105 Perfect Short Hairstyles for Girls that are Trending in 2021


There are short hairstyles for girls in this article, and you are sure to love them! You can try on getting any of these trendy looks for yourself this summer, and we are sure you will love them! These short hairdos make for a stunning look and have been a favorite go to look for most celebs and stylists as well. Famous celebs like Kim Kardashian, Kirsten Dunst, Scarlet Johansson, and even Taylor Swift have loved these hairdos and inspired their fans with their iconic looks. You can try on the styles that they chose and look as stunning as they do themselves!

No matter what look you try on for yourself, make sure you wear it with utter confidence. The attitude makes half of your attire for sure. You can see that these are the looks that are perfect for keeping you feeling comfortable. These are going to look stunning if you have curly hair. Check out our collection here to witness the best variations of these short hairdos. There are all hair textures and a lot of colors here to choose from as well. We have here a collection of short hairstyles for girls that are sure to get your excited!

Short curly hair

If you have some curly locks, then you can try on these hairstyles here. You can see how your textured hair looks with a short cut on them. These are beautiful hairdos that look flattering on everyone.

short hairstyles for girlsWedding Day Hairdo

If you have a short length of hair, you can try this look out for your wedding day as well. These are some uncomplicated hairdos that you can try out for your big day. The hairpins and the accessories can make your hair look stunning for all occasions whether you are a bride or a bridesmaid!

Natural locks

If you have natural curl on your hair, you are undoubtedly lucky! You can check out some of these looks here and see how the short hair looks on the people with such a haircut.

Celebrity-Approved Look

Some styles are celebrity-approved, and this is one of them for sure! You can try out this wavy look with some short haircuts. It can be hard to get these waves on entirely in short hair though.

Brown and black hues

There are many colors that you can try on for yourself surely, but here is a combination that never goes out of style. You can see these brown and black hues working together to form this stunning look here.

The spikes on!

You can try on this spikey look with the side fade if you are looking to show off your bold and daring side. You can try on these blonde shades and dark base as well.

Asymmetrical sides

There is a new trend of adding on the asymmetrical or uneven lengths on your hair. You can see the angle that these haircuts add to the face, and it makes a face look slimmer.

Add some braids

Adding braids on the hair can make them look festive and fun. Here we have some images that you can check out to see how braids look on short hairstyles for girls.

Golden hues

There are golden blonde hues on this hairstyle here. The sleek side pulled look in here is perfect for mature women who want an edge to your hairstyle. You can see the dark colors on the base and the back with the lighter shades on top.

Blunt cut bob

You can get your hair cut in blunt ends like this one here. There are a plethora of styles that have these edges, and you are sure to look stunning as you wear them. The colors are your choice for sure, but the cut is lovely for sure.

Angelic Hairdos

You can look perfect when you have these ideal hairstyles. They can make you look heavenly. These looks are styled to perfection and have attractive colors for all skin tones. You can try on the colors and the cuts like these here to get the same effect.

Side shave on short hairstyles

You can try on a bold hairstyle like this one with the shaves on the side. There are a lot of haircuts in here that can get you inspired to try them out. Here are some ideas that are versatile in colors and designs too.

Office Look

If you are an office going woman looking for ways to try on short hairstyles for girls to try on for an easy to style look, this is the section for you. You can try on these looks right here and see for yourself why we recommend it!

Longer on the front

You can see the longer sections on in this look! These longer sections are adding to the slimming effect of the hair, and you can see how it chisels out the face well. The bangs also help to frame the face.

Spikey ends

These short hairstyles for girls have sharp spikey ends on the base here. You are sure to notice how it added to the whole look and gave it an edge to the hairstyles. Check out a few images we have set aside for you here!

Darker roots

Stylists are always recommending this look here with darker roots added on the base! You can add on any other color of a lighter shade after that to get a well-transitioned look. Here is an image you can take reference from.

Youthful vibrancy

There are fun and young vibe in this look here. These were the little girl short haircuts 2017 gave birth to. You can try on adding waves on the hair and adding light and dark colors on them to get this look.

Short pixie cut

All love Pixie cuts. You can see the dark hair in here with the short ruffled layers on them. These are the short hairstyles for girls that work out for women of all ages as well. You can try out the same for yourself!

