117 Hot and Smokin’ Red Hair | For Every Skintone


There’s a red for everyone.

If you are worried about getting red hair, then rethink and consult your stylist. From regal auburn and copper reds to flaming scarlets and Cherry Cokes, there’s a hot red for every skin tone.

Gorgeous Looks for Red Hair

1. Messy Dark Tulip

Go for the whimsical but riveting dark tulip color. Mix your red hair with a hint of violet and wear it messy and gorgeous.

2. Hot Curly Fire Red

Pale skin looks better with this flaming fire red won long and loose. Wear your soft curls ala Jessica Rabbit and complete the look with giant hoop earrings.

3. Dark Hot Pink Loosely Braided

If you don’t want messy but still prefers a sense of freedom, choose to loosely braid your hair. The look also upgrades a ponytail but keeps you looking soft and romantic.

4. Red Mandarin with Black Streaks

Go a bit rebellious with deep Mandarin red and black streaks for a trendy look reminiscent of glamorous Fenty.

5.High Bun with Reddish Hue Highlights

Chill at home and enjoy some scarlet shades without going all red. Highlights are great for those who want color but not the attention.

6. Sleek Scarlet on Straight Hair

Be a scarlet goddess with flaming red straight but layered for a feminine but modern look.

7. Old-fashioned Romantic Auburn Braided Hair

If you want a less eye-catching red, go for an auburn and traditional braid that is perfect for a Game of Thrones setting or aromantic forest picnic.


8. Micro Braids in a High Bun

Beautiful deep pinks are highlighted in a high bun. What sets this hairstyle apart is the use of micro braids for a modern twist that is both trendy and feminine.


9.Loose Big Romantic Braids in Deep Scarlet

Nothing says feminine than a loose braid. Be as laid back as you want with a few loose fringes at the front and sides.


10. Striking Shiny Cherry in a Straight Sleek Hair

Wear your hair down literally with this loose but sleek straight hair in flashy cherry that is sure to catch all the attention.


11.Flaming Red with a Loose Fishtail Braid

Beautiful fiery red hair becomes soft and romantic when worn in a loose fishtail braid. Accessorize with a lacy or romantic hairband or clip.


12. All The Right Curls in Fuschia Red

Nothing raggedy about this curly mop of hair that gets all the good attention. It’s modern, it’s hip, and it’s a one-of-a-kind hairstyle that can become a personal signature.

13. Auburn Gets a Modern Twists

Ginger red hair gets a hip and modern twist with dread. You don’t even need pale fair skin to carry this trendy hairstyle.

14. Scarlet Streaks on Long Wavy Hair

If you are not too keen to go fiery or radical, touch up long wavy hair with scarlet streaks.

15. Claret Red on Fine Sleek Bob

Be as elegant as you want with a fine touch of claret red for beautiful emphasis on a sleek bob. You can easily go from boardroom to cocktails with this hairstyle.

16. Be Fantastic with Flaming Coral and Voluptuous Curls

The stuff of dreams and power color are paired with beautiful big curls on long hair. You can be an enchanting and powerful siren with this fantastical look.

17. Flirtatious and Messy Scarlet Bun

Are you as laid back as this messy bun? Go fun and flirtatious with a few stray fringes.

18. One-sided Sweep of Curly Copper Hair

Understated metal with burnished copper tones makes this one-sided sweep as elegant and lady-like as a Byron poem. Be your own heroine with such a romantic and easy-to-style look.

19.  Claret Tones on a Sweet Simple Style

Not everyone is made for the limelight so enjoy some claret coloring with your own style. Nothing fancy but still a definite statement.

20. High-Volumed Cute Cherry Curls

You want the big curls but you don’t want the diva look? Go for cute cherry coloring and a medium-length cut for outrageous color with just the right touch of whimsy.

21. Brick Red Goes Bang Straight and Sleek

You can easily go from unfathomable poise to quaint cuteness by adding straight-cut fringe to this medium-length bob. Brick red with metallic shone completes the look.

22.  From Brunette to Flaming Crimson

Deepen your red-colored hair with this layered coloring going from ginger to flaming crimson.

23. Beautiful Vermilion on a One-Sided Bob

Be a little punky or go big with both color and style. Partner a one-sided sleek bob with deep vermillion for a radical change in looks.

24. Rihanna’s Red Auburn Braided Look

Rihanna is the go-to celebrity for beautiful and hip looks for red hair. She may not have the pale and fair skin we normally associate with scarlet locks, but she definitely has IT. Be understated with this simple braided look and then go bigger with a one-sided single braid.

