89 Stunning Selena Gomez Hair Ideas You Need to Try Out Now!


Selena Gomez hair ideas are an inspiration for many young girls out there. She is the epitome of perfection and grace. Her looks are loved by all of her fans and even others who are not so fond of the singer. She has tried on a lot of hairdos and has experimented with colors and cuts as well. Her hairstyles are also equally stunning. You can check out the hairstyles for yourself and maybe even copy some of them to look as perfect as she does. You can try on some of her looks and know for yourself why they are so popular.

You can check out the revolution of the singer’s hair on the internet. She has tried on all the trendy long hairstyles, so this means that if you have such length, you can try them out for yourself as well. You can try on some of her short bobs as well; all of which have been compiled down here. You can style your hair at home as well to get the finesse of the singer. Here are 89 of the best styled Selena Gomez hair ideas that you can check out and try from our collection below!

Central parted black hair

There is a classic touch in this look that you cannot get over. The simple yet elegant style has not many layers to follow through, but you can be assured that it is going to look excellent. You can try out parting your hair in the middle as she does here to copy her look. This can be a flattering look for you if you have a round face shape.

selena gomez hair Laid back look

You can see how her hair has that laid back look on in here. She manages to look chill and stunning at the same time as she has her naturally curly hair left loosely. This is one of the best Selena Gomez short hair 2018 saw! You are sure to look as relaxed as she does if you keep your short hair back the same way.

Long bangs on shoulder length hair

You can try out bangs if you are interested in them. They can chisel out your face for you to give that slimming effect. You can similarly use it to hide fine lines and wrinkles on the forehead as well. They function well for all face shapes! Here we have Selena Gomez hair that has the longer version of these forehead-framing bangs. These are stunning on her.

Long, Lustrous Hair

Here is a Selena Gomez hair idea that anyone can try on for a special occasion. Her hair is swept on to a side, and she has added the extensions to get this longer length. You can get the dark black tones as she has here. If you want, you can add colors to this; preferably lighter tones to add some dimension to the whole look.

Ruffled, rough hair

Here is one of her looks that has a touch of roughness to it! You can see how her hair has a wet look in here. The ash blonde tones are perfect, and the depth is added on by the intensity of black in the scalp! You are sure to love this color combination. If you are one for short hair, this is the look for you!

Charming bob

Bob is one of those Selena Gomez hair images that made a lot of impact on her young fans. She kept her bob looking exciting by adding on colors and the cuts on them. You can check out this hairstyle here she has on and wear it on as your next. The rough edges in here are beautiful. You can try on the blonde hues as her to look the same,

Side-swept long hair

This is one of the Selena Gomez hair images that remind us of her young Disney days. You can wear your hair on the same look as this is one evergreen hairstyle that works for women of all ages. The waves and slight curls here add the needed dimension, and the small hints of color on her hair is an inspiration. This sure has some youthful vibes to it!

Deep brown tones

You can try out this look of hers for sure if you are looking for a deep tone in your hair. Her hair has these dark brown hues here, and the extensions are working out to add thickness and volume to her hair. Most of the times if you straighten your hair, then it can look a bit dull! So you need to add some amount like this Selena Gomez hair in here.

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Chilled everyday look

She manages to keep things stylish even as she tries on her casual looks. Here we have two of the most effortlessly beautiful Selena Gomez hair ideas that you can take inspiration from. There is a braided natural long hair option on the top here. If you want a simple look, you can straighten your hair and leave it be like she does in the second image here.

Brown hues on the bob!

One of the classic looks she opts for is this simple short bob! You are sure to notice these short sides in here along with the tones of light brown in them. These colors are working for her skin tone well. If you have shoulder length hair and a medium to dark skin tone, then you can work out this look for yourself.

Smokey Tones

The whole attire here is sure to take you a lot of time. The makeup and the hairstyles all work together to form this majestic look. You can take screenshots of this as your Selena Gomez hair idea and save it to your phone. Her smokey eyes and the dark brown hair has the perfect balance that everyone desires from their hair. Make sure you try this one out for a girl’s night out.

