion industry; look at how obsessed the Kardashians are with this color.

It never gets off fashion and with a little mix of shimmer, girl you have the night by yourself. These long nude ballerina prom nails with a twist of art can match any outfit.

2. The French Glitter Confetti

French nails are forever chic and polished. They remain one of the highly asked manicures in the salons. Believed to be discovered in that 80s-90s, this looks rocks with its subtle elegance. Adding glitter to this look makes the nail pop out more, and with a little rhinestone, it’s perfect.

3. Everything Artsy  

Let us take a moment to admire all the studs, rhinestones, glitters with nude white ombre, beautifully elegant. This prom nail look is perfect for the queens out there to shine the night elegantly.

Plus point; this look matches every color outfit.

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4. French Rhinestone

As already mentioned French nails are highly going to look for everyone out there. The subtle look is cute and eye-catching at the same time.  You can mix a few rhinestones to make this look more adorable.

5. Matte Pastel Purple

The almond nails with pastel purple and touch of holographic shine make your hand outlook beautifully.  If you are planning to wear something different, go for these nails and if you find a matching outfit, perfect!

6. White And Gold

Gold goes with almost every color and so does white. Combining these both make the perfect combination for your night. And those arts even out the perfection more. This look is classy and stunning at the same time.

7. Matte And Pastel

This look is for the bold prom queens out there who are ready to rule the night. The mix of nude pastels and rhinestone and wholly matte evens out the boldness more.

8. The Sweet Pink Touch

The pink and white color scheme is perfect for those cute girls out there. This combination is another highly requested and the fun fact, this art is even easy to make at home.

9. The Royal Prom Nails Blue

This color highly indicates royalty and is one of the classiest colors you’ll notice. Mixing the gold stripes makes it even classier. So if you are wearing anything blue or white, this look is for you.

10. Soft Grey

The soft Grey with the diamond studs is classy and very neat. The look can be a go-to look.

11. White With Gold Stripes

White is known to be Kim Kardashian’s favorite color and so does ours when it gets a cute square shape mix with single gold stripes.

12. Nude With Gold Confetti

A mix of nude with golden glitter confetti and touch of ombre never gets out of fashion.

13. Black And Gold

Isn’t this combination of Black and Gold cute? The ombre touch made this prom nails look even more adorable.

14. Soft Ombre

The peach, white ombre, and cute studs make this look gorgeous and prom fit.

15. Pink Glitter 

Pink long coffin nails are beautiful and with glittery touch, it stances all the other looks.

16. Grey Touch

French in grey is something different. With the mix of crystal art in white makes these prom nails very unique.

17. Artsy Black

Black is another suitable prom color. If it matches your dress, you are ready. Putting shape and arts and a touch of glitter completes the rest.

18. The Blue

Simplicity is elegance. The complete blue look is classy and simple. A hidden glittery touch makes it more beautiful.

19. Coffin Blue

Matte pastel blue is a rare color scheme for proms. It looks fascinating on a coffin shaped. Give these prom nails some diamonds touch.

20. All Glitter

All glitter looks are eye-catching and straight-forward. The blue glitter makes it more outstanding. As simple as it looks.

21. The Stripe Art

The geometrical nail art with the silver strip is everything to the color combination.

22. Mirror Touch Prom Nails

On a special occasion like prom, it needs to be something unique. Go for a touch of mirror nails and rhinestone. The scheme looks way extra!

23. Ombre Shine

Ombre looks super stylish, and with pink and white, it’s something we often see. Adding glitter to the top of all will make it out stand.

24. Holographic

Holographic nails have become a recent social media trend. So why not for prom?

25. The Nude Art

As mentioned earlier, nude is a go-to color, and with a mix of few glittery arts, they are ready to go.

26. Baby Pink

Pink is a standard yet gorgeous cute color for prom. Adding some crystals make them sweeter.

27. Black Glitter

Glitter on black ombre is something someone rarely does. So, give this prom nails a try.

28. All Glitter

Glitter is effortlessly stylish. Try this look of glitter ombre differently with the touch of crystals.

29. Pink Blings

Just a sheer natural pink with rose gold glitter on the extends, glitzes more than any accessories for the night.

30. Jewelry

Adding crystals and rhinestones are never too old. They are the jewels to bring back glam with a statement.

31. The Marble Look

This color scheme resembles marble, the way they all are side swept geometrically with the color combination. The subtle glitter makes the glitzy and stylish look.

32. Soft Look 

This soft pink look is casual and elegant. Adding the rhinestones in the order makes the look accent and bring glam with a uniqueness to the night.

33. The Matte Bold

This matte artistic perfectly color combined look is for those bold ladies out there who want to bring out their boldness during the fascinating day. The two art on each ring finger adds perfection to the audacity.

34. The Lady

Maroon is the boldest among colors. This color has a bold lady vibe, perfect for occasions like prom. The little touch of white and glitter geometrically makes this look outstanding.

