120 Awesome Rose Gold Hairstyles for Classy Women


The rose gold hairstyle is trending among women of class and we can’t be more pleased than bringing these impressive styles to your notice. As fascinating as it looks, this hairstyle is a mix of red and pink hues, which give you an awesome look. Are you looking for a new hairdo to try? Take a tour of our list and discover the rose gold hair that fits you.

Rosy Bronze

Pink hair doesn’t care and you can seize the opportunity to make your desired style put of it. Let this hairdo inspire you.

rose gold hair

The Blonde Look

Although the specification is all about pink and rose hues, you may want to add some blonde strands to make it perfect.


With this style, anyone can easily spot the rose gold hair behind the silky design.

Add Some Flowers

Adding some details, such as flowers help you to enhance the look.

Side Hair

Do you want to conceal your identity? Toss some part of the hair to one part of the face to cover the eye in the direction.

Mixed Race

Consider making use of brown and black coloured weaves to achieve this look.

The Spartan Look

Show people that you’re larger than life and can’t be bound by any situation. Leave a part in the middle of the hair and run braids to hold the hair by the sides.

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Floral Hair

This style allows you to protect the hair all day while looking good.

Spiral Rose Gold

Consider weaving the hair backward and add the pink and rose hues for detail.

Rose Gold + Braided Ponytail

The style we have here is all about being creative. Roll the hair backward and make some braided ponytail out of the hair on the crown.

The Golden Look

Relegate the pink hues to the background and bring the shining gold colour to view.

Pink Lemonade

Do you love pink more than the rose colour? Consider getting this style to show your love for pink.

Resplendent Hues

There’s no doubt that this all-encompassing hairdo looks good on any type of face.

Large Rose Gold

If you’re blessed with enough hair, you may want to push them back to have some space at the front.

Flawless Rose Gold

Look cute your way by getting this fascinating rose gold hair done.

Good Bronzing

Go the natural way by getting the rose gold hair that has semblance with a tanned hairdo.

Strawberry Streaks

Rock your hairdo with streaks of pink running through the hair.

Silver Pink

Your journey to the rose gold greatness gets better when you style your hair in this rose gold format.

Silky Weaves

While the weaves look good on you, you may want to add silky strands to enhance the look.

Dusty Rose Colour

Be a blonde-haired woman by rocking this intriguing look.

Middle Part

Although the volume at the top looks good, you may want to add a concealed part in the middle.

Pinky Highlights

It takes a discerning look to discover the components of this hairdo, but the pink highlights are not hidden.

Back Spread

Toss a good volume of your rose gold hair to the back for an enhanced look.

Pink and Classy

Make the look classy by dotting pink highlights and weave some to the back through the sides.

Daring Rose Gold

Some hairstyles give you confidence and you can achieve anything with this rose gold-inspired look.

Rose Gold + Detail

Show off your voluminous hair in a classy way. Use this style as inspiration.

Entangled Rose Gold Hair

After weaving the strands to the back, you may want to entangle them at the bottom.

Mix of Hues

When the pink and rose colours come to an agreement, the outcome is a mix of resplendent hues.

Cool Rose Gold

It can be hard to pinpoint the colours therein but the pink and rose hues don’t shy away.

Desert Rose

This hairstyle offers you a darker twist to prove that the rose gold hair can take different variations.

Rose Gold with Silk

This is a style for classy women and you can get into the league by getting your hands on one.

All-Over Rose

It’s rose to the world! The pink brows certainly look good on this style.

Medium Rose Gold

When you don’t have enough volume to show off, this style can be an option for you.

Tanned Rose

This hairdo makes it look as if you just stepped out after waiting for long hours under the sun.

Rose Gold + Length

Combine the intricacy of the rose gold hair with some length.

Blonde Weaves

Aside from the volume of the hair, another captivating aspect is the blonde undertone.

Subtle Look

Don’t give much thought to what you can make out of your rose gold hair. Simply make this style and you’re good to go.

Pink + Side Sweep

If you’re blessed with volume, consider a good portion to the side of the face.

