109 Side Swept Bangs to Sweep you off your feet


Women need to make their hair at different times within the year. Whether it is within the spring or winter, there’s a high demand for women’s hairstyles. Interestingly, there is a wide range of hairstyles to choose from and the side-swept bang is one of them.

The good thing about the side swept bangs is that it is versatile; making it possible to forge an alliance with many hairstyles. What’s more? You can achieve a classy look with any type of hair length.

Side Swept Bangs with Texture

The underlying reason why you should try this is the textured look, which goes the extra mile to pull off this look. Beside this, the highlights and invisible side part is another thing to make get you excited about the style.

side swept bangs

Silver Bangs

Sometimes, you just have to let the hair have a breath of air. The side-swept hairstyle right here is the way to get the needed space in the hair.

Side Bangs + Parting

Anytime the hard parting/surgical line comes into focus on a hairstyle, you’re sure that the outcome will be a masterpiece. For instance, the style we have here is all shades of beauty. The dark brown highlights did a good job to enhance the look.

Blunt Bangs

Speak to the authority without fear! Don’t get lost in the crowd by doing the same hairstyle as others, thereby remaining in the same circle. Change your league by styling the blunt bangs.

With Dark Edges

Without a doubt, the dark hues look good on this hairstyle and the side swept bangs undertone made it exceptional.

Bangs with Red Fringe

The side swept bangs hairstyle also regarded as the “fringe hairdo” does not just have the texture but also use hues to look unique.

Straight Across

Here is a hairstyle that opposes the current formulation. Instead, it institutes a fuller and combed straight down approach to the hairdo.

Bangs with Honey Undertone

The honey-inspired hue is the center of attraction in this side swept bangs hairstyle.

Blonde Side Swept Bangs

This side swept bangs hairstyle right here combines the trio of messy undertone, blonde hues and side fringes to pull off a complete look.

Bangs like a Crop

The cropped hairstyle takes another form after being adopted by the side swept bangs hairstyle in this manner.

Fringe Undertone

The fringe hairstyle can’t wait to make a guest appearance on this hairstyle. Here is the way it made the grand entrance into the hairstyle.

Brushed to fall

Beyond the texture and honey hues in this hairstyle lies the fact that the hairstylist tossed it to the side in accordance to the dictates of the side swept bangs hairstyle.

Straight on a Slant

Make it look like the hairstylist has his eyes on something else whereas he was keen on pulling off this look for you. The multiple colors also look good on it.

Side Bangs

There are side swept bangs hairstyles you’ll come across and begin to wonder about the way they were styled. The one inset is one of such.


This hairstyle really looks like the pixie hairstyle. Beyond that notion lies the fact that the side part makes it unique.

Bob Side-Bangs Hairstyle

Many women are already in love with the bob hairstyle and we are too! The way it conforms to the dictates of the side swept bangs hairstyle as shown here makes us happy to recommend it for you.

Daring Side-Swept Hairstyle

It’s an established fact that the side swept bangs hairstyle doesn’t go unnoticed. Even if you would give up on it for any reason, the daring look on the face of the model is certain to win back your interest.

Bangs with Highlights

Show some orange colors alongside your side swept bangs hairstyle to create a connected look.

Light Brown Side-Sweep

Tossing the volume to the sides wouldn’t be complete if you leave out the light hues of the brown highlights.

Cropped Bangs

Even though this seems to share some affinity with the cropped hairstyle, it’s entirely up to the hairstylist (and your decision of course) to take it further down the forehead or leave it just above the forehead.

Rihanna-Inspired Bangs

Rihanna does not only have recognition in the music industry but also makes positive impressions in the hairstyle niche. The side swept bangs hairstyle is one of her favorites.

Tousled Look

Create an irregular pattern by tossing your textured and highlighted hair to a side.

Side Bangs + Crop

While the side swept bangs enjoy the breeze at the sides, the remnant stays put at the front to receive the commendation of admirers.

Golden Weaves

With a long hair, you can pull off this wavy hair with lengthy side-swept hair at the sides.

Layered Side-Swept

The reason why the hairstylist settled for this hairstyle is to prevent both sides from overlapping each other.

Bangs + Front Fringe

The fringe hairdo comes in to show what it can do by tossing some strands across the face.

Wavy Hair + Side Sweep

The secret to achieving the same look as we have here is to maintain a long textured hair with highlights before considering a side sweep.

