101 Stunning Side Bun Hairstyles For All Special Occasions


Buns as simple and particular it sounds provides with numerous hairstyle that one can choose from. Side bun, in particular, can be the go-to hairdo that you can wear to any event. They are great for formal events, any casual meet-up, special occasions, and even a date! It can take either a few minutes or some more based on how differently you want to style it.

Try them once, and the results might astonish you as to how much they can blend according to the atmosphere you are in. You can decide to go for a soft, romantic look or a fun, flirty one with these buns and that is what we love about them! Buns provide you with tons of options for any event be it making your hair attract all those eyes on a party or keeping it casual for an office look.

You can style your buns in so many ways that make them fun and different to look. Add colors and hair accessories to change your bun hairstyle from time to time. So, hence if you are ready to try with the buns you are welcome with all the options we have here for you. Here are 103 side bun that you all might want to include in your hair styling options!

The Bundle

Among several side bun hairstyle that can be worn to a formal event, this is one true beauty. The bun looks like a bundle of curls, and who wouldn’t love it?

side bun

Braids on top

Braids add a soft feminine touch to your look and are perfect for a side bun. The twists on top look beautiful with this messy bun.

Loose Braids

Wear your hair in loose braids and tie it up into a bun. This side bun is a perfect wedding day hairstyle.

The bangs

The front bangs here are very flattering. They provide a perfect twist on your hairdo if you have a prominent forehead. Here are some side buns hairstyles with fringes to inspire you.

These bangs will provide more attention to your beautiful eyes and make it more youthful.

This hairdo with braids at the side along with the reddish brown hair color will add to the glow of your face by giving that perfect shine to your hair.

Red carpet looks

There are many side buns that you can pull off at a formal, glam event like a red carpet. Here are some such bun hairdos that you will fall in love with for the glamour it has to offer.

This simple looking side bun is perfect for a red carpet event! This look is a very stylish one, and you can wear it to any event where you want to look fabulous!

This is another red carpet worthy side bun that we love. It is fun and very well out together. Try this one, and you will surely get showers of compliments!

Pretty Side Bun

This is a gorgeous bun, and we love the sleek bangs here. This hairdo will only take a couple of minutes but will look stunning throughout the day.

Loose hair

Here along with the casual braid tied up to make a bun, we have multiple strands of hair let loose. This hairstyle looks relaxed; the effortless bun is suitable for every day.


This casual side bun is the busy day hairstyling option to go to when you are running short on the clock. It’s relatively simple and easy to put on.


A side bun is an excellent option for your baby girl as well. You can put colorful headbands and use colorful hair ties to make this look more festive. Your little girl will surely feel like a princess in this hairdo.

Here we have another beautiful hairstyle for your little princess. Try this one if your child needs to attend any fancy event. These sectioned braids at the base merge well with the bun. This is sure to make your girl look adorable.

Cornrow Braids

Style your cornrows into a low side bun, and you’re ready to hit outdoors! The cornrows protect your roots and look very well put together.


Are you going on a date soon? Try this soft, loose braided low bun, and we are sure you will look angelic. This soft, romantic look is quite natural and looks effortlessly gorgeous.

Keep it simple

Simple is surely beautiful. Keep things minimalistic and enjoy the subtle look. Keep your makeup simple, and you’re ready to be the center of attention! Check out this look from various angles right here.

Curled up

This curled up bun is the perfect thing for a day out. The ombre hair goes well with this hairdo and helps the curls to look much better.

Bridal bun

When you’re a bride, you want everything to look pretty and perfect. This is one such ideal hairdo for the bride. It is chic and elegant. Adding hair jewelry to this hairdo will make it more appealing.

This middle parted side bun is an excellent choice for brides. The addition of the hair jewelry makes this a very elegant hairdo. Try this one and look gorgeous all day long.

Try this bold braided hairstyle and enjoy your big day. The detailed, flat braids merge into a bun. This messy bun is a good option for your wedding day.

This loose side bun is pretty and well suited for a special occasion like a wedding. The loose curls at the sides add a touch of elegance to this hairdo.

Side Braids

Add a detailed braid to your hairstyle, and it will add a youthful, fun vibe to the hair. This is an easy hairdo and will look great on young teenagers!


This hairdo is very creative. The intricate designs make us confused as to how can one achieve this look. It has a very mysterious vibe to it, and we heart it!

Formal look

Running late for work and still want to look best? This is the look to try. The side bun need not be entirely in place to look polished. Just wrap your natural hair in a bun and pin it down. There you go smart and beautiful, isn’t that lovely?