A Rinse of Colour

This hairdo does not only look good with the trimmed length but the captivating look is another thing that makes it unique.

Strawberry Rose

Add strawberry streaks to the hair and leave them running down from the crown to the nape of the neck.

Moderate Knot

This could have been the topknot hairdo if the hairstylist elevated the tip and tied it.

Pink + Lines

Add surgical lines in between the strands to create a dignified look.

Comb Line

The lines of the comb are visible on this hair. You can style this because there’s the assurance that you’ll look flawless even when you don’t style it with a comb.

Long Rose Gold

Show off your volume by weaving to the back until it gets to the back.

Petal Hues

There’s no doubt that people will wonder the type of hair you made when you rock this style.

Peach Gold

Blur the rose and gold hues with this peach-coloured aspect of the hairdo.


Rather than combing the strands to the sides, you may want to do it better by styling to the back.

All for the Gold

Take a full shot at a gold-coloured rose gold hair.

Slipper Streaks

Kick the rose gold hair up to the ladder by dotting some slippery streaks by the side.

Mixed Rose Gold + Hard Part

Part the middle of the hair while locking down the sides with different colours of the rose and gold hues.
Soft Peach

Make an even parting of the rose gold hair by adopting this style.

Black + Rose Gold Tips

Change the narrative and integrate the hues at the tip of the hair.

Blonde Version

Create a faded look to the rose gold hairdo when your style your strands this way.

Watered Down

Make the hair look like a waterfall when you add spirals to it.

Classic Rose Gold

There’s no effort in styling your hair into this simple version of the rose gold hair.

Sun-Tanned Look

A first look at this hair can tell that you weren’t under any form of tan but simply used less colourful hair to make the style.

Brown Undertone

This is the outcome when you make use of colourful pink and rose hair.

Golden Hair

Bring gold to your doorstep when you integrate more gold colours than the pink.

Styled to a Side

Push the volume to a side without much effort.

Full-Blown Rose Gold

There’s no doubt that you’ll get attention when you step out with this voluminous rose gold hair.

Side Part + Front Sweep

Make an invisible parting by the side and bring some strands to the front.

Blonde Spirals

Add more rose and pink hues before making the hair into spirals that move to the back.

Long Weaves

Convert the tip of the hair into weaves and push them down to the back.

Rolled Away

Toss some volume to the back in a fashionable manner.

Big Side Sweep

Toss enough volume to the left-hand side of the face.

Peach Rose Gold

The pink and rose hues make a fascinating look when they merge.

All Blonde

Recreate the traditional rose gold hair using blonde undertones.

Secured Away

Roll back the hair from the top and tie away at the crown. You may also want to make some thick braids out of it.

Fashionable Rose Gold

Even with short hair, you can make this style and make up for the lost volume by propping up some strands to the side.

Brown Details

Take a walk from the status quo and make more use of brown hair for yours.

Brown with Hints of Pink

Spot brown colours at the top and add some pink hues at the tail end.

Recreate the Golden Look

Add more golden hues to make the hair take the look of a blonde hairdo.

Strawberry + Side Sweep

Take the strawberry look of this hairstyle to the next level by tossing to the side.

Faded Sunset

Rock a blonder version of the rose gold hair.

Tilting Weaves

Prop up the hair after the weaves get to the nape of the neck.

Surgical Part

Add a hard part in the middle of the hair to distinguish the strands.

Knotted Rose Gold

Tie the hair into knots at both sides of the crown.

Full Side Blonde

The pink hues keep popping out but the main concentration is the full blonde hair by the side.

Gold Pixie Braids

Put up this style and spin heads anytime you go for a walk.

Pinky Hues

Although the hair has some gold colours, the pink hues continue to dominate.

Braided Pink Hues

Braid the pink hues in this hairdo while leaving the other strands to drop evenly by the sides and back.

Spiral Front Braid

Rose gold hairdo looks good on people with dark eyes. Yet, blue-coloured eyes with spiraled braids in the front make a lot of sense.