Silver Undertones

It is true that silver highlights are shiny but they look great when tagging along with the side-swept hairstyle.

Middle Part

Join the league of classy women by styling this hot and not so intricate side-swept hairstyle.

Wispy Bangs

Here is a see-through hairstyle that allows you to look into the side-swept hairstyle without making full commitments.

Textured Bottom

The hairstylist did a creative job here! You’ll agree that the attention of the admirer held unto this side-swept hairstyle from the highlights and wavy hair down to the spirals that dissolve into textured at the end of the hair.

Creative Bob with Bangs

Recreate the brick and mortar bob hairstyle by trying your hands on this dark brown highlight with side sweep hairdo.

Baby Bangs

Here’s a side swept hairstyle for women that want to feel young again. Get it done and integrate suitable colors to make it fascinating.

Brow-Skimming Bangs

Do you love it full without having to worry about the messy undertone? This brow-skimming side swept hairstyle is the one for you.

Crispy Bangs with Highlights

The smile on the model’s face compliments the intriguing colors on the hair. Give it a shot if you’re blonde or are ready to bask under the sun to attain the right skin tone.

Parted Side Sweep

Adding a side part to your hair won’t be a bad idea. It makes sense when you chose to do it with large braids at the sides.

Visible Fringe with Dark Brown Highlights

As we noted earlier, the fringe hairstyle is a nice way to compliment the side swept hairstyle. It looks great after taking form in the dark brown highlights.

Side Bangs and Waves

Having wavy hair is one side of the coin and knowing how to style it is another. You can be a master of both worlds when you choose to go the way of this side swept hairstyle.

Dark Red Hues on a Bangs

Don’t let your hairstyle to derail into the traditional side toss. Your continuous explorations could land you a highlighted side sweep like this one.

Hard Part + Highlights

The essence of this hairstyle is not to show the colors. It is more of revealing an untapped side of the hairstyle, which is using both highlights and hard part at a go.

Outward Fringe

This is the outcome when the fringe hairdo can’t contain its joy – it tosses out to reveal its identity.

Arch Bangs

Whether you have long or medium  hair, getting your hand on this rounded bangs hairstyle can be one of the best hairstyle decisions you made in a long time.

Pixie Bangs

The pixie hairstyle has been lurking at the sides for long waiting for the right opportunity to make an appearance on the side swept hairstyle. It finally got the opportunity as we can see here.

Disconnected Side Sweep

Leave your admirers to figure out how you were able to create this side swept hairstyle with parting at a side.

Side Pixie

The pixie hairstyle we know often goes straight to the back of the head. Here is another way to do it – weave down the face.

Open Cloves

When the side parting seems not to be your thing, the next thing to do is to go for a bold approach to it. Take a cue from this open clove-like hairstyle and make the best out of your side swept hairstyle.

Blue Highlights + Fringe

The blue highlight dominates everything about this hairstyle. Nevertheless, there is a chance for the fringe hairstyle and the side sweep to unleash themselves.

Feathered Effect

There’s little effort to pull off this look. All there is to do is cutting the hair into layers before making even distributions across the four-squares of the face.

Fringe + Side Sweep

Allow the fringe to be in charge at the front while the side swept bangs make the case at the sides of the face.

Dark Side Sweep

We love the fact that you wouldn’t have to rely on any highlight before looking good. This side swept bangs hairstyle can motivate you for the next hairstyle.

Bob Cut

Some people consider the bob hairstyle to be for kids alone. The truth is that it’s an all-weather hairstyle that can take form in the side-swept bangs hairstyle to enhance your blonde skin tone.

Side Sweep with a Difference

Make a bold fashion statement at the fraction of the costs by getting your hairstylist to style this side swept bangs hairstyle for you.

Parted Side Sweep

Aside from the highlights and the protruding bun at the back of the head, we also love the fact that the hairstylist was visionary enough to integrate a side part to the hairstyle.

Large Side Sweep

This hairstyle is ideal for women with long hair and wants to pull off a nice look without much ado.

Brunette Hairstyle

Here is a side-swept bangs hairstyle that rhymes well with blonde and brunette women. Consider getting one if you want to look this way.

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Side Sweep + Bun

A long hair is the secret to securing the long strands of hair before sparing some for the side.

Perm Side Sweep

The permanent hair looks great when it works in tandem with the side swept bangs hairstyle.

