72 Stunning Shag Haircuts That Is Flattering For Everyone!


The shag haircut was a big trend of the ’70s. Everyone loved this multi-layered hairstyle and had their share of experimentation with it. If you lived through that era, you are sure to have seen these haircuts being sported by women of all ages. They were widely popular then, and we can see this haircut making a big comeback! They have confined to ramp walks only, but now some stylists are bringing this low maintenance hairdo to the red carpet looks as well! They can be wacky and wild sometimes, but that does not mean you cannot have a gracious look with a shag haircut.

Here we have the best shag cuts that were once popular back in the day and also the styles that have become popular in current times. You can find all the looks here, and the best thing is they can be worn as an everyday look as well. You need not get overboard with the experimentations in this hairstyle to give it an edge! Here we have the compiled version of the most stunning shag haircuts that you can navigate through. Make sure you choose the one that suits you the best and makes you feel comfortable!

Full on Layers

The shag haircut has layers on them on all sides, and this is the basic haircut as well. Many have tried on this look back in the day as well. It adds the needed volume to your hair and makes it look fuller!

shag haircut Modern Twist to the shag haircut

This bob here has the contemporary day shag twist, and we love this look! You can add some waves on the base here, and it makes all the difference in your hair. Try this one for a day out!


Long textured shag

If you are not comfortable with the short hairstyles, then you can choose this long length shag haircut for yourself. The bangs and waves add texture and body to the hair and give it an elegant appearance!

Ready for Events?

There are short yet sharp layers in this look here. You can see how the hair has a sleeker appearance on the top, and the edges on the bottom are well put together too! Try this one for a stunning look!

Nerdy Cute Attire

This look here has a nerdy vibe to it. You can see how the waves and side swept bangs makes the appearance cuter as well! You can try this look when you head out to your office as well.

Outward twists on hair

This beautiful hair here has been achieved with a layered haircut and minimal styling. The waves are going outward, and that gives a fuller and voluminous appearance to the hair. This works well for thin hair of all kinds.

Short layered hair

Short hair is the new craze among women of all ages. We can surely see that the hairstyles here have the short layers and the waves here make a big difference as well. Try this look if you want to try short hair.

Feathered hairstyle

A feathered shag haircut is a fashionable look among many. The top here is bulkier, and the ends here have layers to them. You can see how the layers and sections make all the difference here and give the hair a sleek appeal.

Vintage Appearance

The bangs here are middle-parted, and the blonde hair color helps make the hair look stunning! You can get nostalgic as you lay eyes on the hairstyle here. This whole attire makes us relive the olden days!

Lilac tinges

Lilac hair has all the attention of fashion bloggers right now. They are in love with these tinges, and the hair has this chic elegance added to it with the colors as well. You can try this color with the shag haircut!

Waves and textured

There is a polished appearance to your hair once you get the waves. You can see how this shag haircut here has that well-done appearance. You can get the same effect by simply adding some texture to your hair.

Voluminous Sides

When you lay eyes on the sides of this hairstyle, you can see it has a volume to it! The bigger and fuller hair has that healthy appearance to it as well. You can get the same hair and choose where you want the bulk as well!

Ready for a day out?

If a casual and comfortable to style haircut is what you are looking for, then this is the one you need to try. You can see this look has a youthful vibrancy to it and you can wear it for a day out!

Effortlessly Beautiful

This look here is effortlessly gorgeous, and we are striving to look as perfect as she does! The curls here are stunning and go well with the shag haircut. They are perfect for all occasions without much styling!

Perfect for all ages

This hairstyles here has no boundaries when it comes to age. Anyone can wear this haircut and look fantastic. Here we have a beautiful color, and the bangs are complementing her well! Make sure you get help to get this style!

Platinum Blonde hues

One of the most popular hairs colors is the platinum blonde in this look right here. The short hair has an angle to it, and it has a lot of volume on the back to make this a well-rounded look.

Kaley’s Short shag haircut

The big bang theory star has experimented with her hair a lot, and this was one of her short hair choices! The strands here are very short, and she opted for her natural blonde with dark base for this style!

Shoulder length cut

If you are not comfortable with very short and precise cuts in your hair, this is the one you can opt for. There are shorter sections of cuts here too, but they are not bothersome in any way.

