110 Versatile Protective Hairstyles For Black Women to Try!


Everybody needs to try on these stunning protective hairstyles nowadays! You can see the hair goes through a lot in today’s times and it manages to stay alive in these conditions as well. You can try on any colors and styles and along with that comes the hair damage you never wanted! There are so much pollution and environmental irritants that affect your hair. Thus you need to have more interest in these protective hairstyles. You can try on some of the hairdos we have compiled for you here and keep your roots safe from pollutants!

We carefully collected a lot of hairstyles here that you can try on for yourself and even your kids. These hairstyles can protect your hair and make you look flawless at the same time. You are sure to look lovely on these, so you need not worry. There are options to get colored hair extensions for your protective hairdos as well. Try out varied hues and get the length you want as well. You can make them look sleek or voluminous too. Here are 101 protective hairstyles that are sure to make you want to try them on this season.

Why choose protective hairstyles?

There are many reasons for which you need to try on these protective hairdos! They are more natural to style, and it can be done in a lot of ways. You can try on the bun or a high pony as well. These are majestic hairstyles that are mostly followed by African cultures and worn by black women of all ages! You can see how they are excellent to look at, and the details on them are astounding too! Once you get them done, they remain useful for a long time making it a low maintenance hairdo. You can look fabulous as you wake up with these hairdos!

These hairstyles keep your hair detangled, and they have the protective factor done on the ends as well. As your hair does not tangle much, it is protected from shedding and breakage as well. You can get the luscious, thick hair as a result of this! These protective hairstyles for hair growth are a common misconception. They do not necessarily keep the hair growing at a faster rate, but hey help to reduce unnecessary manipulations done to your hair! You can try on the braids. Twists and even buns and updos for any special occasions with your protective hair. There is no limit to trying on these hairdos for sure!

Low Buns with braids and clasps

These small buns are an inspiration for many! You can see how these little pinned buns have a different appeal according to how it has been done. You can see how there are large sections of hair on the buns here, and they have golden clasps on them as well. Adding such accessories to your hair can make you look polished.

protective hairstylesColored Hair with Sectioned braids

You can get the colors on the hair and enjoy the look for sure. But they can make your hair damaged and weak from within! You can try on the hair extensions and get them in colors that you love to keep your hair from damage from extensive styling.

Uptop look with a Sexy Vibe

There is a sultry, sexy vibe to this look in here. You can see the top bun here makes this a hairstyle that everyone can wear. These images here show how the high bun can be worn for a casual pool day or even for a party where you want to look extra special.

Protective hairstyles with casual vibes

You can see these protective hairstyles in here and try them out for a casual, everyday vibe. These are easy hairdos, and they have a relaxed vibe to them as well. You can see that they will take on a few minutes to do and they make an everlasting impact!

Hairstyles for long hair

Long hair is a new hair goal trend that we love. There are many Instagram posts with the hashtag long hair goals that you can check out for yourself. But we will save you the troubles and showcase some of the hairdos here itself. These are always going to be inspirational for women of all ages!

Make them thick!

You can try on thick braided protective hairstyles like these here. Here are some ways you can make your braids look thicker and healthier. Take sections of your hair and make sure they are bulkier! They make big braids then, and you can enjoy the look for yourself. Add some yarn and ribbons to make the hair appear smoother than ever.

Casual everyday wear space buns

Space buns are a casual hairstyle that has a girly and feminine vibe to them. You can wear these to your college or even to your gym! They make a great hairstyle for toddlers and even young adults! Make sure you try them out before you dismiss the idea of these fun hairdos!

Hairstyles with a Festive vibe

Here are some protective styles with extensions that you can try on for a festive and fun vibe! They are beautiful and would be perfect if you were to head out for a birthday party as well. The beads and clasps on here make this a hairstyle that gets everybody’s attention!

Long hair with Braided ponytail

If you have long hair, then you can try on these braided ponytails. You can braid the sections of hair or get them all in a pony. You can also weave all of your hair and then get them on to a high pony. Here are some ideas and you can see these stunning images of sectioned hairdo with alternating twists on them.

