104 Red Brown Hair Ideas That You Need to Try on Today!


Red brown hair ideas are floating around the internet today that inspires us all! Coloring your hair in any shade can be a hard decision to make for you. You can try on the shades that you like the most, but they might not be the correct match for your skin tone! Thus you need to take some help and learn how to match these hues with your skin to look flattering under all conditions! Here we have compiled the best red and brown colored hair that works for all skin tones. You can find the one you love the most from here!

These shades work out for all seasons, and you can be sure that it will not go out of fashion any time soon. You can try these on your short hair or long; it doesn’t matter as it looks good with all hair lengths! You can also add textures to your hair and make them pop! You can curl your hair and even leave them sleek, straightened for an effortlessly beautiful hairdo. No matter what style you are inclined to, you will find your color here! Choose from these majestic 104 red brown hair ideas to transform the way you look!

Before and after

You can check out the way your hair transforms from the basic dull look to an excellent hairdo once you get them in red brown hair hues! Here we can see how the golden tones make all the difference in your hair.

red brown hairVoluminous Hairdo

You can try adding some of the inward curls on to your hair to make this a stunning look. Here is an idea that you can take on for yourself. The red brown hair here has the subtlety that we love.

Waves on long hair

You can add waves on long hair and add some texture to the hair. The colors that you choose can make your hair appear fantastic. Here we have some colors that consist of light and dark red-brown hues.

Inward waves

You can try out this red brown hair look for yourself if you are interested in these soft look. You can see the red-brown tones here, and the bangs are undoubtedly a great addition! This is a look that works for date nights and day outs as well.

Layered hairdo

You can add some layers to your hair to make it look voluminous. You can try out the hair colors for yourself and love it. Here are some red brown hair ideas that you are sure to find interesting under all circumstances.

Short glam look

You can try out this look if you are interested in short hairstyles. You can see the red-brown tones in here, and it sure does have the shine to it that we love. The angles on the ends here are sharp.

Dark tones on

You can try out dark red brown hair color if you are into adding some depth in your hair. You can see how the colors here alternate from the dark brown and light golden shade. These colors are better handled by a professional.

Reddish tones

There are reddish tones on this dark hair, and it works well with the black hair that you see here. You can see the waves on the hair and the youthful vibes on this one. Here are some short and long hair ideas that you can try on.


Ponytail on

If you are looking for a sleek hairdo, then you can try on this ponytail look. This is undoubtedly an easy way to tie your hair up, and the colors here are strikingly beautiful as well. The darker shades on the back give this a good transition.

Big Curly Hair

If you have naturally curly hair, then this is the red brown hair color that you are sure to love. Here are some looks that we recommend to you if you are looking to change your hairstyle. These are perfect for all skin tones here.

Light brown tones

There are bright brown shades in here, and we are in love with these colors. The darker shades merge well with the blonde, and you can try out the same for you. Take this color for your reference, and look fabulous!

Add some curls

You can add some texture to your hair by adding curls to them. You can check out this red brown hair with waves on them and get inspiration for your next look. These hairdos have colors that work for all the skin tones as well.

Burgundy hues

You can see these dark burgundy shades on these short and long hairstyles, and these are undoubtedly a look that flatters everyone! You can try on any hairstyle when you have these shiny hues on your locks. The colors have the perfect blend of red brown hair colors.

Alluring hairstyle

You can try on any hairstyle and look stunning if you have some dark and light hues on them. The dark base on the top has the bright reds on the bottom. You can add waves and add texture and volume to the hair.

Coppery shades on the front

You can add coppery tones on your hair, and they make it look extra special. The shaggy hair in here has some colors on the base as well. You can see the red brown hair on here and try out the same for yourself with the bold makeup.

Medium-length hair

If you are not interested in getting to the extremes of the hair lengths, then you can try on these mid-length hairdos. You can keep them straight or add some waves on them to make it look more feminine. You can get the colors to add dimension to the hair too.

Braided hairstyles

You can try on braids on any hair length, and they are sure to make you look fun and stunning. You can try them on your colored hair and keep some strands straight to add some dimension to your hair.

