91 Passionate Red Hair with Highlights To Try This Season


Are you looking to change your hairstyle and are gravitating towards red? You have found the perfect article to guide you then! Here we have a vast collection of red hair with highlights to fit everyone out there. You can get the ones with bold colors or the subtle ones as per your personality! There can be a subtlety to the reds that you try on as well! It does not need to be very loud to look impressive! Choose the shades and undertones as you like and you are sure to look your best every day!

We have included the colors that will touch the hearts of the majority and is sure to make you feel fierce and bold as well as stunning even as you go through your daily chores! There is no doubt when we say that there is a shade of red for everyone! You need to find the hue of red that suits you the best and complements your skin tone to look great. Here are 91 of our most loved red hair with highlights that you need to try on!

The mix of colors!

You can see the bright bold red and the hints of purple below the reds as well! You can see how these two colors form the combination that is unique and sets you apart from the crowd!

red hair with highlights

Blonde and brown

Brown and blonde are both colors that are loved by many, and we are in awe of the way they look as you mix them in a unique hairstyle! You can see how the waves here make a lot of difference and makes it look polished and pretty as well!


Dark Chocolate shades

Browns are loved by many! There are dark earthy tones, and we are in love with these deep shades out here. Here we have a color that you might like. If you are not a fan of bold, bright color and want something subtle.

Touch of gold!

There are slight hints of reds here with golden touches, and we love how they shine as you hit the sunlight! The dark black hair underneath makes them look even better, and we are in love with these curls as well! Try this one if you have short hair.

Burgundy shades

Burgundy is a loved color and is perfect for you if you are not a fan of bright hues but are not so fond of intense shades as well! There is a perfect blend of dark and light tones on this burgundy hue, and you must try it!

Light Brown Streaks

There are light earthy tones of brown here, and you are sure to fall in love with this one for an everyday look. There are slight waves on the base, and you can style your hair like this to add the polished appearance to it!

Fiery shades

Looking fierce and be a great experience and here is the perfect blend of tone that you can wear to get that effect! There is a dark base of black here followed by the reds and light browns at the bottom. We are in awe of this look here.

Mix of brown

There are so many dark and light shades of brown here, and you can see that the colors work out so well together in this look! You can get this blend on yourself as you visit the salon next time. Make sure you try this one soon!

Black and brown

Dark base of black works well for a lot of colors. The light shade of reddish brown works well here and will work out well for medium to dark skin tones! You can wear this as your everyday look and manage to look great.

The brown and blonde

Browns and blondes are both colors that are loved by the fashion community. You can see the mix of colors here, and they are done on a chunkier section. You can see how the darkness adds the depth on the whole look and light shades highlight well.

Highlights on point

There are golden brown shades here of highlights, and we love them! The medium brown hair here has the perfect shades on them, and we are recommending this one for everyone who loves the highlighting game.

Deep dark tones

The depth in this look comes from the deep tones in this look. You can see that there s a purple to red shade on top of the deep tones and that makes this look phenomenal.

Red highlights on black hair

As we said earlier, the dark black base works out for almost any hair color and acts as the perfect base! You can see why we are recommending this look right here. There are shiny, bright red highlights done in sections. Check out these highlights here!

The curls

The curls here are wild, and the colors on them are taking our breath away! There are brown and red shades here, but we can also trace hints of dark black on the base here! If you have such textured hair, this is the red shade you need to go after!

Stunning Hairstyle

This medium brown hair with red highlights is stunning and works well for all seasons as well! You can see how the shades have that dark and light colors on here and there on this magnificent hairdo.

Emma Stone’s Hair

Emma Stone looks excellent as she tries on the short red hair with highlights. Her hair looks great here, and the bangs are framing the actress’s face well! You can try this one on too as it is not very intimidating. This one is approachable and wearable by all women!

Peeks of brown

There are dark brown and light brown shades here that work so well with the ringlets on the hair! You can see how there are lighter shades of brown peeking through here and there on the curls. Try this one as you head out for a casual day out!

Red hair with highlights

There are options for bright red hair with highlights that you can wear. This one has the dark shades and hints of red as well! You can try this on to add flair to your medium length of hair. You can see how the slight waves make the difference.