Top Bun for textured hair

If you have curls on your hair, you can add on the high bun like this one! It makes your face look longer. You can try on the top bun by adding tiny or thick braids to your hair. These are casual and fun protective hairstyles for natural hair with weave as well.

Braided hairdo with Thin ends

If you have a medium length of hair, this is the braided hairdo that you can try for yourself! The braided sections are at the side, and you can work on the braids by yourself as you sit in front of a mirror to get ready. The ends here are thinning as the hair decreases in volume on the bottom.

Sectioned protective hairstyles

There are braided hairstyles in here with some neat sections, and we are recommending them to women of all ages and hair textures who want a natural and fresh looking hairdo. These hairstyles have a mysterious vibe to them as well. You can get your hair in curls or even add on the yarn on some of them too!

Teenager’s Choice of protective hairstyles

If you are a teen, you are sure to look out for hairdos that need little time and still manage to look beautiful. Here are some of the ideas that you can try on if you fall under the same age group. You can add fun hair accessories on these hairstyles to make them pop and appear vibrant as well.

Add some curls without heat

You can add curls on to your hair by adding on these plastic hair curlers on your hair as you go to sleep at night. You have to keep your hair a bit moist to get the tight curls that you want. This is one way of adding some texture and volume in your hair without damaging your hair.

Hairdos You can head to work with

These updos here are lovely, and you will love them! You can try on the look as you head out to reach your work! You can see the thicker braided bun on the base here that works out for all hair lengths! The angled approach on the first on here has an edge to it, and they are sure to keep you comfortable.

Toddler’s choice

You can try on these hairstyles here for yourself and your kids too! They can be the look that bonds both of you together! You can try on these braids and keep them so or add on beads on the base to give it a fun look. These are protective hairstyles for white hair as well that works great.

Let them loos

These protective hairstyles are comfortable to wear to any occasion. You can let them loose and enjoy your day! Here we have some twisted braids on this look. You can see the thicker braids here, and you can see how the hairstyle has been put well together, and it looks stunning. These are easy to do as well, so that’s a plus point!

Side Braids sleek hairdo

You can braid your hair and keep them on the sides to create a look that you can wear it to your work every day! If you are a college going kid, then you are sure to love this one! You can try on adding some fun colored hairbands on the base to give this a flair!

Rounded look with central partition

If you are looking to make your hairdo stand out, this should be the one you pick! You can see the braids are rounded up at the back and the center is left neatly partitioned. This is a show of how well you can create hairstyles with protective hairdos!

High ponytails with voluminous curls

They are the most natural and most comfortable hairstyles that you can try on. They are the first hairstyles that we learn to do on ourselves. You can add oomph to them as you experiment with your locks! You can see braids on some of these and waves on the rest as well. Check out some of the hairdos that we recommend.

Detailed Look

You can add intricate details to the hair as you braid them out. If you are a fan of some beautiful art, you will surely love them! Here are a few of the best images that show you how you can add designs to your hair. They sure look like hairstyles that have a traditional touch to them.

Multiple styles with Yarn Braids

Adding a piece of yarn to the braids is a stylish form of braiding! You can try out using these yarn in a pure plain color or get them in various colors.

You can try some of these hairstyles if you are interested in protective hairstyles that have a twist to them. Make sure you give them a chance you will not be disappointed!

Thin Braids on long hair

You can section off your hair on small stands and get this look for yourself. They do need a lot of attention and take some time for sure. You can try them out if you are not a fan of thick braids on your hair! These are sure to make your hair look sleeker in comparison to the thicker braids.

Yara Shahidi’s Diverse Hair

The blackish star Yara Shahidi has her hair braided on this look. You can see her hair has had quite the transformation. She uses extensions to get these protective hairstyles, and we are finding these to be flattering.

If you are a teenager, this falls right on your alley. Follow her style and look as stunning as she does in these pictures.

Heatless curls with braids

Here are some ideas for protective hairstyles for relaxed hair. You can see that these braids are tightly done and thy help to create some effortless curls. You can see them sleek on top and tightly curled on the bottom. They are sure to protect your hair from the damage that comes with the use of hair styling tools.

