95 Shoulder Length Hairstyles That Are Perfect For Everyone!


Hairstyles come in all shapes and sizes. Yes, we have a wide array of choices for styling our hair. When I say we, I am talking for both men and women. However, when it comes to hairstyles, we women have the liberty of choosing from more options. Here in this article, we will be talking about shoulder length hairstyles that are in trend. These hairstyles are often the favorites of people who prefer having hair not too long as well as not too short.

When we talk about hairstyles that are shoulder length, this is a well-suited length of hair for many people. It also offers an option for people with long hair who are looking to get a haircut to get into a new style. Likewise, there are short to medium hairstyles that anyone can try out. We welcome you to try these different hairstyles that can be a good option for anyone.

The shoulder length hairstyles ideas for weddings!

Weddings are a special occasion, be it yours or your loved ones. Marriage always relates to looking the best for a woman. Your hair is a particular part of the wedding as it grasps the attention of many people. So, you would be in a dilemma about whether to go with your favorite hairstyle or try something new that looks more elegant. If its the same case for you, we have some beautiful styles for you to try. You might find the perfect wedding hairstyle among these that can help you look gorgeous and the best you can look.

medium hairstyles

Short hair with texture

There are different types of shoulder-length hair as well: the shorter shoulder-length hair and the longer. Here we have a shorter variation of the shoulder-length hair with textures that add up on the beauty and looks. Hair textures make much difference when your hair is shorter. The layers of texture are prominent in some short hair than others, that depends on the way your hair is styled. So, if you are a fan of textures over the hair, you can get some ideas from the hairstyles we have.

Shoulder length ideas we adore

Here are some of the best shoulder length hairstyles 2018 that our editors have picked out as the favorites. These styles have been loved by many. And they have been majorly seen in the world of glamour and tried out by different celebs. We also have tried to be as inclusive as possible by adding styles that can be suitable for various hairstyles and colors. We have one or two styles that you can pull off with the type of hair you have.

Going casual with shoulder length hairstyles

Having being said about the world of fame and glamour, you can still be relaxed and straightforward with shoulder length hairstyles. The ones we have here show the perfect example of it. You might have just cut your hair to get that gorgeous style you wanted for some party, but you can make it your everyday style by merely making a bun over your back. Even only letting it fall regularly would be one lovely hairstyle to have for casual work or study day.

Red carpet styles to check out!

Many actresses and artists love medium length hairstyles. We always catch some of our favorites celebs, try out that beautiful hairstyle that we would want to try out ourselves. Here are some best shoulder length haircuts and hairstyles that have made it to the red carpet. You can make these style yours with ease and even add some changes to them either by choosing a different color tone or something else.

Messy and beautiful

For most of us, hair has to be well managed and maintained to look beautiful. Messy hair can be beautiful too. The picture below speaks for itself when we say that. The messy hair that shows the beauty of your hair strand stands out in the crowd as it speaks of your confidence. So if you are one of the bold women and want such style, we recommend you this hairstyle.


Here you can see another option of shoulder length hairstyles for beautiful hair. Here the hair is medium in length, and the hair falls loosely keeping most of it on the front. This makes an impressive display of the color hues that you have used in your hair. This hairstyle is suitable for those who love highlights over their hair.

A mix of hues we admire

When we are speaking of hairstyle, we never can miss out hair color. Likewise, there is the section for color hues for the shoulder length hairstyles. We always admire the beauty that color adds up to the hair. You can go on and try out this hairstyle as it can beautifully present your hair the way you want it. The color that has been done either on the front, the sides, or the back. And none of them are missed with these medium length hairstyles.

Sharp edges on short hair

This can be more useful to those who have long hair and are on the verge of getting a haircut to shorten their hair and join the shoulder-length hairstyle club. Nevertheless, those who already belong to this category can make a change in their style by getting the sharper tips. This can help in making your face shape sharper. It also goes well with the people with an intense personality, and they can feel that this is the style that belongs to them.

Warm tones to the colors

You can always experiment with your hair is what we insist on. However, sometimes there may arise questions as to how that can be done. For instance, women with short to medium length hairstyle can experiment by coloring their hair. But those who have already got their favorite color can still choose among the different tones to add up to the beautiful hair color and provide a warmer look.
Bangs and their styles to try

Bangs remain one of the most iconic hairstyles with its popularity dating back to the 90s’. It is also one of the best shoulder length haircuts that you could have. Many women love getting this hairstyle when they speak of medium length hairstyles as it suits with every color and also with different hair types. The medium length hairstyles with bangs shown below can light up your mood as that’s what they can do.