Winter wavy hairdo

If you are looking to keep yourself warm during the winters and keep your hair looking stylish as well, you can try this hairstyle right here. Her wavy hair is perfect for the cold winters, and it can keep your fashion quotient high too. Her dark roots and the sleek coat has her looking beautiful in this picture here. You can try on the same look if you have layered hair.

Purple to burgundy shades

If you are looking out for Selena Gomez hair color options, then this is the right look for you! You can check out her deep purple and burgundy hair colors in here. They look majestic on the singer. Her simple hairstyle has the charm to make everyone take a second look at you. If you are a teenager in love with the star you can try on this same hairdo!

Beautiful, textured hair

You can add textures to your hair to make them have a bit of body and volume! You can see how her hair looks with tight curls and some elegant soft waves as well. These hairstyles are stunning, and they make thin hair look fuller and healthier. The shine in her hair is admirable, and we love how she carries off each of her hairdos with ease.

Pulled back updo

If you are willing to go for a distinctive look to try out for a wedding or are looking to be simplistic and beautiful for a formal event, then you can try on this style here. Selena’s pulled back hair look is perfect if you want to keep the hair strands out of your way when you are at a party, and you feel like enjoying yourself!

The ponytail for all occasions

There are a few hairstyles that you are sure to love! These ponytails are the best look for the days when you want to look well put together without spending a lot of time! You can see we have two of the sleekest Selena Gomez hair ideas here for you to choose from. One is a high pony, and the other one is a low pony at the back.

Majestic layered hair!

If you have long hair and are looking to make it a bit more fun, then you can try on this layered hairdo here. You can try adding short layers or get them in the long sections as your choice. Selena Gomez hair is stunning as always on this image here. But you can see that this one here is special as the colors are popping through!

Adorable hairstyle

Some of the best Selena Gomez hair ideas can be found on the looks she tried on back in the day. You can see her hair has this lovely well put together look here. She looks adorable as she sports this wavy, thick hair look on here! The style suits her perfectly and is sure to work out for you if you have a face shape and hair texture as she does!

Effortlessly sexy

If you are looking for a sexy vibe, then you can try on some of these stunning Selena Gomez hair ideas right here. You can see how striking these looks are and they are sure to work out for women of all ages. The makeup is beautiful, and the big curls on some of these are a must-try. You can check out a few of her looks here.

Back in time

If you remember Selena from her time back during her Disney phase, then you must be familiar with these hairdos. She usually kept to her natural locks, which is textured and curly. You can see how shiny this hairstyle is. You can try out the same for yourself if you are trying to recreate her looks from that era! These are sure a fan favorite style.

Ash blonde hues

If you use these social media sites, then you must have spotted Selena Gomez hair 2018 tag on your feed. Her hairstyles from last year were widely popular, and most of her fans are loving this look till today. These ash blonde hues on here are stunning, and the dark shades on the roots are perfect for adding the balance to this full hair of light curl.

Sleek, straightened hair

Here is one of her hairstyles that you can recreate back home in your way. All you need is a good hair straightener, and you can get your hair looking sleek and straightened in a matter of minutes. If you are used to the iron, then you are sure to be quick in this way of styling. The colors are worthy of being tried out too.

Hair goals

Her lustrous hair is a significant hair goal for most of her fans and young women all around the globe that follows the singer. The thickness and shine of her styles are admirable, and you can try on the same for yourself if you are willing to invest some time on yourself. You can take some of the Selena Gomez hair products and get the same look for yourself in time.

Ombre with deep and light brown

Ombre hair is one of the best hairstyle trends there are. You can take any two colors of your choice, one darker and one lighter to get the same look for yourself. If you want to copy Selena Gomez hair, then you can try out this dark and light shade of deep brown to get the same effect.

Magazine covers

Being a superstar and a celeb, Selena has to pose for a lot of magazine covers. You can see how her looks differ each of the time, and she manages to look beautiful on all of these photos. You can check out a long straight hair idea of hers here, and the next has a curly textured hair on the bottom.