Front Knots

Bring the knots to the front and toss the other strands to the back.

Full and Golden

Make the best out of your voluminous gold-coloured hair by tossing to the back.


Tie the hair into a topknot and leave some hair to cover the front.

Do It Yourself

If you don’t have the time to walk down to the salon, you may want to try your hands at the self-styled rose gold hair.

Curved Rose Gold Hair

Bring the curves into your hair after styling the strands to the sides.

Drop-Dead Gorgeous Look

Drop the braids to the back as if it’s hot!

Warm Colour

Mix the pink and gold hues to pull off this look.

Parting Ways

Divide the strands to the sides using a middle part.

Single Braids

Integrate single braids at specific spots in the back after weaving the strands to that direction.

Slippery Pink

Bring down the slippery looks to the tip of the hair.

Tight Wavy End

The wavy hairstyle makes many impressions and you may want to have the same outlook on your rose gold hair.

The Toner

Tone your rose gold hair to take on this unique look.

Creative Topknot

Toss the strands to the sides and back while rocking a pink-coloured hair at the top.

Side Swish

Swish the hair to the sides after adding pink and black details to it.

Salon Blonde

Step out of the salon looking cute with this blonde input to your rose gold hair.

Desert Look

Throw more colours into your hair when you style it using this as an inspiration.

Petal Pink

Bring out the tan in your skin by spotting this hairdo.

Pink at the Sides

Spot pink-coloured hair at the sides while leaving black hair in the parted middle of the hair.

Secured Knot

Adopt a new approach to the topknot hairstyle and let some strands fall to the back.

Dotting Pink

Allow the pink in the hair to flex itself at the sides.

Entangled at the Crown

Don’t let anyone other hair drop by entangling the crown.

Bold and Creative

Look undaunted by spotting side sweeps and volume at the back.

Middle Part + Silky Hair

While spotting the silky rose gold hair, you may want to add a hard part in the middle of the hair.

Glorious Shade of Silvery Pink

This hair is slippery, no doubt! However, the main concentration is the glorious shade of the pink hues.

Soft Pink Tones

Allow the pink hues to run through the blonde hair.

Platinum Blonde

Ensure that the hair covers the sides and back before tossing a few strands across the top.

Natural Blonde Roots

Pull off a creative look by adopting natural blonde hair immersed into the pink hues.

Silver Look

Look great without an effort when you style your hair this way.

Silky Hair with Middle Part

Part the hair to the sides and leave some space in the middle.

Metallic Tones

Bring some invention into your hair with this approach.

Bouncy Rose Gold Curls

Make it easy to style when you adopt bouncy curls.

Platinum and Gold

Allow the hues to dominate while you look chic with this hairdo.

Subtle Pink

Add details to your rose gold hair when you spot this subtle look.

Innovative Knots

If you’re blessed with enough hair, you’ll not hesitate to tie your rose gold hair this way.

Back Curls

Your curly hair looks exquisite when you take it to the back.

Gold with Strawberry Details

While you leave gold colours at the top, you can finish the look with strawberry details on the strands by the sides.

Stylish Front Sweep

Sweep the hair to one side of the face while leaving a dramatic side part.

Pinky-Metallic Colour

You don’t need long hair to pull off this trend – just get the right texture and integrate the hues.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have some questions about the rose gold hairstyle? We have compiled some recurring questions about the hairdo. You can find practical and useful answers to your questions about the hair.

Does Rose Gold Hair Fade?

Rose gold hair fades. Generally, it has a durability of four (4) weeks after which it begins to fade quickly at every wash.

Is Rose Gold a Natural Colour?

It’s not entirely a natural colour but the mix of pink and red hues make it seem natural in most lighting.

Is Rose Gold Hair Permanent?

The Semi-permanent hair colour only lasts for a few weeks but the Permanent hair colour lasts longer.

Which Skin Tone is best for Rose Gold Hair?

This hairstyle looks good on people with light skin. However, neutral skin tones can try the white and yellow rose gold hairstyle, while warm skin tones are perfect for yellow and rose gold.


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