Soft styles with shoulder length hairstyles

With your hairstyle, you can choose to reveal your personality or define it. It all accounts to your choice and preference. While we speak of personalities, we have two different types that the hairstyle can reflect, outgoing and reserved. For the reserved ones, we have some soft styles that help them feel comfortable with trying out the shoulder-length hairstyle that they might have wanted to at some point or the other.

Twists in hair extensions

Shoulder length hairstyles typically shorter or medium in length but that doesn’t keep you from trying out the styles that are done with long hair. Also, it provides you with the flexibility of trying something different than what you could normally. One such method would be the twisted hair extensions, which can help you make a bold statement on your style and sense of fashion.

Perfect rounded waves

There are different types of hairstyle that might be limited to people with particular hair types. However, the good news is that this is not one of them as it can be suitable for all sorts of hair types. One excellent example is this wavy hairs type that is medium in length that falls till the shoulder and looks as charming as ever. The round waves make the hair look even more beautiful, and this is what this style is all about.

Shoulder-length hairstyles of Jessica Alba!

As said earlier, this hairstyle is tried out by many celebrities. We have an example for you here where the beautiful actress and businesswoman, Jessica Alba has pulled off this style on a couple of occasions. This shows the popularity of shoulder length hairstyles and also how well-suited it is for all sorts of events.

Braids in short hair

The perks of having shoulder-length hair are you can always try out some of the different hairstyling ideas of the long hairstyles or even of the shorter hairstyles. The braids are one such styling tips that you can add over your style to make it more gorgeous. With twists, you are always free to experiment as there can be different ways to get it done and you might find the one that suits you or that you will feel comfortable.

Accessorizing for the perfect hair

The perfect hair though, might be a fantasy for all the women out there, and it’s difficult to attain given the fact that there always seems to be something wrong with your style. Well, that won’t have to be the case anymore as with this hairstyle you have more chance of getting a perfect haircut for yourself. Also, there can be accessories that you can pick up for your hair to make it look top-notch such as a flowery hairband.

We are keeping it stylish!

One valuable tip on hairstyling would be too really own the style. This will help you look at your level best even when you have a hairstyle that might be similar to some other people. But how can I own any hairstyle you may ask. Well, the key to that is by defining your style with a touch of your personality. And the nature of your hair makes a difference too. When these things blend up together, you come up with a stylish and glamorous style of your own.

Rihanna’s shoulder length hairstyles

Rihana, an artist who is known for reinventing her image throughout her career, adores the shoulder-length hairstyle. You might have noticed her with different sorts of hairstyles; however, something familiar is about it being medium length. This signifies how much this style has to offer to anyone with such celebrities are in love with it.

The side curl

Curls always look good with shorter or medium length hairstyles, so if you are a fan of curls, you might as well try out this hairstyle. Even if you aren’t really into curls, there’s no harm in exploring the different options that you can style your hair. The side curl might be the solution to your hair styling hazard someday.

Ideal for the summers

Different hairstyles can be best in different weather. Although this hairstyle can help you go year-round, people more often tend to get short to medium length hairstyles in the summer. Summer is the time when you would want your hair to be most comfortable, and this is one of the most relaxed hairstyles. Also, this is a style that can look well on different occasions.

Hairstyles popular back in the day

The shoulder length hairstyles were popular for a long time back due to its easy-to-maintain and various styling options. The haircut was popular from decades ahead yet they look fresh and gorgeous till date. These hairstyles can be done in different ways and on different hair. The fact that this hair looks equally pretty on different hair color is also clearly shown here with different pictures.

Having fun with shoulder length hairstyles

You can feel free to play around with this hairstyle. Tie a bun on the top or even go with the braids on different parts of your hair. There are styles such as a single fishtail braid or multiple braids. You have the liberty to color or highlights some sections of your hair to add the freshness in your style. Also, letting them fall freely till your shoulder is in itself an attractive hairstyle.

Reese Witherspoon’s hair ideas!