Tones of brown on a shag haircut

This haircut was once the most popular style to wear. You can see how the layers here are starting at the base, and the whole top section has a uniform length. This look has us reminiscing the old day!

Asian Impact

There is a lot of regional impact on the hairstyles we try on. When stylists of various places experiment with the same style, they come up with newer versions of hairdos! This one here has an Asian Korean look to it.

Ruffled Hairstyle

This look right here has a rough appearance as the waves and layers are not styled. If you have these layers on you, then the winds can blow them away to make them look a bit imperfect at times.

The flattering hairdo

This long shag haircut is flattering for everyone. You can see how the hair here has layers starting from the base of the neck, and they cascade as you move downwards. This can be the style for you if you have long hair.

 Mature look with a shag haircut

This look here shows that there is no boundary to the way you wear your hair when you age. You can still try on layered hairdos as your everyday look and make it look stylish and be comfortable in them as well!

Red hues on shaggy hair

There are tones of red in this look right here, and it gives off a fiery, fierce tone! You can see that there is not much of an intense color here and still it manages to leave an impact.

Youthful Vibrancy

This face-framing look here has a youthful vibe to it, and we are in awe of how great it looks. You can see that this is perfect for teenagers. You can style it with a few waves to achieve this look.

Precise Cuts

When you get your hair cut, make sure that the layers you get are specific and to the point. You would not want to end up with hair that has uneven layers and get an asymmetrical hairstyle.

Subtle ombre hair

Here we have ombre hair that you are sure to love! This is one of the best hair color trends of all times, and it looks great. You can choose dark and light colors of your choice, and get the same effect!

The Basic Blowout

You can see the hairstyle here in most women on the streets! People have loved this basic blown-out hairstyle and visit the salon multiple times in a week to get this full look. You can get the safe effect if you are good with a blow dryer!

 Everyday perfect

When you get your hair cut in the shag haircut, you can look your best every day. There is no doubt that if you take care of your hair well, it will manage to look perfect when you wake up as well!

 Short shaggy look

Shaggy hair can work great if you have short hair as well. The layers will make the hair appear thicker, and it works for all face shapes as well! Try this one for a fresh summer look.

 Vacation Hairdo

If you want a chill hairdo to sport in your vacation, then this is the best look for you. You are sure to love the hair as the winds blow them away.

Thinner on the ends

Most of these hairstyles are done to look slimmer on the ends. You can achieve much volume on top and then work your way into a weaker section as you move towards the end!

Boss Lady

If you are looking for a boss lady vibe, this is the look to go for! There are short face-framing sections here, and we all can agree that it seems gracefully gorgeous as well.

Coppery tones on red hair

There are tinges of coopery hues on this red hair with a shag haircut, and we are in awe of how great it looks! This look can be worn to any occasion, and it is sure to set you apart in the crowd!

Blonde brown

The brown and blonde hair color here is beautiful, and the deep earthy tones are classy. You can keep your hair the same way for a vintage, sexy look and get inspired by this image right here!

Summer vibes

We are getting summery vibes from this look, and you can try this one on this season for an easy to maintain hairstyle.

For all face shapes

Women of all ages can wear this, and it flatters all face shape. This bob hairdo has the charm to get you through all of the events! Make sure you give this one a try!

Vintage Glam Look

There is a vintage glam vibe to this look, and you are sure to love it! It is still relatable and approachable to this day. Visit your salon today to get this chic and elegant style.

Textured Bob

Shag bob haircuts are sure to be the big thing this season as well! They were great last year, and most women got a long bob. You can try the same if you prefer longer hair!

 Nostalgic long shag haircut

If you wanted a glamorous look back in the day, this was the look to go for! There were celebs and musicians all wearing this multilayered short at the top and long on the bottom look.

Freshly Washed

These haircuts are loved for many reasons, and one of them is that they look great even when they are freshly washed. You can see that the hair will fall in waves and look majestic even without styling.

Back view of layers

If you are still unsure about how your hair will look in a shag haircut, then this one will surely motivate you. The back view here has the perfect show off layers and shows you how your hair will fall on as you wear this one!

Flared hair

If you are looking for the ’70s glam, this is undoubtedly the look you need to try! There are flared out sections of layered hair here, and they form this sexy look.

Side swept bangs

If you are thinking of getting bangs, then this is surely a look that you can try. There is a fun vibe to the look, and you can sweep the bangs to the side for a chic, vibrant look.