35. Soft Glam

Pinkish nude with sparkly tips. Simple yet makes statement beautifully.

36. Soft Shine

Soft nude color with sprinkles of glitter, a go-to manicure that fits most of the prom dresses elegantly.

37. Glitter French 

Too much of glitter is never enough. Make the look natural with soft nude color and add glitter to tips as french nails. The shine will make you stand out your prom night.

38. Crystal Touch

Crystal on soft color is just more than enough.

39. Blue Shine

If you have a blue dress or mixture of blue in your dress, trying this look wouldn’t hurt as it reflects a nice yet bold vibe. The glitter on top and ring finger makes it something new.

40. Sharply Blinding

The long stilettos’ are itself fantastic and glamorous. Adding the color and glitter with a combination of transparency with modified glitter French does the talking. The mixture is just blinding enough to shine you on the night.

41. Gradient white

Gradient nails are beautiful for any occasion. The shinier the pins, the better, the impression. Adding some rhinestones on a full nail makes it unique. You can try adding some crystals too.

42. Triangle Beads 

The triangle bead art is not as hard as it looks. You can try colorful beads instead of only plains.

43. Neat Coffin

White is a chic, elegant color and coffin being the highly rated shape, the combination these both create an ever stunning look. The glitter helps more to compliment your dress.

44. Glitter Gold

Glitz isn’t only about jewelry. The glitter gold nail paint isn’t any less than accessories. The French form is something new. Give a try and glow up.

45. Pastel Mattes 

Sick of all shiny nails at prom? Matte looks are ready to save you. Matte on pastel is our favorite, and with few crystals, they look perfect.

46. Shiny

Gradient blue on coffin shapes sounds pretty. And a little more of crystals make them prom-ready.

47. Modified Holographic 

Holographic is itself pretty. Modifying it with glitters and just paint is something unique.

48. Marble Touch

Marble nails are a trend lately. This cute pastel color itself is pretty. Adding the marble makes it unique. Try some rhinestones.

49. Black And Glitter.

If you are planning on wearing a black dress, don’t just go for black nails. Make them artsy with glitter geometrical shapes and inverse French.

50. The Dress Art

Prom isn’t complete without a date. If you have one, try this unique art to reflect the day and impress your date.

51. Glitter French

The white French are surely the forever trend, but the new glitter French are artistic. They look simple too.

52. Mirror French

Now after glittery French, the mirror French are new in trend. They look super classy and neat.

53. White And Glitter

This look is for ladies who want to look effortlessly fantastic. If you are wearing a white dress, this look is for you.

54. Shimmery Red 

Make your nails not less than any accessories but adding glitter on red almonds. The look makes you effortlessly bold.

55. Nude Ombre

Another look is the French ombre look. The white and nude touch is everything without any glitter and crystals. They pretty on short nails too.

56. Peachy

The peach color, also known as pale pink is a soft yet glamorous color. It is simple yet trendy. This pastel color looks prettier with golden beads.

57. Golden Look

The fully golden look is perfect if you are thinking of wearing a similar dress. Add similar golden crystals to it.

58. Pastel Blue With Rhinestones

The pastel blue is an elegant touch to complete your prom dress. The mixture of rhinestone makes it outstanding.

59. Nude With Art

Making cute arts like butterflies and roses make the nude color flaunt more.

60. Reverse Glitter French 

Reverse French nails are fun, trendy look. Making it with glitter creates a spotlight.

61. Floral addition

The blue stilettos are fun themselves. Adding floral art make them appear more fun and finish with a touch of crystals.

62. Black To Red Gradient

Gradient nails are super attractive. And if they are about two bold colors; red and black, they look beautiful with their boldness. If you are planning to try something new this prom, get a matching dress, and you are ready.

63. Nude With Glitter And Crystal

Nude is almost like the official prom color. To out-stand among all the nudes give a touch of glitter and crystal.

64. Floral Art

Adding floral design makes every art look sweet.

65. Half Lined Crystals

The way the crystals on top makes this nude color pop out. This unique style will make your prom look complete elegantly.

66. The Orange Look

Orange also know to be color of joy and creativity, gives the perfect cute look. Adding glitter to it makes it more adorable, and looks creative. If you are planning on wearing something orange, this look is for you.

67. Transparent

Not every girl wants to wear a noticeable color. Some would want to flaunt naturally. So, this look is for them. The transparent coffin shape will suit any wear and any size.

68. Ombre 

The ombre nails are super stylish. The way white blended with the light color is satisfying. You can use any other pastel colors. A single crystal on one fingernail makes it shine.

This prom nails look goes with almost any color wear.

69. The Girly Details

Adding all the crystals create a girly look. Coat any color such as light pink in the picture and glue the rhinestones. It creates a super pretty and glam touch.

70. Silver Glitter Prom Nails

Not everyone else is fond of the fancy look. For such people, this subtle look helps. Just paint a light tone such as the pink and add silver glitter on one. Rose gold glitter also works.