Classic brown

Here are some classic brown tones on the hair that works for all skin tones. You can try the lighter shade on the darker tones to add some highlights on the hair. You can keep them straight and add layers on the hair too.

Sexy hairstyle!

If you are looking to make yourself appear sultry and sexy, these are the looks you can try on. Here are some looks with red brown hair that you can try on for yourself. These are the layers that you can add to the hair to make it look stunning.

The well-transitioned hair color

You can see how the hair color here transforms from the dark hues on the top to lighter shades on the base. You can see the well-transitioned look here and try the same chocolate hues on for yourself. The waves on the bottom are stunning as well.

Hair extensions

You can add hair extensions on to get the red brown hair that you desire. You are sure to love how they make the hair look stunning without damaging your locks.

Golden red undertones

You can try this rose gold-tone on this hair. You can see the golden hues on this look here with red undertones. This mid-length hair has the waves on the bottom, and you can see the dark shades on them as well

Lindsey Lohan’s Hair

Lindsey Lohan’s hairstyles are always admirable. You can try out the look for yourself if you are interested in trying out long blonde look like this one here. The ruffled hair works for all skin tones, and all undoubtedly admire the long hair.

Kirsten Dunst’s hair

Kirsten Dunst has her red brown hair moment in here, and we are sure you will love it! This makes her look stunning and helps her pale skin tone to shine through as well. These layers here are beautiful too.

Winter vibes

Here is some red auburn brown hair color that we love. You can try on the shades for yourself if you are into such shades. The red undertones here support all skin tones and make up for most of the population.

Multi-streaks of colors

You can see the different layers of colors in here. You can see the mix of reds and browns and blondes that all work together to merge beautifully. Here are some hair ideas that you can try on if you love adding colors to your hair!

The Jennifer Lopez hair

Jennifer Lopez is a charming personality, and all adore her hairstyles and fashion choices. You can see her central parted hair here, and the sleek, straightened look is stunning. The dark hues on the base work well with the blondes all over.

Ever-ready for photos!

You can be ready every day for all the photos when you try on the golden shades. You have this stunning look for yourself if you are interested in having a hairstyle that works for all occasions!

Colors on the base

You can check out the colors on the base. You can try out these red brown hair colors that work for the bottom of your hair. The shiny red hues are lovely, and you can wear this for all the events!

Magazine inspired hairdo

These hairstyles are lovely and are magazine cover looks that you can try on. These are the classic looks that everyone aspires to try on. Here are some ideas if you are interested.

Pinkish-red tones

There are hints of pink in this red brown hair, and you are going to love this ombre trend that has been followed in here. The hair colors are stunning and have a youthful vibe to them than most other deep colors lack. This is an optimal choice for youths!

Looped braided hair

You can see the mix of two styles in here. One has a braid on the base, and the other has a loop on the top! The combination here seems to work out well and has a unique appeal to it. You can try this one for a day out!

Keep them sleek!

You can keep your hair feeling silky, smooth if you iron them straight! You can see how they get that added shine once you are done. To keep your hair from damage, you can add on heat protectant spray before you use heating tools on them.

Salon colored hair

There is a finesse associated with hair that has been colored on the salon. You can see how the hair makes you look stunning or dull in all cases. So you need to choose to get the colors done on your hair by experts to get the shade that suits you the most.

Light brown tones

Here we have a dark layered light brown hue for you! You can try out these colors on as a full color and slay this look. You are sure to make this a look that everybody is dying to get for themselves. There is a charm to it for sure.

Add some bangs

You can add some small bangs to your hair if you are willing to conceal a high forehead or some signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles. They also work to help frame the face better and chisel them out for a slimmer face effect.

Everyday Glam

Here we have some red brown hair natural looks that are sure to get your inspired to try these hues on! You can see the subtle use of colors in here and how they enhance the skin. It will work out best if you have a medium to dark skin tone.

Darker base

This is a flattering look for all seasons around. You can see the bottom gets the depth added by the dark black, and the rest has light colors on them that makes this pop! You can see the colors here are stunning, and they work out for all skin tones.