Side swept look

Side swept hairstyles have been gaining a lot of popularity over the years! They are fun and have a flirty vibe to them. Here are some ideas for you if you want to have a hassle-free hairdo for yourself. They help the wearer to feel relaxed. They sure have an effortless vibe to them that we love!

Medium-length hairdo

If you are not comfortable with long or short hairstyles, these are the ones you should try out. They are mid-length hairstyles, and they add to the whole appeal of the look. You can choose these as protective hairstyles for kids too. Just make sure you get a length and cut that you are comfortable with. They are easy to style, as well.

Curls all over

Having naturally curly hair is a boon for a lot of reasons! You can see there are huge curls on the hair and you can get them colored subtly as well. Make sure you add the colors to make them shine as textured hair can be rough! You can get side braids or leave them be as well. Here are some hairstyle ideas that can take as your next hairdo inspiration.

Hair accessories

Adding hair accessories to the hair can make it look fabulous, and you can see the results in here. You can try on the beaded look for yourself and see why we love it so much! Try on the clasps or even some of the colorful beads to make this look your own. Make sure you share the look with us once you try it!

Party-Ready Hairstyles

If you are to attend a party, then you can try on these protective hairstyles. You can see these are perfect for all festive and fun occasions. Take sections of your hair and section them well to enjoy the precision you see in here. If you are not so confident to do this yourself, you can take professional help as well.

Long Braids for Teens

Teenagers are attracted to more extensive sections of braids a lot on the protective hairstyle segment. You can try on the same for yourself by adding on some hair extensions. The twists can be of any type that you want. They add to the youthful vibes of the hair and is sure to be helpful for all college-going kids!

Hints of blonde

The blonde and black combination in here is sure to entice you. The sectioned braids in here have been made to look like a precise arrow, and we are attracted to them.

You can get this bun to attend any official work of yours! The touch of blonde in here is a surprise that we would love or you to try on.

Colored and textured hair

Here we have protective hairstyles that have the textures and colors that everyone admires! You are sure to love the bun on the top here. There are curled sections on here that are evident.

The braids on the sides here add to the intensity of the whole look, and this is sure to be an approachable look for women of all ages!

Unique magazine-worthy look

Certain hairstyles are artistic and perfect for all of your magazine covers. You can see the braided sections in here are all rolled up and pinned down on the sides here. You can try on the curls on the front as well to add some flair to the look. This is better off for the magazines though.

Designs that make an X

There are designs that you can try on your protective hairstyles to make them pop! Here we have a look with an ‘x’ shape that is quite evident! You can get the same for yourself. You can add on any design on to your hair as you like to achieve this look here. It is sure to set you aside from everyone else.

Blonde browns

These blonde shades are widely popular but so are these brown hues in here. Women all over love these shades on and have been experimenting with them for years.

You can get the colors to match your skin tone and make them look flattering under all lighting conditions. You can keep the base dark as well for a deepened effect on the roots.

Central braids

You can create many looks with these braided styles. You can see the hair has central twists in here and they merge well with the rest of the long hair segments!

It is all on you how you choose to get your protective hairstyles done. You can add the braids on a parallel manner or keep them in following a pattern as well.

Beaded look

You can try on these braids along with some beads to make an impression that lasts! These can be called the protective hairstyles 2018 and were widely used by teens.

You can check out more of such hairstyles on the internet. They are easy to do and last a long time, which is perfect for teens that are always in a hurry!

These hairstyles have an appeal of their own. You can see how there are shades and colors and textures in all of these hairstyles. These hairdos are sure to inspire you to try them out! The long and short length hairdos all are enticing in here, and we made sure to compile options for all of you ladies out there! You can make a striking appearance for yourself through your hairstyles. These hairstyles last long, and they make it hassle-free for you as well. You need not worry about what to do with your hair every morning when you get these hairdos!

If this article proved to help find the best look with protective hairstyles for yourself, then we have done our work correctly! You could give this article a thumbs up if you liked our effort. You can try on the colors as you please in here too. These hairstyles can be time-consuming to get done, but they sure have a beautiful and carefree appeal to them once you are done! You can get these hairdos done in a salon, or you can even try them at home!


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