Slightly off Center

Here is another to try your hands on the side swept bangs hairstyle. It entails leaving enough space at the middle of the hair before dissolving the wavy hair into the side sweep.

Large Side Sweep with Dark Brown Highlights

Combining your side swept bangs hairstyle with highlights is cool. Let this style inset be an inspiration for your next hairdo.

Textured Bangs

There’s no gainsaying the fact that a textured hair is the way to go to pull off a nice look with the side swept bangs hairstyle.

Typical Bangs

This is what the side swept bangs hairstyle looked like in the hays heralding its launch.

Side-Sweep for Older Adults

Adults and teenagers alike who witnessed the proliferation of the side swept bangs hairstyle in the 1970’s and 1980’s down to the 1990’s won’t want to miss out on the modern look. This style here is stylish enough to help them catch up with old times.

Honey Side Sweep

The secret here is to integrate honey hues before styling and finish with a middle part.

Weaved to a Side

The essence of the side swept bangs hairstyle is to have some strands of hair to protect the sides of the face and the hair at the corner from bearish weather conditions. This side weave accomplishes that mission.

Curved Side Sweep

Allow the hair to get to the neck where you give it the curvy looks.

Highlighted with Cropping

When you have explored other side swept bangs hairstyles, the next thing you can check out is the cropped hairstyle with dark brown highlights.

Bob with Side Sweep

The side swept bangs hairstyle doesn’t allow the bob cut to take its full form before tossing it to the side.

Messy Side Sweep

Everything about this hairstyle is captivating. From the messy strands at the sides, the side sweep at the top before the highlights come in to enhance the look.

You can’t see me

This reminds us of wrestler John Cena’s slogan of “you can’t see me!” Truly, we can’t see the other eye of the model because of the feathered effect of the side swept bangs hairstyle.

Side Sweep with Bangs

This side sweep hairstyle comes in with a bang, especially with the innovative space on the middle of the hair.

Asymmetrical Side Sweep

While the eyes are trying to figure out the fascinating hues on this hairstyle, the fringes on their part make an entrance from the sides with the aim of complimenting the side slicked hair at the top.

Stylish Bob Cut

Pull the strings with the intricate looks of this bob cut on a side swept bangs hairstyle.

Highlighted Texture

There’s nothing you wouldn’t be able to do with the side swept bangs hairstyle. The style we have here is a testimonial to that effect.

Relaxed Side Sweep

Nothing pays off better than having a relaxed mind, especially when rocking a side swept bangs hairstyle like this one.

See-Through Bangs

It’s time to get your hands on the opposing hairstyle to the blunt bangs. The see-through side swept hairstyle has a lot to offer you.

Stunning Side-Sweep

The secret to achieve this is to have long hair with the right texture.

Innovative Bangs

This is a definition of the side swept bangs hairdo where you weave some volume to the sides before slicking down the sides like braided hair.

Twisted Fringe

This isn’t like the bob cut or the arch bangs. It’s simply a twisted fringe on its lane.

Side Sweep with Surgical Line

Integrate the single line of parting by the right-hand side to enhance the look.

Choppy Bangs

Allow the strands or locks of hair to fall over the scalp’s frontline.

Cut Straight

Here’s another variation to the straight-across side swept bangs hairstyle that integrates jagged edges for a classy look.

Side Choppy Bangs

This is an opportunity to bring about the chopped look on the side swept bangs. Toss enough strands to the sides and chop evenly.

Fringe above the Frontline

The ashy hues really exerted more influence to the success of this fringe hairstyle.

Wispy Highlights

The silver highlights and the trimmed thin layers of hair create nice volume and fun texture.

Cropping + Highlights

Crop the hair and use the red hues to define the looks of the hairstyle.

Bold Fringe

You can never dictate the flow of the side swept hairstyle but you can always modify it just like you do to this fringe hairstyle.

Tilting Side-Sweep

This side swept hairstyle refuses to lie low but is keen to stand up to the challenge.

Eccentric Side Swept Bangs

You’re either chopping the layers of hair or keeping them for future use. Either of the approaches you prefer, it is certain that this eccentric side swept bangs hairstyle will always feature there.


Swept off the Feet

Whether you’re looking for a hairstyle to make before hitting the club or for formal occasions, it is certain that the side swept hairstyle will make the list. Now, take a cue from the styles on our list to look chic and eccentric while sweeping off your admirers off their feet.


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