The volume

There is a lot of volume on the back here. You can see how the yellowish blonde hair color in here is shining through well. You can get the feel of the olden days as you see this puffed up look on the back here.

Vintage hairstyles

These short hairstyles for girls were popular back in the day. The hairstyles were old looks, and we are sure you will see how cutting your hair in short layers can make you look fabulous. These colors are sure to entice you till today.

Twist and pinned down

These looks here are perfect for a date night or even for a day out! You can try on twisting the section and pin them down to achieve this look. You can take a look at these beautiful hairstyle ideas here.

Rolled in curls

This look was a perfect hairdo that was sported by a lot of women. You can see the inward curls on the bottom here, and it is a sleek hairdo for sure. The bangs are longer, and it also helps to tie the look together.

The bowl cut

The bowl cut was a hairstyle that gained more love back in the day than it does now. It is usually seen as a comic hairdo as well. This hairstyle in here is a perfect look for the runways but not so much for real life.

Not so flattering

This is one look that we are not very fascinated with. The colors and the cut both do not seem to be flattering on her. You can take cues from this look and seek help from experts to get the colors that will suit you.

For a casual look

There are some casual everyday hairstyles that you can try on if you are looking for short hairstyles for girls/kids. You can try on these looks for yourself or even for your kid and try it on as a mother-daughter look too!

Scarlet Johansson’s Look

Scarlet Johansson always looks great. You can see her in any of her looks, and she makes it look effortless and stunning. Here are a couple of her looks that you can try out for yourself. These can be the short hairstyles for girls that you can get on board with.

Keep it simple

If you are not interested in getting a hairstyle that is a little out there, then you can try keeping things simple like this look here. You can keep your hair to the sides and keep the length to your liking and you are done!

Hairstyles for black hair!

If you are a black woman, you are surely going to find the short hairstyles for girls you need right here! These hairdos are casual, and some of them are perfect for some special occasion as well. Make sure you keep it fun when you change your hairstyle!

Smooth look

You can see the quiet and comfortable look here. You can keep the hair on the side when you try on short hairstyles for girls. You can sweep off the bangs on the front and hold it in place with some hairspray to stay the same way all day long.

Shaved at the back

This is one hairstyle that will set you aside from everybody else. The cut section on end makes this look a unique one. The darker hues on them enhance the look even more. The colors can be your choice for sure.

Selena Gomez’s look

Selena Gomez is a stunning person for sure, but the singer also has her hairstyles always on point! You can check out some of the short hairstyles for girls that she has sported to several occasion! You can look as polished as she does with these hairdos!

Carefree hair

When it is hot outside, you are always looking for ways to keep yourself feeling fresh. The carefree and relaxed hairstyle in here needs more attention than it usually gets! You can see the hair is not too ruffled up, and it is an excellent look for everyone.

The Katy Perry look

Katy Perry has a charm to her, and she manages to pull off each of her fancy looks with ease. You can see her with a side fade and a short haircut in here. She looks stunning on this blonde hues on top here! Effortless look

You can try on these simple short hairstyles for girls here, and you are sure to feel liberated! You are sure to love the way you are ready for your day when you have your hair stay all day beautifully long!

Kirsten Dunst’s hair

All of her fans love Kirsten Dunst’s hairstyles! You can see how her short bob here has blonde hues on them and is simplistic yet beautiful. The deep side part helps to exaggerate the makeup and the arch of the brow too.

The classic one

The perfect hairdo here is a perfect one to remember the olden days! The hair has some bangs on the front, and the colors are beautiful as well. You can try to replicate the look for yourself and see why we love this one!

Everyday wear

These hairstyles here have a relaxed and effortless vibe to them, and you are sure to love them! You can try on the stunning look for yourself and look ever ready every day. These short waves on the hair, making it perfect for all teens!

Front Braids

There are braids on the front here, and you can see the colors work out well for her skin tone in here! You can try on the same look for you if you are interested in short hairstyles for teenage girl.

Mid-length hair

If you are not so comfortable with some short hairstyles, then you can try on a little longer version like this one right here! You can see the medium haircuts for girls has the charm and comfort to it that everyone desires.