25. Red Copper Can’t Lie

Dress up a simple medium-length haircut with drop-dead gorgeous red copper like Rihanna’s.

26. Long Messy Flirty Look with Ginger and Bangs

Be yourself but with added Ommph! Dress up a simple and messy hairstyle with red ginger color and bangs.

27. Wine Red on Elegant Long Wavy Hair

Go classic and elegant with wine red worn on a simple long hairstyle. You can add volume with waves or big curls.

28. Prettify with Strawberry Blonde to Copper Red Extensions

You don’t want anything permanent so you can add color and length without changing your looks too much. The answer is Extensions. Match and mix your eds from deep strawberry blonde to copper red highlights that can go heavy metal if you so desire.

29. Pretty Messy Fire Red for the Passionate You

Dress up your flirty and messy do with color so you don’t need to be bothered by daily maintenance. Style with layers for added volume.

30. Straight Vermilion with Layers

If you are growing out bangs or your hair in general, opt for color if you cannot do much with the cut. This pretty vermillion can make a stunning statement too.

31. Flaming Red Hair with Volumized Top

Make a colorful statement with this flaming red hair.

32. Go Classic Burgundy

Wear your classic long hair with sophisticated burgundy.

33.Pretty Red Hair with Waifish Look

A pretty look for deep red copper.

34. Cute Pixie Red Hair

Short and cute hair.

35. All the Right Reds

From fuschia to flaming fire rich coral red, check these celebrity looks.

36. Two-Toned Red hair Worn Long and Sleek

Add color and volume to sleek long hair with two tones fo red.

37. Long Wavy Hair with Big Curly Ends

Go beautiful ginger and curls.

38. Wavy Flaming Long Locks

Pretty waves.

39. Layered Burgundy-Colored Hair

Worn loose but with wine deep colors.

40. Top Bun and Loose Locks for Rich Wine Red Hair

Go easy with color and style.

41.Big Beautiful Burgundy Curls

Pretty curls matched with a pretty color.

42.  All the Bright Streaks

If neon pink isn’t enough, add other colorful streaks.

43. Long Straight Pink Hair

Be pretty in pink.

44. Playful One-sided Hip Red Hair

Be playful with this one-sided pixie cut.

45. High Volume and Big Pony for Copper Tresses

Big is beautiful.

46. Beautiful Braided Red Blayage for a Playful Look

You can go for braids or hanging loose if your hair is this beautiful.

47. Enchanting Scarlet Red Hair Layered and Loose

Add volume with layers.

48.Beautiful Ruby Red

Jewel-like colors worn long.

49.Layered Long Red Hair in 3 Tones

From Auburn to scarlet and pink, wear 3 tones of reds.

50. Pretty Braided Crimson Red Hair

This is a tight and beautiful style.

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51. All-Natural Retro Ginger

Go 1950s with this look.

52. Cute and Curly Fire Red Hair

Go cute and sexy with fire red.

53. Flaming Reds

Wear the style loose and easy.

54. Striking Red Coral and Copper Red

Hanging loose with great color.

55. Elegant and Long Sleek Auburn Hair

A classic look for a classy lady.

56. Flirtatious Wavy Wine Red with a Messy Finish

Be your playful self.

57. Flaming Vermilion and Big Curly Hair

Be a queen.

58. Deep Burgundy Hair with Pink Ends

Add depth with color.

59. Sophisticated Copper Reds with Loose Waves

Be colorful and wavy.

60. Flirty Shoulder-Length Metallic Red

Add a flirty tone with some flipped edges.

61. Cute Carrot Top

High volume curls for a high statement color.

62. Rich Metallic Auburn with Bangs

A simple and easy style for everyone.

63. Pretty Ginger Curls

Wear this long style with tight curls.

64. Easy Style for Red Hair

Finger-comb for easy styling.

65.Deep Pink and Big Senegalese Twists with a High Bun

Protect your beautiful color with a protective style.

66. Gorgeous Fire Engine Red

Go full elegant and gorgeous with this style.

67. Romantic Messy Up-Do for Scarlet Hair

Be as romantic and messy as you want.

68. Sunset Red hair

Get all the sunset hues.

69.Retro Wavy Hair with Beautiful Streaks

Add high-powered beauty to fuschia red hair with bold streaks.

70. Metallic Ginger Braided Long

Go for stunning simplicity.