71. Modified French

Here is a twist to french nails. Normal is boring we all know. So instead of full french, make a slanted one and add flowers and crystals on the French lines. Cute and elegant prom nails!

72. Beads And Crystals

Adding a wholesome of crystals and beads to a nail is something glam neatly and elegantly. The almond shape is perfect for this look. The blue color suits very well and so do every other color too.

73. Nude With Silver

This manicure has a soft light tone with silver glitter touch. Easy to create and glamorous at the same time.

74. French Almonds

French nails sure are attractive, but with the almond shape, it’s something extra.

75. The Colorful Mix

Simple is boring. Why not mix the sunset colors with an urban twist. Leaving a few nails plain pops out the appearance more.

76. Geometrical Spaces

This look is as easy as tough it looks to be. Just cut tapes in designs, place it on nails and top coat with basic white. Remove the tape afterward, and you get this elegant, beautiful design nails.

77. The Urban Art

With the two colors combination, grey and black make few urban art pattern and add glitter on top to highlight the artistic design. Polka Dots make easy yet creative art.

79. Glitter Ombre

Add glitter on extends of the coffin and overcoat with transparent paint. Sparkly nails make it more noticeable in a soft, glamorous way. Effortlessly Easy prom nails!

80. Long Almond French

As earlier said french nails on the almond structure is something extra. Creating the same on longer almond shape makes it more attractive. Neat!

81. All White

The basic white is neatly a perfect color for the night. It makes a statement. The white on square nails look gorgeous. Adding glitter on one nail pair makes it shine and wholly you and your dress to shine the prom.

82. The Bowtie

The bowtie art is the perfect art for your prom night. This look with short french with another bowtie rhinestone completes your look in a fun way. Just two colors and the look is complete.

83. Twisted French

The look is a typical French look with a little twist because twist makes it fun. Overlining the French art part with some glitter makes it sparkly also the blue wavy art does the spotlight.

84. Touch Of Crystal

The basic white and silver glitter is something we already know. To modify it add a crystal to each cuticle to get this clean short, elegant looking prom nails.

85. The Extra Details

To get this glamorous look base coat with a lighter tone and cover up all the nails with rhinestones. Make sure to create a different art on with each. Let the sparkle lit your prom night.

86. Matte Black With Shimmer

The look is a bold yet subtle look for the ladies out there who are planning on wearing something black for the day. Wear the basic matte black leaving a ring finger and cover it with shimmery gold or silver.

87. Glamorous Red

Red is a bold, glamorous color that beautifully stuns out every nail shape and length. This maroon red on a coffin shape will be perfect for your night. Add a little gold glitter from cuticles on the index finger and cover the ring finger fully. Match it better with a red outfit.

88. The Gold

We all know how favorite nude color is for many of us. Try a warm tone and add some gold glitter on it. This whole gold look will stand out most of the outfit color.

89. Burgundy Shine

Burgundy is a color that reflects a classy and sexy vibe. Wearing this look on your prom night will pause all the eyes. The rose gold glitter acts as the cherry on the top for this look. This look suits any nail length.

90. French With Art

This classic white french nail is common among all. To bring out uniqueness in it try making some unique art with the same white color on the ring finger such as leaves with glitter on the image. Top coat with clear paint for more shine. Neat and graceful.

91. Purple With Glitter

This look somehow resembles a galaxy figure. The purple theme with the glitters creates a stylish aesthetic look. Looks cute on short nails and more glamorous on long.

92. The Golden Studs

Wear a casual light tone pastel color as the picture. There isn’t much effort in this look. Just line single strap of the golden tape on the little finger and double on the middle finger. The critical part of this look is the studs on the ring finger. This look creates a bold yet graceful vibe for the night.

93. Cute Beads

The look is a super cute look for the girls. The light pink tone itself looks cute, and with the combination of shiny beads on each of the ring finger, it seems even more adorable. It doesn’t require much effort either. So why not try for this occasion cuties!

94. The Black French

We all know how favorite the white French nails are. But this look is something different and is our next favorite French style. They look aesthetically beautiful. The crystal beads are lining out-stood the look even more.

95. The Diamond 

Everything about this look is elegant. The favorite part of this look is the diamond rhinestone and the full glitter covered on the ring finger. This soft, subtle, sleek look suits any of your outfits.

96. Golden Graffiti

The urban golden graffiti art on this peach color creates a vibrant, shimmering look. The long almond shape does the rest complexion. You could create with any other tone and shapes and rock your look along with the other accessories.

97. Glittery

The best part about this manicure is its shimmery look. Without much effort dab on some glitters from cuticles to create an ombre. Another definite prospect about this look is you can make it effortlessly at home and yet look graceful for your prom night.

Among many confusion related to your prom night, we hope the above-listed prom nails ideas reached your expectations and helped you.


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