Reese Witherspoon is one such actress who has her say on hairstyles as she is often seen with different hairstyles that look classy and beautiful. From among those different hairstyles, we have one that matches the hairstyling idea we have for you all today. You can have pulled off this hairstyle too, and it looks attractive and smart also.

Fantastic hair

The dark black hair is an everyday hairstyle among Asians who love keeping hair long. However, that doesn’t mean the shoulder length hairstyles option is not for them. This style looks equally appealing on any hair. Even the beautiful black hair shines prettier with the styling done right.

Tight ringlet curls

Curly hair in itself has variations that are separated by the nature of curl. Here we have one curly hairstyle whose curls look like tight ringlets. This hair is medium in length and falls to the shoulder with those beautiful curls all over adding charm to the look.

The youthful spunk!

With a simple hairstyle too you can manage that charming look you desire. This is proven by the photos we have here. You can see they don’t have anything fancy except for the well-done hair, both of which are medium in length. The simple shoulder-length hair provides a youthful look to the girls.

Well-styled hair ideas

The hairstyle shown here might look simple; however, it has been well styled. With wavy and curly hair being challenging to manage; however, it is almost perfect with the work of art and style put together.

Highlights on the front

Among another hair trick to make your hairstyle look more fresh and beautiful is the highlights. If you are fond of coloring your hair, you might be excited with the idea of highlighting your hair so that it looks different. It also gives you a feeling of having a fresh look just in case you might have some party or event to attend.

Frontal braids

Here we have a straightforward way to make your hairstyle look better, yes the twists, more specifically, the frontal braids is a great styling option over your shoulder-length medium hair as the braid does provide a different look to your hairstyle. You can get it done now and then to look different on a similar style. This trick can come handy anytime.

Do it yourself looks to try

These are some variations that you can work with your hairstyle easily to make a difference in the haircut you’ve had for long. This do-it-yourself style is easy to pull off but can be your style saver on different occasions. Pick any among the three that have been given, or you can also choose them one by one on different instances.

The decade-old looks

Like mentioned earlier, this hairstyle has been in the books for a long time ago. Some artists and actors have all adored and tried out this style once or even till date. We have beautiful techniques that have been tried out in the past. They still can make its claim in being some of the best hairstyles right now. We also have the styles for all sorts of hairstyle, so no one has to feel left out. Choose the most alluring one and get that fabulous style to flaunt around everyday!

Glossy, shiny hair ideas

If you are seeking for some hairstyles that shines, you are in the right place. Different colors can make your hair shine and make you a start of your own, and it is easier to get it done with medium or short shoulder-length hairstyle. It is easier to pull off and is not hard to maintain either with the hair being not too long and you can choose any color of your choice.

Salon styled hairdos

The shoulder-length hairstyles have different variations, some being easier to pull off by yourself; however, some haircuts require the touch of a specialist. You would get this brilliantly done on the salon and get ready for the special event that you are attending. This provides you confidence with a touch of elegance to make you prepared to go for everything.

Tied up in the back

Your shoulder-length hair is not always going to stay perfectly on the shoulder. With the hair growth, you have to adapt your style to make it look even better or equally pretty as how it was when you had done the form fresh. One way to maintain that way would be by tying your hair behind. There are again many ways to do so, and you can choose among tying up directly or even with braids. Furthermore, you can make use of some cool hair accessories for this that might help you get the fresher look that you desire.

Colors and well-done sections

Colors can lighten up any hairstyle, especially when done well with some suitable color tones. Here we have some hairstyles where color is done in just some sections to make hair look magnificent. You can always opt for this when you feel that you have had your haircut for quite long but aren’t ready for any significant change yet. This hairstyle gives you the confidence in coloring your hair as well if you are new to it.

Updos for shoulder length hairstyles

One excellent way of styling the shoulder length hairstyles would be the updo. In this hairstyle, a particular section of your hair is designed upwards than the other. This style is one everyday medium length hairstyle in men. However, the difference is in the updo, where men usually do it in the front whereas it’s the rear updo in women.

These are among the popular shoulder length hairstyles for 2019. You can choose from these vast collections and get one for yourself. These styles require less time and effort to maintain and are easy to get it done as well. With these hairstyles going well with different hair types you don’t have to worry about his not being a suitable style for you as well. Select something that you can feel comfortable as well as confident about then your hair and your personality both will shine.


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