Nostalgic images

These pictures here are sure to make you feel nostalgic. These are pictures that were taken back in the day, and they have an alluring factor to them as well. If you are interested in feeling the old days again, you can try these out!

Designs for the daring

If you are looking to feel bold enough, you can add on as many colors and designs on the hair as you like! Here you can add these shaves on the back and get the pattern that gets your heart racing for sure!

Long bob

A bob hairdo is widely popular as short hairstyles for girls 2019. These hairdos make a face look oval and chisel them out as well. You will love this look for yourself once you get the colors and the length that you desire.

Angled side fade

Here are some short hair girl hairstyles with some angled side shave on the sides here. You can try on the looks on here for yourself and take the chance to look fabulous each day!

Short hairstyles for girls

If you want to try out some fun short hairstyles for girls, then this is the section you need to look at! You can try on the colors and also get the same cut if you are interested in these hairdos!

Blunt ends

There are a ton of blunt cut hairdos that you can try on for yourself. Here is a braided look and a sleek pulled back look as well that you can try on for yourself. These hairdos make the best look for everyone.

Round face shapes

There are cute short hairstyles for girls that work out well for round face shapes. If you have a rounded up face shape, this look is sure to suit you well. They help to chisel out the face and make your face look slimmer.

Miley Cyrus’s Look

Miley Cyrus gave up her Disney star look and tried on the bad girl look once she made her transition! You can see how there are sections of the hair with blonde on the top and the darker base on the bottom.

Longer on the front

There are long sections of hair on the front here, and they make this look stand out! You can see how well the colors work with the skin tone in here. You can try out the same for yourself if you are looking to add colors!

Perfect for everyone

These short hairstyles for girls are perfect for women and girls of all ages and face shapes. You can trust these hairdos and wear them out freely for a carefree, beautiful look! You are sure to love these hairdos once you try them out!

Bold Hues

There are bold shades on these hairdos here. You can see the bold reds with coppery tones in them. The next has these bright silver hues on them. You can also see the dark hair with the purple hues on top here!

Waves on

These make it to the short hairstyles for girls 2018 list, and we are sure you will love it! You can add on some waves on the hair and add some body and texture to the hair. The colors here are stunning as well.

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Bun with braids

You can try on adding braided bun on your hairstyles and make them look fun and festive. These looks work out for any significant event that you may need to attend and are perfect short hairstyles for girls.

Alluring hairstyles

You can see these shades in here and know that they are the classic colors to try out! The lighter shade has dominated the look, and the darker base makes this a look with the much-needed depth and dimension on top.

Dark and light shades

These light ash blonde hues are lovely, and you are sure to enjoy them. These hairstyles have been around for a while, and these ash blonde colors with the darker shades on have made it to most of the celebrity looks as well.

Rihanna’s Hairstyles

Rihanna has her hairstyles always on point. She can slay any look that she tries on. You can check out these short hairstyles for girls and see how she has pulled off the same look with so much confidence and grace!

Golden blonde hues

There are many colors that you can add on to your hair. Here are some golden blonde shades that have made it far into our list! You can see how they make the hair look stunning with their sunkissed glow!

Chic glam look

This vintage glam look has a classy appeal to it. You can see the hair has some curls on them and you can add them on to make your hair appear thicker and voluminous! These are sure to be on the top of every fashionista’s lookbook!

We carefully collected these short hairstyles that can be suitable for women of all ages and face shapes. These hairdos are easy to do, and they wear beautifully on everyone! You can make sure you get the cut that you want by taking on the screenshots of the look you want the most to your hairdresser! They are sure to make it easier for them and help you give the best-desired hairdo. We are going to help you make the decision about your hairstyle and look your best under all circumstances. Thus we compiled this beautiful collection that you can navigate through!

If you found the look that you want for yourself, then we have completed our task well! These are the best looks that are trending currently. You could give this article a big thumbs up if you liked our effort. If others in your circle want to try on short hairstyles for girls, then share this article with them to help them out as well. You can try these looks and then comment about your experiences using the comments box below too! Make sure to stay stylish till the next time we see you guys!


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