71. Elegant Deep Wine Red with Waves

Simple elegance.

72. Burgundy Senegalese Twists Hanging Loose

Impactful and beautiful.

73. Feminine Curls on Scarlet Hair

Pretty and simple.

74. Uneven Parting for Scarlet Long Hair

Add volume to color.

75. Beautiful Auburn Loose and Pretty

Simply but pretty style.

76. Classic Burgundy

Wear sleek and layered.

77. Flaming Cherry Pixie Cut with Bangs

Cute and sophisticated.

78. Easy and Simple Long and Layered Style

Wine red hair is worn simply loose.

79. Beautiful and Deep Red Copper Hair

Wear with big curls.

80. Sophisticated and Striking Sleek Scarlet

The right woman wearing the right color.

81. Middle Parting for Ginger Red Hair

Simple but pretty and easy.

82. Beautiful Flaming Brick Red with Tight Curls

Hip and trendy color and style.

83. Straight Bob with Rough Edges

Classic with a modern touch.

84.Retro Bob on Scarlet Red

Classic and retro with a modern finish.

85. Windswept and Finger-Combed Deep Ginger Dreads

Wear the right amount of wildness.

86. Deep Scarlet on Layers

Go deep with layers and this rich scarlet color for a stunning statement.

87. Beautiful Bangs in Red Coral and Curls

Add style with straight bangs and deep red coral to big curls.

88. Sleek Beauty in Rich Auburn

Dress up your long hair with this deep auburn color.

89. Pretty Burgundy with Loose Curls

Nothing too fierce or overstated with this pretty burgundy look.

90. Loose Medium-Length Deep Carmine Red

Loosen up the tight curls with this deep carmine red for a pretty you.

91. Wavy hair and Crimson Undertones

Add some volume with waves on long hair and then deepen the styling with some crimson tones.

92. Beautiful Vermilion with Copper Tones

Enrich the colors of vermillion with copper overtones for this elegant and sophisticated color.

93. Hip Burgundy with Trendy Bangs

Go full-on trendy with this sleek bob in deep burgundy color.

94. All the Right Waves

Whether you are going wine to strawberry blonde to scarlet or copper red, add some beautiful waves to long red hair.

95.Color Me Cherry Red

How to dress up your hair without radically cutting it off? Go from brunette to cherry red.

96. Copper Highlights and Burgundy Tones

There is nothing too radical with these reddish highlights. They are light and easy to maintain.


97.Messy Flaming Red Wavy Biker Hair

Road chic is gorgeous.

98.Loose Medium-Length with Uneven Parting and Rich Magenta

Ease on curls but add volume with uneven parting.

99.Sleek Straight with Copper Tones

Go beautifully metallic with this bronze color.

100. Experimental Flaming Red Worn Light and Loose

Nothing too radical, just comb through your long locks for this light and loose look.

101. Retro Pink Rocker

Go uneven and loose with this rocker pink style.

102. Sleek Long-layered Burgundy Beauty

Wear your long locks with this burgundy color.

103.Retro Red and Pink

Wear this pretty retro red with a touch of pink as sleek and loose.

104. Messy SideBun in Carmine Red

Carmine red gives a pretty finish to this messy side bun.

105.Burgundy With Bangs Beauty

Go sophisticated with sleek bangs in red and burgundy.

106.Extreme Curls and Reddish Bronze

Go full queen with gorgeous tight curls in bronzy red.

107. Romantic Renaissance Braids in Auburn

Romance is in with this dressy braided look for auburn hair.

108. Sophisticated Braid on Ginger Hair

Go for forest-like simplicity with this sophisticated braid.

109. Wavy Brick Red Hanging Loose

Go simple but beautiful.

110. Long Braided Scarlet Simplicity

Nothing too serious or complicated with this braided scarlet hair.

111.Fish Tail Braids in Fire Red

Dress us your fishtail braids with fiery color.

112. Shoulder Length Burgundy Beauty

Classic shoulder-length hair in classic burgundy.

113.Burgundy hair and Dark Streaks

Mix with red and streaks.

114.Long Sleek Layered Cherry Red Hair

Make long and sleek rich with cherry red color.

115.Rihanna’s One-Sided Deep Coral Reds

Be an enchantress with this coral red worn wavy and one-sided.

116. Messy Scarlet

Scarlet hair is worn messy and light and loose.

117. Deep and Rich Brick Red with Waves

Beautiful brick red is worn with loose waves for volume.


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