Strawberry Red with Honey Blonde

Strawberry hair and the mix of honey blonde highlight on top here looks gorgeous! You are sure to have this one being sported by women, and we also are recommending you try this one! It has the perfect blend of colors for you to look fabulous.

Redhead natural locks

Natural red hair with highlights and lowlights have been around for a long time now! You can see how you can add light shades to add that transition to your hair. Check out these redhead natural looks here, and we are sure you will want to try this one.

Cherry red highlights

The red hair with highlights category would be incomplete without adding on the cherry red hair!

There is no shade as feminine and youthful as this on right here. There is a charm to it that we are attracted towards. The bangs in this look add that grace to the look.

Burgundy Red

There are grace and charm to this hairstyle here, and we love the way it has these curls at the base! The hair has the perfect transition from dark shades on top and the shades look so well out together! Try this one for a feminine touch of colors!

Berry Caramel Lights

There is red hair with caramel highlights on this look here, and they need your attention today! There is a touch of berry shade here as well. This one is perfect for every occasion, and you need to give these a try.

Rich Maroon Red

One of the best shades that you can try on for yourself is the vibrant maroon red hair with highlights! There is a depth in this look, and we are allured towards this luscious hair. Make everyone jealous as you try this one on.

Rich Red Hues

Deep shades of red are alluring and can bring that outstanding balance to your hair! You can alternate between light and dark shadows on your hair and make this red hair with highlights as your style.


Brownish Red

There are red shades with deep brown undertones in this look. There is a certain depth to the hair here, and the whole look has a sensible approach to it! Make sure you try this one on at least once.

Simple and subtle

If you are not looking for something too loud and extra, then you can opt for this color right here. There are simple brownish shades on the red here, and it looks great on all hair textures and lengths.

The unusual pair

Reds and blues are not colors that you would generally see paired together. There are only a few shades that have that depth and shine to them, and this one is undoubtedly it! The shades are light and subtle even with the bold use of blue.

Bold Statement

Everyone loves bright red hair with highlights, and this color here is the one that looks flattering on many.  If you have not tried this color on yet, you are missing out on a lot for sure. So book an appointment today and get started!

Blonde with red undertones

Try getting natural red hair with blonde highlights, and you are sure to love it! You can see how the light shades here add the dimension to the hair, and the dark color has added that needed depth to it.

Light tones of red

There is no word for this look right here! You can see how there are many shades here, and they all look so good together. If you are unsure about colors, then this one is not for you!

Red Wine

This hair look here has a deep dark tone and has that wine like elements to it. The bangs here have added a frame to the whole look, and the hair looks great. This one has a feminine vibe to it as well.


Short Hair

There are many options of short red hair with highlights and lowlights here for you, and you can get inspired by these looks! You can see how the hair gives you an instant lift and makes you look way younger and fun!

 Burgundy and blonde hair

If you are not looking for too bright red hair with blonde highlights, then opt for the burgundy instead. You can see the play of colors between black, blonde and burgundy shades here. We adore this one, and you are sure to love them too!

 Orange Purple Tones

Notice how the hair here has the slight hints of orange in them? They are also mixed here with purple shades, and the final product is praiseworthy! There is not one color here that looks misplaced, and all the hues work out so well together.


Purple underneath!

There is a light-medium tone of purple underneath the blonde red hair here, and it sure has added the needed oomph to the short hair here!


Blonde On Red

Check out this red hair with highlights on and choose the one that you love! Here are some options that you can opt for right here. Make sure you are comfortable with the tones of color here!

Take expert Help!

If you are not so capable of coloring your hair, then surely take the help of the salon stylist! This red hair with highlights looks excellent, and you can go for the same vibe as this one here!

The angled Bob!

One significant variation of the bob hairstyle is the angled one or the inverted bob to say! These have an angle to them, and we are recommending this one for all the office going women out there.

The long luscious Hair!

There are many images of red hair with highlights on long hair, and you are sure to love these that we have set out here. They stay looking great all the while and has that perfect balance to it as well. Make sure you try this one if you have long hair!