Side Twists

A unique hairdo that you can wear to your wedding day. Twist your hair from the sides and place it into a bun. This looks mesmerizing.

Fishtail Braids

Want to make your buns more unique, make some braids on them as shown. Here a beautiful fishtail braid has been turned into a bun, and the details look pretty. You can create any bun and play around with your options, and it will look beautiful.

All in the details

This is one gorgeous hairstyle, and we love the detailing done in this one here. This is an excellent look for a bride. The hair color and the jewelry looks very well matched.

Thin braids

If you have beautiful thin hair, this look will be perfect for you. The side braids make great hairstyle and can be worn to any event. Check out this hairstyle from the multiple different sides, and we are sure you will love it!

Classic curls

These perfect curls are well tied down, and the bun looks very well put together. This classic, vintage hairdo is a must try. This hairstyle is sure to make all the heads turn at the next event you attend.



The sleek base and tight curls at the side makes this a beautiful hairdo. It will surely take a lot of time and effort, but the results are smashing. This sleek and shiny hairdo is picture perfect. You will look magazine cover ready with this one for sure.

Ruffled up

If you want to look natural and carefree, try this one! This ruffled, rough look has an edge to it, and we love it. This messy hairdo is undoubtedly for those I don’t-care days!


Dark hair looks excellent in buns. If you have slightly darker hair color, you can opt for this side bun. There is a sexy, glamorous vibe to this hairdo, and we love it. The bangs are also gorgeous here.

In between braids

This hairstyle has an edge to it thanks to the multiple twists in them. There are bigger braids here and two smaller braids in the middle. These details make this a stunning hairdo.


This is a very classy and pretty hairdo. The light blonde shades have highlighted the hair well. This is a perfect hairdo, and you can wear this to any event. The makeup also has suited this hairstyle well.

Date night

This look is perfect for date night. The red lips here makes this a fun and flirty hairdo. This wavy hairstyle has a romantic vibe too, and we surely recommend this one.


These messy waves form the basis for this beautiful bun. This look is stylish, and it is hassle-free too.

Intriguing braids

The braids in this low bun are exciting. These curvy details look great. The partition in the middle is also a fascinating detail added to the bun.

Big curls

Here we have some big curls, and we love the voluminous hairdo. The curls have added much elegance and have a good hair vibe to it!

Taylor’s soft look

Taylor pulls off this bun hairdo with a lot of grace. This look has a sweet, romantic vibe to it and still has a very fresh and youthful appeal.

Subtle hairdo

This is a subtle hairdo, and we love the straightened bangs here. Try this one if you have thin hair.

Keep it natural

Keep things natural and in touch with nature with this beautiful bun. There is an addition of leaves here that makes this a rustic look.

Light waves

Keep your hairstyle trendy and gorgeous and try this one. The rhinestone infused head jewelry here makes this look more festive and perfect for special occasions.

Faint curls

There are soft curls here, and we love this simple and pretty hairdo.


Princess hairdo

You can look and feel like a princess with this look here. The addition of small hair accessories here makes this look even more polished.

Rolled up

Here are some rolled up hairdos for you to choose from.

This rolled up hair has been pinned at the back and feels like a secure hairdo. The waves and slight hair strands falling here and there makes this a natural looking hairstyle.

If the messy look isn’t what you want, then this is the one you want. The rolled up hair has been pinned in place, and we love how it looks polished and neat.


Roses are a symbol of love and femininity. Adding anything with roses is enough to transform your hair to something polished and pretty. Add beautiful roses to the curled up bun here, and we are sure you will love this beautiful hairdo!

Polished look

If you want a perfect hairdo for your formal event, this will surely meet your needs.

Sectioned Braids

Here is a creative hairdo that will surely get you all the praises from other fellow parents. This is a perfect braided hairdo that you can do for your little one, and it looks elegant and pretty.

Laid back

This laid back look is very relaxed, and we love the streaks of dark and light hair strands. This hairstyle works for any hair length and is less time-consuming.


This is a DIY hairdo that will only take you a couple of minutes to do. The circular waves here are stunning and can be done at home. Try this side bun hairstyles for medium hair!

The flowery hairdos

If you love flowers and want to incorporate them into your hairstyle, here are some gorgeous hairdo for you. We are sure you will like them.

Add a bunch of your favorite flowers and enjoy this look. This is a unique hairstyle, and we love this one for a vacation. You can wear it on special occasions as well.

This is another beautiful hairstyle with a side bun that has braided details on top. The addition of a delicate flowery accessory here makes this a pretty choice for young girls.