Brown and black

If you are looking for reddish-brown hair with highlights, this is the look you want to go for! You can see the dark and light shade in here and then add the depth and transition that your hair needs, respectively. Try this out for a warmer feel.

Blonde hair

If you have slight tones of brown in your blonde hair, you can try on this look here. Head to the salon today and get the hair color that makes you look and feel stunning!

 Model’s hair

There are hairstyle inspirations that we take from hairdos of the models on the magazine covers for sure. They are alluring and usually strike up a desire among the vast majority of people to try the look they have on! Here are some looks that might catch your attention.

Alternating tones

If you are looking to add colors to your blonde hair, you can take help from the reddish-brown hair color chart. You can get the colors that work out well over such light hues. It can be the guideline you need while changing your hair color.

Cherry red

Reds are fashionable and always trendy. If you are not willing to try on the bold shade of pure red, then you can go for something less intimidating as the cherry red shade in here. They have the same touch of glam and yet are subtle in many ways.

Thin hair

If you have thin hair, you can surely try these red brown hair ideas here. You can decide to add the colors that are closer to matching your skin tone, and that makes it better. You can take the darker shades for the roots and lighter for the rest as well.

Straight Hairstyles

If you are interested in sleek hairstyles, you can try on this look here. The long straight hair attracts everybody and makes this a hairdo that we want to follow. You can add it to your list of must-try hairstyles and get it done soon!

The Bun

Creating a bun is an easy task. You can merely assemble all of your hair and pin it down to get this look. It surely helps you save time in the mornings when you are running late for work. Make sure you get the colors to your hair to add depth to the look.

Extra special

You can look extra with these coppery red tones in here. The colors here are popping, and you can see how the makeup has enhanced this look. You can see the bangs on the side here, and they frame the face well.

Manage the tones!

You can take red brown hair dye on with you back home and get these fabulous colors on yourself. You can take the color sample and start to follow a pattern as well.

Majestic Waves

Adding waves on your hair can give it the body and volume that make you look flattering. You can see these waves on the long hair on these hairstyles here, and you are sure to love them. You can try out these looks and take inspiration from the images here.

Chocolate tones

If you are interested in long hairstyles, then this is the look for you. You can see these dark chocolate hues on the hair, and they add depth to the hair! You can sport the same look for yourself, especially if you have a pale skin tone.

Reverse ombre

The ombre hair was a big hair trend, and it is still trendy. You can see the colors in here and try out the reverse ombre trend for yourself. The red-brown shades on top and the golden hue on the bottom makes this a stunning combination.

Lilac tones

Here is some lilac shade on the hair here, and these have been gaining a lot of popularity. You can try on these bold colors on your short hair and get the cuts that you can wear to your everyday chores. These hairstyles are loved by the stylists as well.

The elegant updo

You can try on any hairstyle that you want when you have red-brown hues on your hair! You can see this sleek updo here and get inspired by the hairdo here. These are perfect for days when you need to look stunning for a special occasion.

Blonde and dark

There are many dark and light shades of blonde in here, and you can see how well this combination works out. You can take sections of your hair that are thick and get them colored in these blonde hues to get the same look like the one presented here.

Lovely hair colors

There is light red brown hair in these hairstyles here, and you can see how promising this look is! These colors are evergreen, and you can look stunning as you try them on. When you add waves on the ends of your hair, you get these textured, voluminous look like this one here.

You must have seen all the red brown hair ideas for yourself. You can surely get the shades that you found to be most alluring. Make sure you do a patch test as indicated before you try on the colors as they may irritate your skin. You need to take help from professional hairdressers to get the colors that you can get on board with! These shades can be intensified and deepened to add on the oomph that you deserve from these shades! You are sure to look stunning in these subtle yet sultry colors.

If you found the red brown hair color that you were interested in, then we are as thrilled as one could be! You can show your love for this article by giving it a thumbs up and even sharing it with some of your close ones! This way, you help them to find the shade they love as well. You can share your own hair coloring experience with us in the comments section down below. Make sure you write to us, for we look forward to your valued comments. Till next time we come back, stay stylish!


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