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Celebrity Hair

This look was worn by many celebs back in the ’70s, and we sure find this to be a fashionable look! The ruffled top and the mid-parted hair has the perfect layers on them as well.

Stunning hair with long bangs

This look here has stunning long bangs, and we cannot get over how great this hair color is. The platinum blonde here has the soft layers on them, and the edges are cut thinly. The slight waves add texture too.

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Stylish and relevant

This long shaggy bob hairstyle is perfect if you want to try a layered look. Women have worn this look s evergreen and for a long time. Make sure you get these layers in a color that stands out to you!

Middle parted hair

You can part your hair in many ways, but the central part is perfect if you try on shaggy hairstyles for round face. This look right here can convince you to try on the layered haircut and the middle partition as well.

Options for thick hair

If you want to try shaggy haircuts for thick hair, then this is the one you should try on! You can see that the bangs here are light and they make the thin hair phase out well for a more delicate appearance!

Modern-day Twist

Many women love short shaggy wispy haircuts. This one here the perfect balance of colors and is ideal for thin hair. Add some waves on the hair, and it will look well put together every day.

Salon treated hair

If you feel like your hair has become dry and brittle, then you can get it treated at a salon. You can see the shine and luster in your hair with the use of deep conditioning products!

Dark hair with highlights

If you are not fond of bright colors, you can wear these dark hues on. Add some highlights on them to add some flair and oomph to it. You can get light blonde tones on as your highlighting color.

Shakira’s Look

Shakira has inspired many women to try on long hairstyles, and this is one of the perfect shaggy hairstyles for thick hair! You can see the hair on her has blonde streaks and the roots are deep black to add depth.

Side parted short shag hair

The deep black hair color here has an impact on anyone and can be called as the perfect Short shaggy haircuts 2017. You can wear this look today too for sure, and it has a deep side part as well.

The extra waves

You can take this as a classic example of a shag haircut, and the layers here are curled into an outward and inward fashion here. The dark roots have added the needed depth to the hair here!

Casual and approachable

This look here has a friendly and relaxed vibe to it. You can see the bangs here have framed the face, and the rest of the hair has waves on them. The dark roots complement the light blonde on the rest of the hair.

Magenta and blonde hair color

If you are looking for a pop of color, then this is the perfect look for you. The haircut has the sharp layers to them, and the ends have bright magenta tones on them. You can see they are on the frontal bangs as well.

Glowing Beautiful Look

This dark hair here has a lot of layers, and we love how she looks naturally beautiful in this one. The bangs here are fanned out, and the rest of the hair has light waves to them as well.

Relaxed, Natural look

There are days when you want your hair to be left without any styling, and this is a look perfect for such times. You can see that this relaxed, natural look has an effortless appeal to it.

The Victoria Beckham Look

Victoria Beckham has been a fashion icon, and her looks are always on point! Her short hair here has us going crazy, and it can be worn to your office as well.

Evergreen Hairdos

These haircuts were worn on by the women mostly in the ’70s, and we think this one is an evergreen look. You are sure to love this hairstyle once you wear it. You can also try it for fun!

Feminine Girly Vibe

Hairstyles are the perfect way to showcase your personality, and this look right here is excellent if you desire a feminine and girly appearance! There are dark and light streaks of colors here, and they make a good combination.

The Classic Medium Shag Haircuts

You must have seen this look on the TV serials that you watched and movies of the days gone by as well. This is a perfect shag haircut, and you are sure to love it once you try it on!

If you have never tried on this shag haircut, then do not wait any longer! Follow the trend and get your hair cut in these layers today. You can get any style and get the sides cut into segments to get a shag haircut. When you visit your hairdresser the next time, you can ask them to give you a modern version of the shag as well! There is no limit to the hairstyles you can achieve with layered sections. Here we have compiled hairstyles from the ’70s and the modern variations as well.

Do try on these hairstyles to get a summery vibe and look good every day. There are options for all hair lengths and textured here, and we are sure you gathered the needed inspiration for your next hairdo. If you found the match for yourself through this article, then give this a thumbs up! You can share this with others that are in search of a new haircut as well! You can use the comments section below to let us know your thoughts about this effort of ours! We love to hear from you. We will bring more such exciting hairstyles for you, till then stay tuned!


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