Add a touch of elegance to your hair by placing a flower matching your dress. This floral ornament will surely elevate your hairstyle to a new level of beautiful.

Five strand braids

This five strand braid makes a perfect look for a day out. You can learn how to do this side bun hairstyle step by step by the help of the picture below! Once you get the hang of it, it will only take minutes to do this.

The volume

You will fall in love with this voluminous hairdo once you try it. The hair band is a stunning addition to this low side bun. The bangs on the sides frame the face well too!


Thick hair

You will surely need to have a lot of hair to try this hairstyle. You can add hair extensions to this obtain this hairdo if you don’t have naturally thick hair.

Pulled back

Here is a pulled back look for all you ladies who want their hair out of their way throughout the day. With this hairdo, you can look elegant as you go through your day.


This look is awe-inspiring and is sure to leave everyone staring at you! This side bun hairstyles for wedding are adorable, and we love the details here. The waves and the voluminous hair at the top make this a very well rounded look.

All about braids

You can look stunning with braids added to your locks. You can add twists and make your hairstyle look very youthful and vibrant. Here are some braided hairdos for you to try.

This side braids merge well with the bun at the end. The puff at the back also adds elegance to the look.

This hairdo is all about the braids here. The thick braids here are the star of this side bun. You can make this braid as thick and voluminous as you want. The flat braids here look ravishing especially with the light blonde hair strands here. The fringes on the front add a cute, funky vibe to the whole look. Take significant strands of hair and make a flat braid to achieve this look. Place your braids at your crown and tug on them a bit to add volume and create an illusion of thick hair. These tiny detailed braids here are delightful. The small braid here is attached to the side bun, and it is a well put together look. If you have colored hair, mainly reddish burgundy hair, this braided hairdo will be stunning on you. This hairdo has braids and twists, and we love this look.

These thick rope braids create a well-balanced look. Try this one when you are in a hurry. You can pull your braids a little on either side to create an illusion of thick braids. Here we have a loose ruffled braid and is a rustic look. Round up your braids in a bun, and we are sure you will love it! These braids are shown here that go from side to side can be done over a matter of a few minutes at your own home. If frontal braids are your thing, you will surely love these hairdos.


This is a new hairdo, and we love the smooth and relaxed vibe it has. The well pinned down hair strands make this a charismatic hairstyle.

Red hair

Having red hair can make any hairstyle look fierce. This rough bun is well contrasting the sleek hair at the top.


This romantic hairdo has big loose waves. Pin these waves well and leave some loose strands in front to give this a romantic touch!

Side Swept

This bun is swept to the side. It looks sleek on one end, and the bun has rough strands here and there.


Try this delicate hairdo the next time you need to attend a formal event. We are sure you will look stunning in this hairdo, and the compliments won’t stop showering!

The folded hair

This hairstyle has a single fold, and the blonde hair adds a vibrant vibe to the hair. This is a great side bun hairstyle for short hair!

Upside down

Try this upside down braid, and we are sure you will get compliments from everyone.


This hairstyle has a youthful vibrancy about it that many might envy. The pins here are adding up to the looks.

Hidden details

There is a hidden small braid here in this bun that makes this a special and unique hairdo. You can surely add this element of surprise to your bun and wear it casually.

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Opt for these elegant hairstyles for a formal event, and you will look marvelous.


This is one unique and daring look. This is not your everyday look. It will be more suited for a theme party than a casual day out.

Slight twists

If you have small twists in your hairdo, you can look extra special. This is one hairstyle that is well suited for any occasion. You can wear this one to any event both day and night and look amazing nonetheless.

Fishtail Braids

Add multiple fishtail braids here and there and make a bun that is entirely out of this world. These braids look unique, and hair jewelry is also beautiful.


Adding accessories to side bun helps make them look more festive and put together. If you are looking for ideas to place such accessories, here are some looks for you!


Christina Applegate’s look

Side bun seems to be one of Christina Applegate’s hairstyle. Here are some of the actresses’ looks for you to get inspired by and make you a fan of the bun hairdo.

Side buns look pretty, and the reason we adore them is that they can be worn to any event. You can keep it casual or style it up to suit any formal or festive occasion. They will be an excellent option for all of us who run late in the mornings! You will need fewer minutes to do, and yet there’s so much you can do with this hairdo.

These buns are so expressive. They appear gorgeous and can be as elegant, flirty or fun as you want them to be. Try experimenting with new looks every day with a side bun and look stunning.  You can thank us later for all the compliments you receive after trying these hairdos. We hope you found the hairstyle you were looking for. Stay with us for more on fashionable and comfortable hair topics.


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