Selena hair ideas for the concerts!

Selena has some beautiful hairstyles on her for the concerts or stage performances she tried on. You can see some of the best looking hairstyles of the singer on this section here. The long hair on the singer looks majestic, and her style is admirable and approachable as well. Try this one if you are looking to try on her hairstyles!

Hair extensions for a fuller look

People were crazy to find the Selena Gomez haircut name 2017. These hairdos are well put together by her stylists and can try these hairstyles out for yourself. Her long hair has this thickness to it that is perfect for everyone! You can get the same look if you choose the correct colored hair extensions that are readily available on the internet.

Get deeper roots

If you are looking to add some flair to your hair, then you can try on this ash blonde hues on with the dark black on the sources. You can style your blunt bob the same way the singer did. This is achievable with a curling iron. You can add these stunning waves on to get the body on your hair.

Updo for special occasions

If you are looking for some hairstyles that work out for special events, then this updo is perfect for you. You can try out the full updo no matter what hair length you are blessed with. This is one hairstyle that everyone can wear to a wedding or even a formal event such as an office party.

Sultry, sexy look

If you are looking for a hot look, you can find it in this collection of the best Selena Gomez hair here! You can take longer sections of hair and get them styled the same way. You can ask your hairdresser or stylist to get this done to you!

Relaxed hairdo

There are days when you want to feel comfortable and effortlessly beautiful, and this is the look you want to try. Her sleek straight hair is gorgeous and deep, that works for all women.

Music videos look

Her red lips and the messy, voluminous look was sported by the singer for her ‘Come and get it’ music video. This is a stunning and well put together look and you can try out the same if you are intrigued by her hairstyle in here. The long hair looks sexy and salty all at the same time.

Her met gala look

People were searching for Selena Gomez haircut 2018 name after she wore this beautiful ombre long bob for her met gala appearance. This has the sleekest of appeal, and you can try on the same as it is a natural and approachable look. So what are you waiting for? Book an appointment today and get this haircut!

Perfection achieved

Selena Gomez hair ideas are ravishing, and you can see one of her best looks in here. You can see the great look she has on here. You can try on the angled partition and add the waves on them to get the same look. There are hints of brown on the base of her black hair as well.

Girl next door

If you are the one to want to keep things feminine and straightforward, then you can try on this look here. We have compiled some of the best girl next door hairdos that the singer wore to various events. These are only going to take a few minutes of your time, and you can look beautiful after that!

Sleek Selena Gomez hair!

Selena Gomez is beautiful no matter what look she tries on, but you are sure to love this sleek back pulled bun she has on this image here. You can keep a central part on your hair and try out this same hairstyle with the help of some hairspray or a strong holding hair gel.

Beautiful as always

You can look as stunning as Selena if you try on this look here. You can see how she manages to look fabulous irrespective of the way she styles herself. Her long layered hair in here works out to add the flair in this look. You can try out the same look for a day out with the girls!

Youthful vibes

This is a look that works out for teenagers and young adults. You can try on the pinned back look here with the same shoulder-length bob cut. These are one of the most relaxed and most comfortable looks that you can try on for yourself. Keep the makeup fresh to get the youthful vibe that is evident in this picture.

Extravagant look

Her look here is extra, and you are sure to love this one! You can try out the same look with some beautiful hair extensions. Add some colors and waves to the hair to make it look proper. The colors are your choice, but you can look stunning with this well-styled look. This one is our top recommendation if you are into sultry looks!

If you are a Selena fan, then you are sure to have loved this hairstyle compilation. You can navigate through these iconic looks of hers from recent times and also from back in the day. If you are looking for Selena Gomez hair 2019, you will find it again on this article here. You can try on her styles for yourself if you are interested in her styles. Some of her fans are stunned by the hairstyles she has tried on, and they have followed each style that she comes up with. You need to make sure you take care of your hair for it to shine as stunningly as hers!

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