Choppy Layered hair

If you have thick hair, the best thing you can do for them is cut them up in layers and enjoy the comfortable and breezy feel that comes with it! There are shades here that we are sure you will enjoy!

 Mahogany Copper Balayage

Copper shades on the hair have been in trend for a long time. You can see the highlights on here, and the dark portions have added the needed depth and balance to the whole look. Do try this one for a feminine look.

Layered Bob with Reddish Brown Highlights

As we said, bob is a trendy and fashionable hairdo that has looked flattering on so many women! You can see why we suggest this one! There is a flair to the look, and all will praise your use of colors as you get this done!

Highlight on top

Get your shade of highlights on top and experience the same glory as of the one with this hairstyle. If you need inspiration, we sure will help you find what you need right here. Check this collection out to get some ideas.

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Bob hairstyles with a touch of red

Bob was the most worn and loved hairstyles of 2018, and we sure have talked about the beautiful hairdo here as well. Bobs red hair with highlights can be a fabulous style and is sure to suit a lot of ladies.

Long Hair Goals!

There are thousands of posts each day on Instagram, and the hashtag that goes along with it is long hair goals! Many would love to have the same hair on themselves!


Light blonde colors

Opt for the bright blonde shades here if you are not a fan of too much red hair with highlights! You can add the subtle colors in and get the salon styled perfect hair to wear every day and look great.


Red Fire with Blonde Lights

Red hair with highlights has never looked better before! You can see how the hair has the needed flair to it, and we love it! You can get a color similar to this for the same effect as well.

Deep color with warm Highlights!

Step in deep into the game of colors and choose this shade right here for an alluring effect! You can see how the highlight here are also warm, and the dark shadows of brown have that red tone to it!

Red with pinkish tones

Red hair with highlights is a broad topic, and there is so much you can do with it! There are red-pinkish tones in this hair right here, and we are in love with the dark and light colors here.

Strawberry tones

There is light red hair with highlights here, and we are in awe of the shine this hair has! You can see how the hair looks well put together with the use of such colors. All you need to do is know how to style it well!

Bold Use of red

Red can be a bright shade to try on, and that is why most people find it hard to get on board with this color. You can see how they can make you look fierce and fun at the same time so give it a try!


Ginger hair with blonde on front

Natural redheads have the benefit of being able to get some highlights and looking perfect! Here we have a slight touch of colors only on this red hair, and it still manages to look great on her.

Subtle blonde

Not a fan of over the top uses of bold blonde hues? Then this one is the perfect hair color for you! You can see how the dark red hair here has acted as the ideal base for blonde highlights!


Salon styled hair

There is a whole new level of finesse that you can see with salon styled hair! You can see how the hair colors are balanced, and the hair has that healthy sheen to it as well. Get to your salon to get the same effect!

Bright Light colors

Bright and bold colors can bring down your age and make you look so much younger. Here is a color that has the perfect shine and sheen to it to make it on our list of the best hair colors ever.

Purple highlights

There can be many variations to the red hair with highlights theme here. One of the best looks that we recommend to the youngsters here is the use of the purple shades as highlights on dark deep hair!

Wavy Hair

Wavy hair has the needed texture for any hairstyle! You can do so much with the use of your curling wand to make your hair look beautiful. Here is a perfect example of how you can use red hair with highlights with waves.


We are sure that you have found the one look that you want to sport as you reach the end here! There are many options for all hair lengths and textures here for sure! No matter what hairstyle you want to choose, you can get the reds on and look gorgeous! No other color screams passion and love like red does for sure! You need to be bold and try it out once for sure! If you are scared of bright shades, then you can also go for light and subtle hues like the ones we suggested above!

If you found the shade for you and think that this was a good effort, do give you a like on this article here! Make sure you share this with others who want to or who should experiment with shades of red hair with highlights! We are thrilled to hear from you always so make sure you comment down below and let us know what you are thinking! We always value all the constructive criticism that you guys share with us!

Make sure you stay with us for more on such exciting and fashionable beauty topics! We will see you next time with such interesting ideas for you to look gorgeous! Till then, this is a wrap for red hair with highlights!


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